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67/2187 Album der natuur. Een werk ter verspreiding van natuurkennis onder beschaafde lezers van allerlei stand. Ed. P. Harting, D. Lubach and W.M. Logeman. Year 1854-1909. Gron./ Haarlem, Gebr. Hoitsema/ A.C. Kruseman/ T. Willink, 1854-1909, 60 vols. (incl. 2 index vols.), num. (fold./ tinted) lithogr./ woodengr. maps/ plans/ plates/ ills., contemp. almost unif. gilt hcl (29x) and orig. pict. boards (29x).

- Not collated but apparently complete. All vols. w. library-stamps on title-p.; some hinges sl. weak. All bindings trifle/ sl. worn along extremities; boards sl. foxed/ soiled. A fine set.

= Including index vols. for the years 1852-1863 1883-1894. Periodical w. interesting plates and maps i.a. of the moon, comets, fireballs as well as plates of i.a. plants and skeletons of extinct animals.

€ (200-300) 240
67 2188 Anatomy  Fabricius ab Aquapendente H 67 2188 Anatomy Fabricius ab Aquapendente H
67/2188 [Anatomy]. Fabricius ab Aquapendente, H. Opera omnia anatomica et physiologica. Introduction by B.S. Albinius. Leyden, J. van Kerckhem, 1737, 2nd ed., (48),452,(22 index)p., engr. title-vignette, 60 fold. engr. plates, woodcut ills., contemp. gilt hvellum w. mor. letterpiece, folio.

- First part a few lvs. loosening; upper hinge weak; lower hinge broken; a few plates yellowed and some w. one fold browned; lower pastedown loosening; a few foxed spots. Paper over boards loosening; letterpiece sl. dam.

= Bibl. Walleriana 2891; Hirsch-H. II, p.323f; DSB IV, p.507ff: "Fabrici's works were collected into Opera omnia anatomica et physiologica (Leipzig 1687); a later ed. (Leiden, 1738 [sic]) is more complete".

€ (500-700)
67 2189 Anatomy  Scarpa A 67 2189 Anatomy Scarpa A
67/2189 [Anatomy]. Scarpa, A. Traité pratique des hernies, ou mémoires anatomiques et chirurgicaux sur ses maladies. French transl. by M. Cayol. Paris, F. Locquin et Comp./ Gabon, 1825/ 1812 (1st ed.), 2 vols., text vol.: XII,472p.; atlas vol.: 15p., 9 lithogr. and 21 engr. plates, contemp. vellum w. mor. letterpiece/ orig. wr. w. paper title-p. - BOUND WITH: Scarpa, A. Supplément au Traité Pratique des Hernies ou Mémoires Anatomiques et Chirurgicaux, suivi d'un nouveau Mémoire sur la Hernie du Périnée. Ibid., idem, 1823, VIII,166p.

- Textvol. fine. Atlas vol. foxed/ waterstained in outer margins; first few lvs. stained; frontcover and first free endpaper loose. Wr. sl. dam.

= Atlas volume of the 1st edition (1812). Wellcome V, p. 35/ 36; Hirsch-H. V, p.197f; DSB XII, p.136f: "Scarpa was an eminent anatomist, a skilled surgeon, and one of the powerful teachers at Pavia University during its period of greatest renown (...)".

AND BOUND WITH: Demaux, J.B. Recherches sur L'Évolution du Sac Herniaire suivies de Complications auxquelles il peut donner lieu. Ibid., J.B. Bailière, 1842, 63p.

- New endpapers; plates browned; library stamp on first free endpaper; a few lvs. w. sm. wormholes; occas. sl. foxed; htitle of 3rd work w. contemp. owner's entry in pen and ink. Cover sl. dustsoiled.

€ (80-100)
67/2190 Anatomy  Lot of 4 large anatomical schoolplates 67/2190 Anatomy Lot of 4 large anatomical schoolplates
67/2190 [Anatomy]. Lot of 4 large anatomical schoolplates. N.pl., J.H. Beckers (2x)/ n.publ., n.d. (±1820), each 190x70 cm., all rolled on wooden sticks.

- Sl. browned and w. a few waterst., mostly in blank margins; trifle/ sl. frayed at outer margins; 1 plate foxed in lower half and w. 2 dam. spots; all plates foxed on verso.

