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66/2867 Maritime history  Manuscript document 66/2867 Maritime history Manuscript document
66/2867 Maritime history  Manuscript document 66/2867 Maritime history Manuscript document
66/2867 [Maritime history]. Manuscript document, pen and ink on paper, Dutch and Latin, 18th century, 4 parts in 1 vol., (39) lvs., recto and verso, kept together in limp vellum binding, monogrammed "GMBk" and dated "Lett B 1794".

= Probably manuscript documents belonging to at least three maritime or engineering students. The document contains at least four exams, one concerning maritime navigation, calculation of longtitudes, tides and nautical navigation charts (26 leaves). The second exam concerns the determination of types of barricades and the equipment with which they are made (1 bifolio), "Dese vriese cavailliers sijn lanck 12 a 15 voetes (...)". This exam is accompanied by nice example drawings. The following exam concerns calculations necessary for the construction of i.a. dikes. The fourth exam is mathematical and in Latin (6 leaves). SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE CXVII.

€ (500-700)
66/2868 Meester, J. de (1860-1931). Archive concerning Johan de Meester, ±1880-1950, partly also concerning Johan de Meester Jr. (1897-1986), mostly (short) manuscript letters (a few typescript), as well as some printed matter (clippings, membership cards etc.).

= Nice collection incl. personal and professional correspondence. Incl. ±70 (short) letters of congratulation on the occasion of De Meester's 60th birthday, i.a. from Willem Kloos ("Beste Vriend, Nu gij morgen den "middelbaren leeftijd" zult bereiken wil ik, die het vorige jaar in hetzelfde geval heb verkeerd een der eerste zijn die u ten hartelijkst geluk wenschen komt"), Jan Feith ("[typescript:] By veertig jaarspan tyd/ was hy ons al: de meester!/ Dus huldigt hier De Meester/ Zyn jongere: [autograph]") and L.W.R. Wenckebach ("Waarde de Meester, Hartelijk dank voor je goede wenschen, ontvang wederkerig de mijne (...)"); ±50 letters of De Meester's daughter to her parents, various pieces of correspondence between family members and a pencil draft of a speech that De Meester delivered during the opening of an exhibition on the artist Anthon van Rappard (1858-1892). Shortly after delivering this speech, Johan de Meester died of a heartattack.

€ (500-700)
66/2869 [Militaria]. "Etat approximatif des sommes payées par la République batave tant par suite de l'entrée des armées françaises sur le territoire batave, qu'en vertu de ses traités sur le gouvernement français pour l'entretien des troupes françaises comme aussi à titre d'avances pour ce gouvernement depuis la dite entrée jusqu'au 31 Décembre 1804". Manuscript financial overview, pen and ink, ±1805, 1 leaf, recto only.

- Sl. yellowed; stained in top margin; folded twice.

= Listing i.a. the amounts paid for the "Entretien des Troupes", the "Avances faites pour Compte sur la république française" (listing i.a. "Pour la négociation faite par le Général en chef Dumourier fl.225.006,98", "Pour les affuts tirés tirés de l'Arsenal de Dordt fl.36737,18" and "Pour les Villages de Zundert et [...?]" fl.20595,-".

€ (70-90)
66 2870 Militaria  Hombach family 66 2870 Militaria Hombach family
66 2870 Militaria  Hombach family 66 2870 Militaria Hombach family
66/2870 [Militaria]. Hombach family. Small archive of ±80 manuscript documents, mainly 1800-1830, pen and ink on paper (occas. letterpress), occas. w. wax seals and paper seals mounted, mainly concerning the military career of Johan Pieter Willem Hombach.

= Contains SIGNED manuscript letters by J.P.W. Hombach, his father J. Hombach, his wife C. Hombach-van Rade, SIGNED manuscript letters with requests for promotion, from his peers colonel H.E. de Boer (1776-1838) and general D.H. Chassé (1765-1849), letterpress certificates filled out in manuscript (mostly issued by the Ministery of War), mostly 1 leaf and recto only. They bear witness to major Johan Pieter Willem Hombach's meritorious service record, i.a. of his valour during the siege of Antwerp in 1832. I.a. a document in which J.P.W. Hombach is appointed to Major (dated September 19, 1832) and a manuscript letter from the general of the Militaire Willems-Orde (w. seal, dated March 7, 1832). A fine family archive.

