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69/1373 [Dutch private presses]. Lot of ±625 publications, fine and occasional printing by various Dutch (private) presses, mainly 1980-2016, various shapes and sizes.

= A very large and interesting collection comprising i.a. New Year's wishes, invitations, miniature booklets, newsletters, Koppermaandagprenten, announcements etc. Publications by i.a. Althea Pers, Bonnefant, Berendes, Buitenkant, Cicero, Condorpers, Enkidu Pers, Exponent, Green Escape, Houtpers, P. Elchers, Linje Pers, Linea Recta, Laurentius, Kleinood & grootzeer, Klaproos, Kate-pers, Move, don't move, Mostert & van Onderen, Priegelpers, Plataan, Parelduiker, Onze Linda, Oude Degel, A. Swertz, Storm & van Delft, 't Schuurtje, Regulierenpers, P. de Vroomen, Vergulde maatstaf/ Tremapers, Trio, Eric van der Wal, wUm;,Zwaluw and Zwarte Hen.

€ (1.000-1.500)
69 1374 Eeden F van 69 1374 Eeden F van
69/1374 Eeden, F. van. De kleine Johannes. The Hague, Mouton & Co., n.d. (1898), 5th ed., 190,(2)p., 9 lithogr. plates, tinted bookdecoration, endpapers and binding design by EDZARD KONING, printed on handmade paper, richly gilt hvellum w. green cloth covers, t.e.g., 4to.

- Sm. owner's entry on first blank; free endpapers partly browned as usual. Cloth section on both covers foxed (as often). A good copy of a desirable Dutch Art Nouveau book.

= Braches 661.

€ (100-150) 100
69 1375 Eekman N M  Roland Holst A 69 1375 Eekman N M Roland Holst A
69/1375 [Eekman, N.M.]. Roland Holst, A. De vagebond., Vereeniging tot Bevordering der Grafische Kunst, 1930, 1st ed., (8)p., text and wrapper design cut in wood by F. MEES, woodcut ills. by N.M. EEKMAN, printed by hand in 100 numb. copies on Japanese by S.H. DE ROOS, signed in pencil by F. Mees and N.M. Eekman, in contemp. hcl. slipcase w. giltlettered mor. letterpiece, large 8vo.
€ (50-70) 90
69/1376 [Eenhoornpers]. Vijf houtgravures. Ed. C.J. Asselbergs. Breda, Eenhoornpers, 1951, (4)textp. and 4 (of 5) orig. woodengravings by J. BUCKLAND WRIGHT, V. LE CAMPION, S. MROZEWSKI and M.F. SEVERIN, various sizes, all but one (Mrozewski) signed in pencil, each under passepartout, printed in 90 copies.

- Lacks the woodengraving by D. van Gelder.

= With loosely inserted autograph letter signed by C.J. Asselbergs (to "Amice", dated "22 November 1951", one leaf w. printed letterhead of de Eenhoornpers). I.a. commenting on Mrozewski: "Met Mrozewski heb ik nogal wat last gehad. De eerste prent moest ik afkeuren omdat deze te erotisch was voor deze uitgave. Schetsen wilde hij niet maken. Over de tweede prent, hoewel grafisch knap, was ik minder enthousiast. Toen wilde hij maar enkele drukken signeren, hoewel het bij de opdracht uitdrukkelijk afgesproken was dat alle drukken gesigneerd moesten worden, zooals de andere kunstenaars ook gedaan hebben."

Rozendaal, W.J. (Portfolio with 13 plates). Ibid., idem, 1945, colophon w. ill., 1 woodcut plate signed and dated in pencil, 12 "lijncliché" plates on chine collé, all by W.J. ROZENDAAL, printed in 50 copies by C.J. ASSELBERGS, loose as issued in orig. cloth portfolio w. mounted title-piece w. ill. W.J. ROZENDAAL, 4to (trifle warped). - AND 1 other portfolio publ. by the same.

€ (150-250) 150
69/1377 Eikeldoorpers  Adooratie  Vier het mee met DeeDee Vee 69/1377 Eikeldoorpers Adooratie Vier het mee met DeeDee Vee
69/1377 [Eikeldoorpers]. Adooratie - Vier het mee met DeeDee Vee., n.publ., 2000-2001, comprising 26 (incl. introd.) contributions by various Dutch private presses, various bindings, orig. cl. box w. paper letterpiece, 4to.

= Published on occasion of the 55th birthday of Doortje de Vries from the Eikeldoorpers. Contains contributions by i.a. De Breukenpers, Het Gonst, Linje Pers, De Uitvreter, In de Bonnefant, Frans de Jong, Avalon Pers, Statenhofpers and Sub Signo Libelli.

€ (50-70) 50
69 1378 Elferink Hein  Jellema C O 69 1378 Elferink Hein Jellema C O
69/1378 [Elferink, Hein]. Jellema, C.O. Spijts 's winters winterdom. Een essay over Eduard Mörike en een vertaling van 'Auf eine Christblume'. Wijhe, H. Elferink, 1988, 1st ed., (26)p., printed in black and red in 85 numb. copies.

