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67 1647 Aa P vander ed  67 1647 Aa P vander ed
67/1647 Aa, P. vander (ed.). Tweede scheeps-togt, van Don Vasco da Gamma, Zee-voogd van Arabien, Persien, Indien en het geheele Oosten, na Oost-Indien, Met een Vloot van 20 Scheepen in het jaar 1502. en vervolgens. (...). Leyden, P. vander Aa, 1706, 33,(5)p., engr. title-vignette, 2 double-p. plates, modern boards.

- Upper hinge weak.

€ (60-80)
67 1648 Architecture  Pijpers P  mid 20th cent  67 1648 Architecture Pijpers P mid 20th cent
67/1648 [Architecture]. Pijpers, P. (mid 20th cent.). (Oorlogsmonument Menado). Archive concerning various aspects of the design of this (never realised?) monument, ±1949, consisting of technical drawings, designs for various details, correspondence between the designer Piet Pijpers and local officials, photographs of the scale model of the design etc. - ADDED: a small archive with architectural designs in (col.) pencil/ blueprint/ cyclostyle (also by other architects) (i.a. a sm. drawing for a sepulchral monument for "Meester Paul Constant Bloys van Treslong Prins" (never executed?)), designs for objects (i.a. furniture and a ciborium), ornaments and several personal letters.

= P. Pijpers was a drawing teacher at the Technische Hogeschool in Bandoeng in the section Universitaire Leergang voor Tekenleraren. After his return to the Netherlands he became drawing teacher in Haarlem. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LXVII.

€ (100-150) 100
67/1649 [Atlases]. Knaap, G. a.o. Grote Atlas van de Verenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie. Comprehensive Atlas of the Dutch United East India Company. II. Java en Madoera/ Java and Madura. Voorburg etc., Asia Maior/ Atlas Maior etc., 2007, 432p., num. (full-p.) col. maps and ills., printed in 1600 numb. copies, orig. cl. w. dustwr., slipcase, folio.
€ (100-150) 150
67 1650 Atlases  Stemfoort J W and Siethoff J J ten 67 1650 Atlases Stemfoort J W and Siethoff J J ten
67/1650 [Atlases]. Stemfoort, J.W. and Siethoff, J.J. ten. Atlas van Nederlandsch Oost-Indië. The Hague, Departement van Koloniën, 1898-1907, 2nd ed., double-p. col. lithogr. title, 16 double-p. col. lithogr. maps, contemp. (faded) giltlettered cl., large folio.

- A few maps foxed (mainly) on verso/ sl. fingersoiled in margins/ yellowed. Binding soiled; worn/ waterst. along extremities.

= Koeman VI, Stem A2; not in Rouffaer/ Muller.

€ (250-350) 425
67/1651 Barros, J. de. Vervolg der tien-jarigen scheeps-togten en manhafte krygs-bedryven door Nuno da Cunha als Gouverneur Generaal gedaan in Oost-Indien, sederd het jaar 1536 tot aan sijn dood. Leyden, P. vander A, n.d. (±1706), (2),230 [in columns],(3)p., engr. title-vignette, 4 maps on 2 fold. lvs., 5 large ills., modern boards w. mounted title-ticket, folio.

- Contents very fine.

€ (150-250) 240
67/1652 Bastin, J. and Brommer, B. Nineteenth century prints and illustrated books of Indonesia. A descriptive bibliography. Utr./ Antw., Spectrum, 1979, (14),386p., 107 col. and 271 monochr. ills., orig. cl. w. dustwr., 4to.

- Dustwr. trifle frayed. = Standard bibliography on the subject.

€ (60-80) 90
67/1653 Bernet Kempers, A.J. Ancient Indonesian Art. Amst., C.P.J. van der Peet, 1959, VIII,124p., 353 ills. on plates, orig. gilt cl. w. dustwr., 4to.

- Dustwr. dam. at spine-ends; owner's entry on first free endpaper.

€ (50-70)
67 1654 Buddingh S A 67 1654 Buddingh S A
67/1654 Buddingh, S.A. Neêrlands-Oost-Indië. Reizen over Java, Madura, Makasser (...) gedaan gedurende het tijdvak van 1852-1857. Amst, M. Wijt & Zonen, 1859-1861, 1st ed, 3 vols., (12),415; (8),415; (8),445p., fold. col. lithogr. map, tinted lithogr. portr., 27 col./ tinted lithogr. plates, orig. unif. richly gilt and blindst. cl., sm. 4to.