AND ±30 manuscript and letterpress documents concerning related family members such as the van Rade family. - ADDED: 18 bifolio containing calligraphy by "Mimi Hombach", dated from April 13th 1821 to April 16th 1822.


€ (400-600)
66/2871 [Militaria]. (List of 48 officers of the Asperen Regiment). Pen and ink on paper, early 17th cent., 12 lvs, recto and verso.

- Later manuscript annotations added.

€ (100-150)
66/2872 [Militaria]. Lot of 10 letters of appointment on vellum, all but one letterpress on vellum, dated between "13 Juli 1764" and "26 Februarij 1796", some w. remnants of wax seals, all w. paper seals.

= The States General of the Netherlands appointing several men to "Lieutenant" and "Major" i.a. A.J. Knollaert (1764/ 1775), C.W. Tecko (1782), A. Macdonald (1792/ 1794), H. Balneavis (1794) and G.E. Schenk (1792).

€ (150-250) 150
66 2873 Napier J 66 2873 Napier J
66/2873 Napier, J. Tabula seu Canon Logarithmorum ex inventione illustris viri Joannis Neperi (...). Met ghebruijck der selve door rechtlijnig en sphaeris triangulen, Uit die latijnsche spraecke aldus bij een naq dese order gestelt. D. Abbestee, Ao 1646. Manuscript, 17th cent., pen and ink, (4),(46),48,(4) lvs., later vellum.

- Hinges weak; text part partly waterstained in upper part and with mouldy spots in outer margin

= Rare 17th century Dutch manuscript translation by the surveyor Dirk Pietersz. Abbestee (?) of Mirifici Logarithmorum Canonis Descriptio. The text part has the divisional title "Problemetae ofte regulen van het gebruijk des canons logarithmorum". The first part contains the logarithm tables. In Nederduitsche Astronomie (Amst., 1658 the Dutch cartographer and mathematician Dirk Rembrantsz van Nierop mentions that the surveyor Dirk Abbestee did research on the slope of ecliptica in 1647. On one of the first leaves a text is written in a slightly different hand (so probably added later) mentioning Van Nierop (" Bij Dirck Remmerantsz van Niedorp is gestelt dese volgende demonstratie op de vindinge van dese Logarithmus"). SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE CXIX.

€ (400-600) 400
66/2874 [Netherlands]. (Slingelandt, S. van (1664-1736)). "Verhandeling van de oude regeering van Holland onder de Graaven, en van de verandering daar in gevallen sedert de troublen. Opgestelt in 't Jaar 1716." Manuscript, n.pl., second half 18th century, pen and ink on paper, [2 blank],(1),69,[6 blank]lvs., recto and verso, contemp. vellum, folio.

- Some foxing towards the beginning and the end and occas. in upper margin; contents folded several times before bound. Vellum trifle soiled.

= Manuscript transcript in a well legible hand, probably written in the second half of the 18th century (the textleaves w. "Vryheyt" watermark and countermark "PS" and the prel. blanks w. "Pro Patria" watermark (cf. Churchill 95/96 and 152)). The treatise was written by the Dutch statesman Simon van Slingelandt and appears in volume 1 of his posthumously published Staatskundige Geschriften (Amst., 1784-1785).

€ (100-150) 100
66/2875 [Netherlands]. (Verslagen van de vergaderingen van de Staten van Hollandt ende West-Vrieslandt), Manuscript, dated between 14 December 1746 and 3 May 1748, 2 vols., 138,(1)lvs.; 254,(7)p., blank lvs., bound together in orig. unif. overlapping limp vellum w. cl. ties, folio. - ADDED: "Register op Het recuil (sic) van de Resolutien van de Heeren Staaten van Holland en Westvries land, beginnende met den Jaare 1544 en eyndigende met den Jaare 1664. Eerste Deel. Tweede Deel". Manuscript, n.pl., 18th cent., pen and ink on paper, 2 vols., together ±530 lvs., kept together in contemp. unif. hroan w. ties, folio. AND 1 other similar manuscript transcript document, concerning resolutions between 1665 and 1720, ±290 lvs., bound similar, folio. - AND 1 other.
€ (300-500) 325
66/2876 Newton, A.E. (1864-1940). Lot of 2 AUTOGRAPH SIGNED LETTERS to "Dear Dobell" and "Dear Sir" and 3 TYPESCRIPT LETTERS SIGNED to "My dear Capt. Pleadwell", "My dear Mr. Gannon" and "My dear Mrs. Lowry", dated "June 19th, 1928", "June 29th, 1928", February 6th, 1934", "Sept 5, 1940" and 1x undated, all 1 (fold.) leaf, 4x w. the printed letterhead of A. Edward Newton, 2x w. orig. envelope.

