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68/2341 De aarde en haar volken. Years 1865-1938. Haarlem, Tjeenk Willink etc., 1865-1938, 77 vols. (incl. 2 duplicates and 1 index vol.), num. (woodengr.) plates and ills., orig. partly unif. gilt dec. cl. (7x contemp. cl.), 4to.

- Occas. w. (sm.) defects. Mostly fine. Sold as a periodical, not subject to return.

= Hemels/ Vegt I, p.91-93.

€ (200-300) 210
68 2342 Africa  Baumann O 68 2342 Africa Baumann O
68/2342 [Africa]. Baumann, O. Durch Massailand zur Nilquelle. Reisen und Forschungen der Massai-Expedition des deutschen Antisklaverei-Komite in den Jahren 1891-1893. Berlin, D. Reimer, 1894, 1st ed., XIII,(3),385,(1)p., frontisp., 1 loosely inserted fold. col. lithogr. map, 26 plates, 140 textills., contemp. gilt hmor., 4to.

- Contents and binding very fine.

= During his travels through the area to the west of the Litema mountains, in east Africa, Baumann discovered various lakes and was the first to traverse this stretch of land, which was considered to be too difficult to traverse. Henze I, p.200f; Kainbacher I, p.18 ("Selten"); Howgego III, B23.

€ (120-150) 150
68 2343 Africa  Brehm A E 68 2343 Africa Brehm A E
68/2343 [Africa]. Brehm, A.E. Reiseskizzen aus Nord-Ost-Africa oder den unter egyptischer Herrschaft stehenden Länderen Egypten, Nubien, Sennahr, Rosseeres und Kordofahn gesammelt auf seinen in den Jahren 1847 bis 1852 unternommenen Reisen. Jena, F. Mauke, 1855, 1st ed., 3 parts in 1 vol., XII,376; IV,272; VIII,356p., contemp. hcalf w. gilt spine.

- First 14 pages sl. foxed; third part occas. waterst. and sl. foxed; owner's entry on first free endpaper. Backstrip sl. worn.

= Henze I, p.348f.; Kainbacher I, p.25; Hilmy I, p.86; Howgego B69: "In 1846 he began architectural studies in Dresden, but a passion for natural history, acquired during field trips with his father, led him to abandon his studies in Dresden and in 1847 he sailed for Egypt as an assistant to the celebrated ornithologist Johann Wilhelm von Müller. For the next five years (...) he collected in Sinai, along the Blue Nile and in Sudan. Brehm returned to Germany in 1853 and for two years studied sciences at Jena, obtaining his doctorate with the three-volume thesis Reiseskizzen aus Nordafrika".

€ (200-300) 200
68/2344 [Africa]. Bruce, J. Reis naar Abyssinie, en te rug door de groote Woestijn van Nubie, verkort. Amst., M. de Bruyn, 1801, 3 vols., (2),XL,XLVIII,525; VI,528; VI,439p., 3 engr. unif. title-vignettes, 5 plates, contemp. unif. hcalf w. mor. letterpiece.

- Without the map of Abyssinia. Occas. sl. foxed. Bindings rubbed.

= Cf. Gay 44 (French eds.); Kainbacher I, p.154 (German eds.).

€ (200-300)
68 2345 Africa  Capello H and Ivens R 68 2345 Africa Capello H and Ivens R
68/2345 [Africa]. Capello, H. and Ivens, R. De Benguella às terras de Iàcca descripção de uma Viagem na Africa Central e Occidental. Lisbon, Imprensa Nacional, 1881, 1st ed., 2 vols., XLV,(1),379,(2); XII,413,(1)p., 4 engr. portraits of the authors, 8 (fold.) maps, 39 woodengr. plates, 1 fold. table, later unif. gilt green hcalf, orig. wr. pres.

- Second vol. trifle foxed and edges of bookblock sl. stained.

€ (80-100)
68 2346 Africa  Cooley W D 68 2346 Africa Cooley W D
68/2346 [Africa]. Cooley, W.D. Inner Africa laid open, in an attempt to trace the chief lines of communication across that continent south of the Equator: with the routes to the Murope and the Cazembe, Moenemoezi and Lake Nyasse (...). London, Longman, Brown, Green, and Longmans, 1852, VIII,149,((3),32 advert.)p., fold. partly handcol. engr. map, modern boards.

- Map trifle foxed; sm. stamp on upper pastedown and 2nd free endpaper.

= Mendelssohn I, p.625: "(...) Cooley examines the accounts of travellers in Eastern, Central, and Southern Africa, with special reference to the elucidation of the mystery that surrounded the central regions of the Continent and the Lake District. (...) A great part of the ground covered is now included in Rhodesia."

