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69 2490 Alchemy  Orschall J C 69 2490 Alchemy Orschall J C
69/2490 [Alchemy]. Orschall, J.C. Oeuvres métallurgiques. French transl. Paris, J.T. Hérissant, 1761, new ed., XXXII,394p., 1 engr. headpiece, engr. fold. plate, contemp. calf w. richly gilt spine and mor. letterpiece, gilt boardedges.

- Top of spine sl. worn. Otherwise fine copy. = Cf. Duveen p.441 (ed. 1760).

€ (100-150) 100
69 2491 Anatomy  Albinus B S 69 2491 Anatomy Albinus B S
69 2491 Anatomy  Albinus B S 69 2491 Anatomy Albinus B S
69 2491 Anatomy  Albinus B S 69 2491 Anatomy Albinus B S
69 2491 Anatomy  Albinus B S 69 2491 Anatomy Albinus B S
69/2491 [Anatomy]. Albinus, B.S. Tabulae sceleti et musculorum corporis humani. Leyden, J. and H. Verbeek, 1747/ 1753, 5 parts in 2 vols., text vol.: (48)lvs., engr. title-vignette; plate vol.: 3 engr. text leaves (title-p., dedication and introduction) and 115 (of 117) plates by J. WANDELAAR (incl. 46 key leaves), contemp. calf (text)/ contemp. hcalf (plates), large folio.

- Contents of the plate vol. loose, but later stitched together in 15 parts. Lacks two plates: "Musculorum tabula VI" (key leaf present) and the final plate of Tabulae VII. uteri mulieris gravidae cum jam parturiret mortuae. Four leaves w. stain on verso vaguely visible on recto; 3 plates of the Musculatorum section waterstained in image (plates 20, 21 and 22); a few plates waterstained in blank margins (2x touching the name of B.S. Albini in top margin); several sm. green inkstains strictly in outer blank margin of part of the plates (not exceeding 5x5 mm.); some plates sl. frayed in blank margin; engr. text leaves sl. yellowed. All plates with vaguely visible and unobtrusive horizontal fold. Most plates, however, are in fine condition. Binding of the plate vol. badly dam. and covers loose; binding of text vol. dam. (lacks backstrip and leather over covers partly lacking).

= The 5 parts of which this copy consists are the text vol. and 4 plate sections: 3 plates with skeletons (each w. accomp. key leaf); 34 plates to the Ossium humanorum section (each w. accomp. key leaf); 24 (of 25) plates to the Musculorum section (8 plates w. accomp. key leaf); 1 plate "Tabula vasis chyliferi (...)" (the accomp. textleaf bound in text vol.); 7 plates to Uteri mulieris gravidae.

The magnum opus of Albinus, professor of surgery at Leyden. The splendid plates are the result of 30 years of collaboration between the scholar Albinus and the artist Wandelaar, pupil of Fokkema and De Lairesse and illustrator of many 18th cent. books published in the Netherlands. "Albinus's Tabulae selecti et musculorum, based on his concept of the "ideal man" (homo perfectus), is among the most artistically perfect of anatomical atlases. Albinus and his artist Jan Wandelaar used some ingenious methods to prepare the illustrations (...) with the aid of compass and ruler. In addition Wandelaar placed his skeletons and musclemen against lush ornamental backgrounds to give them the illusion of vitality, using contrasts of light and mass to produce a three-dimensional effect. The most famous plate in the atlas depicts a skeletal figure standing in front of an enormous grazing rhinoceros, sketched by Wandelaar from the first living specimen in Europe, which had arrived at the Amsterdam zoo in 1741." (Norman Library 29). Wellcome II, p.26; Heirs of Hippocrates 831; Garrison-Morton 399; Choulant-Frank p.276-283. SEE ILLUSTRATIONS PLATE LXXXV.

€ (4.000-6.000) 4250
69 2492 Anatomy  Bidloo G 69 2492 Anatomy Bidloo G
69/2492 [Anatomy]. Bidloo, G. Anatomia humani corporis, centum & quinque tabulis, per G. de Lairesse ad vivum delineatis, demonstrata (...). Amst., widow J. van Someren/ heirs J. van Dyk/ H. and widow D. Boom, 1685, (11)textp., engr. frontisp., 1 portrait. 105 plates (2x fold.), probably engraved by A. BLOTELING after designs by G. DE LAIRESSE, each plate w. accomp. letterpress textleaf, contemp. hcalf, large folio.

