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69/1173 Achterberg, G. Morendo., n.publ., n.d. (Leyden, De Molenpers [= Jan Vermeulen], 1944), 1st ed., 31,(1)p., printed in 500 copies (10).

- Trifle foxed.

= De Jong 25. One of 10 numbered copies on 'Register' paper, SIGNED in pen by the author, bound in gitlettered cloth. Very rare.

Idem. Sintels. (Bussum), Bayard Pers, 1944, 1st ed., 28,(3)p., printed in 500 copies (50), orig. wr.

= De Jong 28. One of 50 numbered copies on 'Boston Text' paper, SIGNED in pencil.

Idem. Eurydice., n.publ. (Utr., Het Spectrum), 1944, 33,(2)p., printed in 275 numb. copies (250), orig. wr. (De Jong 22). - AND 1 other: B. AAFJES, Gerrit Achterberg. De Dichter van de sarcophaag (, (The Hague), Mansarde Pers, (1943), orig. cl. De Jong 8).

€ (200-300) 200
69 1174 Aesopus 69 1174 Aesopus
69/1174 Aesopus. Four Fables., Worlds End Press, 1972, (4 (incl. dec. htitle)),14,(1)p., 4 divis. titles (2x dec. w. typographical ornaments), 8 col. etchings with aquatint by A. BRUNSKILL, all signed and titled in pencil, printed in black, red, brown and blue in 50 numb. copies (45), orig. dyed cl. by B. GODSELL, folio.

- Very fine copy.

€ (120-150) 120
69 1175 Ainsworth W H 69 1175 Ainsworth W H
69/1175 Ainsworth, W.H. Guy Fawkes; or, The Gunpowder Treason. An Historical Romance. London, G. Routledge & Co., 1857, VIII,359,(1)p., 22 steelengr. plates (incl. frontisp.) by G. CRUIKSHANK, orig. gilt and blindst. cl.

- Plates sl. foxed. Otherwise fine.

(Smedley, F.E.). Frank Fairlegh, Or Scenes from the Life of A Private Pupil. Ibid., A. Hall, n.d. (1850), 1st ed., XII,(2),496,(10)p., 30 steelengr. plates by G. CRUIKSHANK (incl. title), orig. gilt and blindst. cl.

- Trifle/ sl. foxed; upper hinge weak. Foot of spine and corners trifle rubbed.

Lever, C.J. (under pseud. Harry Lorrequer). Confessions./ Charles O'Malley the Irish Dragon. Dublin/ London, W. Curry Jr. & Co. and W.S. Orr, n.d., (1839/ 1841), 1st editions in bookform, 1/ 2 vols., VIII,344/ (4),334; (4),336p., 3 steelengr. frontisp., 3 titles and together 60 plates by PHIZ (= H.K. Browne), contemp. almost unif. gilt and blindst. cl.

- Foxed. Two vols. gilding worn off. = Sadleir 1398 and 1396.

AND 5 others similar, i.a. W.H. AINSWORTH, Ovingdean Grange. A Tale of the South Downs (London, 1860, 8 woodengr. plates by H.K. BROWN, orig. gilt and blindst. cl. Sl. foxed, otherwise fine) and R.S. SURTEES, Hillingdon Hall or the Cockney Squire (London, 1888, 12 handcol. woodengr. plates by WILDRAKE, HEATH and JELLICOE, orig. gilt and blindst. cl. Occas. trifle foxed, otherwise fine).

€ (70-90) 70
69 1176 Alechinsky P  Bonnefoy Y 69 1176 Alechinsky P Bonnefoy Y
69/1176 [Alechinsky, P.]. Bonnefoy, Y. De nachtzomer. Dutch transl. J.H. Mysjkin. Ghent, Ergo Pers, 2002, (49)p., 3 etched plates by P. ALECHINSKY, printed in 70 numb. copies signed by the author, the artist and the translator (64), each w. an extra suite of the etchings printed on a tinted ground, numb. and signed by the artist, orig. wr., slipcase, folio.


€ (400-600) 425
69 1177 Alexeieff A  Genbach J 69 1177 Alexeieff A Genbach J
69/1177 [Alexeieff, A.]. Genbach, J. L'abbé de l'abbaye. Paris, La Tour d'Ivoire, 1927, XI,(1),101,(2)p., 16 woodengr. ills. and 1 ill. repeated on orig. wr. by A. ALEXEÏEFF, printed in aprox. 366 numb. copies (350), orig. wr., 4to.

- Some foxing (incl. wr.). = Monod 5239; Carteret V, p.89.

AND 3 others, i.a. P. DE LA TOUR DU PIN, Les Contes de soi (Paris, 1946, w. engravings by C.-É. PINSON, orig. wr., ((sl.) dam.) board chemise and slipcase, 4to).

