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69 2610 Medicine  Morton R 69 2610 Medicine Morton R
69/2610 [Medicine]. Morton, R. Pyretologia, seu exercitationes de morbis universalibus acutis. Bremen, H. Brauer, 1693, 2nd ed., (48),440,(16)p., 2 fold. tables, contemp. overlapping vellum.

- Bookplate of Ignatius Dominic Graf von Chorinsky Freiherr von Ledske on upper pastedown; trifle yellowed. A fine copy.

= Hirsch IV, p. 289-290; cf. Bibl. Walleriana 6690 (ed. 1718). A second part with a slightly different title was published in 1694.

€ (100-150)
69 2611 Medicine  Nolte F W 69 2611 Medicine Nolte F W
69/2611 [Medicine]. Nolte, F.W. Afbeeldingen der huidziekten, met verklarenden tekst. Volgens het schema van Prof. C.H. Fuchs te zamengesteld. Leyden, H.W. Hazenberg & Comp., 1844, X,76 explanatory textp., 32 handcol. lithogr. plates, contemp. gilt hcalf w. gilt mor. title-piece, folio.

- Plates trifle yellowed/ foxed; text lvs. w. occas. minor foxing. Binding worn along extremities; spine-ends rubbed/ sl. dam.

= Very rare, not in the usual reference works. BMN II, p.245 mentions an atlas by Nolte issued with a work on the subject by C.H. Fuchs.

€ (300-500) 300
69 2612 Medicine  Nuck A 69 2612 Medicine Nuck A
69/2612 [Medicine]. Nuck, A. Sialographia et ductum aquosorum anatome nova, priori auctior & emendatior. Leyden, J. Luchtmans, 1695, 1st ed., (12),158,(16)p., engr. title-p., 6 fold. engr. plates by D.M.D. PENNINGEN, contemp. vellum.

- Endpapers waterst.; browned throughout. A few sm. stains on covers.

= Bibl. Walleriana 6919; BMN I, p.93; Wellcome IV, p.250; Hirsch-H. IV, p.388f; Garrison/ Morton 1101; Lindeboom p.144.

€ (70-90) 130
69 2613 Medicine  Nuck A 69 2613 Medicine Nuck A
69/2613 [Medicine]. Nuck, A. Sialographia et ductuum aquosorum anatome nova, Priori auctior & emendatior. Leyden, J. Luchtmans, 1695, 1st ed., (12),158,(16)p., woodcut title-vignette, 6 fold. engr. plates, contemp. vellum.

- Slightly browned; plates and lower pastedown sl. wormholed.

= Bibl. Walleriana 6919; BMN I, p.93; Wellcome IV, p.250; Hirsch-H. IV, p.388f; Garrison/ Morton 1101; Lindeboom p.144.

€ (70-90) 70
69 2614 Medicine  Paré A 69 2614 Medicine Paré A
69 2614 Medicine  Paré A 69 2614 Medicine Paré A
69 2614 Medicine  Paré A 69 2614 Medicine Paré A
69 2614 Medicine  Paré A 69 2614 Medicine Paré A
69/2614 [Medicine]. Paré, A. De Chirurgie, ende alle de Opera. Dutch transl. C. Battus. Haarlem, H. Kranepoel for H. Laurentsz., 1627, (26),940p., woodcut printer's mark on title, large number of woodcut textills., contemp. blindst. calf over wood rebacked w. later calf, with 2 orig. brass clasps, folio.

- On the whole a good/ fine copy in part of its original binding, apart from the following defects: index bound at the front and lacking its last blank; first half with mostly very small/ narrow waterstain(s) in blank margin; first 8 lvs. w. stain in upper margin (occas. affecting sm. part of the text); renewed endpapers.

