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AFRICANA, mainly from the collection of Joost Willink (including TRIBAL ART)

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67/1981 D'Abbadie, A. Douze ans de séjour dans la Haute-Éthiopie (Abyssinie). Vatican City, Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, 1980, XXVI,628p., fold. map, orig. wr., 4to. Gamitto, A.C.P. King Kazembe and the Marava, Cheva, Bisa, Bemba, Lunda and other peoples of the Southern Africa (...). Engl. transl. I. Cunnison. Lisbon, Junta de Investigacoes do Ultramar, 1960, 2 vols., 208; 228p., 3 fold. maps, 21 plates, orig. unif. wr. - AND 15 others, i.a. C. PIAGGIA, Nella Terra dei Niam-Niam (1863-1865) (Lucca, n.d. (1978), (photogr.) plates, orig. wr. w. dustwr.) and L.S. SENGHOR, Africa. Storie di viaggiatori italiani (Milan, 1986, col. ills., orig. cl. w. dustwr., 4to).
€ (70-90) 100
67 1982 Andersson C J 67 1982 Andersson C J
67 1982 Andersson C J 67 1982 Andersson C J
67/1982 Andersson, C.J. The Okavango River: a narrative of travel, exploration, and adventure. New York, Harper & Brothers, 1861, XVIII,(2),21-414p., engr. title, fold. map, 16 woodengr. plates, orig. gilt blindstamped cl.

- Map torn on fold.; upper hinge weak; contents sl. fingersoiled. Spine-ends dam.; upper joint starting.

= Mendelssohn I, p.42; Henze I, p.79f; Howgego A19. "A description of a hunting expedition through Namaqualand and Damaraland. Andersson intended to explore these countries right up to the Cunene of Nourse Rier, but the difficulties of the expedition, though encountered with indomitable courage, proved to be insuperable, an he had tot turn back. (...) The coast-line of South-West Africa is carefully described, and there is an interesting account of the once-famous guano island, Ichaboe." (Mendelssohn).

€ (100-150) 100
67 1983 Angola  Monteiro J J 67 1983 Angola Monteiro J J
67/1983 [Angola]. Monteiro, J.J. Angola and the River Congo. London, Macmillan and Co., 1875, 2 vols., VIII,(2),305,(1),(28,(4) advert.); IV,(2),340p., 1 fold. map (present in duplicate), 16 woodcut plates, orig. unif. gilt cl.

- Both vols. bookplate(s) on upper pastedowns (showing that the vols. come from two different collections); hinges of vol.1 weak/ strengthened; title-p. and fold. map of vol.1 reattached and large owner's entry on title-p. (but also incl. a clean duplicate title-p.).

= Henze III, p.515f.

€ (150-250) 220
67/1984 [Atlases]. Santarem, M.F. de Barros e Sousa. Atlas du Vicomte de Santarem. Ed. M. de Albuquerque. Lisbon, Administracao do Porto de Lisboa, 1989, 7,(5) (introd.) textp., (13 facs.)p., 95 facs. (col.) double-p. maps, printed in 1500 numb. copies (1200), orig. blindst. giltlettered rexine, elephant folio. - WITH: Idem. Recherches sur la priorité de la découverte des pays au dela du Cap Bojador et essai sur l'histoire de la cosmographie et de la cartographie pendant le Moyen-Age. Ibid., idem, 1989, 5 parts in 1 vol. (consisting of introd, and 4 facs. reprints), (4),54(introd.); CXIV,(2),527(1); (4),LXXXVII,(1),518; (2),XCV,(1),592,(2); LXXVI,646,(7)p., printed in 1500 numb. copies (1200), orig. rexine unif. w. the atlas.

= Facs. reprint of the edition Paris, 1849.

€ (200-300) 275
67 1985 Baker S W 67 1985 Baker S W
67 1985 Baker S W 67 1985 Baker S W
67/1985 Baker, S.W. The Albert Nyanza, great basin of the Nile and explorations of the Nile sources. London, Macmillan & Co., 1866, 1st ed., 2 parts in 1 vol., XXVI,509p., steelengr. frontisp. portrait, 2 (fold.) col. lithogr. maps, 1 tinted lithogr. plate, 13 woodengr. plates, contemp. blindst. cl. w. giltlettered spine.

- Bookblock broken. Nevertheless a fine copy.

= Kainbacher I, p.15; Howgego B10. Account of Samuel Baker's exploration of the source of the Nile, which led to the discovery of Lake Albert in 1863. The expedition was full of hardship. "A mutiny had to be quelled, the baggage animals died, forcing the baker to ride oxen, and food supplies dwindled, reducing them to eating grass. Fever often laid them low for weeks on end, their guides deceived them and hippopotami overturned their boats" (Howgego). SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LXXVIII.

