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67 1500 Samain A 67 1500 Samain A
67/1500 Samain, A. Xanthis ou la vitrinte sentimentale. Paris, A. Ferroud, F. Ferroud successeur, 1920, (6),44,(1)p., 5 pochoir-col. plates and num. ills. by G.A. MOSSA, printed in 1025 numb. copies (125), orig. wr.

- Contents loose. Spine dam.

= One of 125 numb. copies on "beau japon" with an extra uncol. suite of the plates and illustrations. Monod 10127.

Piré, M. En recueillement. Introd. C. Mauclair. Paris, Floury, 1920, 39,(2) lvs., num. col. plates and ills. by M. PIRÉ, printed in 310 numb. copies (300), loose as issued in orig. wr.

= Not in Monod.

Lucianus. Dialogues des courtisanes. Ibid., M. Glomeau, 1914, 74,(2)p., 10 col. plates by L. ÉDOUARD-FOURNIER, printed in 500 numb. copies, orig. wr.

- Second half stained in blank lower inner corner. = Monod 7461.

€ (50-70)
67 1501 Schendel A van 67 1501 Schendel A van
67/1501 Schendel, A. van. Tristan en Isolde. Nieuwe Nederlandsche bewerking van -. Utr., W. de Haan, n.d., 1st ed., (4),112p., 6 col. tipped-in plates, num. ills., vignettes and bindingdec. by RIE CRAMER, sq. 8vo.

- Covers vaguely thumbed/ stained.

= One of 200 numb. copies of the DELUXE edition, signed by the author, and bound in gilt and dec. full cl., t.e.g., with custom-made cl. box (decorated title-label of the orig. box preserved).

€ (60-80) 60
67/1502 Scherr, J. Schiller und seine Zeit. Leipsic, O. Wigand, 1859, XVIII,690p., 34 woodengr. portraits on chine collé/ plates and ills., contemp. hcalf, 4to.

- A few leaves stained in upper margin. Binding sl. worn along extremities.

AND 3 others in 5 vols., i.a. J.J. ROUSSEAU, Julie oder die neue Heloise (...) (Berlin, n.d. (±1920), 2 vols., num. plates by i.a. T. JOHANNOT and E. WATTIER, contemp. unif. gilt hcalf w. red mor. letterpiece. Top of spine vol. 2 chipped).

€ (70-90)
67 1503 Schmidtbonn W 67 1503 Schmidtbonn W
67 1503 Schmidtbonn W 67 1503 Schmidtbonn W
67/1503 Schmidtbonn, W. De vlucht tot de hulpeloozen. De geschiedenis van drie honden. Dutch transl. R.P. Sterkenburg. The Hague/ Antw., N.V. Prometheus/ De Gulden Sonne, 1924, 151,(1)p., 10 woodcut ills. by FELIX MESECK, one of 115 numb. copies printed on Hollandsch Van Gelder paper (15).

- Backstrip sl. sunned.

= One of 15 Roman numb. copies of the DELUXE edition, with an extra suite of the woodcuts, all signed by the artist. This copy bound by E.P. VAN BOMMEL in crushed brown morocco w. gilt triple fillet line around sides, surrounding a quadruple gilt line panel, broad turn-ins w. quadruple gilt fillet line dec. w. gilt lozenges, gilt boardedges, gilt spine w. 5 raised bands, t.e.g., orig. wr. by JAN WILS pres.

€ (100-150) 200
67/1504 Schnitzler, A. Reigen. Zehn Dialoge. Berlin/ Vienna, B. Harz, 1923, 126,(1)p., typography by L. GOLDSCHMIDT, printed in black and red in 1000 numb. copies, orig. giltlettered cl. w. dustwr., t.e.g. Trebitsch, S. Die Heimkehr des Diomedes. Zürich, Artemis-Verlag, 1949, 67,(3)p., 7 plates by H. ERNI, printed in 450 numb. copies (99), loose as issued in orig. wr., hvellum chemise and slipcase, 4to.

= One of 99 copies SIGNED by the author and artist, with an extra suite of the plates.

€ (150-250)
67 1505 Schoff O  Wenger E 67 1505 Schoff O Wenger E
67/1505 [Schoff, O.]. Wenger, E. Bacchanale der Liebe. Berlin, Reuss und Pollack, 1922, 35,(1)p., 7 etched plates by OTTO SCHOFF, printed in an unspecified numb. edition, orig. clothbacked boards, obl. 8vo.

- Some foxing; bookblock loosening. = With AUTOGRAPH SIGNED DEDICATION on title-p.

€ (200-300)
67/1506 Schotman, J.W. Der geesten gemoeting. Vier morgenlandse dromen in verzen. Amst., Holkema & Warendorf, 1927, 5 vols., each bound als a blockbook and printed in gold, black and ochre, 7 tipped in col. plates by MOH SHIH CHEN, bookdecoration and typography by H.TH. WIJDEVELD, printed in 500 numb. copies, orig. dec. cl. portfolio w. ivory pins, 4to.

- Vol. 4 and 5 w. small bookplate of W.B. Nijkerk on inside frontwr. Portfolio sl. stained; gilding sl. worn away.

