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67/ 574 Salomon, J. Vuillard admiré par -. Paris, Bibliothèque des Arts, 1961, 185,(16)p., (tipped-in)(col.) ills., printed in 1100 numb. copies (1010), orig. cl., board slipcase, folio.

- Backstrip darkened; binding sl. rubbed. = One of 50 copies h.c.

Gray, C. Armand Guillaumin. Chester, Pequot Press, 1972, XV,(1),243p., (col.) ills., orig. cl. w. dustwr., 4to. - AND 6 others, i.a. C. FRÈCHES-THORY and U. PERUCCHI-PETRI, Die Nabis. Propheten der Moderne (Munich/ New York, 1998, num. (col.) ills., orig. cl. w. dustwr., large 4to); J.S. BOGGS a.o., Degas (New York/ Ottawa, 1988, num. (col.) ills., orig. cl. w. dustwr., folio).

€ (70-90)
67/ 575 Scheen, P.A. Lexicon Nederlandse beeldende kunstenaars 1750-1950. The Hague, Kunsthandel Pieter A. Scheen N.V., 1969/ 1970, 2 vols., VIII,751,(1); VII,(1),692,54,(2)p., 954 and 1017 (col.) ills. on plates, orig. unif. giltlettered rexine w. (sl. dam.) dustwr., 4to.

= Arntzen/ Rainwater E133: "An authoritative dictionary (...). Based on original research. Good bibliographies; excellent illustrations."

€ (60-80)
67/ 576 Schiller, G. Ikonographie der christlichen Kunst. Gütersloh, G. Mohn, 1966-1991, 6 parts in 8 vols. (incl. index vol. for vol. 1-4,2), num. plates w. ills., orig. unif. giltlettered cl. w. dustwr. (7x; vol. 1 without dustwr.)/ orig. wr. (index vol.), 4to.
€ (250-350)
67/ 577 [Schlemmer, O.]. Scheper, D. Oskar Schlemmer. Das triadische Ballet und die Bauhausbühne. Berlin, Akademie der Künste, 1988, 414,(6)p., 295 ills., orig. boards, 4to. Kahn-Rossi, M. (ed.). Oskar Schlemmer. Les noces. Milan, Fabbri, 1988, 214p., orig. boards w. dustwr., 4to. - AND 4 others by/ on the same, i.a. O. SCHLEMMER, L. MOHOLY-NAGY and F. MOLNAR, Die Bühne im Bauhaus (Mainz, 1985, (fold. col.) plates, ills., orig. cl. w. dustwr.) and H.D. MÜCK, Oskar Schlemmer. Das Stuttgarter theatralische Abenteuer 1921 (Böblingen, 1988, (col.) ills., orig. wr., sm. 4to).
€ (50-70) 60
67/ 578 [Schwitters, K.]. Schmalenbach, W. Kurt Schwitters. Cologne, DuMont Schauberg, 1967, 404p., 54 tipped-in col. plates, num. monochr. ills., orig. gilt cl. w. dustwr., sm. folio.

- Sm. owner's entry on first free endpaper. Dustwr. w. a few scratches and minor imperfections.

= German language edition.

€ (70-90) 70
67/ 579 [Sculpture]. Dragt, T.H. and Spaans, L. Kees Verkade. Beeldhouwer. Hendrik Ido Ambacht, Chevalier, 1999, 316p., richly illustrated, printed in 1000 numb. and SIGNED copies, orig. cl. w. dustwr., square 4to. Knaap, M.N.J.A. van der. Willy Mignot. Een vergeten beeldhouwer. Zwolle, Waanders, 1998, 155p., num. (col.) ills., orig. cl. w. dustwr., 4to. Cauwenberge, J. van. Willy Peeters. Bewogen Brons. Leuven, Uitgeverij P, 2010, 167,(1)p., num. (col.) ills., orig. boards, 4to. - AND 14 others, i.a. a duplicate of the first (shrinkwrapped); L. CLERINX and H. DETHIER, Robert van der Eycken (Hasselt, 1992, full-p. ills., orig cl. w. dustwr., 4to) and J. GROENEWOUD and M. SIEZEN, Ruurd Hallema (Haaksbergen, n.d., num. ills., orig. boards, w. dustwr., 4to).
€ (150-250)
67/ 580 [Sculpture]. Giedion-Welcker, C. Moderne Plastik. Elemente der Wirklichkeit. Masse und Auflockerung. Zürich, H. Girsberger, 1937, 166p., num. photogr. ills., orig. cl., 4to.

- Annot. in pen on first free endpaper; sl. foxed/ yellowed.

= An important early catalogue on modern sculpture.

