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67 1400 Mann Th 67 1400 Mann Th
67/1400 Mann, Th. Bekenntnisse des Hochstaplers Felix Krull. Buch der Kindheit. Vienna etc., Rikola Verlag, 1922, 65,(1)p., 6 col. lithogr. plates by O. LASKE, printed in 500 numb. copies (400), orig. boards, large 4to.

- Hinges weakening; bookseller's stamp on lower pastedown. Spine-ends sl. worn; covers sl. faded along extremities.


Dehmel, R. Lieder der Bilitis. Freie Nachdichtung nach Pierre Louys. Berlin, Euphorion, 1923, without pagination, printed in 1000 numb. copies (20), orig. gilt cl.

- Without the engr. title by H. MEID; small collector's stamp "S" on title-p. Spine-ends bumped.

= One of 20 copies printed on "kaiserlich Japan".

€ (200-300)
67 1401 Marquet A  Werth L 67 1401 Marquet A Werth L
67/1401 [Marquet, A.]. Werth, L. Éloge de Albert Marquet. (Paris), Manuel Bruker, 1948, no pagination, 6 drypoint/ etched/ lithogr. plates and 5 etched/ lithogr. ills. by A. MARQUET, printed in black and green in 220 numb. copies (200), orig. wr., 4to.


€ (700-900)
67/1402 Marsman, H. Verzameld werk. Amst./ Bilthoven, Em. Querido/ De Gemeenschap, 1938, 1st ed., 3 vols., 190; 275,(2); 286p.

- All vols. spine (sl.) scratched/ corners rubbed.

= One of 25 copies of the DELUXE edition on Van Gelder, bound in unif. full limp morocco w. gilt vignette "HM" on frontcover, t.e.g. A fourth volume was published in 1947.

€ (120-150) 180
67 1403 Martin du Gard R 67 1403 Martin du Gard R
67/1403 Martin du Gard, R. Les Thibault. Paris, Éd. de la Nouvelle Revue française/ Gallimard, 1922-1940, 1st eds., 7 (of 8) parts in 8 (of 11) vols., printed in 898 numb. copies (750) (vol. 1 and 2)/ 950 numb. copies (800) (vol. 3), 1370 numb. copies (1200) (vol. 4 and 5)/ 1365 numb. copies (vol. 6)/ 335 numb. copies (250) (vol. 8), contemp. almost unif. giltlettered hmor., orig. wr. pres., t.e.g.

- Lacks vol. 7 ("L'été" (issued in 3 parts)). Otherwise fine.

€ (200-300)
67 1404 Martin C  Satie E 67 1404 Martin C Satie E
67/1404 [Martin, C.]. Satie, E. Sports & Divertissements. Paris, Lucien Vogel, n.d. (1914), (21) lvs., 1 pochoir-col. plate and 21 lithogr. vignettes by CHARLES MARTIN, lithogr. scores by ERIK SATIE printed in red/ black, printed in 900 copies (650), together loose as issued in orig. stiff paper portfolio, obl. folio w. ties.

- Lvs. sl. yellowed; trifle foxed; title leaf w. two sm. chips in lower margin. Frontcover portfolio dam. and frayed.

= This copy unnumb. Carteret IV, p.267: "Très intéressante publication".

€ (150-250) 275
67 1405 Masereel F  Coster C de 67 1405 Masereel F Coster C de
67/1405 [Masereel, F.]. Coster, C. de. Sire Halewijn. Brussels, Institut Supérieur des Arts Décoratifs, 1928, 13 woodcut ills. by F. MASEREEL, printed in black and blue in 350 numb. copies, orig. giltlettered wr. in matching board box, folio.

- Superb copy. Box sl. rubbed on spine-ends; sm. ticket at top of spine of box; lower right corner of box sl. stained.

= Our copy monogrammed "HV" in the colophon (Henri van de Velde?). Ritter C a) no.40. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LVI.

€ (200-300) 200
67/1406 Mathijsen, J.A.M. and Oey Tjeng Sit. Theatrum Anatomicum. Amst., T. Rap, 1969, (72)p., linocut ills. by OEY TJENG SIT, printed in 250 numb. copies, orig. silverlettered cl., square 4to. Gerrard, T. Thom. Bloemendaal, Arcadia Pers, n.d. (1965), 5 col. etchings by T. GERRARD, all monogrammed and numb. in pencil by the artist, printed in 60 copies, loosely inserted in orig. portfolio w. ties, folio. - WITH loosely inserted: E. LOPEZ, Dood van een Ephebe (ibid., 1965, printed in 69 numb. copies (60), without wr. as issued, folio).

