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66/2827 Ferdinand III, Holy Roman Emperor (1608-1657). Signature "Ferdinand", on manuscript document, one leaf, pen and ink on paper, dated 6 May 1650, w. attached blindst. paper Imperial seal.

- Folded several times; lower part waterst.; a few sm. holes and dam. parts.

= Letter of safeguard issued to Tobias Nütz von Goisernburg and his sons for an intended trip abroad. Drawn up at the Emperor's residence in Laxenburg, near Vienna.

AND 6 other (military) passports, ±1800-1845, Dutch and Belgian, partly filled out manually, w. stamps and wax seals, partly w. defects. - ADDED: an "Eehren Brief" issued to Joseph Zobl (pen and ink on vellum, w. attached (worn) wax seal).

€ (250-350) 400
66 2828 Van Gelder Zonen Paper  Grevenstuk Gebroeders 66 2828 Van Gelder Zonen Paper Grevenstuk Gebroeders
66 2828 Van Gelder Zonen Paper  Grevenstuk Gebroeders 66 2828 Van Gelder Zonen Paper Grevenstuk Gebroeders
66 2828 Van Gelder Zonen Paper  Grevenstuk Gebroeders 66 2828 Van Gelder Zonen Paper Grevenstuk Gebroeders
66/2828 [Van Gelder Zonen, Paper]. Grevenstuk, Gebroeders. "Kroniek der Firma Van Gelder Zonen MDCCCLXXV-MDCCCXCIX". Commemorative album, 1900, consisting of (63) (limp board) lvs., comprising a calligraphed title leaf incorporating a large Van Gelder coat of arms, dedication leaf and 4 divis. titles each incorporating a municipal coat of arms, all in pen and (col.) ink, watercolour, gold and silver, the title leaf signed "Gebr. Grevenstuk", 28 lvs. w. text in pen and ink within border in red ink and 29 limp board lvs. each w. a mounted carbon print(?) photographs, orig. custom-made blindst. vellum over wooden covers, spine w. raised bands, frontcover w. central gilt Van Gelder coat of arms, blindst. inside dentelles, red vellum doublures and endpapers, the first free endpaper w. purple outlined Van Gelder coat of arms and the upper pastedown w. gilt Van Gelder Zonen monogram, t.e.g., in custom-made giltlettered marbled hvellum drop-back box, folio.

- Sl. offsetting from photographs (occas. affecting text); vellum endpapers warped and w. a few mouldy spots. Vellum rubbed along spine and extremities and sl. discoloured/ soiled along margins.

= Splendid album, presented to "den WelEdelGeboren Heer den Heere P. Smidt van Gelder ter herinnering aan den 1sten Januari 1900", on the celebration of his 25th anniversary as associate of the paper manufacturing company. The last two pages contain the 21 signatures of those presenting the chronicle. The text and photographs showing the firm's history and progress of the last 25 years. The four 'chapters' on the Van Gelder branches in Wormer, Apeldoorn and Velsen (all called "De Eendracht") and "Papierhandel te Amsterdam". The photographs showing the exteriors and interiors of the three factories (factory as well as board rooms) and the shop at Amsterdam. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE CXIV.

(Gelder, J.M. van). Stamboek der familie Van Gelder bevattende het voor- en nageslacht van Pieter Smidt van Gelder. Amst., L.J. Veen, 1899, (6),IV,(4),229,(11)p., 3 col. heraldic plates, fold. tables, printed in 150 numb. copies, orig. vellum w. red mor. letterpiece, t.e.g., folio.

- Bumped spot at foot of spine, otherwise a fine copy.

€ (1.500-2.500) 1500
66/2829 Gelderland  Lot of 3 manuscript documents concerning Leijenberschen tijent ende hoffstede den Larer Camp 66/2829 Gelderland Lot of 3 manuscript documents concerning Leijenberschen tijent ende hoffstede den Larer Camp
66/2829 [Gelderland]. Lot of 3 manuscript documents concerning "Leijenberschen tijent ende hoffstede den Larer Camp", pen and ink on vellum, dated May 11/ 12 1620 and May 4 1627, recto only, w. attached wax seals, folded.