€ (150-250)
68 2347 Africa  Cunha Moraes J A da 68 2347 Africa Cunha Moraes J A da
68 2347 Africa  Cunha Moraes J A da 68 2347 Africa Cunha Moraes J A da
68/2347 [Africa]. Cunha Moraes, J.A. da. Africa Occidental. Album photographico e discriptivo. (Mossanedes, Huilla e Humpata). N.pl. (Lisbon), D. Corazzi, n.d. (±1888), 1st ed., 1 vol. (of a series of 4 independent publications), no pagination, 40 full-p. photogr. ills. by J.A. DA CUNHA MORAES, orig. silver giltlettered wr., obl. 8vo.

- Two sm. worn spots in lower margin of frontwr. Fine copy.

= Very rare collection of photographic views of 19th century Eastern Africa, by J.A. da Cunha Moraes, one of the most important photographers in Angola in the 1870s/1880s. "J.A. da Cunha Moraes was one of several Portuguese photographers established in the Portuguese African colonies in the late nineteenth century. Based in Luanda, Moraes was perhaps one of the outstanding early photographers and is remembered for his four-volume photographic album Africa Occidental." (Jill R. Dias, Photographic sources for the history of Portuguese-speaking Africa 1870-1914. In: Photographs as sources of African history. Ed. A. Roberts).

AND 7 picture postcards using photographs by Da Cunha Moraes (±1890, all unused. Two postcards sl. waterstained). - AND 1 other on Da Cunha Moraes: N. MONTI and A.P. VICENTE, Viagens em Angola, 1877-1897 (Coimbra, 1991, ills. by DA CUNHA MORAES, orig. cl. w. dustwr., obl. 8vo).

€ (120-150) 120
68 2348 Africa  Denham D  Clapperton H and Doctor Oudney 68 2348 Africa Denham D Clapperton H and Doctor Oudney
68/2348 [Africa]. Denham, D., Clapperton, H. and Doctor Oudney. Narrative of Travels and Discoveries in Northern and Central Africa, in the Years 1822, 1823, and 1824 (...) extending across Great Desert to the Tenth Degree of Northern Latitude, and from Kouka in Bornou, to Sackatoo, the Capital of the Felatah Empire. London, J. Murray, 1826, 2nd ed., 2 vols., LXXXVIII,321,(1); IV,467,(1)p., 12 steelengr. plates (1x col.) by E. FINDEN, 3 fold. maps, woodengr. ills., later unif. gilt and blindst. red hcalf.

- Most plates waterstained (also affecting images). Otherwise fine.

= Gay 337; Howgego C33 and D18: "(...) Drawn on an impulse to African exploration, in 1821 he was appointed by Earl Bathurst to command an expedition across the Sahara to Bornu in association with Hugh Clapperton and Walter Oudney (...). Published in 1826, the Narrative of travels and other discoveries (...) co-authored with Clapperton and Oudney, provided a wealth of new material on the African interior but so belittled Clapperton's contribution that it almost reads as though Denham was travelling alone (...)." (Howgego D18). SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LXII.

€ (150-250)
68 2349 Africa  Du Chaillu P B 68 2349 Africa Du Chaillu P B
68/2349 [Africa]. Du Chaillu, P.B. A Journey to Ashango-land: and Further Penetration into Equatorial Africa. London, J. Murray, 1867, 1st ed., XXIV,502p., fold. woodengr. map, 19 plates, orig. contemp. giltlettered hmor.

- Owner's entry on first blank; first and last pages foxed; map creased and foxed. Lower hinge broken and upper hinge splitting; covers and spine sl. worn/ rubbed along extremities.

= Henze II, p.101-103. Not in Gay. Paul Belloni Du Chaillu (1835-1903), "Französischer Afrika-Reisender, naturalisierter US-Amerikaner, unter allen Afrikanischer Reisenden (...) der wichtigste Bahnbrecher zum grossen unbekannten Äquatorial-Kern von Westen her." (Henze).

Baker, S.W. The Albert Nyanza, great basin of the Nile and explorations of the Nile sources. London, Macmillan & Co., 1898, 9th ed., XXVII,(1),499p., steelengr. tinted map, 12 plates, num. ills., contemp. blindst. cl. w. giltlettered spine.

- Owner's entry on verso first free endpaper.