- Partly loose(ning); one fold. plate torn in two; a few text lvs. w. later annots. in pen and ink; frontisp. darkened/ soiled. Binding worn/ dam.; backstrip lacks large portions; frontcover loose(ning).

= Choulant, p.93; BMI II, p.32; Bibl. Walleriana 1039; Krivatsy 1239. Splendid baroque anatomical atlas. "For Lairesse, the anatomical illustrations Bidloo asked him to undertake were an occasion for an artistic meditation on anatomy: he displayed his figures in an emotional, almost tender manner, contrasting the raw dissected parts with the full, soft surfaces of uncut flesh, placing flayed, bound figures in ordinary nightclothes or bedding, setting ordinary household objects such as books, jars or cabinets in the same scene as cut-up torsos or limbs, and in one plate showing a fly crawling on an opened abdomen. His illustrations brought the qualities of Dutch still-life painting into anatomical illustration and gave a new, darker spiritual expression to the significance of the act of dissection." (Norman Library no. 231). "These are masterpieces of Dutch baroque art. When William of Orange came to England in 1688, Bidloo was chosen to accompany him as his physician." (Garrison/ Morton 385). SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LXXXVI.

€ (2.000-3.000) 2100
69 2493 Anatomy  Eustachius B 69 2493 Anatomy Eustachius B
69 2493 Anatomy  Eustachius B 69 2493 Anatomy Eustachius B
69/2493 [Anatomy]. Eustachius, B. De ontleedkundige plaaten, met eene verklaaring derzelve, vervaardigd onder toezicht van A. Bonn. Amst., J.B. Elwe, 1798, 41 engr. plates, each plate w. accomp. textpage, contemp. gilt calf w. mor. letterpiece, folio.

- Two old owner's entries in pen and ink on recto first free endpaper. Binding worn w. a few dam. spots on both covers.

= Wellcome II, p.536; Choulant p.61; Bibl. Walleriana 2839 (all with varying collation).

€ (300-500) 425
69/2494 [Anatomy]. Nebel, F. Die Muskeln, Knochen und Bänder des menschlichen Körpers. Ed. J.H. Baas. Tübingen, H. Laupp, 1885, letterpress title-p., 6 lithogr. (5x multi-layered) plates w. 6 accomp. letterpress legends, loose as issued in modern portfolio, folio.

- All leaves (sl.) waterstained/ mouldy in margins; final plate w. overall foxing.

= Rare anatomical atlas. With an extra anatomical drawing in col. pencil by the previous owner (P. Pypers), showing the main muscles of a man seen from the front.

€ (100-150)
69 2495 Anatomy  Witkowsky G J 69 2495 Anatomy Witkowsky G J
69/2495 [Anatomy]. Witkowsky, G.-J. Description et usages des organes génitaux de l'homme. Paris, H. Lauwereyns, 1876, text booklet: 25,(1)p. (incl. orig. wr.); plate vol. w. multi-layered col. lithogr. plate showing the male genitalia, orig. clothbacked boards, folio.
€ (40-60)
69 2496 Astronomy  D Alfonso X de Castilla 69 2496 Astronomy D Alfonso X de Castilla
69/2496 [Astronomy]. D. Alfonso X de Castilla. Libros del saber de astronomía del Rey -. Ed. M. Rico y Sinobas. Madrid, E. Aguado, 1863-1867, 5 vols., num. (col./ tinted) lithogr. plates and ills., contemp. unif. hcl., large folio.

- Some occas. yellowing/ foxing. Spines partly faded.

= Alfonso X (1221-1284) was the enlightened King of i.a. Castile and one of the greatest patrons of learning of the Middle Ages. His main scientific interests were astronomy and astrology: he prepared the so-called 'Tablas Alfonsies' (Alfonsine Tables), containing diagrams and figures on planetary movements, and the Libros del saber de astronomia (Books of Astronomical Lore), describing astronomical instruments.