= The following names are mentioned: Maria van Delen, Cornelis van Frentz, Henrick Wijnen, Johan Spaen, Diederick van der Hoenelijck, Adam Schaep, Johan van de Poel and Gerard Sluijsken.

€ (150-250) 150
66/2830 Gelderland  Manuscript notebook 66/2830 Gelderland Manuscript notebook
66/2830 [Gelderland]. Manuscript notebook, (80)lvs., pen and ink, dated 1680 (between 2 March - 27 August), contemp. limp vellum wallet binding, 15x10 cm.

- Quires loosening (last quire disbound); occas. sl. soiled/ stained and w. some marginal tears. Frontwrapper lacks portion; binding stained.

= Interesting notebook, dealing with the work of "Dijckgraef en Heijmraden" of the Hoogheemraadschap Tieler- en Bommelerwaard. Contains an overview of decisions, payments, expenses, investigations (i.a. the "Loosschouw" and "Aertschouw'), ordinances etc. made by the dike-wardens in i.a. Herwijnen, Tuijl, Vuren, Tiel, Lith and Hellouw.

€ (200-300)
66/2831 Gelderland  Tinsen toe Ermel 66/2831 Gelderland Tinsen toe Ermel
66/2831 [Gelderland]. "Tinsen toe Ermel". Manuscript document, late 16th cent., pen and ink on paper, 46 lvs., contemp. limp overlapping vellum.

= A 16th century copy of a 15th century document; "Geextraheert uuyt een olde register van date den jaire XIIII^c LI^o (=1451) ende bevonden dair mede taccorderen bij mij". This document was meant to recorded the due payments from the tenants of the land surrounding Harderwijk, Putten and Ermelo; "Deese nabescreeven thins salmen inden eersten betalen op Sint Remigus dach inden hoff tot putten bij armel", "Dese thins nabescreven is men schuldich t betalen op Sint Martens dach inden winter Inden hove t putten bijden elburch". I.a. the following names and institutions are mentioned; "meester gerijts zusteren des groten van deventer" (9v); "dat susteren convent ter elborch" (15v); "die nonnen t harderwijck" (20r).

€ (400-600)
66/2832 [Gelderland]. Lot of 6 manuscript charters, concerning property "Lange Kamp in het kerspel Elst", ink on fold. vellum, dated between 1574-1667, all but one w. wax seals attached.

ADDED: Three miscelleanous manuscript documents, all pen and ink on vellum.

€ (100-150) 140
66/2833 Genealogy and heraldry  Elsevier family 66/2833 Genealogy and heraldry Elsevier family
66/2833 [Genealogy and heraldry]. (Elsevier family). MANUSCRIPT, 1724-1801, 4 parts in 1 vol., 248 lvs., pen and ink on paper, recto and verso, 9 fold. CONTEMP. HANDCOLOURED drawings w. coats of arms (pen and ink and watercolour), 1 fold. genealogical table, bound together in contemp. wr., 4to.

- Quires loose(ning). Backstrip gone.

= Interesting 18th century manuscript on the genealogy of Jan Jacob Elsevier and the Elsevier family, incorporating other noble families related to Jan Jacob Elsevier (Rammelman, Roch and Waasberge), partly w. glosses in different hands. It includes copies of 16th century documents which determine the genealogy of Jan Jacob Elsevier and is a contemporary example of the marriage practices of the noble families of Holland in the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries. But most of all, it is a genealogical overview of one of the most important families of publishers of the Netherlands. The manuscript is divided into four sections (partly in different hands). Each section is copied from various sources, with separate pagination. Plates: nine plates with a genealogical table of coats of arms, every single one related to a member of the Elsevier family. One folded plate with the written genealogical table of the Elsevier family. Section I: (92 lvs., (partly unnumb.)) contains an extensive genealogical history of the Elsevier family. It begins with five 18th century copies of 16th century documents and a brief history of Louis Elsevier. The family tree continues until 1801. Section II: (36 lvs.) begins with "De Familie van Rammelman is van Ouds onder de Adelijke geslachte van Overijssel." In this section, a genealogy of the Rammelman family is given, all related to the Elsevier family. Section III: (60 lvs.) contains the same type of genealogy of the Roch Family. Section IV: begins with "De Familie van Van Waasberghe is oorspronkelijk uit Brabant, en aldaar voor lange tijden voor een aanzienlijk Adelijks geslacht.". SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE CXV.