= BMN I, p.288; Doe, Bibliography Paré no.61. The collected works of Ambroise Paré (1510-1590), generally considered the greatest surgical work of the Renaissance. "Like Vesalius and Paracelsus he did not hesitate to thrust aside ignorance or superstition if it stood in his way (...) invented new surgical instruments, made amputation what it is today by reintroducing the ligature (...) introduced massage, artificial limbs, artificial eyes (...) In dentistry he introduced reimplation of the teeth, and his little treatise on medical jurisprudence, was the first work of consequence on this Subject" (Garrison/ Morton). Profusely illustrated, with fascinating sections on artificial limbs and monsters. All Dutch editions are very rare.

€ (1.500-2.500)
69 2615 Medicine  Platen M 69 2615 Medicine Platen M
69/2615 [Medicine]. Platen, M. Livre d'Or de la Santé. Vol. I/ II/ volume spécial. Paris, Bong & Cie., (±1900), 3 vols., num. (multi-layered) lithogr. plates, num. textills., orig. unif. dec. and pict. embossed cloth (1x w. brass clasp and catch and a key), large 8vo.

- The multilayered plates occas. sl. worn on folds/ loose. Spine-ends sl. worn; a few rubbed spots.

€ (40-60) 40
69 2616 Medicine  Reus J de 69 2616 Medicine Reus J de
69/2616 [Medicine]. Reus, J. de. Naauwkeurig onderwys in de vroedkunde. Introd. P. Camper. Amst./ Harlingen, P. Conradi/ V. van der Plaats, 1778, 2nd enl. ed., XVI,155,(1)p., contemp. hcalf.

- Bookblock loose and splitting; (vaguely) waterst. almost throughout. Paper over covers loose(ning).

= BMN I, p.338; Wellcome II, p.512 (1st ed. 1771).

€ (60-80) 60
69 2617 Medicine  Scoutetten H 69 2617 Medicine Scoutetten H
69/2617 [Medicine]. Scoutetten, H. La Méthode ovalaire, ou nouvelle Méthode pour amputer dans les Articulations. Paris, Delaunay, 1827, (1),49p., 11 (fold.) lithogr. plates by DUPAY ET TAVERNIER, orig. wr., 4to.

- Plates foxed/ mostly waterst in margins.; owner's entry on first free endpaper. Wrappers sl. frayed/ worn; spine sl. dam.; owner's entry on frontwr.


€ (250-350) 250
69 2618 Medicine  Smellie W 69 2618 Medicine Smellie W
69/2618 [Medicine]. Smellie, W. Verzameling van ontleedkundige afbeeldingen, met derzelver uitleggingen; benevens een kort begrip der Vroedkunde (...)./ Verzameling van vroedkundige gevallen en waarneemingen./ Verzameling van tegennatuurlyke gevallen en waarneemingen in de vroedkunde. Dutch transl. M. van der Haage. Amst., J. Morterre, 1765-1766, 4 parts in 3 vols., 43 fold. engr. plates, contemp. unif. plain wr., sm. 4to.

- Occas. sl. yellowed/ foxed; the plates occas. torn along folds. All vols. lack backstrip.

= BMN I, p.338; Bibliotheca Walleriana 9014; Hagelin p.118-119 on the orig. Engl. ed. "Smellie contributed more to the fundamentals of obstetrics than virtually any individual." (Garrison/ Morton 6154).

€ (500-700) 500
69 2619 Medicine  Strümpell A and Jakob C  ed  69 2619 Medicine Strümpell A and Jakob C ed
69 2619 Medicine  Strümpell A and Jakob C  ed  69 2619 Medicine Strümpell A and Jakob C ed
69/2619 [Medicine]. Strümpell, A. and Jakob, C. (ed.). Neurologische Wandtafeln zum Gebrauche beim klinische, anatomischen und physiologischen Unterricht. Munich, J.F. Lehmann, n.d. (1897), 13 col. lithogr. plates, all but one w. mounted title-piece "Icones Neurologicae Strümpell & Jakob (...)", size 80x110 cm. to 160x220 cm., orig. hcl. portfolio w. title-piece, large folio.

- Plate 9 w. repaired tears along folds and in margins; plate 11 w. partly split folds; the plates otherwise w. occas. sm. tears at ends and/ or intersections of folds; some sl. yellowing/ foxing; plate 3 without title-piece. Portfolio worn/ sl. dam. along extremities.