= Both autograph letters addressed to antiquarian bookseller Percy Dobell (1871-1956), i.a. commenting on World War II: "No one will win this war, we shall all be ruined, one way or another. I never believed there was a hell until Hitler came along (...). Why, in God's name, Churchill was kept in the background by these foolish prime ministers is one of the things we over here do not understand" (5 September 1940).

WITH a small stack of printed ephemera concerning the same, i.a. invitations to and announcements of exhibitions and lectures. - AND an etched portrait of A.E. Newton by (?), signed (illegibly) by the artist in pencil and by the portrayed in pen and ink, framed.

€ (80-100)
66 2877 Nieuwland P  1764 1794  a o  66 2877 Nieuwland P 1764 1794 a o
66/2877 Nieuwland, P. (1764-1794) (a.o.). Small personal archive, consisting of ±50 (manuscript) documents, 1774-1802, mainly manuscript documents, a few printed items, some w. wax seals, all loose, kept together in a cardboard portfolio w. ties, folio.

= Pieter Nieuwland (1764-1794) was a Dutch scholar and poet who lived in Leyden. He was a member of the Gezelschap der Hollandsche Scheikundigen. He was a prodigy who wrote poems from the age of seven and was taught Latin by Jeronimo de Bosch (1740-1811). This small personal archive consists of a large number of documents by and about him. It is a very rich and diverse source containing some autograph poems such as "Op De Vriendschap", "De Morgenstond", dated between 1775-1776 (which means that he was only 11 at the time) and an emotional dedication to his late father, signed P. Nieuwland. Some personal correspondence to and from friends tells a story about a humorous Pieter Nieuwland who writes about capturing an enormous pike which wasn't edible because of the two cats in its belly and the two pikes that got away, "De Ontsnapte Snoek". An interesting document titled "Ontvangst en Uitgaave in den Boedel van wijlen Professor Pieter Nieuwland" reports all the money transactions that took place after his death. A very rich archive that tells the personal story of an 18th century Dutch scholar from Leyden.

€ (500-700) 500
66/2878 Occasional poetry  Nieuw jaer wensch aen de Rechtsgheleerde jeught van Gendt 66/2878 Occasional poetry Nieuw jaer wensch aen de Rechtsgheleerde jeught van Gendt
66/2878 [Occasional poetry]. "Nieuw-jaer-wensch aen de Rechtsgheleerde jeught van Gendt". Manucript poem consisting of 27 verses of 4 lines each, pen and brown ink on folded sheet (4p.), signed "A.B." and dated "1741".

= Verse 1: "Van al dat leven heeft, van al de vremden dieren, / die kruijpen op den aerd', die in de wolcken swieren, / of swemmen in de zee, t'is seker en gewis, / dat onder allen dees den Mensch het dwaeste is". With declamation instructions at the top: "Noteert, dat dit ghedicht, mits het zedigh is, noodtsaeckelijck behoort gelesen te worden op eene staatighe wijse, soo ende gelijck men predickt."

"Iet op het voorwerp, Ten Prijs-strijd opgehangen Door de Maatschappij van Rym en Reden, te Moorseele, den xiv. van zomer-maand M D CCC VIII." Manuscript poem consisting of 26 verses of 4 lines each, pen and brown ink on grey paper bound in a quire of (8)p., recto and verso.

- Stained.

= Winning poem of the 1808 poetry contest of the association Rijm en Reden in Moorsele, western Flanders. On the horrors of war and the bliss of peace: "voorwerp. Schets Broeders! ons den Krijg in all' zijn ijs'lijkheden, En wat al weedom, smart en leed hij 't menschdom baart (...)." The last page reading "Eenstemmig gekroond met den eersten gouden Eer-schaakel, onder Ken-spreuk: iet of niet, en dien geschonken aan deszelfs opsteller, den Eerw. Heer J.B. Luyckx, Pastor tot Ninove, en proost van Rethorica. Al vloeyende, groeyende."