€ (1.500-2.000) 1500
66/2834 [Genealogy and heraldry]. "Genealogie van het geslacht Heutz". Manuscript, pen and ink and watercolour, early 20th. cent., 3 lvs., handcol. calligraphed title and 2 large handcol. coats of arms, heightened w. gold and silver.
€ (30-50)
66 2835 Genealogy and heraldry  Neufforge J H T J de 66 2835 Genealogy and heraldry Neufforge J H T J de
66 2835 Genealogy and heraldry  Neufforge J H T J de 66 2835 Genealogy and heraldry Neufforge J H T J de
66/2835 [Genealogy and heraldry]. Neufforge, J.H.T.J. de. "Crayons généalogiques." Small archive, late 18th/ early 19th century, ±250 lvs., pen and ink on paper, incl. genealogical tables w. num. coats of arms (3x watercolour) of 59 families, letters and num. sm. notes, wr. w. remnants of wax seal.

= Including an index of the 59 noble families, all of the Southern Netherlands. Each genealogical description is numbered w. blue crayon. This archive of J.H.T.J. de Neufforge was very much a work in progress. Although the general set-up is a bifolium with a genealogical table, the author kept adding notes, letters and leaves to his work, varying from scribblings on very small notes and extensive contributions on cut-out leaves from various publications to letters directed to him from members of the concerning families. It most likely was the preliminary work for a monumental work, possibly like his Armorial Royaume de Pays-Bas (1825). The families mentioned are i.a. the Posson family; the Van Mechelen family; the Namur family; the De Duc family and the Van Panhuys family. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE CXIV.

€ (1.000-1.500)
66 2836 Genealogy and heraldry  Ploos van Amstel family 66 2836 Genealogy and heraldry Ploos van Amstel family
66/2836 [Genealogy and heraldry]. (Ploos van Amstel family). Lot of 11 manuscript documents, dated between November 1613 and September 1645, in pen and ink on paper, some w. an attached blindst. seal, all bifolia w. some added lvs.

= The Ploos van Amstel family is a noble Dutch family that was granted their title in 1864. In the 17th century two family members, Adriaen Ploos (1585-1639) and his son Gerard Ploos (1617-1695) undertook several attempts to be admitted to the Edelen en Ridderschap van Utrecht. The documents in this lot are testimonies to their attempts. Several members of other noble Dutch families wrote statements attesting to their rightful claim to nobility. The most important hurdle they had to overcome was the acknowledgement of their origin and connection to the Amstel van Mijnden family. In these letters, several of them signed by a notary, members from i.a. the Reede van Amerongen, the Van den Boetzelaer and the Van Renesse family state that they have seen the evidence and are convinced that "de familie ende geslachte van Ploos, afgecomen ende gesproten is van ende uyt het geslachte van Amstel van Mijnden(...)" (from the document dated 22 February 1634). Incl. one 17th cent. transcript of a 15th cent. document concerning the van Mynden Amstel family.

ADDED: Two manuscript documents, dated 1635.

€ (250-350) 250
66/2837 Genealogy and heraldry  Suyderhoef family 66/2837 Genealogy and heraldry Suyderhoef family
66/2837 [Genealogy and heraldry]. (Suyderhoef family). Large genealogical table, n.pl., 17th century, pen and ink on paper, 9 joined lvs., 32x320 cm., 150 coats of arms (incl. 2 in watercolour, the majority in pencil, 8 in pen and ink and also 34 blank).

- The lower left corner and lower margin of the uttermost left leaf dam.; unobtrusive waterst. in lower and upper margins.

= The tree starts w. the names "Pieter Willemsz Suyderhoef" and "Cornelia Hendrickx van der Laen". Remarkable family tree, important for Haarlem, which includes i.a. the following names; Willem and Agatha Six, Abloing, Adrianus Buttinga, Cornelis Ysbrandts van Os and Willem Everzwijn.