= Four life size engravings showing the human skeleton and muscles.

€ (400-600) 400
67/2191 [Angling]. Ronalds, A. The Fly-Fisher's Entomology, with Colored Representations of the Natural and Artificial Insect; and a Few Observations and Instructions on Trout- and Grayling-Fishing. Ed. Piscator. London, Longman, Brown, Green, and Longmans, 1849, 4th corr. ed., XI,(1),115,(32 advert)p., handcol. engr. frontisp., 19 (hand)col. plates, orig. giltlettered cl.

- Contents w. minor imperfections. Spine repaired.

Foster, D. The Scientific Angler Being a General and Instructibe Work on Artistic Angling. Ibid., Bemrose & Sons, n.d. (1882), 1st ed., XII,300p., 6 lithogr. plates, orig. gilt pict. cl.

- A few foxed spots; upper hinge sl. weak.

AND 1 other: I. WALTON and C. COTTON, The Complete Angler (London, 1824, engr. portrait, plates and vignettes, contemp. calf w. richly gilt spine. Upper joint professionaly restored).

€ (70-90) 110
67 2192 Astronomy  Blaeu W J 67 2192 Astronomy Blaeu W J
67/2192 [Astronomy]. Blaeu, W.J. Institutio astronomica, De usu Globorum & Sphaerarum coelstium ac terrestrium: duabus partibus adornata, Una, secundum hypothesin Ptolemaei, per terram quiescentem. Altera, juxta mentem N. Copernici, per terram mobilem. Concinnata secundum Globos atque Spaeras, pro-ut invanta prostant apud Jacobum Colom. Amst., J. and C. Blaeu, 1640, 2 parts in 1 vol. w. continuous pagination, (16),246p., woodcut title-vignette, num. (woodcut) ills., contemp. hvellum w. mor. letterpiece, sm. 8vo.

- Owner's entries on first free endpaper; sl. yellowed. Binding rubbed; two sm. dam. spots at foot of spine; backstrip sl. darkened.

= Houzeau Lancaster 9714 (listing this ed. in note); cf. Crone 172; Bierens de Haan 336; Cat. NHSM I, p.39. First published in Amst., 1634. Latin translation of the Dutch first ed., 1620. Rare. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE XCVII.

€ (500-700)
67 2193 Astronomy  Blaeu W J 67 2193 Astronomy Blaeu W J
67/2193 [Astronomy]. Blaeu, W.J. Tweevoudigh Onderwiis van de Hemelsche en Aerdsche Globen; Het een Na de meyning van Ptolemeus met een vasten Aerdkloot; Het ander Na de Natuerlijcke stelling van N. Copericus met een loopenden Aerdkloot. Amst., J. Blaeu, 1647, (4),163,(1),88p., woodcut title vignette, num. ills., contemp. vellum.

- Owner's entry on title-p.; upper hinge broken; wormholed in (mainly) lower inner margin throughout (not affecting text); four lvs. waterst. in lower margin. Vellum soiled.

= Houzeau/ Lancaster 9714; Crone 172; Cat. NHSM I, p.39; Bierens de Haan 334. First published in Amst., 1620. Rare. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE XCVII.

€ (700-900) 800
67 2194 Astronomy  Draper H 67 2194 Astronomy Draper H
67/2194 [Astronomy]. Draper, H. Mémoires publiés par la société d'encouragement pour l'industrie nationale. Construction d'un télescope a miroir argenté de 15 pouches et demi d'ouverture et son emploi en photographie céleste. Paris, Siège de la Société, 1905, (6),119,(4), 9 photogr. plates, ills., orig. wr., 4to.

- Bookblock loose(ning); occas. sl. frayed. Wrapper trifle soiled.

€ (50-70)
67/2195 [Astronomy]. Flammarion, C. Astronomie populaire. Description générale du ciel. Paris, E. Flammarion, 1911, (8),867p., (col.) lithogr./ woodengr. plates (1x fold.), ills., orig. richly gilt dec. cl., a.e.g., 4to.

- Spine-ends sl. rubbed; upper joint splitting.