= Cf. Kainbacher I, p.15; Howgego B10. Account of Samuel Baker's exploration of the source of the Nile, which led to the discovery of Lake Albert in 1863. The expedition was full of hardship. "A mutiny had to be quelled, the baggage animals died, forcing the baker to ride oxen, and food supplies dwindled, reducing them to eating grass. Fever often laid them low for weeks on end, their guides deceived them and hippopotami overturned their boats" (Howgego).

€ (120-150) 120
68 2350 Africa  Duveyrier H 68 2350 Africa Duveyrier H
68/2350 [Africa]. Duveyrier, H. Les Touareg du Nord. Avec supplément. Paris, Challamel Ainé, 1864, 1st ed., (4),XXXIV,(2),496,37,(2)p., large fold. map, 31 engr. plates, sl. later giltlettered hcalf.

- Bookplate of Robert Brown on upper pastedown; all plates browned; large map and last leaf doubled w. japanese and several tears (on fold.) restored.

= Henze II, p.144f; Broc, p.127-128; Howgego D37: "From Tripoli he went south to Ghadamis, then headed directly for the Tassili N'Ajjer where he found two Tuareg chiefs in power, both intelligent men friendly towards Europeans. (...) The report [of his travels], now regarded as a classic of its genre, was published in Paris in 1864 (...) Later expeditions did nothing to take advantage of the feeling of goodwill he had engendered, and the Tuareg became increasingly disillusioned with the French, a feeling that culminated in the bloody massacre of the Flatters Expedition. Duveryrier was wrongly accused of having contributed to the failure of French expansionist aims in the Sahara because of the alleged inaccuracy of his description of the Tuareg. (...) The bitterness of Duveyrier's disappointment led him to suicide."

€ (100-150) 100
68 2351 Africa  El Tounsy Cheykh Mohammed Ibn Omar 68 2351 Africa El Tounsy Cheykh Mohammed Ibn Omar
68 2351 Africa  El Tounsy Cheykh Mohammed Ibn Omar 68 2351 Africa El Tounsy Cheykh Mohammed Ibn Omar
68/2351 [Africa]. El-Tounsy, Cheykh Mohammed Ibn-Omar. Voyage au Ouadây (...) Traduit de l'Arabe par le Dr Perron. Paris, B. Duprat etc., 1851, (4),LXXV,(1),756,(4)p., lithogr. frontisp. portrait, fold. map and 8 fold. plates, contemp. gilt hmor.

- The plates sl. foxed. Professionally rebacked; spine sl. rubbed.

= With SIGNED DEDICATION by Dr. PERRON on htitle (cut sl. short, affecting the name of the dedicatee). The Arab merchant Mohammed ibn Omar al Tunusi (Tounsy) undertook an expedition to the Sudan around 1810. His narrative was published in two volumes: the first dealing with Darfur and the rare second part with Wadaï (present day eastern Chad), of which the former capital Ouarah was an important city on the Arab slave trading route. Hilmy II, p.52; Gay 2786; cf. Blackmer 1469 (ed. London 1854).

€ (500-700)
68/2352 Africa  Hedendaagsche Historie of Tegenwoordige Staat van Afrika Waar in uitmunt de Beschryving van Barbarie Senegal Guinee de Kaap der Goede Hoop van de Kanarische Vlaamsche en Frans68/2352 Africa Hedendaagsche Historie of Tegenwoordige Staat van Afrika Waar in uitmunt de Beschryving van Barbarie Senegal Guinee de Kaap der Goede Hoop van de Kanarische Vlaamsche en Frans
68/2352 [Africa]. Hedendaagsche Historie of Tegenwoordige Staat van Afrika. Waar in uitmunt, de Beschryving van Barbarie, Senegal, Guinee, de Kaap der Goede Hoop, van de Kanarische, Vlaamsche en Fransche Eilanden, van St. Helena enz. Volgens de Waarneemingen van de Heeren Shaw, Adanson, De la Caille en andere hedendaagsche Reizigers. Amst., I. Tirion, 1763, (4),810,(17)p., engr. frontisp., 4 large fold. maps (incl. a map of the entire continent) and 1 fold. view (Algiers), modern hmor. w. brown mor. letterpiece.

- New endpapers; fold. view and 1 map loosely inserted; trifle waterst. in upper blank margin. Contents otherwise fine.

= Mendelssohn II, p.502; not in Gay. Rare.

€ (150-250) 160
68 2353 Africa  Körner F 68 2353 Africa Körner F
68/2353 [Africa]. Körner, F. Süd-Afrika. Natur- und Kulturbilder mit einer historischen Einleitung und einer ausführlichen Uebersicht. Breslau/ Leipsic, F. Hirt & Sohn, 1873, 1st ed., XII,312,(6 advert.)p., double-p. lithogr. map in red and black, 4 col. lithogr. plates, 149 woodengr. plates/ ills., orig. gilt and blindst. dec. cl.