€ (300-500) 300
69/2497 Astronomy  Astronomie Populaire en Tableaux Transparents 69/2497 Astronomy Astronomie Populaire en Tableaux Transparents
69/2497 Astronomy  Astronomie Populaire en Tableaux Transparents 69/2497 Astronomy Astronomie Populaire en Tableaux Transparents
69/2497 [Astronomy]. Astronomie Populaire en Tableaux Transparents. Brussels, Kiessling & Cie., n.d. (±1850), 12 handcol. lithogr. plates, 7 of which w. cut-out parts backed w. translucent col. paper, loose as issued in orig. giltlettered blindst. cl. portfolio w. ties, 4to.

- Lacks the (2p.?) textquire; plates trifle foxed/ soiled. Backstrip worn; frontcover trifle stained.

= Nice 'astronomy for beginners', explaning i.a. the solar system, the phases of the moon, eclipses, comets, the earth's atmosphere and the seasons. The plates w. translucent parts are to be viewed against backlight.

€ (100-150) 100
69 2498 Astronomy  Caus S de 69 2498 Astronomy Caus S de
69/2498 [Astronomy]. Caus, S. de. La pratique et demonstration des horloges solaires. Avec un discours sur les proportions, tiré de la raisons de la 35. Propositions du premier livre d'Euclide, & autres raisons & Proportions, & l'usage de la Sphere Plate. Paris, H. Droüart, 1624, (20),80p., woodcut ill. on title-p., num. woodcut (2x engr.) ills. (9x w. movable parts), contemp. vellum, folio.

- Partly waterstained in margins; a few lvs. w. tear in margin (occas. into text); title-p. partly doubled and w. closed tear; a few lvs. mounted on new stubs and w. sl. dam. blank inner margin; sm. libr. stamp (Bibliotheca Sancti Pauli Oosterholt) on title-p. and on verso final text leaf; bookplates on upper pastedown (F.C.G. Comte de Kuijpers seignr. de Rijmenam and le Vicomte Obert de Thieusies); owner's entries on first free endpaper (illegible and/ or crossed out), on title-p. (J.P. Allard (dated 1867)) and on final pastedown (François Joseph Duraij). Upper hinge splitting; vellum creased and with some small stains; lacks ties.

= Houzeau/ Lancaster I/2, 11432; Macclesfield Sale lot 498. Rare work on sundials.

€ (1.500-2.500)
69 2499 Astronomy  Euler L 69 2499 Astronomy Euler L
69 2499 Astronomy  Euler L 69 2499 Astronomy Euler L
69/2499 [Astronomy]. Euler, L. Theoria motuum planetarum et cometarum. Berlin, A. Haude, (1744), 1st ed., 187[=184]p., engr. frontisp. by F.H. FRITSCH, 4 engr. fold plates, later boards.

- Erroneously paginated but complete; lower outer blank margin first 6 lvs. frayed; partly waterstained.

= Houzeau & Lancaster 11948; Poggendorff I, p.689. In the present work Euler gives "the solutions of the main problems of theoretical astronomy dealing with the structure, nature, motion and action of comets and planets. With regard to the theory of perturbed motion of celestial bodies, Euler formulated the perturbation theory in general terms so that it can be used to solve the mathematical problem of dynamic models and particular problems of theoretical astronomy (...) He gave an extensive mathematical treatment of the problem of improving approximations of orbits within the framework of the two-body problem and taking perturbations into account. In his Theoria motuum planetarum et cometarum published in 1744, Euler gave a complete mathematical treatment of the two-body problem consisting of a planet and the Sun." (Debnath, The Legacy of Leonhard Euler, p. 364). SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LXXXVI.

€ (1.200-1.500)
69 2500 Astronomy  Gunther R T 69 2500 Astronomy Gunther R T
69/2500 [Astronomy]. Gunther, R.T. The Astrolabes of the World. Oxf., Univ. Press, 1932, 2 vols., XVII,(1),304; VIII,305-609,(1)p., num. (fold.) plates and ills., orig. unif. gilt white cl., 4to.

- Contents occas. trifle foxed (endpapers foxed). Bindings trifle soiled/ spotted.