= Including loosely inserted explanation: "Op zondag 3 januari maakte de Amsterdamse kunstenaar Thom Gerrard een einde aan zijn leven. (...). Toen hij stierf werkte hij aan een cyclus van twaalf etsen, die drie verhalen van Esteban López hadden moeten illustreren (...). Ter nagedachtenis aan een jonge kunstenaar (...) brengt Arcadia Pers zeer binnenkort een herinneringsalbum uit, getiteld "THOM"."

AND 8 others, i.a. G.J. SCHEEPERS, Preek van de week (Amst., 1956, ills. by F. VAN DER MEER, printed in red and black in 500 numb. copies, orig. wr., square 8vo); H. MILLER, The smile at the foot of the ladder (The Hague, 1953, ills. by D. ELFFERS, orig. cl. w. (sl. chipped) dustwr.); L. GOLDBERG, Bloei. Dutch transl. I.S. Herschberg (Baarn, 1961, ills. by R.M. STERENBERG - GOMPERTS, printed in 100 numb. copies, orig. hcl.); J. BENOIT, Nader dan mijn hart (Zutphen, 1976, printed in 250 copies, signed in pencil by the author, orig. wr.); F. BORDEWJK, Huissens (The Hague, 1982, ills. by K. LÖB, printed in 200 numb. copies, signed in pencil by the artist, orig. pict. boards in slipcase) and R. VAN RIXTEL, 1 +1 = 3 (ibid., 1993, (photogr.) ills., orig. (trifle soiled) cl. w. dustwr., 4to).

€ (80-100) 80
67/1407 Maupassant, G. de. Short stories of the tragedy and comedy of life. Engl. transl. W. Dunne. New York, Dingwall Rock, 1925, 17 vols., 1 portrait of the author, 67 plates, printed in 1250 numb. copies, contemp. unif. giltlettered cl. (fine).
€ (70-90)
67/1408 Mehring, W. Das politische Cabaret. Chansons, Songs, Couplets. Dresden, R. Kemmerer, 1920, 99p., 5 plates, later cl., orig. pict. wr. pres.

- Mediocre copy. Browned; elaborate owner's entry on htitle; first lvs. w. waterst. in lower right corner (w. loss of some blank paper). Rare.

= First chapter w. title "Dada-Prolo 1919." Striking plates in the style of George Grosz.

€ (40-50) 40
67 1409 Mell M 67 1409 Mell M
67/1409 Mell, M. Ein altes deutsches Weihnachtsspiel. (Vienna), Johannes-Presse, 1924, 61,(3)p., printed in black and red in 50 numb. and signed copies, orig. giltlettered hvellum, large 4to.

- Covers faded along margins. Otherwise fine. = Rare.

€ (100-150)
67 1410 Mendès C 67 1410 Mendès C
67/1410 Mendès, C. Hespérus. Intermède. Le Soleil de Minuit. Paris, Paul Ollendorff, 1885, 3 vols., 50,(2); 127,(1); 30p., bound by A. MINOT in contemp. unif. gilt hcalf, t.e.g.

- Bindings occas. sl. rubbed/ chafed along extremities; bookseller's ticket on final free endpapers. Otherwise fine.

= All three volumes printed in 50 copies on Japon and published in the series: Les poésies de Catulle Mendès.

€ (100-150)
67 1411 Mensinga J R 67 1411 Mensinga J R
67/1411 Mensinga, J.R. Acht etsen van Jan Mensinga bij Les Fleurs du mal van Charles Baudelaire. Baarn, Arethusa Pers, 1963, 8 etchings, each ±18,2x27,5 cm., each signed in pencil, each under passepartout w. letterpress title, printed in 60 numb. copies, loose as issued in orig. limp cl. portfolio, folio.

- Three etchings trifle/ sl. foxed w. tiny foxed specks; otherwise a few scattered spots. Portfolio sl. faded along extremities.

= "Le crepuscule du matin"; "Les sept vieillards"; "Le beau navire"; "l'Examen de minuit"; "Une charogne"; "Le jeu"; "Les petites vieilles" and "Le portrait".

AND 3 others, i.a. R.M. RILKE, Die Weise von Liebe und Tod (...) (Amst., De Blauwe Reiger, 1959, etchings by J. MENSINGA); A. CAMUS, Noces à Tipasa (Baarn, Arethusa Pers, 1976, copperengrs. by W. JACUBOWSKI).

€ (70-90) 130
67 1412 Mew J 67 1412 Mew J
67/1412 Mew, J. Types from Spanish Story or the Old Manners and Customs of Castile. London, J.C. Nimmo and Bain, 1884, VIII,80p., 36 tipped-in proof etchings on thin Chinese by R. DE LOS RIOS, orig. gilt dec. cl., t.e.g., 4to.

- Some foxing; several bookplates, owner's entries and dedications on first lvs. incl. title-p. Spine-ends chipped; corners bumped.

= With 14p. publisher's catalogue bound at the end (8vo).