Alberto Giacometti. Basel, Galerie Beyeler, 1964, no pagination, 101 (col.) (tipped-in) plates, orig. cl. w. dustwr., 4to. - AND 1 other on A. GIACOMETTI.

€ (50-70) 50
67/ 581 [Sculpture]. Moore, H. Shelter Sketch-book. London, Poetry London, n.d., no pagination, num. col. plates, orig. cl. w. (worn) dustwr., obl. 8vo.

= SIGNED "Henry Moore October 1940" by the author.

Eliëns, T.M., Groot, M. and Leidelmeijer, F. (ed.). Dutch Decorative Arts. Kingston, Battledore, 1997, 255,(1)p., num. (col.) ills., orig. boards w. dustwr., 4to. Duby, G. and Daval, J.-L. Sculpture. From Antiquity to the Middle Ages. Geneva, Taschen, 1991, 544p., num. (col.) ills., orig. boards w. dustwr., 4to. - AND 4 others, i.a. S. SPENDER, In Irina's garden with Henry Moore's Sculpture (London, 1986, num. (col.) ills., orig. cl. w. dustwr., 4to).

€ (150-250)
67/ 582 [Sculpture]. Ottomeyer, H. and Pröschel, P. Vergoldete Bronzen. Die Bronzearbeiten des Spätbarock und Klassizismus. Munich, Klinkhardt & Biermann, 1986, 2 vols., 427,(1); 429-750,(1)p., num. ills., orig. unif. gilt cl. w. dustwr., slipcase, 4to.

= Standard reference work.

€ (100-150) 325
67/ 583 [Sculpture]. Pratesi, G. (ed.). Repertorio della scultura fiorentina del seicento e settecento. Turin, U. Allemandi & C., 1993, 3 vols., together in orig. slipcase (mint). - AND 1 other.
€ (100-150) 110
67/ 584 [Sculpture]. Rionnet, F. Les Bronzes Barbedienne. L'Oeuvre d'une Dynastie de Fondeurs (1834-1954). Paris, Arthena, 2016, 571,(1)p., num. (col.) ills., orig. boards, folio. Dupuy-Baylet, N. L'Heure, le Feu, la Lumière. Les Bronzes du Mobilier National 1800-1870. Introd. B. Schotter. Dijon, Faton, 2010, 349,(2)p., richly illustrated, orig. cl. w. dustwr., 4to. - AND 1 other: V. DONATI and R. CASADIO, Bronzi e pietre dure nelle incisioni di Valerio Belli Vicentino (Ferrara, 2004, num. ills., orig. cl. w. dustwr., 4to).
€ (80-100) 140
67 585 Sculpture  Rozenman J 67 585 Sculpture Rozenman J
67/ 585 [Sculpture]. Rozenman, J. Zinnen-Beelden. Cast Images. Introd. G. Schwartz. Gron., Philip Elchers, 1997, 52,(5)p., (fold.) (photogr.) ills., printed in 1100 numb. and signed copies (100).

= One of 100 DELUXE copies bound in velvet, with loosely inserted offset print signed "Rozenman" and "24/100" on verso, kept in a clay 'model' with the glazed artist's handprint and stamped "24-100", made from the same material as that used for casting a bronze sculpture.

€ (60-80)
67 586 Sculpture  Sarneel K 67 586 Sculpture Sarneel K
67 586 Sculpture  Sarneel K 67 586 Sculpture Sarneel K
67/ 586 [Sculpture]. Sarneel, K. Nic Jonk. Sculpture. Venlo, Van Spijk, (1978), no pagination, (col.) (photogr.) ills. by N. KOSTER and N. JONK, large 4to.

= One of 250 numb. copies signed by the artist, w. 2 loosely inserted etchings by NIC JONK, both signed "Nic Jonk '78", "25/250" in pencil.

AND a monograph on HENK VAN DEN IDSERT.

