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66/2887 [Theatre]. Coward, N. (1899-1973). Four TYPESCRIPT and one AUTOGRAPH LETTER SIGNED "Go-Poelie", "Go-P", "Noël" (2x) and (in typescript) "Go-Poley" to "Dearest Daany", "Darling Go-Panny", "Dear Daan", "Dearest Danny" and "Dearest Daan", dated "Theatre Royal, Birmingham. 14th Dec 1935", "30th May 1936", "13/3/46" and twice undated, all 1 leaf, recto only (4x), recto and verso (1x), two w. (different) printed letterhead of the author.

= Nice, humorous letters. "(...) The awful thing is that I have forgotten her husband's christian name but I know that he is the biggest of biggest noises and is the head of either Eldridge, Lincoln and Barrett, Turner, Hill and Smacklebury, Brice, Burton and Boggett or one of those names. As a matter of fact I believe it is really Fraser something but I am an artist and a dreamer and dont understand these things. (...) I do hope you and Bridget are not being too frightfully cross with each other and that Bridget is warming your slippers by the fire and filling your pipe (which has proved to be over full already) (...)" (14/12/1935). "(...) I don't think you are what is known as "the marrying type" and, although very sweet and kind and gay and Washington Poos, not altogether cozy to live with (...)" (undated).

€ (250-350)
66/2888 [Tiele, M.J.]. "Aan M J Tiele Herinnering aan zijn Verblijf te Amsterdam 1887 1891". Commemorative photo-album, (26) lvs. w. 34 mounted photographs (portraits and snapshots), the portraits each w. signature of the portrayed, contemp. custom-made vellum over wooden covers, frontcover elaborately calligraphed by KAREL SLUYTERMAN (monogrammed "K.S.ft.") and decorated in black, red, blue and gold within onlay metal border w. gilt brass leaf-shaped corner-pieces, two brass clasps w. gilt brass clasps w. inlay semi-precious(?)/ glass stones, a.e.g., vellum drop-back box w. calligraphed (by Sluyterman) "1887 M J Tiele te Amsterdam 1891" in black and red on lid, folio.

- Contents trifle foxed. Album trifle spotted/ soiled.

= Luxurious photo album w. rich mediaeval-style decoration. Marinus Johannes Tiele (1841-1924), was head administrator of the tobacco firm Amsterdam-Deli Maatschappij in Medan, Sumatra, and collector of (Avant-Garde) Art. A son of the Leiden Remonstrant bookdealer/ printer Cornelis Tiele, and a brother of the librarian and bibliographer P.A. Tiele. Some names of the friends who are portrayed: J.R. de Kruijff, Joh.G.A. Koopmans, D.G. Jelgersma, R.W.F. Koopmans, J.L. "Jan" Springer (architect), Th. K.L. "Karel" Sluyterman (artist), A. Roodhuijzen, C.V. Gerritsen (politician, husband of Aletta Jacobs), A.J. Cohen Stuart (director Kon. Petroleum Mij), M.W. Treub (the wellknown Dutch politician), W.Ch. Hoeker (founder of "Amstelhoek"), G.G. Muller (artist). Also containing a photograph of the Amsterdam American Hotel. - ADDED: background information on all the portrayed persons.

€ (600-800) 700
66/2889 Utrecht  Criminele Sententiën van het hof te Utrecht 66/2889 Utrecht Criminele Sententiën van het hof te Utrecht
66/2889 [Utrecht]. (Criminele Sententiën van het hof te Utrecht). MANUSCRIPT, "Op den VIIe Junii 1603" - "10 Maert 1792", pen and ink on paper, ±380 lvs., loose quires kept together in later cardboard portfolio w. ties, folio.

= Interesting document containing 100 numbered verdicts pronounced by the Gerecht der stad Utrecht or Hove van Utrecht between 1603 and 1792. The first sixteen pages contain the summarized versions of the crimes committed by the culprits and the sentences issued by the court. The subsequent documents contain detailed descriptions. Four of these detailed descriptions are printed (numbers 78, 82, 87 and 101). "33. Sententie van den Hove van Utrecht do 22 Dec: 1711 contra Lubbert Hendrikse wegens vadermoord, met op een rad gelegt, beijde zijne handen afgehouwen, levendig van onderen opgeradbraakt, 't lichaam op 't Leyster land op 't rad gelgt en de handen aan een paal gehegt te worden." SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE CXX.