= Full title: "The astrolabes of the world based upon the series of instruments in the Lewis Evans Collection in the Old Ashmolean Museum at Oxford, with notes on astrolabes in the collections of the British Museum, Science Museum, Sir J. Findlay, Mr. S. V. Hoffman, the Mensing Collection, and in other public and private collections. Vol. I: the eastern astrolabes; vol. II: the western astrolabes.

AND 1 other: A. ANTHIAUME and J. SOTTAS, L'astrolabe-quadrant du Musée des Antiquités de Rouen. Recherches sur les Connaissances Mathématiques, Astronomiques et Nautiques au Moyen Age (Paris, 1910, 8 plates, sl. later hcl. w. mor. letterpiece, orig. wr. pres., 4to).

€ (200-300) 325
69 2501 Astronomy  Huygens Chr 69 2501 Astronomy Huygens Chr
69 2501 Astronomy  Huygens Chr 69 2501 Astronomy Huygens Chr
69/2501 [Astronomy]. Huygens, Chr. De Wereld-Beschouwer, of Gissingen over de Hemelsche Aardklooten, en derzelver cieraad. Dutch transl. by P. Rabus. Rott., B. Bos, 1717, 2nd ed., (20),203p., 4 fold. engr. plates, contemp. vellum, sm. 8vo.

- Lower blank margin of first 8 lvs. dam.; sl. waterstained in outer margin throughout; 2 plates waterstained (one w. paper loss); scribbling on title-p. in pen and ink. Top of spine dam.

= The rare 2nd Dutch edition of the Cosmotheoros. "Huygens considered his theories about life on other planets and about the existence of beings comparable to man. These theories were expounded in his 'Cosmotheoros'. (...) In contrast to most other Huygensian writings, Cosmotheoros had wide appeal and a broad readership, and has been translated into several languages." (DSB VI, p.611).

BOUND WITH: 3 other miscell. theological works.

= Cf. Houzeau/ Lancaster 6882 (ed. Amst. 1754).

€ (200-300)
69 2502 Astronomy  Knoop J H 69 2502 Astronomy Knoop J H
69/2502 [Astronomy]. Knoop, J.H. Verhandeling van de sphaerische of klootsche Zonne-wysers; Namelyk, hoe men op een Sphaera Convexa, of Ronde Kloot, allerley Zonnewysers Meetkonstig beschryven kan. Gorcum, T. Horneer, 1779, (10),244,(8)p., woodcut printer's mark on title-p., 21 fold. plates, modern hcl.

- Text partly waterstained; plates occas. marginally waterstained/ yellowed along folds; one plate strengthened in margin and one plate w. sm. tear on fold; otherwise trifle/ sl. frayed/ dustsoiled in outer margins.

= Bierens de Haan 2521; Houzeau & Lancaster 11656. Rare.

€ (80-100) 100
69/2503 [Astronomy]. Littrow, J.J. von and Sommer, J.G. Tafereel van het heel-al. Onderhoudende beschrijving van het uitspansel en den aardbol. The Hague, K. Fuhri, 1848-1849, 4 parts in 3 vols., XIV,679; (10),413,(2); XII,348; VIII,179,(1), 67(index)p., num. woodengr. ills., orig. unif. gilt hcalf, 4to.

- Occas. sl. foxed. Backstrips sl. rubbed; paper over covers sl. worn/ chafed. = Cf. Houzeau/ Lancaster I, 9284.

€ (100-150)
69 2504 Astronomy  Neusalz R A  ed  69 2504 Astronomy Neusalz R A ed
69/2504 [Astronomy]. Neusalz, R.A. (ed.). Kleine Himmelskunde. Anleitung zur Beobachtung des gestirnten Himmels und seiner Bewegungen. Zugleich unterhaltende Begleitschrift zur drehbaren Sternkarte Der Sternenhimmel zu jeder Stunde des Jahres. Frankf. a.M., F.H. Klodt, n.d. (±1900), 7th ed., V,(1),83p., 35 ills., orig. clothbacked boards. - WITH: the accompanying skymap "Der Sternenhimmel zu jeder Stunde des Jahres". Circular board w. col lithogr. sky chart and calendar laid down, Ø 15,5 cm., w. rotating gilt(lettered) black morocco-look window, attached to square board at the back w. mounted letterpress explanation, ibid., idem, and "herausgegeben von A. Klippel in Dortmund", ±1900, 22nd ed.