€ (200-300)
66 2838 Genealogy and heraldry  Van Baexen family 66 2838 Genealogy and heraldry Van Baexen family
66/2838 [Genealogy and heraldry]. (Van Baexen family). Two manuscript documents on paper, 18th and 19th century, 2 lvs.

= The 18th century genealogy starts with Jan van Baexen (±1450-1530), knight and lord of Rosmalen and Koningsvrij in the dukedom 's Hertogenbosch and ends with Johanna Maria van Baexen's death in 1668.

"Genealogie van de Vlamingh van Outshoorn". Large genealogical table, pen and ink on paper, 18th cent.,1 leaf, recto and verso, folded.

- Large tear (3x8cm) in centre of leaf.

"Desendenten van Willem Gabrielsz. van Gaesbeeck". Manuscript document, pen and ink on paper, 18th cent., 8 lvs., 1 coat of arms, contemp. wr.

AND 1 other large genealogical table of the descendants of Jan Jacobsz. Fortuijn, 18th cent.

€ (70-90)
66/2839 [Genealogy and heraldry]. (Van Mansvelt and Nyerode families). Manuscript in pen and ink, 18th cent., ±600p., contemp. marbled boards w. manuscr. titlepiece on frontcover, folio.

- All quires loose.

= The manuscript deals first with the genealogy of the Van Mansvelt family, a Dutch noble family (p.1-71). Beginning with: "De Familie van Van Mansvelt is een zeer oud geslaght, dog door Verzuym van Aanteekeningen hebbe geen vroeger daar het vervolg van Deschendenten op konde vinden, ontdekt dan..", and it starts with the marriage of Hans van Mansvelt to Lucretia Vereem on the 8th of August 1550. The entries are made in two different hands, one slightly more calligraphic than the other. The later annotations are mainly dates of death and the oldest entry is in the year 1788. The following 20 pages contain "Lyste der Leen Heeren, der Ridder Hofstadt Gunterstein en Nijenrode". The next part begins with "Het Geslacht van Nyenrode stelt men afkomstig te syn van het al over oud & Adelyk geslacht van Ruweel (...)" (p. 1-580), an extensive genealogy follows of the Nyenrode family.

€ (200-300) 200
66 2840 Genealogy and heraldry  Vorsterman van Oijen A A 66 2840 Genealogy and heraldry Vorsterman van Oijen A A
66 2840 Genealogy and heraldry  Vorsterman van Oijen A A 66 2840 Genealogy and heraldry Vorsterman van Oijen A A
66/2840 [Genealogy and heraldry]. Vorsterman van Oijen, A.A. "Genealogisch en heraldisch Archief". Album, 50 lvs., comprising of 12 mounted WATERCOLOUR coats of arms (17th century?) and 79 engr. coats of arms, 12 loosely inserted engr. plates, kept together in contemp. hcalf w. ties and letterpress title-p. on frontcover, folio. - AND 1 manuscript document by the same: "Wapenverzameling" (6 lvs., black and red ink, 117 sm. heraldic plates mounted).

- Bookplate of A.A. Vorsterman van Oijen on upper pastedown; entire upper corner of book missing.

= A.A. Vorsterman van Oijen, the author of Stam- en wapenboek van aanzienlijke Nederlandsche familiën (1885-1890), the standardwork on Dutch nobility for decades.

€ (200-300)
66 2841 Genealogy and heraldry  Vos J B de 18th cent  66 2841 Genealogy and heraldry Vos J B de 18th cent
66 2841 Genealogy and heraldry  Vos J B de 18th cent  66 2841 Genealogy and heraldry Vos J B de 18th cent
66/2841 [Genealogy and heraldry]. Vos, J.B. de (18th cent.). Lot of 3 vols., manuscript, pen and ink on paper, late 18th cent., vol. 1: 89p., hvellum, folio; vol. 2: 7 loose quires, ±130 lvs.; vol. 3: ±260 loose lvs., num. drawings of coats of arms.