€ (200-300) 210
67/1986 Baker, S.W. Ismailïa. A narrative of the expedition to Central Africa for the suppression of the slave trade. London, Macmillan and Co., 1874, 1st ed., 2 vols., VIII,447,(1),55; VIII,588p., steelengr. portrait frontisp., 2 (fold.) col. lithogr. maps, 50 woodengr. plates, orig. gilt cl.

- Bookplate of "C. Cokayne Frith" on upper pastedown. Sl. foxed; one plate torn. Covers sl. rubbed; spine-ends worn; vol. 1 frontcover dampstained and backstrip reattached; vol. 2 upper joint starting.

= Howgego B10; Hilmy I, p.49.

€ (200-300) 250
67 1987 Baker S W 67 1987 Baker S W
67 1987 Baker S W 67 1987 Baker S W
67/1987 Baker, S.W. Ismalïa. Récit d'une expédition dans l'Afrique Centrale pour l'abolition de la traite des noirs. French transl. by H. Vattemare. Paris, Hachette et Cie., 1875, 1st French ed., (2),III,(1),439p., engr. col. map, num. engr. (full-p.) ills., contemp. green mor. w. gilt spine, large 8vo.

- Upper hinge broken; occas. trifle foxed. Spine-ends and corners sl. worn.

= Howgego B10: "At a fancy dress ball in Cairo, Khedive Ismail took Baker aside to invite him to lead a military expedition to annex the upper Nile and suppress the slave trade there. The salary of £10.000 per year, for a four-year tenure, proved irresistible, as was the rank of major-general and the title pasha."

€ (70-90) 70
67/1988 Barnim, A. von and Hartmann, R. Reise des Freiherrn Adalbert von Barnim durch Nord-Ost-Afrika in den Jahren 1859 und 1860. Saarbrücken, Fines Mundi, (2005), 2 parts in 1 vol., XVI,651,(1); XI,(1),108,(3)p., frontisp. portrait, 3 (fold.) maps, 2 plates, orig. hcl., large 4to.

= Facsimile reprint of the ed. Berlin, 1863. Henze I, p.169; Kainbacher I, p.16; Milkias 8253 (plate vol. only). Describes the journey made by A. von Barnim and R. Hartmann through North East Africa. Von Barnim died on the way back. "Die Resultate der Reise waren eine Vervollständigung und Berichtigung der Topographie am Bahr el-Asrek, Erkundigungen über Rahad und Dinder, Aufhellung der Reliefverhältnisse um den Gebel Gule, speziellere Angaben über Fazogl und die Geschichte und Ethnographie der Fung." (Henze).

€ (50-70) 50
67/1989 Bastian, A. Ethnologische Forschungen und Sammlung von Material für dieselben. Jena, H. Costenoble, 1871/ 1873, 2 vols., C,450; XXII,(2),375,(1)p., fold. col. lithogr. map, contemp. gilt cl./ later rexine. - ADDED: A eulogy for A. Bastian, dated 11 March 1905, printed in Berlin, 26 p., orig. wr.
€ (50-70) 100
67 1990 Baumann O 67 1990 Baumann O
67/1990 Baumann, O. Durch Massailand zur Nilquelle. Reisen und Forschungen der Massai-Expedition des deutschen Antisklaverei-Komite in den Jahren 1891-1893. Berlin, D. Reimer, 1894, 1st ed., XIII,(3),385,(1)p., frontisp., 1 loosely inserted fold. col. lithogr. map, 26 plates, 140 textills., contemp. gilt hmor., 4to.

- Contents and binding very fine.

= During his travels through the area to the west of the Litema mountains, in east Africa, Baumann discovered various lakes and was the first to traverse this stretch of land, which was considered to be too difficult to traverse. Henze I, p.200f; Kainbacher I, p.18 ("Selten"); Howgego III, B23. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LXXXI.

€ (200-300)
67 1991 Becker J 67 1991 Becker J
67/1991 Becker, J. La vie en Afrique ou trois ans dans l'Afrique Centrale. Paris/ Brussels, J. Lebèque & Cie, 1887, 2 vols., XXII,496; 528p., 1 photo-engr. frontisp. by G. VANAISE, fold. map, 54 (woodengr.) plates (1 fold.), num. ills., contemp. unif. gilt hcl.

- Map. w. a few tears on folds; occas. sl. foxed; both vols. w. stamp on title-p. or first text-p. Trifle worn along extremities.