- Plates trifle/ sl. foxed (mainly in blank margins); vol. 1 and 2 upper hinge weak(ening); vol. 2 and 3 frontisp. and first free endpaper loose(ning); vol. 1 contents leaf loose; all vols. bookplate on upper pastedown. Bindings worn/ frayed along extremities.

= Cat. NHSM I, 248; Landwehr, Dutch books w. col. plates 247; Rouffaer/ Muller p.4; Tiele 214; Bastin/ Brommer 575-577: "This is more than a travelogue, containing as it does information on a wide range of subjects skilfully interwoven into the narrative (...) The combination of an interesting and informed text with so many coloured plates makes Buddingh's Neêrlands-Oost-Indië one of the handsomest of Dutch nineteenth century travel books".

€ (300-500) 325
67 1655 Caricature  Wechmar E von 67 1655 Caricature Wechmar E von
67/1655 [Caricature]. Wechmar, E. von. Delianer 1927. N.pl., n.publ., n.d. (±1927), 20 col. plates by E. VON WECHMAR, loose as issued in orig. giltlettered cl. portfolio, folio.

= Rare caricatures of Deli-planters and the other rich, famous and notorious inhabitants of Deli, most of whom are identified in manuscript pen/ pencil on verso (i.a. "L. Koolemans Beynen", "Simons", "Mr. Buffart", "Mr. Lieftinck", "gouverneur Van Kempen", "Kraaijvanger", "Nieuwenhuis", "Dr. Baermann", "W. Siewerts van Reesema", and finally the artist himself (SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LXVII). Haks/ Maris p.288: "German. Illustrator and caricaturist, active in Indonesia in the roaring 1920s. During that period he made several watercolours depicting the colonials and their life style in a subtle mocking way (...)."

€ (150-250) 160
67/1656 Gedenkboek Billiton 1852-1927. The Hague, M. Nijhoff, 1927, 2 vols., XII,221; XII,240p., num. (fold.) plates/ ills./ diagrams, fold. col. map loose in rear-pocket, orig. unif. gilt and dec. cl., t.e.g., folio.

- Fine set.

€ (40-60) 100
67/1657 Haan, F. de. Priangan. De Preanger-Regentschappen onder het Nederlandsch Bestuur tot 1811. Batavia, G. Kolff & Co., 1910-1912, 4 vols., 2 col. maps, 46 (col.) (photogr.) plates/ portraits/ plans, orig. unif. clothbacked boards, 4to.

- Hinges weak; a few lvs. loose(ning). Bindings worn along extremities.

= Rouffaer/ Muller Suppl.I, p.24; Ockeloen p.246; Nieuwenhuys, Mirror of the Indies p.6-7.

€ (100-150) 100
67/1658 Indië. Geïllustreerd weekblad voor Nederland en koloniën. April 1917- November 1927. Ed. A.W. Nieuwenhuis a.o. Leyden/ Haarlem, J. Enschedé en Zonen, 1917-1927, 11 vols., fold. (lithogr./ photogr.) plans/ plates, num. (photogr.) ills., orig. unif. dec. cl., 4to (10x) and contemp. hcl., 4to.

- All vols. w. library-tickets and -stamps on upper pastedown/ title-p.; occas. a few foxed spots/ sm. waterstains; year 1912 bookblock and some quires loose; year 1915 w. a few quires loose. All bindings trifle/ sl. soiled and w. sm. stains; 2 vols. trifle worn along extremities, nevertheless a fine set.

€ (100-150) 100
67/1659 [Indonesian art]. Lee Man-Fong (ed.). Paintings and Statues from the collection of President Sukarno of the Republic of Indonesia. Tokyo, Publishing Committee of Collection of Paintings and Statues of President Sukarno, 1964, 5 vols., 567 col. plates, English/ Japanese/ Indonesian text, orig. unif. gilt rexine w. orig. dustwr., folio.