= Fine copy of this very remarkable Art Déco publication, designed by the editor of the periodical Wendingen.

€ (60-80) 60
67 1507 Sedaine M J 67 1507 Sedaine M J
67 1507 Sedaine M J 67 1507 Sedaine M J
67/1507 Sedaine, M.J. Der Deserteur. Potsdam, G. Kiepenheuer, 1921, (6),118,(2)p., 12 tipped-in col. plates after D. CHODOWIECKI, printed in 500 numb. copies (100), sm. 8vo.

- Bookplate on upper pastedown; traces of ticket on verso first free endpaper and bookseller's stamp on first blank.

= One of 100 numb. copies bound in gilt full vellum, t.e.g.

€ (100-150)
67/1508 [Severin, M.]. Apolonius of Tyre. Historia Apollonii Regis Tyri. London, The Golden Cockerell Press, 1956, 68p., printed in 300 numb. copies (225), collotype plates and orig. morocco backed boards w. gilt vignette by M. SEVERIN.

= Cock-a-Hoop 203; Franklin p.294.

AND 1 other: M. SEVERIN, Your Wood-Engraving (London, 1953, woodcut plates by M. SEVERIN, orig. cl. w. dustwr.).

€ (50-70) 120
67/1509 Shakespeare, W. Hamlet, Prins van Denemarken. Dutch transl. J. van Looy. Utr., W. de Haan, n.d. (1922), 1st ed., 147,(1)p., 6 tipped-in col. plates, vignettes, ills. and binding des. by RIE CRAMER.

= DELUXE copy, bound in full richly gilt dec. mor. (some rubbed/ chafed spots), a.e.g.

Bieruma Oosting, J. De twaalf maanden van het jaar. Introd. J.W.F. Werumeus Buning. Amst., A.J.G. Strengholt, n.d. (1959), 54p., 24 (full-p.) woodcut ills. and orig. giltlettered cl. w. gilt dustwr. by J. BIERUMA OOSTING, printed in 250 numb. and signed copies, 4to. - AND 2 others: H. KRUG, Wieringen. 7 houtsneden (Den Oever, 1945, 7 tipped-in woodcuts, printed in 100 numb. copies) and J. SCHÜRMANN, Uit de stilte. Introd. W. Kloos (The Hague, n.d. (1909), 6 tinted lithogr. plates by W.E. ROELOFS Jr., orig. wr., custom made slipcase, 4to. Wrappers browned. With AUTOGRAPH SIGNED DEDICATION).

€ (60-80) 60
67 1510 Shakespeare W 67 1510 Shakespeare W
67/1510 Shakespeare, W. Ein Sommernachtstraum. Berlin, Erich Reiss Verlag, 1918, 119,(2)p., 12 pochoir-col. plates and 5 ills. by E. STERN, printed in 620 numb. copies (550), orig. giltlettered hcl., t.e.g.

- Contents very fine. Lower outer corner frontcover sl. dam. = SIGNED by the artist.

€ (50-70)
67 1511 Shakespeare W 67 1511 Shakespeare W
67/1511 Shakespeare, W. Ein Sommernachtstraum. Ed. A.W. von Schlegel. Frankfurt, Kleukens Presse, 1923, 105,(2)p., printed in 250 numb. copies, contemp. gilt vellum, 4to, t.e.g.

- Contents fine. Foot of spine heavily dam.

Heine, H. Atta Troll. Ein Sommernachtstraum. Berlin, Morawe & Scheffelt Verlag, 1912, 162,(2)p., woodengr. frontisp., 9 col. plates, 38 ills., printed in 300 numb. copies, orig. pict. cl., t.e.g.

- Bookplate and paper ticket on first endpaper; one leaf w. some offsetting. Covers heavily chafed; spine dam.AND 2 others, i.a. L. GOLDSCHEIDER, Ruhe auf der Flucht (Stuttg./ Vienna/ New York, 1924, orig. giltlettered cl., t.e.g. Annot. on title-p.; binding sl. soiled).

€ (100-150)
67 1512 Shitakiri suzume 67 1512 Shitakiri suzume
67/1512 Shitakiri suzume. De Musch met de geknipte tong. Dutch adapt. P.G. van Schermbeek. Tokyo, T. Hasegawa, 1892, (9) lvs, 16 (full-p.) col. woodcut ills., bound as a blockbook, orig. wr.

- Contents trifle foxed. Wrappers foxed and sl. worn along extremities.

= Printed by T. Hasegawa for H. Honig, (Utr., 1892).

€ (40-60) 275
67/1513 Die sieben weisen Meister Ed R Benz 67/1513 Die sieben weisen Meister Ed R Benz
67/1513 Die sieben weisen Meister. Ed. R. Benz. Jena, E. Diederichs, 1911, (4),159,(1)p.

- Bookplate on first blank. Corners and spine-ends sl. rubbed.

= One of 200 numb. DELUXE copies, bound in blindst. full calf designed by R. BENZ and with handcol. title-vignette. Part of the series Die deutschen Volksbücher.