€ (50-70) 130
69/1178 [De Ammoniet]. Kaartenbak. Leyden, De Ammoniet, (1994-2000), 8 (of 12) parts, each inserted in orig. printed envelope, together in cl. dropback box by J. VAN DER LOO, w. letterpiece on spine and frontcover reading "Kaartenbak".

= Verso lid w. mounted leaf reading "Kaartenbak no. 40". Each publication printed in a limited edition and w. 5 loosely inserted postcards, all published by De Ammoniet on occasion of an exhibition in the University Library, University of Amsterdam. Contains: J.W.H. WERNER, Amsterdam slaat de vleugels uit: het begin van een kartografische traditie (1994); Ex Bibliotheca Rosenthaliana (1994); Suriname verbeeld (1995); C. GODFRIED (introd.), De Deense Molière. Ludvig Holberg (1684-1754) (1996); Drukwerk tussen hemel en hel (1996); De illustraties in de 'Duizend-en-één-Nacht' van Gerard Keller (1996); Van Raspen en Malen. Het Amsterdamse Rasphuis aan de Heiligeweg (1997); P.C. Hooft geschreven en gedrukt (1997).

AND 9 other publications by the Ammoniet.

€ (50-70)
69 1179 AMO  Claus H 69 1179 AMO Claus H
69/1179 [AMO]. Claus, H. Bonjour Monsieur de Lussanet. Amstelveen, AMO, 1995, (15)p., orig. frontispiece drawing in watercolour and pencil by P. DE LUSSANET, printed in 35 numb. copies signed (by the author and the artist) (25), orig. wr., large 8vo.


Kerckhove, R.C. van de and Claus, H. Brief aan een uitgever, gevolgd door een herinnering aan de dichter door Hugo Claus. Ibid., idem, 1986, (17)p., printed in 35 numb. copies (25), orig. wr.

- Sm. dent in left margin of frontwr.

€ (100-150) 170
69 1180 AMO  Claus H 69 1180 AMO Claus H
69/1180 [AMO]. Claus, H. Ontmoeting met Corneille. Amstelveen, AMO, 1991, (13)p., softground etched frontisp. portrait by J. VEERKAMP after H. CLAUS, printed in 35 numb. copies (25), orig. wr., large 8vo.

- With vague rubbed spot on frontwr. (hardly visible).

€ (70-90)
69 1181 AMO  Claus H 69 1181 AMO Claus H
69/1181 [AMO]. Claus, H. Ontmoeting met Hans Andreus. Amstelveen, AMO, 1991, (15)p., softground etched frontisp. portrait by J. VEERKAMP after H. CLAUS, printed in 35 numb. copies (25), orig. wr., large 8vo.


€ (70-90)
69 1182 AMO  Claus H 69 1182 AMO Claus H
69/1182 [AMO]. Claus, H. Ontmoeting met Simon Vinkenoog. Amstelveen, AMO, 1992, (15)p., softground etched frontisp. portrait by J. VEERKAMP after H. CLAUS, printed in 35 numb. copies (25), orig. wr., large 8vo (fine).
€ (80-100)
69 1183 AMO  Claus H 69 1183 AMO Claus H
69/1183 [AMO]. Claus, H. Een schilder: Roger Raveel. Amstelveen, AMO, 1993, (26)p., etched portrait of the artist by H. CLAUS, signed in pencil, printed in black and green in 40 numb. and signed copies (15), large 4to.

= One of 15 Roman numb. copies, bound by the Phoenix bindery in giltlettered green half morocco, signed on the colophon by the author, Roger Raveel and Gert Jan Hemmink, and with an extra copy of the etching on Japanese, loosely inserted in rear pocket and signed and numb. ("XI/XV") by H. CLAUS. Hugo Claus voor twaalf lezer 227; AMO 115. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE XL.

€ (500-700)
69 1184 AMO  Claus H and Reinhoud 69 1184 AMO Claus H and Reinhoud
69/1184 [AMO]. Claus, H. and Reinhoud. Impromptu. Amstelveen, AMO, 1997, (19)p., 8 col. etchings signed in pencil by REINHOUD, printed in 50 numb. copies signed in the colophon by the author and artist (33), loose as issued in orig. ochre cl. dropback box, folio.


€ (300-500) 400
69 1185 AMO  Coninck H de 69 1185 AMO Coninck H de
69/1185 [AMO]. Coninck, H. de. Pastorale. Amstelveen, AMO, 1993, (16)p., frontisp. by H. CLAUS, printed in 38 numb. and signed copies by Rob Cox (28), orig. wr. Idem. Het meervoud van geluk. Ibid., idem, 1990, (15)p., printed in 35 numb. and signed copies by Hein Elferink (28), orig. wr. Hemmink, G.J. Herinnering aan Herman de Coninck. Ibid., idem, 1997, 12,(2)p., etched frontisp. signed in pencil by REINHOUD, printed in 35 copies by Rob Cox, orig. wr.
€ (120-150)
69 1186 AMO  Reve G 69 1186 AMO Reve G
69/1186 [AMO]. Reve, G. De Grote Taart. Amstelveen, Uitgeverij AMO, 1991, 1st separate ed., (21),6p., printed in black and blue in 75 numb. and signed copies by HEIN ELFERINK, Assen, sm. folio.