- (Sl.) foxed throughout; hinges weak. Spine-ends, corners and lower joint worn; covers darkened/ soiled.

= The rare first edition. Gay 3029bis; Kainbacher I, p.79; cf. Mendelssohn I, p.846 (on the 2nd ed., of 1877).

Schmidt, R. Deutschlands Koloniale Helden und Pioniere der Kultur im schwarzen Kontinent. Braunsweig, A. Limbach, 1896, 2 vols., (10),375; (8),343p., 1 large fold. col. lithogr. map, 10 woodengr. portraits, orig. unif. blindst. cl.

- Trifle foxed. Spine-ends strengthened w. tape.

AND 1 other.

€ (100-150) 100
68 2354 Africa  Krapf J L 68 2354 Africa Krapf J L
68 2354 Africa  Krapf J L 68 2354 Africa Krapf J L
68 2354 Africa  Krapf J L 68 2354 Africa Krapf J L
68/2354 [Africa]. Krapf, J.L. Travels, Researches, and Missionary Labours, During an Eighteen Years' Residence in Eastern Africa. Together with Journeys to Jagga, Usambara, Ukambani, Shoa, Abessinia, and Khartum; and a Coasting Voyage from Mombaz to Cape Delgado. With an Appendix respecting the Snow-Capped Mountains of Eastern Africa (...). By E.G. Ravenstein. London, Trübner and Co.,1860, 1st Engl. ed., LI,(3),566p., steelengr. frontisp., 2 fold. (tinted) maps, 10 (of 12) col. lithogr. views/ plates, contemp. gilt hcalf w. black mor. letterpiece.

- Lacks 2 views (Tajurra and Mombaz); all plates dampstained in top and occas. lower margin (partly affecting images); one plate sm. tear just touching image; large fold. map outer sections reattached along fold. Top of upper joint starting.

= First published by the author in German in 1858, this first English edition brought Krapf the esteem that he deserved. His journals formed the basis for the famous travellers that subsequently explored East Africa, Burton and Speke. Krapf was the first to report the existence of the "snow-capped mountains" in the area that we now know as Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya. Henze III, p.70ff; Howgego III, K22.

Fairholt, F.W. Up the Nile, and home again. London, Chapman and Hall, 1862, 1st ed., XIX,(1),448p., 20 tinted lithogr. plates, sl. later gilt blindst. and dec. cl.

€ (120-150) 120
68 2355 Africa  Le Vaillant F 68 2355 Africa Le Vaillant F
68/2355 [Africa]. Le Vaillant, F. Reize in de binnenlanden van Afrika, langs de Kaap de Goede Hoop, in de jaaren MDCCLXXX tot MDCCLXXXV. Dutch transl. J.D. Pasteur. Leyden/ Amst., Honkoop and Allart, 1791-1798, 5 vols., 34 (fold.) plates/ views (a smaller number printed in bistre), contemp. unif. marbled boards.

- Lacks the map of southern Africa (vol.V); vol.1 upper hinge broken and previous owner's entry on first free endpaper; 1 plate large tear repaired; occas. waterst., mainly in margins. Bindings sl. worn at extremities.

= Tiele 659 (erroneously calls for 6 vols.); cf. Mendelssohn I, p.889; cf. Gay 3118. Cox I, p.389: " (...) interesting as an account of South Africa at a time when comparatively little was known regarding its natural history and the Dutch settlers". Henze III, p.228: "Seine Werke fesselte durch lebhafte, flüssige Diktion und mußten Gemüter mächtig ansprechen, in denen noch Rousseausche Ideen nachklangen. Kein Reise-schriftsteller über Süd-Afrika hat größere Beachtung in west. Ausland gefunden als er."

€ (200-300)
68 2356 Africa  Livingstone D 68 2356 Africa Livingstone D
68/2356 [Africa]. Livingstone, D. Missionary Travels and Researches in South Africa; including a sketch of sixteen years' residence in the interior of Africa, and a journey from the Cape of Good Hope to Loanda on the west coast; thence across the continent, down the river Zambesi, to the Eastern Ocean. London, J. Murray, 1857, 1st ed., IX,(1),687,(1)p., 47 plates/ ills. consisting of a steelengr. portr., 2 fold. lithogr. maps, 3 (fold.) col. lithogr. plates (incl. the view of the Victoria Falls), 1 fold. woodengr. and letterpress cross-section, 22 woodengr. plates and num. textills. (1x full-p.), contemp. gilt hcalf w. red mor. letterpiece.