= The first vol. is titled "Extracten getrocken uyt originele Brieven soo Contracten, Scheydinghe ende Deylinghe Testamenten als andersints dinstigh tot verificatien van genealogien door J.B. Vos huissier vanden souvernen Raede van Brabant ende Nots Apostolicus". These are transcripts after letters, contracts, wills etc. intended for genealogical research. The two following volumes are a collection of multiple genealogies (incl. tables) w. num. coats of arms, i.a. "Genealogie van Winterbeek, waer uyt comen van Lathem, Eemwelaert, Jaerens, ende meer andere", "Généal. de Namur (seigneuries de Dhuy, Trivières) de Coninck, va Abbenbroek, van den Hecke, van den Corput, t' Sertevens, de Keysere, van der Heyden, van Berchem etc.".

€ (300-500)
66/2842 [Germany. Regensburg]. (Van Glauwe family). Patent of nobility for Hendrick van Glauwe, Regensburg, 25 July, 1653. Pen and ink on paper, 11 lvs. (3 blank), bound together in limp vellum.

= The van Glauwe family was a Dutch noble family from Kampen. In this document Roman-German emperor Ferdinand III grants Hendrick van Glauwe and his sons a patent of nobility.

€ (100-150) 150
66 2843 Haarlem  Boer J de ±1694 1759 66 2843 Haarlem Boer J de ±1694 1759
66/2843 [Haarlem]. Boer, J. de (±1694-1759). "Alle de Gedigten. Liederen. Invallende Gedagten. en Poëzij van Jan de Boer. Door hem eygenhandig Begost te schrijven: in Haarlem 1736 September 17:." Haarlem, 1736, 3 parts in 1 vol., 88,(2 blank); (42); 215p., almost all pages calligraphed in pen and brown ink, partly tipped onto paper, partly within engr. borders, illustrated w. several engr. prints, i.a. 12 engravings to the months by P. SCHENK, w. on verso drawings of trompe-l'oeils in pen and ink, several bound-with printed ephemera and prints, 20th cent. cl., folio.

- Almost all lvs. w. mouldy margins, partly affecting text, partly very mouldy and damaged; partly browned; first part lacks 1 leaf.

= Interesting and intriguing manuscript, consisting of several occasional pieces, i.a. "Op het Huwelijck, van monsr. Jan de groot. En Juffr. Helena van teijlingen. in den Eght vereenigt, binnen Haarlem, den Januarij 1728."; "Naam voor de Jansenisten"; "Nieuw-Jaarswensch, opgedragen aan de Regenten van 't Roomsche Armenhuijs der Stad Haarlem, door Pieter Slinger, zijnde een gebrekkelijk Weezkind, in 't voornoemde huijs. Ao. 1731"; "Lof-digt Op het Verjaring-feest van den heer Pieter Keteling, opgeoffert door de Metzelaars, en Timmerlieden van zyn Nieuwen Bouw op de Oude Gracht, binnen Haarlem den 18 October Anno 1731"; "Den onverstandigen Roomsch Katholijken Boer, Spreekende van zaaken dien hij zelver niet verstaat, int jaar 1732"; "Geboort-Verjaring, Aan Anna Backers, op het 61 Jaar haars Ouderdoms, den Maart, 1735"; "Het Gestadige cruijs Jesu Christi"; "Brief Aan Paulus Roy, Zijnde voor een SpeelReys naar Ceulen. 13 May 1736"; "Den Vogelzangse Boer. Sprekende, En Verhalende aan David Pierman, Zijne opmerkinge, uyt een Brief, gedagtekent 30 August: 1736. Door N.N.: Aan Den Eerw: Heer Wilhelmus Wijtmans"; "Aan Jan Trees woond (...) op de Bakenesser Gragt. in Deze Stadt Haarlem. Jan. Eertijts wijnkopers knegt (...)"; a series of 12 engravings of the months of the year by P. SCHENK, each print with on verso a humourous trompe l'oeil of Almanac leaves (pen and ink and pencil); Huwlykszang ter bruilofte van den heere Jan Petrus Elzen, doctor in de medicynen, en mejuffrouwe Maria Branger, in den echt vereenigd binnen Haarlem, Den 29. April 1738 (Haarlem, printed by J. Bosch, (1738), 14,(2) letterpress pages, interleaved with (6) manuscript pages w. scores for songs ("De Zanghwijze zijn getrokken uijt de Canssonnette van Guillaume du Fésch, & anderen")); "Op het Overheerlijk Niew Orgel gemaakt, in de groote, of St. Bavo Kerke, Binnen Haarlem door Mr Christiaan Muller, Woonagtig in de Roze Straat tot Amsterdam" (interesting poem on the new and famous Christiaan Muller organ, preceded by a 29-lines introduction being partly an eye-witness account of the various stages of the building of the organ); several aphorisms and short poems, incl. one poem that suggests that Jan de Boer was 42 at the time of writing the poem, another stating that he had a large nose ("Op het spotten van den procureur Vroet tot Alkmaer, over mijn neus") and the final poem indicates that the poet was to leave his beloved town Haarlem: "Smartelyke Afschyt, van myne Lieve Geboorte Stadt Haarlem Den 27. September 1738".