€ (50-70) 50
66 2879 Oriental manuscripts  al Ansari Z 66 2879 Oriental manuscripts al Ansari Z
66/2879 [Oriental manuscripts]. al-Ansari, Z. Fath al-Wahhaab bisharh Minhaj al-tullaab. Manuscript, 1861, 1 vol. (of 2), pen and black, brown and red ink, without pagination (±600p.), modern halfleather, large 8vo.

- Lacks vol. 1. First and last two lvs. dam. in blank margins; first and last leaf yellowed and soiled; ±30 lvs. waterstained in lower margin, affecting text, or otherwise soiled; otherwise contents fine.

= Islamic-juridical tractate on inheritance law and one of Zakariyya al-Ansari's best-known works, possibly provenient from southwestern Syria. It enjoyed great popularity, not in the least in Indonesia and Malaysia. This manuscript is a more elaborate explanation for students of al-Ansari's 15th century work. This copy interestingly containing numerous student's annots. in pen and black ink in the margins and between the lines. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE CXIX.

€ (100-150) 100
66/2880 [Oriental manuscripts]. Persian manuscript, probably late 19th cent.(?), 340p., ±28x19 cm. (leaf)/ 19,5x12 cm. (bordered manuscript section), 1 half-p. floral decoration painted in various colours, 9-12 lines to the page written in black ink within borders in gold and blue ink, the manuscript sections occas. divided by a broad line in golden ink, contemp. gilt calf with central lozenge-shaped ornament in gilt and red, within gilt ruled border w. floral decorations around sides.

- Contents partly soiled/ inkstained; p.18/ 42/ 46/ 16-123/ 148/ 158 w. sm. repairs w. paper in outer blank margins; a few pages w. sm. holes; upper hinge splitting. Binding worn along extremities; spine-ends chipped; remnants of paper on covers.

= Persian love poetry.

€ (200-300) 200
66 2881 Renoir P A 66 2881 Renoir P A
66/2881 Renoir, P.-A. SIGNED prospectus for A. VOLLARD, Tableau, Pastels & Dessins de Pierre-Auguste Renoir, (Paris, 1919, (4) textp. w. ills. and 2 (col.) plates by P.-A. RENOIR, on Japanese ("no.43")).
€ (250-350)
66/2882 Rotterdam and surroundings  Manuscript document 66/2882 Rotterdam and surroundings Manuscript document
66/2882 [Rotterdam and surroundings]. Manuscript document, dated "duysent vierhondert zeven ende negentich" (1497), pen and ink on vellum, two leaves attached, w. remnants of wax seal.

= Legal document concerning the indemnification of "Adriaen van Matenesse", a member of the noble family Matenesse and lord of Riviere and Hilligersberg.

€ (200-300) 200
66 2883 Swart S de 1861 1951  Redon O  1840 1916 66 2883 Swart S de 1861 1951 Redon O 1840 1916
66 2883 Swart S de 1861 1951  Redon O  1840 1916 66 2883 Swart S de 1861 1951 Redon O 1840 1916
66 2883 Swart S de 1861 1951  Redon O  1840 1916 66 2883 Swart S de 1861 1951 Redon O 1840 1916
66 2883 Swart S de 1861 1951  Redon O  1840 1916 66 2883 Swart S de 1861 1951 Redon O 1840 1916
66/2883 [Swart, S. de (1861-1951)]. Redon, O. (1840-1916). AUTOGRAPH LETTER SIGNED "Odilon Redon" to "Excellentes amies" (= Sara de Swart and Emilie van Kerckhoff), dated "6 Novembre 1914 à Royan (charante inférieure)", pen and ink, 1 fold. leaf, (4)p.

- Folded twice; sl. foxed.

= A letter to the sculptress Sara de Swart and her friend Emilie van Kerckhoff, whom Odilon Redon came to know in the 1890s and who became good friends of the artist. Redon writes about the military service of his son Arï and his wories about his wellbeing, but also expresses his confidence in France's victory: "Toute la France, unanimement croit, dans le plus grand calme, que nous serons finalement vainqueurs. C'est une conviction qui a le caractère grave et serieux de l'expression de la vérité (...)." And on his own feelings he writes the following emotional lines: "l'Année de 1870 et 71 fut, pour moi, l'une des plus activement et fortement vécues, allégrement, vivement, et tous les souvenirs que j'en ai gardé sont ineffaçable, et me sont chers. Mais un fils à la guerre, quand on a mon age, c'est affreusement dûr (...)."