€ (100-150) 100
67/1992 [Bibliography]. Gay, J. Bibliographie des ouvrages relatifs à l'Afrique et à l'Arabie. Catalogue méthodique de tous les ouvrages français & de principaux en langues étrangères traitant de la géographie, de l'histoire, du commerce, des lettres & des arts de l'Afrique & de l'Arabie. San Remo/ Paris, J. Gay & Fils/ Maisonneuve & Cie., 1875, XI,(1),312p., printed in 500 numb. copies, later hmor. w. giltlettered spine, orig. wr. pres.

- Foxed throughout.

Ibrahim-Hilmy, Prince. The Literature of Egypt and the Soudan, from the earliest times to the year 1885 inclusive. Mansfield, M. Martino, 2001, VII,(1),459p., orig. giltlettered cl.

= Facs. reprint of the ed. 1886.

AND 5 others similar, G. KAYSER, Bibliographie d'Ouvrages ayant trait à l'Afrique en Général dans ses rapports avec l'exploration & la civilisation de ces contrées. Depuis le commencement de l'Imprimerie jusqu'à nos jours (ibid., ±2000, orig. cl.).

€ (50-70) 50
67 1993 Bled de Braine J F 67 1993 Bled de Braine J F
67/1993 Bled de Braine, J.F. Cours synthétique, analytique et pratique de langue Arabe, arrangé à l'usage des colléges et des écoles, ou les dialectes vulgaires Africains d'Alger, de Maroc, de Tunis et d'Égypte. Paris, T. Barrois, 1846, (4),XXII,(2),536p., contemp. gilt hcalf w. mor. letterpiece.

- Trifle yellowed. Covers scratched.

€ (40-60)
67/1994 [Botany]. Durand, T. and H. Sylloge Florae Congolanae [Phanerogamae]. Brussels, A. de Boeck, 1909, (4),716p., contemp. giltlettered hmor., 4to.

- Trifle yellowed; a few scattered annots. in pencil. Binding sl. rubbed along extremities.

= With AUTOGRAPH SIGNED DEDICATION by both authors on htitle. On the Phanerogamae of Congo.

Wildeman, É. de. Les Plantes Tropicales de Grande Culture. Café, Cacao, Cola, Vanille, Caoutchouc. Avec une étude sur la distribution des plantes dans le centre de l'Afrique (...). Ibid., A. Castaigne, 1902, IV,304p., 20 plates, ills., contemp. giltlettered hmor., 4to.

€ (40-60)
67 1995 Brehm A E 67 1995 Brehm A E
67/1995 Brehm, A.E. Reiseskizzen aus Nord-Ost-Africa oder den unter egyptischer herrschaft stehenden Länderen Egypten, Nubien, Sennahr, Rosseeres und Kordofahn gesammelt auf seinen in den Jahren 1847 bis 1852 unternommenen Reisen. Jena, F. Mauke, 1855, 3 parts in 1 vol., XII,376; IV,272; VIII,356p., contemp. hcalf w. gilt spine.

- First 14 pages sl. foxed; third part occas. waterst. and sl. foxed.

= Henze I, p.348f.; Kainbacher I, p.25; Hilmy I, p.86; Howgego B69: "In 1846 he began architectural studies in Dresden, but a passion for natural history, acquired during field trips with his father, led him to abandon his studies in Dresden and in 1847 he sailed for Egypt as an assistant to the celebrated ornithologist Johann Wilhelm von Müller. For the next five years (...) he collected in Sinai, along the Blue Nile and in Sudan. Brehm returned to Germany in 1853 and for two years studied sciences at Jena, obtaining his doctorate with the three-volume thesis Reiseskizzen aus Nordafrika".

€ (300-500)
67 1996 Burton R F 67 1996 Burton R F
67/1996 Burton, R.F. The Lands of Cazembe, LaCerda's Journey to Cazembe In 1798. Engl. transl. R.F. Burton. Also Journey of the Pombeiros P.J. Baptista and Amaro José, Across Africa from Angola to Tette on the Zambeze (...) And a resumé of the Journey of Mm. Monteiro and Gamitto By Dr. C.T. Beke. London, J. Murray for the Royal Geographic Society, 1873, 1st Engl. ed., VII,(1),271p., large fold. partly col. lithogr. map, orig. gilt blue cl.

- Corners trifle rubbed. Fine copy.