= Very rare, early charts mapping the human nervous system. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE XCI.

€ (1.000-1.500) 1300
69/2620 [Medicine]. Tissot, (S.A.D.). Avis au peuple sur sa santé, ou traité des maladies les plus fréquentes (...). Ouvrage composé en faveur des Habitans de la Campagne, du Peuple des Villes, & de tous ceux qui ne peuvent avoir facilement les conseils des Médecins. Paris, Didot le Jeune, 1763, 2nd ed., 2 parts in 1 vol., LII,263; (5),264-641,(3)p., contemp. gilt calf w. mor. letterpiece.

- Bookplate on upper pastedown. Binding sl. rubbed.

= Warranted by the publisher. Wellcome V, p.275 ("Vol. 1 only").

€ (100-150)
69 2621 Medicine  Tulp N 69 2621 Medicine Tulp N
69/2621 [Medicine]. Tulp, N. Observationes medicae. Amst., D. Elzevier, 1672, (14),392p., engr. frontisp., portr. and 18 plates, contemp. calf w. gilt spine and red mor. letterpiece, sm. 8vo.

- Partly (sl.) foxed; early 20th cent. annots. in pen on first free endpaper. Corners showing; upper hinge rubbed/ weak.

= The 3rd and last Elzevier edition. Willems 1481; Bibl. Walleriana I, 9717; Krivatsy 12009; Garrison/ Morton 3737: "One of the earliest accounts of beri-beri. Tulp, notable as the demonstrator in Rembrandt's "Anatomy Lesson", was among the first, in the same book, to describe the ileo-caecal valve ("Tulp's valve")." Also contains some remarkable plates, i.a. of Siamese twins, a narwal and one of the earliest plates of the chimpanzee (here named erroneously "Orang-outang").

€ (200-300) 250
69 2622 Medicine  Willis T 69 2622 Medicine Willis T
69/2622 [Medicine]. Willis, T. De anima brutorum Quae Hominis Vitalis ac Sensitiva est, exercitationes duae. Prior Physiologica (..). Altera Pathologica (...). Oxf., Richard Davis, 1672, 1st ed., (54),565[=563],(11)p., 8 (fold.) engr. plates, contemp. panelled calf, 4to.

- Lacks leaf g2 (w. longitudinal title label) and errata leaf; without the (almost always absent) 5 page catalogue of books by Richard Davis; vague remains of libr. stamp in lower margin of title-p. Contents fine. Remains of 3 paper tickets on backstrip; binding sl. rubbed along extremities.

= The most desirable of the four editions that were published in 1672 (two 4to editions (one publ. in Oxford (the first issue (as our copy)), one in London (second issue)) and two 8vo editions). DSB XIV, pp.404-409; Garrison/ Morton 1544, 4793; Norman Collection 2244: "Willis' anatomical and clinical study 'On the Soul of brutes' is based upon a matured version of his theory of the soul, a refutation of Cartesian theory. Unlike Descartes, Willis believed that man has two souls, an immortal and uniquely human rational soul, and a mortal animal soul shared by all members of the animal kingdom. In his discussion of the sensitive soul Willis recapitulated the neurological concepts he had introduced in 'Cerebri anatome' [1664], particularly localization, and extended them to invertebrates with some of the first detailed dissections made of the oyster, earthworm and lobster. He attributed a wide range of diseases to neurological disturbances, among the headache, lethargy, melancholy, apoplexy, frenzy and paralysis, but recognized the difference between the symptoms of organic brain disease and those of mental illness, which he attributed to disordered animal spirits. He gave what is probably the first account of general paralysis of the insane... and described the auditory phenomenon now known as 'paracusis of Willis' in his chapter on hearing...'. Provenance: Dr. J.M.W. Baumann (1766-1849, Germany, Trebsen (Leipsic)) (bookplate on upper pastedown) and J.N. Ramaer (1817-1887) (owner's entry on first free endpaper). The latter was a psychiatrist at mental institutions in Zutphen and Delft, (co-)founder of the NVP (Dutch Society for Psychiatry), and the NMG (Dutch Society for Medicine). The library of Ramaer was bequeathed to the NVP, from where it found its way into the library of the Royal Dutch Society for Medicine. The present owner acquired the Willis at an unpublicized sale in 1972 of books from the library of the Provinciaal Ziekenhuis Santpoort, where the collection had been housed since 1932. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE XCI.