- Booklet sl. yellowed inside and sl. worn along extremities; rotating part of sky chart w. some tears, partly repaired w. white paper on verso, and w. a corner broken off and lost; explanation board soiled/ sl. stained.

€ (40-60) 120
69 2505 Astronomy  Struyck N 69 2505 Astronomy Struyck N
69/2505 [Astronomy]. Struyck, N. Inleiding tot de algemeene geographie, benevens eenige sterrekundige en andere verhandelingen. Amst., I. Tirion, 1740, 2 parts in 1 vol., (12),176; 392,(2),8p., engr. portr., 9 fold. plates, 1 fold. table, contemp. hroan, 4to.

- Lacks the frontispiece; occas. yellowed. Binding worn along spine and extremities.

= Houzeau/ Lancaster 10940; Bierens de Haan 4678 and 4679. In 1753 a "Vervolg" was published.

AND an incomplete copy of J. LULOFS, Inleiding tot eene natuur- en wiskundige beschouwinge des aardkloots (Leyden/ Zutphen, 1750, engr. dedic. plate, fold. portr., contemp. boards, 4to. Lacks the 15 fold. plates).

€ (200-300)
69/2506 Aviation  Groote vliegdemonstratie te Veghel op 8 2e Paaschdag 9 en 10 April 1912 69/2506 Aviation Groote vliegdemonstratie te Veghel op 8 2e Paaschdag 9 en 10 April 1912
69/2506 Aviation  Groote vliegdemonstratie te Veghel op 8 2e Paaschdag 9 en 10 April 1912 69/2506 Aviation Groote vliegdemonstratie te Veghel op 8 2e Paaschdag 9 en 10 April 1912
69/2506 [Aviation]. Groote vliegdemonstratie te Veghel, op 8 (2e Paaschdag) 9 en 10 April 1912. Letterpress flyer, 33x25 cm., publ. by I.J. Wiessel, Veghel, 1912.

- A few sm. holes; sl. yellowed. = Rare.

AND 4 photographic postcards of the same event.

€ (100-150) 140
69 2507 Ballooning  Glaisher J  Flammarion C a o 69 2507 Ballooning Glaisher J Flammarion C a o
69/2507 [Ballooning]. Glaisher, J., Flammarion, C. a.o. Voyages aériens. Paris, L. Hachette et Cie., 1870, (8),612p., lithogr. title, 6 chromolithogr. plates, 117 (full-p.) woodengr. ills., 15 diagrams, contemp. gilt hmor., a.e.g.

- Sl. foxed; bookplate on upper pastedown. Spine discoloured. = Brockett 5272; Liebmann/ Wahl 1203.

€ (40-60)
69 2508 Balneology  Pöllnitz K L von  69 2508 Balneology Pöllnitz K L von
69/2508 [Balneology]. (Pöllnitz, K. L. von.). Amusemens des Eaux de Spa. Ouvrage utile à ceux qui vont boire ces Eaux Minérales sur les Lieux. Amst., P. Mortier, 1740, 2 vols., IX,(3),424; (2),414p., 1 engr. fold. frontisp. and 15 plates, contemp. unif. gilt calf w. 2 yellow mor. letterpieces, sm. 8vo.

- Both vols. trifle foxing, occas. vaguely waterst. and some scribbling in pen and ink on lower endpaper. Spines and joints rubbed.

€ (200-300)
69/2509 [Balneology]. Vogler, J.A. Über den Gebrauch der Mineralquellen, insbesondere dere zu Ems. Frankfurt a.M., J.D. Sauerländer, 1840, XXIX,(3),372,(4), 1 fold. lithogr. map, 4 tables, contemp. hcl.

- Bookplate on upper pastedown; sm. stamp on recto first free endpaper; contents sl. foxed, mainly in upper blank margins. Spine sunned.

Neumann, K.G. Die lebendige Natur. Berlin, Herbirg, 1835, (4),378,(2)p., sl. later boards.

- Trifle yellowed.

€ (50-70)
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