= Penzer p.89f; Kainbacher I, p.30, 9 ("very rare"); Mendelssohn I, p.234: "(...) includes (...) copious notes by Burton (...). [Lacerda's] journal states that in the year 1797 Queen Maria of Portugal commanded him to ascertain the possibility of overland transit between the eastern and western coast of Africa; but for some time he could obtain no information regarding the "hitherto untrodden lands" in the interior between the coasts. However, during a residence at Tete, some envoys from the court of King Cazembe paid him a visit, and in consequence of the information afforded by them, he decided to organise an expedition with a view to carrying out the Royal instructions. The journey was commenced on July 3, 1798, Lacerda keeping a diary and a journal, and penetrating right up to the capital of Cazembe. The journal came to an end on October 2, and the traveller died on October 18. The expedition, however, was continued under the command of the chaplain, F.J. Pinto, who kept a record of the journey and visited the King of Cazembe (...) and finally returned safely to Tete at the close of the year 1799 (...)."

€ (100-150) 120
67 1997 Burton  R F  67 1997 Burton R F
67 1997 Burton  R F  67 1997 Burton R F
67/1997 Burton, (R.F.). Voyage aux Grands Lacs de l'Afrique Orientale. French transl. H. Loreau. Paris, Hachette & Cie., 1862, 1st French ed., (4),719,(1)p., 2 (fold.) engr. maps, plates, ills., contemp. gilt blindst. mor., a.e.g.

- Some foxing. A few stains on frontcover. Otherwise fine.

= Account of Richard Burton and John Speke's 1857 expedition from Zanzibar into the interior of Eastern Africa in search of the source of the Nile. Cf. Kainbacher I, p.29; cf. Gay 2876.

€ (70-90) 80
67 1998 Cameron V L 67 1998 Cameron V L
67 1998 Cameron V L 67 1998 Cameron V L
67/1998 Cameron, V.L. Across Africa. London, George Philip & Son, 1885, new ed., XXVII,(1),569p., woodengr. frontisp., 4 fold. lithogr. fasc. plates, 27 woodengr. plates, ills., orig. gilt dec. cl.

- New endpapers. Binding trifle rubbed.

= Kainbacher I, p.32; Henze I, p.483ff. Cameron was the first to cross central Africa from the East to the West, on a rescue mission in search of Livingstone.

Reade, W. Winwood. Savage Africa: being the Narrative of a Tour in Equatorial, Southwestern, and Northwestern Africa (...). New York, Harper & Brothers, 1864, 452,(6 advert.)p., fold. map, 13 full-p. ills., num. textills., orig. giltlettered and blindst. cl.

- Ex-library copy; contents occas. soiled. Frontcover loosening; backstrip dam.

= The rare first American edition. Henze IV, p.557: "(...) in den [Jahren] 1861-1863 die Westküste Afrikas zwischen Senegal und Loanda besuchte, worüber er in Savage Africa (...) berichtete, etwas oberflächliche und großsprecherische Lektüre (...)". "(...) I make, of course, no pretentions to the title of Explorer. If I have any merit, it is that of having been the first young man about town to make a bonâ fide tour in Western Africa; to travel in that agreeable and salubrious country with no special object, and at his own expense; to flaner in the virgin forest; to flirt with pretty savages, and to smoke his cigar among cannibals." (preface).

€ (70-90) 120
67 1999 Capello H and Ivens R 67 1999 Capello H and Ivens R
67/1999 Capello, H. and Ivens, R. De Benguella às terras de Iàcca descripção de uma Viagem na Africa Central e Occidental. Lisbon, Imprensa Nacional, 1881, 1st ed., 2 vols., XLV,(1),379,(2); XII,413,(1)p., 4 engr. portraits of the authors, 8 (fold.) maps, 39 woodengr. plates, 1 fold. table, later unif. gilt green hcalf, orig. wr. pres.
€ (150-250)
67/2000 Carré, J.M. Voyageurs et écrivains Français en Égypt. Caire, Insitut Français d'Archéologie Orientale, 1990, 2nd ed., 2 vols., XL,369; (4),411,(2)p., 2 ills., orig. unif. wr. - AND 17 other vols., all French language, i.a. L. DE BELLEFONDS BEY, Voyage aux mines d'or du Pharaon (Paris, 2002, orig. pict. wr.); M. IBN 'ALÎ IBN ZAYN AL-'ÂBIDÎN, Le livre du Soudan (ibid., 1981, orig. wr.); R.J. CORNET, La bataille du rail. La construction du chemin de fer de Matadi au Stanley Pool (Brussels, 1947, (photogr.) ills., orig. wr.). - AND 10 vols. of LE TOUR DU MONDE. NOUVEAU JOURNAL DES VOYAGES (Paris, ±1863, num. woodengr. ills., (orig.) wr./ without wr.).
€ (60-80)
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