= One of 51 Roman numb. copies, bound in giltlettered hvellum by Binderij Phoenix, with a leaf of the original manuscript (draft, pen and ink, w. heading "Aan De Vooravond (6)", dated "18 Julij 1969") loosely inserted in rear pocket. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE XL.

€ (300-500) 300
69 1187 Anacreon 69 1187 Anacreon
69/1187 Anacreon. (The Odes). Engl. transl. A. Cowley and S.B. London, Nonesuch Press, 1923, without pagination, copperengr. title, 4 plates and 2 ills. by S. GOODEN, printed in 725 numb. copies, orig. hvellum.

- Some sl. occas. foxing; bookplate

Theocritos. The Complete Poems. Transl. by J. Lindsay. Introd. E. Hutton. London, Fanfrolico Press, n.d. (1929), XXIV,162,(1)p., 20 woodengr. plates by L. ELLIS, printed in 500 numb. copies, orig. gilt green painted vellum, t.e.g., 4to.

- Unnumb. copy; bookplates on upper pastedown and first free endpaper. Top of spine chipped; binding sl. foxed and partly somewhat discol.

AND 1 other: F. HÖLDERLIN, Der Tod des Empedokles, Dritte Fassung (Darmstadt, Peter-Press, 1969, printed in 150 numb. copies, orig. boards, folio).

€ (80-100) 110
69 1188 Annenkov Y  Blok A 69 1188 Annenkov Y Blok A
69/1188 [Annenkov, Y.]. Blok, A. Dvenadcat' (The Twelve). St. Petersburg, Alkonost, 1918, 3rd ed., 61,(3)p., ills. and orig. wr. by YURI ANNENKOV, folio.

- Wrappers reattached and sl. frayed; backstrip worn away.


€ (150-250) 150
69 1189 Annensky I 69 1189 Annensky I
69/1189 Annensky, I. Famira-Kifared (Thamyris the Cytar Player). St. Petersburg, Z.I. Grzhebin, 1919, 91,(3)p., vignettes, orig. wr. by N. RADLOV.

- Fine, partly unopened copy.

€ (80-100)
69 1190 Apollinaire G 69 1190 Apollinaire G
69/1190 Apollinaire, G. Cortège priapique suivi des Jeux innocents de Raymond Radiguet et de La muse en rut de Pascal Pia., "Imprimé à l'île de Java", n.d. (1939), (53)p., printed in 30 copies, orig. wr.

- Stamp and previous owner's entry on htitle. Wr. sl. foxed/ browned.

= Privately printed by E. du Perron, a friend of P. Pia, in 1939. P. Pia, Les livres de l'enfer, 265: "à peu près introuvable aujourd'hui." Batten/ Stols 97.

€ (100-150) 170
69 1191 Appel K  Frénaud A 69 1191 Appel K Frénaud A
69 1191 Appel K  Frénaud A 69 1191 Appel K Frénaud A
69 1191 Appel K  Frénaud A 69 1191 Appel K Frénaud A
69/1191 [Appel, K.]. Frénaud, A. Unteilbares Teil. German transl. P. Pörtner. Dutch transl. F. Franquinet. Cologne, Galerie der Spiegel, (1961), no pagination., 6 (full-p.) (5x col.) lithographs by K. APPEL (each 28x22,5 cm., signed "Appel" in pencil), printed in 75 numb. copies, loose in quires as issued in orig. hcl. chemise, board slipcase, 4to.

- Edges slipcase dam.; otherwise fine. = SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE XLI.

€ (800-1.000) 1400
69/1192 [Arethusa Pers]. Platen, A. von. Zeven sonnetten uit de Sonette aus Venedig. Dutch transl. J.C. Ebbinge Wubben. Baarn, Arethusa Pers, 1988, 24p., signed helio-engr. frontisp. by J. DE ZOETE, printed in 100 numb. copies (30).

= One of 30 copies bound in full cl. by G. van Daal.

Leopold, J.H. Albumblad. Drie versies van 'Waar in de ondoorschenen lagen'. Ibid., idem, 1984, 30,(2)p., SIGNED copperengr. frontisp. portrait by LOU STRIK, printed in 120 numb. copies, orig. giltlettered cl., slipcase.

= With a loosely inserted duplicate of the copperengraved portrait, also SIGNED by the artist.

AND 3 others, printed by the same, i.a. K. PAUSTOVSKIJ, Sneeuw (1996, etched frontisp. by A. SPRONK, 100 numb. copies (60), orig. wr.).

€ (80-100) 90
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