= One of 12 copies signed by the author and bound in giltlettered hvellum by Binderij Phoenix, in orig. board slipcase.

€ (70-90) 110
69 1379 Elferink Hein  Kramer A 69 1379 Elferink Hein Kramer A
69/1379 [Elferink, Hein]. Kramer, A. Herinnerd verblijf., Hein Elferink, 1995, text vol.: (15)p., printed in 26 numbered and signed copies, orig. wr.; ORIGINAL DRAWING (in pencil, black chalk and blue ink, 31,7x23 cm.), loosely inserted in orig. paper portfolio, together in lidded wooden box w. clasp and catch, folio. Idem. Nachtwond. Slingenberg, idem, 1999, (35)p., printed in 40 numb. and signed copies (7).

= One of 7 copies bound in fluorescent orange boards.

€ (100-150)
69 1380 Elferink Hein  Romijn Meijer H 69 1380 Elferink Hein Romijn Meijer H
69/1380 [Elferink, Hein]. Romijn Meijer, H. Help will come to you! Assen, Hein Elferink, n.d. (1991), 49,(4)p., printed in 70 numb. and signed copies (20), large 8vo.

= One of 20 copies printed on Hahnemühle, w. a lithogr. frontispiece by WOUT MULLER and bound in strips of morocco, boards and vellum by the Phoenix Bindery. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE XLIX.

€ (100-150) 100
69/1381 [Elferink, Hein]. Smit, W. Nagelaten verhalen. Wijhe, Hein Elferink, 1988, 1st ed., 71,(2)p., printed in 50 numb. copies, large 8vo.

= One of the DELUXE copies, bound in halfmorocco by the Phoenix bindery.

Verrips, G. Je proeft het. Assen, idem, 1992, (20)p., frontisp. by W. VERRIPS, printed in 60 copies (10).

= One of 10 copies bound in boards by the Phoenix Bindery, SIGNED by the author and artist in pencil.

AND 3 others by the same publisher/ printer.

€ (60-80) 70
69 1382 Elferink Hein  Toorn W van 69 1382 Elferink Hein Toorn W van
69/1382 [Elferink, Hein]. Toorn, W. van. Een dichteres van Malta. Wijhe, Hein Elferink, 1987, 43,(4)p., printed in 100 numb. copies (20).

= One of 20 copies, with SIGNED col. frontisp. by FRANS DE JONG, bound in green hmorocco.

€ (50-70) 50
69 1383 Eliance Pers  Cavalry C P  = Mensje van Keulen 69 1383 Eliance Pers Cavalry C P = Mensje van Keulen
69/1383 [Eliance Pers]. Cavalry, C.P. (= Mensje van Keulen). Trucjes. Amst., Eliance Pers, 1977, 1st ed., 27,(2)p., printed in 100 numb. copies, orig. wr.

= Erotisch Panopticum 4. With AUTOGRAPH SIGNED DEDICATION below the colophon: " (...) Theo Sontrop, dear friend: Theo o Theo! Love can be a pleasure but mostly it's woe! Yours Constant P. Cavalry. (Also sending love and best wishes: Mensje).

€ (50-70) 70
69/1384 [Eliance Pers]. Gerhardt, I.G.M. Uit de eerste hand. Amst., Eliance Pers, 1975, 22,(1)p., printed on grey Ingres in 100 numb. copies, orig. wr.

= "Uit de eerste hand (...) werd door de dichteres zelf samengesteld en verscheen ter gelegenheid van haar zeventigste verjaardag (...)." [colophon].

Slauerhoff, J. Een bezoek aan Makallah. Zandvoort, idem, 1975, 27,(1)p., printed in 100 numb. copies, orig. wr.

= Eliance-reeks 30 (last publication of the series).

AND 4 other printed by the same press, i.a. L. VAN DEYSSEL, Beste Jongen (1974. Eliance-reeks 26); A. ROLAND HOLST, Het verbeurde lot (1972. Eliance-reeks 17); S. VESTDIJK, Deernis met de wegen (1974. Eliance-reeks 29); H. WARREN, Een liefdeslied (1974. Eliance-reeks 27).

€ (150-250) 150
69 1385 Ennik J 69 1385 Ennik J
69/1385 Ennik, J. Rosarium en Zonnewijzer. De Rijp, J. Ennik, 1991, colophon leaf and 4 col. polystyrene prints, all signed in pencil, printed in 10 signed copies, loose as issued in orig. cl. box w. mounted paper letterpiece on frontcover, square folio. Idem. Een symfonische synthese. Wormerveer, Stichting Uitgeverij Noord-Holland, 1994, no pagination, printed in 300 numb. copies, orig. hcl., kept in orig. board cassette, square 4to.

= With a signed polystyrene print by the artist.

AND 2 others similar by the same.

€ (60-80)
69 1386 Enschedé en Zonen J  Braches E 69 1386 Enschedé en Zonen J Braches E
69/1386 [Enschedé en Zonen, J.]. Braches, E. The Steadfast Tin Soldier of Joh. Enschedé en Zonen, Haarlem. Enschedé English-bodied Roman No.6. Aartswoud/ Amst., Spectatorpers/ Just Enschedé, 1992, 53,(2)p., printed in black, blue and red by BRAM DE DOES in 195 numb. copies (20), 4to.