€ (2.500-3.500)
69 2623 Medicine  Wirsung C 69 2623 Medicine Wirsung C
69/2623 [Medicine]. Wirsung, C. Medicyn-boeck, daerinne alle gebreken des menschelijcke lichaems mitsgaders de remedien der selven, claerlijck aengewesen wort. Dutch transl. C. Battus. (...) Hier is by-ghevoeght een uytnemenden Coock-boeck. Amst., J. Evertsz Cloppenburgh, 1627, 7th rev. and enlarged ed., (18),676,(96)p., later hroan, folio. - BOUND AS USUAL WITH: (Battus, C.). (Eenen seer schoonen, ende excellenten Coc-Boeck, inhoudende alderleye wel gheexperimenteerde cokagien, van ghebraedt, ghesoden, pasteyen, taerten, toerten, vlayen, saussen, sopen, ende diergelijcke; oock diversche confeytueren ende dranken, etc.). (Ibid., idem, 1627), (28)p. - AND WITH: Hilden, G.F. von. Een singuliere ende voortreffelijcke observatie ende cure eens sware periculeuse geschote-wondes (...)/ Cort ende claer Tractaet vande verbrantheydt: welck gheschiet door siedende olie, heet water, gloeyende yser, busch-pouder, blixem ende diergelijcke brandende materie (...). Dutch transl. J. Burgundus. Ibid., M. Colijn, 1627, 2 parts, (2),10,(1),12-24,(1) lvs., 2 woodcut title-vignettes, 10 ills.

- Engr. title supplied in photocopy on old paper; first ±50 text lvs. w. corners and wormholes restored w. paper/ Japanese (some lvs. w. missing text added); occas. waterst./ soiled/ foxed/ yellowed; new endpapers. Recased w. use of contemp. roan backstrip.

= The most extensive Dutch edition of this popular work on medicine (first published Heidelberg, 1568). It covers all parts of the human body and several illnesses and cures, mainly by means of herbs. Illustrations of severe gunshots and projectile wounds and burns were added, as well as of wounds caused by hot oil, water, red-hot iron, gunpowder and lightning. The work also includes one of the earliest Dutch cookery books. Krivatsy 13070; BMN I, p.71. Cf. Wellcome I, 6753, Hirsch-H. 6, p.303; Bibl. Walleriana 10361. On the cookery book: Ferro 839; Bibl. Gastrononica 315; Landwehr 7: "Dit eerste in Noord-Nederland verschenen kookboek is uitgegeven als supplement bij Christopher Wirsung Med'cyn Boec, waarvan het titelblad het kookboek vermeldt. Battus noemt o.a. confituren, doch heeft er geen recepten van opgenomen." It is the third printed Dutch-language cookery book known and the first published in the Netherlands. It contains some 300 recipes for all sorts of food and drinks.

€ (1.500-2.500)
69 2624 Medicine  Würtz F 69 2624 Medicine Würtz F
69 2624 Medicine  Würtz F 69 2624 Medicine Würtz F
69/2624 [Medicine]. Würtz, F. Chirurgie. Uyt het 28ste exemplaer Hoogduytsch, in Nederduytsch overgezet (...). Beneffens: een chimische medicijn van Johannes Poppen (...). Ed. A. Lenertsz. Amst., T. Jacobsz, 1647, 3rd Dutch ed., 2 parts in 1 vol., (6),359; (1),82,(13)p., 2 diff. woodcut title-vignettes, contemp. vellum.

- New endpapers; contemp. owner's entry on first free endpaper (T. Siccens); first and last ±8 lvs. margins restored w. Japanese; sl. waterst. Spine w. sm. dam. spot.