- Dustwr. of all vols. trifle worn along extremities and sunned at spines; dustwr. of vol 3 w. 2 dam. spots.

€ (150-250) 150
67 1660 Kleian F A 67 1660 Kleian F A
67 1660 Kleian F A 67 1660 Kleian F A
67/1660 Kleian, F.A. Nieuw adresboek van geheel Nederlandsch-Indië. 1921-1922. Batavia, Landsdrukkerij, 1921, no pagination, advertisements (partly printed on col. paper), later hcl. w. orig. boards.

- Lvs. sl. yellowed. Binding soiled. = Rouffaer/ Muller Suppl. I, p.100. Rare.

AND 1 similar for the year 1930.

€ (150-250) 325
67 1661 Krom N J 67 1661 Krom N J
67/1661 Krom, N.J. Inleiding tot de Hindoe-Javaansche kunst. The Hague, M. Nijhoff, 1923, 2nd rev. ed., 3 vols.: 2 text vols.: XV,(1),490; VIII,491p.; 1 plate vol.: 112 (fold.) plates/ maps, orig. unif. gilt buckram, 4to.

- Fine set. = Rouffaer/ Muller Suppl. II, p.280 (1st ed.).

€ (50-70) 80
67/1662 Mayer, L.Th. Een blik in het Javaansche volksleven. Leyden, E.J. Brill, n.d. (1897), 2 vols., IX,(1),310,(1); VI,311-568,(1)p., 38 (of 40) (col. lithogr.) plates, num. ills., orig. unif. gilt cl., large 8vo.

- Lacks 2 plates. Bindings w. a few spots and scratches; spine-ends sl. worn. = Rouffaer/ Muller p.16.

AND 1 other: NEDERLANDSCH INDIË OUD & NIEUW. Year 1 (Amst., 1916-1917, 4 tipped-in col. plates, num. ills., contemp. hcl., 4to).

€ (80-100) 80
67 1663 Militaria  Smits J C J 67 1663 Militaria Smits J C J
67/1663 [Militaria]. Smits, J.C.J. Gedenkboek van het koloniaal-militair invalidenhuis Bronbeek. Arnhem, P. Gouda Quint, 1881, XVII,255,(1)p., 75 tinted lithogr. plates, orig. gilt and embossed cl., folio.

- Endpapers trifle foxed. Backcover/ spine affected by moist. = Rouffaer/ Muller I, p.5.

€ (60-80) 190
67 1664 Paintings and drawings  Agung Raka  act 1930s 67 1664 Paintings and drawings Agung Raka act 1930s
67/1664 [Paintings and drawings]. Agung Raka (act. 1930s). (Anglers, fishermen and seamonsters). Drawing, pen and ink and watercolour, 34,5x47,5 cm.

- Sl. yellowed; a few tiny rubbed spots. Verso w. narrow strip of paper tape along upper margin.

= Provenance: the Bateson and Mead Collection. With marking ("OS"[?]) in brush and red watercolour in lower left blank margin recto; verso w. the name Agung Putra Raka in Balinese script, dated "8.4.37" and numb. "1023" and "183" in pencil. SEE ILLUSTRATION ON TITLE-PAGE.

€ (3.000-5.000) 3000
67 1665 Paintings and drawings  Anonymous 1st half 20th cent  Balinese school 67 1665 Paintings and drawings Anonymous 1st half 20th cent Balinese school
67/1665 [Paintings and drawings]. Anonymous (1st half 20th cent., Balinese school). (A group of people performing a kecak dance in front of a temple complex). Drawing, pen and ink and watercolour on canvas, 41,5x53 cm.

- Canvas laid down on limp board; a few soiled spots.

€ (100-150)
67 1666 Paintings and drawings  Anonymous 20th cent  67 1666 Paintings and drawings Anonymous 20th cent
67 1666 Paintings and drawings  Anonymous 20th cent  67 1666 Paintings and drawings Anonymous 20th cent
67/1666 [Paintings and drawings]. Anonymous (20th cent.). (Men planting rice in the fields). Drawing, gouache, 15,2x10 cm., Balinese school, framed. Idem. (Birds in the trees). Dawing, watercolour, 15,2x10 cm., Balinese school, unif. framed.
€ (70-90) 70
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