Bernard, E. (1868-1941). AUTOGRAPH LETTER SIGNED "Emile Brenard", to "Chère Amie" [Sara de Swart], undated (±1940), "Pont Aven Finistère. Hotel de la Poste", pen and ink, 1 fold. leaf, (4)p.

- Folded three times.

= A fine letter written apparently after a long period of not communicating with each other, and directed to Sara de Swart in Rome, where, after having been evacuated from their home in Capri, she and Emilie van Kerckhoff were forced to live. Bernard is elated to have renewed contact with Sara and writes with gratitude about the fact that Sara still has the cupboard that she bought from him in 1893: "Il m'est agréable de penser que vous avez toujours conservé mon meuble. Nos oeuvres sont nous mêmes et nos amis prouvent leur fidélité en les conservant. J'ai toujours le portrait que je fis de vous à Laren et où vous êtes avec votre amie et une petite fille. Il a été exposé à Prague en 1910 et reproduit au catalogue illustré de mon oeuvre (...)." Later on he eulogizes Bretagne as follows: "J'ai été bien satisfait de retrouver Pont Aven où je me plais énormement. La Bretagne reste bretonne, malgré les efforts du modernisme pour la détruire. La guerre ne fait que la préserver encore. J'y suis resté, heureux de retrouver le beau pays de ma jeunesse plein encore du charme breton, et j'y travaille sans arrêt (...) L'artiste a le devoir d'expirer sur son oeuvre comme le soldat sur le champ de bataille. J'admire l'amitié qui fait que Mlle Van Kerckhoff est toujours près de vous, Qu'il est beau de savoir vivre en bon accord jusqu'à la fin! (...)".

AND a small archive of Sara de Swart, consisting of notes, letters, photocopies, publications etc., i.a. letters by J.W. YNTEMA (1779-1858, Dutch author and publisher/ editor of the Vaderlandsche Letteroefeningen, grandfather of Sara de Swart) (11 letters, poems and short stories); an album amicorum for JACOBA (KOOSJE) DE HAAN (contributions dating from 1851-1855, containing i.a. a drawing by E.S. Yntema, mother of Sara de Swart); an autograph picture postcard signed "Emilie" by EMILIE VAN KERCKHOFF (to Sara de Swart's grandnephew, Simon van Brakel, inviting him to accompany her on a boat trip); autograph signed photogr. picture postcard by LUGNÉ POE (1869-1940, French actor and director); an autograph signed letter by WERNER VON HAUSEN (1870-1951, Finnish artist) and a snapshot of him and his wife and one of their children as well as 2 autograph letters by his wife EUGENIE BRETTEVILLE-MAGELSSEN and of their children; several photographic copies of photographs (i.a. of the the atelier of Sara de Swart, statuettes made by her and her gravestone); several photocopies of official legal documents (i.a. of several wills of Sara de Swart); a manuscript copy of "Episode uit het leven van Willem Kloos volgens door hem gemaakte notities en copiën van brieven samengesteld door Jeanne Roos" (±1963, pen and ink, (43)p., contemp. hcl. Contains Jeanne Kloos' and Willem Kloos' description and interpretation of the affair of the unrequited love of Eduard Karssen for Sara de Swart and quotes from many letters by other contemporarties involved in the matter); Rotterdamsche Kunstkring Gedenkboek 1893-1913 (Rott., 1913, num. ills., orig. wr. Contains a contribution by Sara de Swart); two vols. w. sheetmusic for piano, incl. one with owner's entry (and annotations) by ELLA ADAÏEWSKY-VON SCHULZ (1846-1926, Russian pianist and acqaintance of Sara de Swart) and 4 recent publications containing contributions on or information concerning Sara de Swart.