= Rare. Both works: BMN I, p.56 and 290; Bibl. Walleriana 10407; cf. Hirsch-H. VI, p.335 ("Wuertz"). On the second work ("Chemische Medici. Het tweede deel van de bereydinghe der metalen, mineralen, ende kruyden etc., elck in hare quinta essentie te brengen"): cf. Krivatsky 9159.

€ (120-150)
69/2625 [Meteorology]. Buisman, J. Duizend jaar weer, wind en water in de lage landen. Ed. A.F.V. van Engelen. Franeker, Van Wijnen, 1995-2006, 5 vols., num. (col.) plates, ills., orig. unif. boards.

= One more volume was published in 2015.

€ (70-90) 80
69 2626 Meteorology  Hering J H 69 2626 Meteorology Hering J H
69/2626 [Meteorology]. Hering, J.H. Tafereel van harde winters, doormengd met staatkundige en andere gebeurtenissen van die jaaren, in ons vaderland. Amst., J. van den Burgh en Zoon, n.d. (1784), VI,236p., fold. engr. map w. handcol. borders, 2 plates incl. "Ys vermaak", later gilt hcalf w. red mor. letterpiece.

- Lacks first free endpaper; large old owner's entry on title-p.; occas. trifle/ sl. foxed. Joints, spine and corners sl. worn.

= Waller 707.

BOUND WITH: Muller, J.G. Historische en natuur-kundige aanmerkingen over de Aard- en Water-schuddinge (...). Leeuw., A. Ferwerda, n.d. (1755), 38,(1)p. - AND BOUND WITH: Idem. Vervolg op de historische en natuur-kundige aanmerkingen (...). Ibid., idem, n.d. (1755), 39p. - AND BOUND WITH: Brugmans, S.J. Natuurkundige verhandeling over een zwavelagtigen nevel (...). Gron., P. Doekema, n.d. (±1785), (6),58p. - AND BOUND WITH: Christ, J.C. Verhandeling over de buitengewoone Weêrsgesteldheid des jaars 1783 (...). Dutch transl. W. van Rees. Nijm., I. van Campen, 1784, (4),99p.

- All works yellowed; last 3 lvs. waterst. in lower outer corner.

= On Brugmans: According to Jan Buisman in his magnificent work Duizend jaar weer, wind en water in de lage landen, the sulphur that spread out over Boxum in 1783 was the result of the catastrophic eruption of the Laki vulcano in Iceland.

€ (120-150) 160
69 2627 Microscopy  Slabber M 69 2627 Microscopy Slabber M
69/2627 [Microscopy]. Slabber, M. Natuurkundige verlustigingen, behelzende microscopise waarneemingen van in- en uitlandse water- en land-dieren. Haarlem, J. Bosch, 1778, (10),166p., 18 handcol. engr. plates, contemp. hcalf w. mor. letterpiece, 4to.

- For the greater part a narrow mouldy stain in upper blank margin. Board edges and spine-ends worn; upper joint split.

= Nissen, ZBI 3861; Landwehr, Dutch Books w. Col. Plates 187. Finely illustrated microscopical work on small water-animals.

€ (200-300) 200
69 2628 Mycology  Boudier E 69 2628 Mycology Boudier E
69 2628 Mycology  Boudier E 69 2628 Mycology Boudier E
69/2628 [Mycology]. Boudier, E. Icones mycologicae ou iconographie des champignons de France. Principalement discomycètes. Lausanne, Editions Piantanida, 1981-1985, 5 vols., 2 text vols. and 3 plate vols. w. 600 col. plates, orig. unif. rexine, folio.

= Facsimile reprint of the ed. Paris 1905.

€ (200-300)
69 2629 Mycology  Bresadola J 69 2629 Mycology Bresadola J
69/2629 [Mycology]. Bresadola, J. Iconographia mycologica. Milan, M. Candusso, 1981-1982, 5 vols., 1250 col. plates, orig. unif. giltlettered hcalf, large 8vo.

= Facsimile reprint of the ed. 1927. Without the supplements.

€ (150-250)