- The lithographed plates (sl.) foxed; contemp. owner's entry on portrait. Otherwise a fine copy.

= Abbey Travel, 347; Mendelssohn I, p.908-910; Henze III, p.270; Gay 3034; cf. Kainbacher p.87. PMM 341: "Livingstone's services to African geography during thirty years are almost unequalled (...). He made three great expeditions; in 1853-56 (described in this book), 1858-64 and 1865-73, of which the first and third are the most important. During these years he explored vast regions of central Africa, many of which had never been seen by white men before."

€ (250-350)
68 2357 Africa  Livingstone D 68 2357 Africa Livingstone D
68/2357 [Africa]. Livingstone, D. The last journals of David Livingstone, in Central Africa, from 1865 to his death. Continued by a narrative of his last moments and sufferings, obtained from his faithful servants Chuma and Susi, By Horace Waller. London, John Murray, 1874, 1st ed., 2 vols., XVI,360,6(advert.); VII,(1),346,20(advert.)p., 2 fold. partly col. maps (1x in rear pocket), 21 woodengr. plates (incl. 2 frontisp.), num. ills., orig. unif. gilt and blindst. cl.

- Loose fold. map yellowed on verso on one section; first few leaves of vol.1 trifle foxed. Top of spine vol. 1 sl. dam.; upper joint vol. 2 splitting; backcover vol.1 sl. stained; frontcover and spine vol. 2 partly faded. Otherwise fine.

= Mendelssohn III, p.912: "(...). The objects of the expedition were the suppression of slavery, and the exploration of the South Central Lake system of South Africa, and, with regard to the former, Dr. Livingstone appears to have been greatly distressed at the fearful cruelties of the slave dealers, and the sufferings of the helpless captives are stated to have been of the most awful character. (...) At last Livingstone escaped from the scene of these atrocities, and succeeded in starting for Ujiji, where he arrived on October 23, 1871. Five days later he gained new life and courage by the welcome and unexpected arrival of H.M. Stanley with supplies and letters, and the latest news from Europe. He soon regained his energy (...) [Stanley] tried to persuade him to return to England and recuperate and then come back and finish his work, but the undaunted decided to go on, and Stanley left on March 14, 1872, taking Livingstone's despatches and journals to Europe. The last explorations were done in the vicinity of Lake Bangwelo, where, thoroughly broken down and worn out, the greatest traveller of modern times died on April 1, 1873, at Chitamb (...)".

€ (200-300) 220
68 2358 Africa  Livingstone D and C 68 2358 Africa Livingstone D and C
68/2358 [Africa]. Livingstone, D. and C. Explorations du Zambèse et de ses affluents et découverte des lacs Chiroua et Nyassa. French transl. by H. Loreau. Paris, Hachette et Cie, 1866, (8),567p., 4 fold. engr. maps, 26 woodengr. plates, num. textills., contemp. green hmor. w. gilt spine, a.e.g., large 8vo.

- One map stained in inner margin. Spine-ends dam.; binding sl. worn along extremities.

= Cf. Howgego L34, the first edition in English (1865). This is the first French edition.

€ (70-90)
68 2359 Africa  Morell J R 68 2359 Africa Morell J R
68/2359 [Africa]. Morell, J.R. Algeria: the topography and history, political, social and natural of French Africa. London, N. cooke, 1854, XV,(4),19-490p., woodengr. frontisp., fold. map, 11 plates, num. ills., orig. gilt blindst. cl.

- New endpapers; title-p. and frontisp. sl foxed. Spine-ends restored. = Kainbacher I, p.97.

Blaikie, W.G. The personal life of David Livingstone. London, J. Murray, 1880, first Engl. ed., XIX,(1 blank),504,24(publ. cat.)p., stipple-engr. frontisp., fold. col. lithogr. map, contemp. giltlettered cl.

- Hinges weak; contemp. owner's entry on title-p.; occas. trifle/ sl. foxed; title-p. loosening. Spine-ends chipped.

€ (50-70) 80
68 2360 Africa  Park M 68 2360 Africa Park M
68/2360 [Africa]. Park, M. Tweede of laatste reis in de binnenlanden van Afrika, mitsgaders een beknopt verhaal van deszelfs leven. Dordr., A. Blussé & Zoon, 1817, VIII,374p., modern hcalf.

- Sl. waterwrinkled. Corners of both covers restored. = Cf. Kainbacher I, p.102; Henze IV, p.14.

€ (50-70) 50
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