€ (80-100)
67/ 587 Seuphor, M. De abstracte schilderkunst in Vlaanderen. Brussels, Arcade/ Mercatorfonds, 1974, 2nd ed., 315,(4)p., num. (tipped-in) (col.) plates, orig. vellumbacked cl., large 4to. Loosjes-Terpstra, A.B. Moderne kunst in Nederland 1900-1914. Utr., Veen/ Reflex, 1987, 2nd ed., XV,352,(15 index)p., frontisp., 191 (col.) ills., orig. wr., 4to (facs. reprint of the ed. Utr., 1959). - AND 4 others, i.a. H. KRAAN, Dromen van Holland (Zwolle, 2002, num. ills., orig stiff wr.).
€ (50-70) 50
67/ 588 Seuphor, M. a.o. Abstract Painting in Flanders. Preface E. Langui. Antw., Fonds Mercator, 1974, 2nd ed., 315,(4)p., 166 (tipped-in col.) plates/ ills., orig. vellumbacked cl. w. dustwr., slipcase, folio (fine). - AND 7 others, i.a. H.P. BERLAGE, Over stijl in bouw- en meubelkunst (Rott., 1921, ills., orig. cl. Owner's entry on htitle) and NEDERLANDSCHE AMBACHTS- EN NIJVERHEIDSKUNST. Jaarboek 1919/ 1921/ 1931 (Rott., 1919/ 1921/ 1931, 3 vols., ills., orig. gilt cl./ orig. gilt hcl./ orig. wr. All vols. owner's entry on htitle; first vol. frontcover and foot of spine sl. waterwrinkled).
€ (50-70)
67 589 Sidaner H Le  Mauclair C 67 589 Sidaner H Le Mauclair C
67/ 589 [Sidaner, H. Le]. Mauclair, C. Henri Le Sidaner. Paris, Galeries G. Petit/ H. Floury, 1928, 262,(2)p., 2 orig. etchings printed in bistre and in sanguine by H. LE SIDANER, 4 tipped-in col. plates, ills., later plain hcl. w. orig. lithogr. frontwr. printed in green laid down, 4to.

- Two extra col. plates mounted on verso of htitle and on verso title; owner's entry on first blank.

€ (100-150) 100
67/ 590 Het Signaal. Vol. II. Zomernummer 1917. Ed. Kunstgroep "Het Signaal". Amst., Theosofische Uitgeversmaatschappij, 1917, (4),55p., num. plates, orig. wr., 4to.

- Occas. fingersoiled; lower hinge split(ting) at bottom. Backstrip faded and dam. at spine-ends.

€ (30-50)
67/591 The Situationist Times no 1 2 and 6 Ed J de Jong 67/591 The Situationist Times no 1 2 and 6 Ed J de Jong
67/591 The Situationist Times no 1 2 and 6 Ed J de Jong 67/591 The Situationist Times no 1 2 and 6 Ed J de Jong
67/591 The Situationist Times no 1 2 and 6 Ed J de Jong 67/591 The Situationist Times no 1 2 and 6 Ed J de Jong
67/ 591 The Situationist Times, no. 1, 2 and 6. Ed. J. de Jong. Hengelo (no.1 and 2)/ Paris, J. de Jong, 1962/ 1967, 3 vols., 32 orig. col. lithogr. by i.a. P. ALECHINSKY, A. JORN, W. LAM, P. DE LUSSANET, A. SEGUI , A.H. SØRENSEN, Y. TABUCHI and TOPOR (all in no.6), ills., printed in 1000 (no.1 and 2)/ 2500 copies, orig. not unif. (lithogr.) wr., 4to.

- Wr. of no.2 sl. faded at extremities. Otherwise fine. = International (no.6: Parisian) edition.

AND 12 others, all concerning the Situationist International, all orig. wr., i.a. G. DEBORD, De spektakelmaatschappij. Dutch transl. J. Kloosterman and R. van de Kraats (Baarn, 1976); C. GRAY (ed.), Leaving the 20th century - The incomplete work of the Situationist International (London, 1974, ills., 4to); INTERNATIONALE SITUATIONNISTE 1958-69 (Amst., 1972, facs. reprint of the complete periodical); R. VANEIGEM, Traité de savoir-vivire à l'usage des jeunes générations (Paris, 1973); IDEM, Handboek voor de jonge generatie. Dutch transl. F.F. de Haan (Amst.,1978); R. VIÉNET, Enragés et situationnistes dans le mouvement des occupations (Paris, 1968, ills.).

€ (150-250) 475
67 592 Sluijters J  Knuttel Wzn G 67 592 Sluijters J Knuttel Wzn G
67/ 592 [Sluijters, J.]. Knuttel Wzn, G. Jan Sluijters. The Hague, G.J. Nieuwenhuizen Segaar, 1937, textbook (14,(2)p.), orig. tinted lithogr. and 24 monochr. plates by/ after J. SLUIJTERS, loose as issued in orig. cl. portfolio, folio.

- Textbooklet sl. foxed. Portfolio sl. (dust)soiled and some foxed spots.

€ (50-70) 60
67 593 Smith P 67 593 Smith P
67 593 Smith P 67 593 Smith P
67/ 593 Smith, P. You can find inspiration in everything.* *and if you can't, look again. London, Violette Editions, 2001, 295p., profusely illustrated, 3 loose inserts, orig. silverlettered hcl., together w. magnifying glass in orig. styrofoam drop back box, 4to.

= Playful book design, essentially an autobiography of British fashion designer Paul Smith.

€ (70-90)