€ (80-100)
67/1514 [Sjaalmanpers]. Klein Literair Museum. No. 8-24. Bunnik, Sjaalmanpers, 1985-1987, 17 vols., each printed in 100 numb. copies, orig. unif. wr. w. mounted ticket.

= Two volumes are numbered "9", one of them is probably no.10. I.a. B. VOETEN, Notities over de Oude Prins. Herinneringen aan A. Roland Holst; L. and T. VROMAN, Met en zonder Max de Jong 1935-1948; G.A. VAN KLINKENBERG, Jaren met Marsman; S. VINKENOOG, Mijn Parijse legende; P. VAN OPHEUSDEN, Jan Arends als schrijver van stripverhalen.

Sjaalmancahiers. No. 6, 10-24. Ibid., idem, 1985-1987, 16 vols., each printed in 100 numb. copies, orig. unif. wr. w. mounted ticket.

- Two vols. lack the ticket.

= Two volumes are No. 10 in the series, probably one of them is no. 11. I.a. A. MARJA, Tussen Beerta en Parijs; CYRIEL BUYSSE and K. VAN DE WOESTIJNE, Verkiezingen op het vlaamse platteland; F. D'ARKENEEL and U. JELTEMA, Terug naar Louis Paul Boon, Een nostalgische vertelling; M. SZÉKELY-LULOFS, Het schot; M. EMANTS, Brits-Indisch hotelleven.

AND 5 other publications by the same press.

€ (100-150) 130
67 1515 Skira P  Olivier G 67 1515 Skira P Olivier G
67/1515 [Skira, P.]. Olivier, G. Bouche au miroir de son verbe. N.pl., n.publ., 1963, (32)p., 9 linocuts by PIERRE SKIRA, printed in 160 numb. copies, signed by the author and artist, orig. cl. chemise w. slipcase, obl. folio.

= Monod 8763.

€ (100-150) 100
67/1516 Slauerhoff, J. Serenade. Maastr./ Brussels, The Halcyon Press/ A.A.M. Stols, 1930, 1st ed., (4),35,(5)p., printed in 310 numb. copies (300), orig. wr., custom made slipcase, large 8vo.

- Unnumb. copy. Spine-ends worn; wr. sl. sunned.

= Halcyon Pers 3. One of 300 copies on Hollandsch. Van Dijk 230.

Schepens, J. J. Greshoff. Een studie. Maastr./ Brussels, A.A.M. Stols, 1938, 1st ed., 74,(3)p., orig. wr.

= One of 10 Roman numb. copies on better paper. Van Dijk 439.

AND 2 others, i.a. J. LAST, Branding (Arnhem, 1930, 1st ed., woodengr. ills. by F. MEES, orig. wr.).

€ (60-80)
67/1517 Slevogt, M. Ali Baba und die vierzig Räuber. Improvisationen. Berlin, B. Cassirer, 1903, 44,(4)p., 1st ed., col. plate, (col.) (full-p.) ills. and orig. clothbacked pict. boards M. SLEVOGT, 4to.

- Covers sl. browned and soiled.

= Rümann, Slevogt 3a; Vom Jugendstil zum Bauhaus, Deutsche Buchkunst 1895-1930, 67.

Harmsen, M. Filipijn en de toverkruik. N.pl. (Wormerveer), Meijer's Boek- en Handelsdrukkerij, 1948, (18)p., (full-p.) col. ills. and orig. clothbacked pict. boards Dick Elffers, sm. folio.

= Published as a New Year's gift by Meijer's Boek- en Handelsdrukkerij, as an example of the latest achievements in printing industry.

Stoddard Warburg, S. Keep It Like A Secret. Boston, Atlantic-Little, 1961, 1st ed., (32)p., full-p. col. ills. and orig. cl. w. (sl. defective) dustwr. by I. CHERMAYEFF, obl. 8vo. - AND 9 others, i.a. illustrated by B. MUNARI, H.A.P. GRIESHABER and C. BOTELHO.

€ (50-70)
67 1518 Slevogt M  Witt C 67 1518 Slevogt M Witt C
67/1518 [Slevogt, M.]. Witt, C. Die tapferen 10.000. Berlin, B. Cassirer, 1921, (6),157,(3)p., lithogr. title-p., num. ills. and orig. hvellum w. green mor. letterpiece by M. SLEVOGT, printed in 400 numb. copies signed by the artist, t.e.g., sm. folio.

- Both covers chafed. Otherwise fine.

€ (100-150) 110
67/1519 Sonnets d'amour 67/1519 Sonnets d'amour
67/1519 Sonnets d'amour. Paris, Compagnie française des arts graphiques, 1943, no pagination, 20 etchings and drypoints (incl. 2 ills.) by i.a. by R. DUNOYER DE SEGONZAC, M. CIRY, J.-G. DARAGNÈS, J. FRÉLAUT, M. SAVIN, A. JACQUEMIN, GALANIS, M. LAURENCIN, H. DE WAROQUIER, E. GOERG and Y BRAYER, printed in 326 numb. copies (248), loose as issued in orig. wr., hcl. chemise, slipcase, 4to.

- Wrappers and chemise sl. foxed. Fine copy.

= Monod 10347; Carteret IV, p.60. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LXI.

€ (200-300)