= One of 20 copies bound in hvellum by ERIK SCHOTS, in orig. stiff paper slipcase. With loosely inserted prospectus.

AND a copy of the regular edition of 175 copies bound in orig. boards.

€ (80-100) 110
69 1387 Enschedé en Zonen J  Marnix van St Aldegonde Ph van 69 1387 Enschedé en Zonen J Marnix van St Aldegonde Ph van
69/1387 [Enschedé en Zonen, J.]. Marnix van St. Aldegonde, Ph. van. Het Boeck der Psalmen, uit der hebreisscher sprake in nederduytschen dichte overgeset. Haarlem, J. Enschedé en Zonen, 1928, 378,(2)p., printed in red and black in 150 copies on Pannekoek, orig. hvellum, 4to.
€ (50-70) 60
69/1388 [Enschedé en Zonen, J.]. Rossetti, D.G. Hand and Soul. Maastr., The Halcyon Press, A.A.M. Stols, 1928, 36,(3)p., initials by J. VAN KRIMPEN, typography by A.A.M. STOLS, printed by J. ENSCHEDÉ EN ZONEN in black and red in 361 numb. copies (325), orig. cl. w. mounted title-piece on frontcover, sm. 8vo.

- Bookplate on upper pastedown; free endpapers sl. browned.

= Printed "in the Rome type said to be made by Peter Schoeffer of Gernsheim (1420-1502)" [colophon]. Van Dijk 162.

Proef van Nederduitsche en Gothische initialen uit de XVde eeuw. Haarlem, J. Enschedé en Zonen, 1925, 51,(1)p., printed in black and red on handmade paper, orig. marbled boards, 4to.

- Free endpapers sl. browned. Spine-ends sl. worn. = Collection typographique. Lane/ Lommen 95.

AND 3 others publ./ printed by the same: P.C. BOUTENS, Drie gedichten met hun vertalingen in het engelsch door Sir Herbert Grierson (Haarlem, 1938, orig. wr., sm. 8vo. With monogrammed autogr. New Year's wish); G.A. BREDERO, Liefde en Lied. Ed. J.B. Schepers (Amst., 1918, scores, printed in 250 copies, orig. hvellum, obl. 8vo. Sl. foxed); M. NIJHOFF, De pen op papier (Haarlem, 1927, printed in 150 copies, orig. hcl., 4to).

€ (70-90)
69 1389 Eragny Press  Jonson B 69 1389 Eragny Press Jonson B
69/1389 [Eragny Press]. Jonson, B. Songs. A Selection from the Plays, Masques, and Poems, with the earliest known Settings of certain Numbers. London, The Eragny Press, 1906, (2),59,(3)p., col. woodcut title-vign. and woodcut border and initials by E. PISSARRO after L. PISSARRO, scores, printed in black and red in 185 copies (175), later vellumbacked orig. giltlettered boards w. dec. paper over covers.

- New endpapers (replacing the usually browned endpapers). A very fine copy.

= Franklin p.259; Tomkinson 26. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE XLIX.

€ (300-500) 325
69 1390 Eragny Press  Milton J 69 1390 Eragny Press Milton J
69/1390 [Eragny Press]. Milton, J. Areopagitica. A Speech of Mr. John Milton for the Liberty of Unlicenc'd Printing, to the Parlament of England. London, The Eragny Press, 1904, 37,(3)p., woodcut border and initials by L. PISSARRO, printed in black and red in 201 copies, orig. giltlettered boards w. dec. paper over covers, 4to.

- Free endpapers usual offsetting from pastedowns. Foot of spine trifle dam.; very sm. stain on backcover; covers trifle yellowed. A (very) fine copy from the library of J.F. VAN ROYEN, sold in our rooms in 2009.

= Franklin p.260; Tomkinson 19. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE L.

€ (600-800) 600
69 1391 Eragny Press  Rossetti C G 69 1391 Eragny Press Rossetti C G
69/1391 [Eragny Press]. Rossetti, C.G. Verses. London, Eragny Press, 1906, V,(1),75,(1)p., woodcut title-vign., dedicatory vignette, borders and initials by E. and L. PISSARRO after L. PISSARRO, printed in black and red in 185 copies (175), later vellumbacked orig. giltlettered boards w. dec. paper over covers.

- New endpapers (replacing the usually browned endpapers). Covers sl. foxed.

= Franklin p.263; Tomkinson 27. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE XLIX.

€ (250-350) 250
69 1392 Erasmus D 69 1392 Erasmus D
69/1392 Erasmus, D. Éloge de la folie. French transl. P. de Nolhac. Paris, J. Terquem, 1927, (26),147,(2)p., 8 etched plates and 2 vignettes by C. LABORDE, handcol. by "maître enlumineur" J. SAUDÉ, printed in 1100 numb. copies (19), contemp. gilt hmor., t.e.g., orig. wr. pres.

= One of 19 copies on Japon Impériale with a suite of the plates and vignettes in black and white. Monod 4278. Rare.

€ (200-300) 200