Loosely inserted are several contemp. manuscript ephemera and two 20th cent. printed articles, both offprints from Taal en Tongval X (1958) (by T.W.R. de Haan and Jo Daan). One of the loosely inserted manuscripts is a fine calligraph titled "Vier danckbaarheeden: gedaan door de Uijtgangers van 't Roomsche Armen-huys. Haerlem 1730." (dated "4 maart 1730". Sl. dam. and moulded in top left corner). In one of the printed articles T.W.R. de Haan has put together a short biography of Jan de Boer and, on the basis of several diaries kept in the Koninklijke Bibliotheek and information collected from the Haarlem municipal archive, states that he was born in 1694 and probably died in 1759. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE CXV.

€ (600-800) 600
66 2844 Haarlem  Luitingh G A 66 2844 Haarlem Luitingh G A
66/2844 [Haarlem]. Luitingh, G.A. "Aan ds. B.J. Swaan. Ter herinnering aan de groote-of St. Bavo kerk en de bewoners van het kosterhuis te Haarlem". Album containing 18 mounted photographs, mostly 11x16 cm (1x fold.), w. nicely col. calligraphed title and htitle in pen and ink by G.A. LUITINGH, dated april 1909, contemp. gilt hcalf, obl. 4to.

- Album sl. worn along extremities; upper joint split.

= Containing photographs of the interior of the St. Bavo.

€ (70-90)
66 2845 Haarlem  Lot of 4 manuscript documents concerning 'Brouwerij 't Scheepje' 66 2845 Haarlem Lot of 4 manuscript documents concerning 'Brouwerij 't Scheepje'
66/2845 [Haarlem]. Lot of 4 manuscript documents concerning 'Brouwerij 't Scheepje', pen and ink on paper, dated 1661/ 1765 (2x) and 1766, 4 lvs., recto and verso.

- All lvs. dam./ stained; some (marginal) repairs; one leaf doubled.

= Interesting lot concerning a brewery in Haarlem, 't Scheepje. The oldest document concerns "de eerbare Juffr Agatga Dickx naergelate weeduwe en boedelhouwster van wijls de heere Mattheus van hoflant in sijn lere raat en schepen deser stadt, Brouwster in de Brouwerij vant Scheepje". The three documents from 1765 and 1766 are invoices for repairs made in the brewery.

€ (70-90) 110
66 2846 Haarlem  Lot of ±30 manuscript documents 66 2846 Haarlem Lot of ±30 manuscript documents
66 2846 Haarlem  Lot of ±30 manuscript documents 66 2846 Haarlem Lot of ±30 manuscript documents
66/2846 [Haarlem]. Lot of ±30 manuscript documents, 2x with (dam.) attached lead seals, dated 1636, 1679, 1698, 1803-1872 and 1907-1930, all folded, various sizes.

= I.a. on the right to drain water through the "Sluijspoort" to the "Vranckenstege" (now Frankestraat?), and on the transfer of property (houses and land) and goods, partly concerning the Gierstraat, Frankestraat and Kleine Houtstraat. Some names: Sijtgen Harmans, Jan Hendricx van Heesvelt, Bartholomeus Goossens. Also including two blueprints of a house in the Meesterjoostenlaan, Haarlem (1934).

€ (200-300) 210