Idem. L'Atmosphère. Météorologie populaire. Ibid., Hachette & Cie., 1888, (4),808p., col. lithogr./ woodengr. plates, ills., contemp. hmor., 4to. - AND a Dutch translation (1922) of the first work.

€ (50-70) 60
67 2196 Astronomy  Littrow J J von 67 2196 Astronomy Littrow J J von
67/2196 [Astronomy]. Littrow, J.J. von. Atlas des gestirnten Himmels. Stuttg., Hoffmann, 1839, 1st ed., (4),XXXVIp., 18 double-p. lithogr. celestial maps on 36 leaves, contemp. blindst. cl.

- Foxed throughout; owner's stamps and libr. stamps on first free endpaper and title-p. = Rare, not traced in Houzeau/ Lancaster.

€ (50-70) 50
67/2197 [Astronomy and astrology]. Urania. Year 5-31. N.pl., Het Nederlands Genootschap voor Astronomie en Moderne Astrologie, 1911-1937, bound together in 9 vols., plates, num. ills., diagrams, sl. later blue giltlettered rexine (4x)/ sl. later brown giltlettered rexine (3x)/ later hcl. (2x), orig. wr. pres.
€ (100-150)
67/2198 Aviation  Navigator's Log Book airplane N025 67/2198 Aviation Navigator's Log Book airplane N025
67/2198 [Aviation]. Navigator's Log Book airplane N025. Moscow/ Leningrad, State Art Publishers, 1939, 2 vols., text vol.: 30,(1)p., fold. col. map, plates (1x tipped-in col.), portraits, ills., orig. wr.; facs. vol.: plates, orig. cl. w. mounted title-piece, together in orig. cl. portfolio.

- Portfolio sl. stained.

= Facs. edition of the navigator's log book of the first non-stop flight from Moscow to the United States (Vancouver, WA) over the North Pole, accomplished by Soviet aviators Valeri Chkalov, Georgi Baidukov and Alexander Belyakov, on June 18-20, 1937. The text vol. also contains an English translation of the facs. vol.

€ (50-70) 275
67 2199 Belkmeer C 67 2199 Belkmeer C
67/2199 Belkmeer, C. Natuurkundige verhandelinge, of waarneminge; betreffende den hout-uytraspende en doorboorende Zee-Worm (...) Waar by gevoegt is een korte beschryving van deszelfs Vyand zynde een ander schepzel. Amst., Erven J. Ratelband, 1733, (18),51,(1)p., 4 fold. engr. plates, without binding. Beschryvinge, van de Schade en Raseringe aan de Zee-Dyken van Noort-Holland en West Vriesland, door de Worm in de Palen, en de daar op gevolgde Storm, en vervolgens. Antw., I. van der Hey, 1732, (38)p., without binding, sm. 8vo. Een Historie ofte Verzameling van de ongehoorde Oordeelen Godts nu ter tyd, bestaande in Zee-Wormen (...). Rott., H. van Pelt, 1733, 48p., later boards, sm. 8vo. - BOUND WITH: Treur-Kreet des overtredens tegen den Heere (...) Ter gelegentheid van 't gedugte Oordeel der Zee-Wormen. Ibid., idem, 1733, 47,(1)p.

= In the early 1730s, the Dutch coast was plagued by a breed of sea-worms infesting the wooden palisades of the embankments. To avert the risk of flooding, stone constructions were made to replace to old wooden ones.

€ (100-150) 250
67 2200 Blindness and braille  Moon W 67 2200 Blindness and braille Moon W
67/2200 [Blindness and braille]. Moon, W. Vereenvoudigd stelsel van verheven Schrift ten gebruike van Blinden. Rott., Werkinrigting voor hulpbehoevende Blinden, n.d. (ca. 1875), 1 leaf, 17x29cm., recto only.
€ (40-60)
67/2201 Het boek der uitvindingen omgewerkt en verkort 67/2201 Het boek der uitvindingen omgewerkt en verkort
67/2201 Het boek der uitvindingen, omgewerkt en verkort. Leyden, A.W. Sythoff, 1860, (4),255,(2)p., handcol. woodengr. frontisp., num. woodengr. ills., orig. blindst. cl. w. gilt spine.

- Tear in p.13; endpapers trifle foxed. Binding partly sunned; covers sl. dampstained.