= The sculptress Sara de Swart led a life in which two main phases may be discerned: the early adult years in Amsterdam (and Paris) where she stood out as a lively and strongly independent artist with a free spirit, and was soon included in the circle of Dutch authors and artists who became known as the 'Tachtigers', and her later life with fellow artist and friend Emilie van de Kerckhoff, with whom she lived in Laren and later, from 1914 onwards, more reclusively in Italy. Throughout her life she was in contact with several of the major artists of her time. As a result of a fairly large inheritance, she was in the position to support many of the artists that she met directly or by buying their art. Not only did she purchase works by Odilon Redon and Emile Bernard, whose letters testify to her importance as a maecenas, but also works by Dutch artists whom she admired or wished to support, i.a. G.H. Breitner, Isaac Israëls, Johan Thorn Prikker, Jan Toorop, Jan Voerman sr. and Lambertus Zijl. Her private life gave rise to some speculation about the nature of her relationship with her female companions and, mild as this level of intrigue may have been, it surfaced sharply in the disturbed relationship with the Dutch artist Eduard Karssen, who was deeply frustrated by her rejection of his advances. The intriguing story of the life of Sara de Swart has been thoroughly documented by Jaap Versteegh in his Fatale kunst. Leven en werk van Sara de Swart (1861-1951). SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE CXIX.

€ (1.200-1.500)
66/2884 [The Hague and surroundings]. (Inventory concerning Gideon d'Assignies). Two manuscript documents, pen and ink on paper, dated "25 augustus 1732" and "18 December 1733", 95 lvs., recto and verso, kept together in later portfolio w. ties.

= The oldest document was drawn up in the Hague by will executor Cornelis Knoll and comprises the inventory of the deceased Gideon d'Assignies, former attorney of Justice in the Hague.

€ (50-70) 50
66/2885 The Hague and surroundings  Manuscript deed of transport concerning the sale of a house 66/2885 The Hague and surroundings Manuscript deed of transport concerning the sale of a house
66/2885 [The Hague and surroundings]. Manuscript deed of transport concerning the sale of a house, pen and ink on vellum, dated "XIX Meij XVI sestich", 1 leaf, mounted paper seal, recto only.

= "(...) ende aldaer op te dragen/ transporteren ende coderen aenden heer Petrus Pots sicher huysinge ende erve staende ende gelegen inde Laenstraet in 's Gravenhage".

Two manuscript deeds concerning legacies, pen and ink on vellum, dated "1 Mey 1739" and "1 Mey 1758", 2 lvs., recto only. ADDED: Three manuscript documents concering property in Zoeterwoude, Rotterdam and Leyden, dated "duijsent ses hondert een ende tachtich", "15 november XVIJ agt ende dertig" and "5 October 1775", pen and ink on vellum (1x letterpress), 1x attached wax seal, recto only.

€ (150-250)
66/2886 The Hague  Aan Dr H Zillesen Griffier van de Eerste Kamer der Staten Generaal 1900 1927 wordt bij gelegenheid van zijn aftreden als zoodanig dit Gedenkboek hoogachtend aangeboden door am66/2886 The Hague Aan Dr H Zillesen Griffier van de Eerste Kamer der Staten Generaal 1900 1927 wordt bij gelegenheid van zijn aftreden als zoodanig dit Gedenkboek hoogachtend aangeboden door am
66/2886 [The Hague]. "Aan Dr. H. Zillesen, Griffier van de Eerste Kamer der Staten-Generaal 1900-1927 wordt, bij gelegenheid van zijn aftreden als zoodanig dit Gedenkboek hoogachtend aangeboden door ambtenaren en beambten der Kamer." Commemorative album, 41 board lvs., comprising a calligraphed title and leaf w. a large watercolour coat of arms of the Netherlands (in colours and gold), both signed "D. Bordewijk", a mounted portrait of Zillesen (anonymous pencil drawing) and a large number of mounted and tipped in (fold.) documents and photographs in relation to the life and career of Zillesen, i.a. school and University certificates, letters of appointment, 17 photographs of exterior and (mainly) interior of the Dutch parliamentary buildings, menucards, correspondence, newspaper clippings etc. etc., bound in later blue hmor., frontcover w. giltlettered "Gedenkboek H.Z." and front- and backcover w. gold col. knobs in corners (frontcover knobs w. the embossed Dutch lion), in custom-made giltlettered cl. dropback box, folio.

= A rich album, documenting life and career of Hendrik Zillesen (Amsterdam 1854 - The Hague 1939), who served as a clerk at the Eerst Kamer for almost 28 years.

€ (600-800)