€ (40-60) 40
67/1413 Les Mille et Une Nuit Contes Arabes French transl Galland 67/1413 Les Mille et Une Nuit Contes Arabes French transl Galland
67/1413 Les Mille et Une Nuit, Contes Arabes. French transl. Galland. Paris, P.M. Pourrat et Cie, 1837, 2 parts in 4 vols., 4 steelengr. frontisp., 18 woodengr. plates, contemp. unif. gilt hcalf, large 8vo.

- Occas. foxed. = Vicaire, III p.861.

€ (70-90) 70
67 1414 Minne J  Perrault C 67 1414 Minne J Perrault C
67/1414 [Minne, J.]. Perrault, C. La barbe-bleue. Brussels, À l'enseigne du cheval ailé, 1944, (26)p., 6 full-p. woodcuts and woodcut vignettes by JORIS MINNE, printed in colours in 117 numb. copies (10), orig. wr. w. mounted title-piece, folio.

- Lacks the extra suite and the original drawing.

= Rare. One of 10 Roman numbered copies printed on Japon Mousmé (copy "V").

AND 1 other illustrated by the same: J. DE LA FONTAINE, La Besace (Brussels, 1937).

€ (80-100) 120
67 1415 Minne J  Toussaint van Boelaere F V 67 1415 Minne J Toussaint van Boelaere F V
67/1415 [Minne, J.]. Toussaint van Boelaere, F.V. Jeugd. Brussels, Vrienden van het boek, 1935, 61,(4)p., copper engr. frontispiece portrait, vignette and 2 plates by J. MINNE, initials printed in blue, printed in 100 numb. copies (95) on Japanese "Codo Mitsumata Nacre", orig. wr., board box, 4to.

= SIGNED by the author and the illustrator below the frontispiece and all plates monogrammed in pencil by the artist. With the orig. prospectus.

€ (80-100) 110
67 1416 Mirbeau O 67 1416 Mirbeau O
67/1416 Mirbeau, O. Le jardin des supplices. Paris, Javal et Bourdeaux, 1927, (8),XVII,(1),204,(4)p., 11 etched plates by R. FREIDA, printed in black and green in 538 numb. copies (90), loose as issued in orig. wr., contemp. gilt board slipcase, 4to.

- Slipcase worn along extremities.

= One of 90 numb. copies on Annam with 3 suites of the etchings and of an extra rejected etching in 3 different states. Monod 8204; Carteret IV, 283. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LVI.

€ (400-600)
67/1417 Mirbeau, O. Oeuvres illustreés. Paris, Les Éditions Nationales, 1934-1936, 9 vols., (col.) plates and (tinted) ills. by B. MAHN, DIGNIMONT, GUS BOFA, J. LAUNOIS and E. LEGRAND, printed in 3750 numb. (3250) copies, orig. unif. wr.

- Wrappers sl. (dust)soiled; backstrips/ spine-ends (sl.) worn. = Monod 8209.

€ (100-150)
67/1418 Missel de I Communion 67/1418 Missel de I Communion
67/1418 Missel de I Communion. N.pl., Bouasse-Lebel & Massin, n.d. (±1910), (56)p., all textp. w. richly decorated borders in pencil and watercolour (partly in medievalesque and partly in 19th cent. style), bound by ? in brown crushed morocco with richly gilt borders around sides, gilt monogram "M.D.R." on frontcover, gilt spine, richly gilt inside dentelles, light brown silk moiré doublures, a.e.g., kept in contemp. cloth chemise and matching cloth slipcase, sm. 8vo.

- Title-p. sl. crudely decorated, otherwise fine.

= Verso of frontispiece w. date "1 Juin 1911" in guirlande. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LVI.

AND one other similar MISSEL ROMAIN (Tours, 1897, text printed within col. lithogr. borders, woodengr. plates, orig. richly gilt calf, gilt inside dentelles, silk moiré doublures, a.e.g., in (dam.) simple gilt leather box).

€ (400-600) 850
67/1419 Missel de Première Communion et de Mariage par Mme A Mermet et Mlle Mermet 67/1419 Missel de Première Communion et de Mariage par Mme A Mermet et Mlle Mermet
67/1419 Missel de Première Communion et de Mariage par Mme A. Mermet et Mlle Mermet. N.pl., n. publ., printed by Glyptographie Silvestre et Cie., 1889, (2),CX,(7)p., richly decorated w. handcol. medievalesque borders, bound by FONTENEY in dark blue crushed morocco with mounted silvered metal (or silver) monogram inlaid with sm. pearls on frontcover, gilt inside dentelles, beige silk moiré doublures w. giltlettered "Germaine Verne" and "10 Mai 1896" on silk on first free endpaper, a.e.g., kept in blue velvet box w. giltlettered monogram "G.V." on lid.


€ (250-350) 250