= I.a. on "De Boekdrukkunst" (p.5-32), "De houtgraveerkunst, de koper- en staalgravuren en het steendrukken" (p.33-60), "De Luchtballon" (p.126-158) and "De Daguerreotypie en Photographie" (p.202-223). With dedication leaf "Souvenir aan A.C. Keyser bij het verlaten der school (1863)" tipped onto first free endpaper.

€ (30-50) 50
67 2202 Boerhaave H  Swieten G van 67 2202 Boerhaave H Swieten G van
67/2202 [Boerhaave, H.]. Swieten, G. van. Commentaria in Hermanni Boerhaave Aphorismos de Cognoscendis et Curandis Morbis. Paris, G. Cavelier, 1769-1773, 3rd ed., 5 vols., contemp. unif. gilt calf w. 2 mor. letterpieces, 4to.

- Lacks the portrait; all vols. w. new endpapers; a few foxed spots; vol. 2 sl. waterstained. Top of spine of vol. 2, 3 and 4 chipped. = G. van Swieten was a medical student of H. Boerhaave. During Boerhaave's lectures, van Swieten adapted an existing shorthand system to medical language, so his lecture notes reflect Boerhaave's presentation closely. Their mutual respect led Boerhaave to show his most interesting private cases to van Swieten. At various times Boerhaave stated that van Swieten would be the most suitable person to succeed him as a professor. Due to their very close relation, van Swieten considered it his life-work as a medical writer to commentate on Boerhaave's Aphorisms. "The Commentaria, which greatly contributed to the dissemination of Boerhaave's ideas beyond the circles of his pupils, was reprinted many times and was translated into four languages." (DSB XIII, p.181f). Bibl. Walleriana 9393; Wellcome V, p.219; Hirsch-H. V, p.590f; Lindeboom p.48.

€ (50-70) 60
67 2203 Books of secrets  Vreeswyk G van 67 2203 Books of secrets Vreeswyk G van
67 2203 Books of secrets  Vreeswyk G van 67 2203 Books of secrets Vreeswyk G van
67/2203 [Books of secrets]. Vreeswyk, G. van. De Goude Leeuw, of den Asijn der Wysen. Amst., by the author and J. Janssonius, 1675, (16),246,(12)p., engr. frontisp., 15 woodcut text ills., later wr.

- Extensive contemp. annotations incl. calculations and references to other works by Vreeswyk.

= Ferguson II, p.520-522; Duveen p.606 (ed. 1671): "A very rare work, illustrated by most charming engravings of a quite symbolical character". SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE XCVII.

€ (150-250) 750
67 2204 Botany  Andries R 67 2204 Botany Andries R
67/2204 [Botany]. Andries, R. Rembert Dodoens 1517-1585. Zijn leven en zijn werken. Antw., Nederlandsche boekhandel, 1917, 31,(1)p., woodcut frontisp., 1 full-p. ill., printed in red and black and 1125 numb. copies (125), orig. wr.

- Front- and backwr. sl. sunned. = One of the 125 copies on Hollandsch papier.

€ (80-100)
67/2205 Botany  Atlas de botanique ou histoire naturelle des végétaux 67/2205 Botany Atlas de botanique ou histoire naturelle des végétaux
67/2205 [Botany]. Atlas de botanique, ou histoire naturelle des végétaux. Paris, Librairie Encyclopédique de Roret, n.d. (±1835), 22p., 120 engr. plates after DESEVE, of which 117 finely handcoloured, modern hcl., sm. 8vo.

- Lacks htitle; trifle yellowed; textlvs. trifle foxed. = A fine and rare pocket flora.

€ (150-250) 150
67 2206 Botany  Batsch A J G C 67 2206 Botany Batsch A J G C
67/2206 [Botany]. Batsch, A.J.G.C. Botanique pour les femmes et les amateurs des plantes. French transl. and ed. J.F. Bourgoing. Paris/ Strasbourg, Treuttel and Würtz, An VII (1799), XVI,198p., 4 fold. handcol. engr. plates w. in total 101 ills., sl. later gilt hcalf.

- Partly w. waterstain in upper outer blank corner (plates fine). Binding rubbed along extremities.

= Pritzel 484.

€ (100-150) 100
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