€ (700-900) 700
66 2890 Utrecht  Swellengrebel H C  1763 1822 66 2890 Utrecht Swellengrebel H C 1763 1822
66/2890 [Utrecht]. Swellengrebel, H.C. (1763-1822). Archive, 1796-1806, consisting of approx. 83 letters, partly with remnants of wax closing seals, bound (partly loosely inserted) in contemp. marbled boards, kept in modern giltlettered cloth box.

= An interesting collection of (self copied) letters by Hendrik Constans Swellengrebel (1763-1822), resident and councillor of Utrecht, mainly to members of his family. The collection includes i.a. a critical letter about the legal case against 5 Jews, who received the death sentence for burglary. Swellengrebel criticizes the sentencing as follows: "Na het lezen der Sententie riep een der Joden luidkeels dat hij onschuldig was, en is ook met dezelfde woorden gestorven; de sententien zijn nogal interessant niet om de bondigheid en klaarheid van stijl, maar juist het tegendeel; onder andere komen er deeze passages in: Dat hij gevangen suspect gehouden is aan eene diefstal bij den Apoth. Kruger te Pyrmont in 't Waldeksche in het voorjaar 1783 gepleegd; dat hij gevangen in een huis gekomen zijnde de in huis zijnde persoonen zo zwaar gebonden hebben dat niet alleen twee derzelver zwaar gebloed hebben, maar ook (welk een fraaje Rhethorische overgang) de man van den huise om zijn leven gebeden heeft". Also includes Swellengrebel's eye-witness account of New Year's celebrations on the 25th of September 1797 in Utrecht by the French, descriptions of the conditions that the Dutch soldiers have to endure in their tents and the problems caused by the mass influx of French soldiers who need to be billeted in Utrecht and surroundings.

€ (700-900)
66/2891 [VOC and WIC]. "Ingekomene Brieven van den Heer J. Sieberg en andere tot zijn zaken betrekkelijke Papieren". Small collection of correspondence, consisting of 7 letters (incl. 2 duplicate letters), 1-5p., dated between 17 May 1789 and 1 October 1794, pen and brown ink, bound together in contemp. limp boards w. vellum straps, titled, "MS. No. 1" and "N: 56" on frontcover, folio.

- Contents partly loose(ning).

= Correspondence between Cornelis van Twist (±1740-1823; first bookkeeper at the 'payment office' ("soldij komtoir") at the VOC chamber Amsterdam) and his old Leyden university college friend Johannes Sieberg (1740-1817; at the time a high official in Batavia, later to become governor of the Dutch East Indies (1801-1805)). Van Twist to Sieberg: "Zedert meer dan dertig jaaren oude kennissen zijnde met de Heeren Musketier, te Leijden woonachtig (...) is dikwijls wanneer wij onder ons pijpje zitten, het onderwerp van ons discours eene herinnering van onze goede vrienden die wij in onze jeugd gehad hebben, onder dewelke uwed. geb. geen geringe plaats bekleed (...). Dikwijls heb ik mij beklaagd nimmer gelegenheid te hebben gehad briefwisseling met uwed. geb. te hebben gehouden, de voornaame reden dier nalatigheid is geweest de volumineuse bezigheeden waarmeede ik ben belast geweest in de differente posten die ik bij de Compagnie heb waargenomen (...)" (17 May 1789; draft with num. erasures and corrections). Sieberg to Van Twist: "Ik hebbe onlangs geen aangenaemer Brief ontvangen dan die uweled. de goedheyd gehad heeft van aan mij den 17e Meij 1789 te schrijven, alsoo mij deselve deed herinneren, de genoegelijke oogenblikken, en vriendelijkheeden die ik binnen de mij geliefde stad Leijden geduurende de jaeren 1752 tot 1756 hebbe moogen genieten (...)" (1 February 1790). "Ik neeme de vrijheid uwelEdele per 't Schip de Unie voor Amsterdam aan te bieden Een voets kasje met thee, Een pot geconfijte gember en Een pot atjar bamboe (...)" (30 October 1792).

€ (400-600)
66/2892 VOC and WIC  Instructions and advice for a VOC Ship's Captain sailing to Batavia 66/2892 VOC and WIC Instructions and advice for a VOC Ship's Captain sailing to Batavia
66/2892 [VOC and WIC]. (Instructions and advice for a VOC Ship's Captain sailing to Batavia). Manuscript, pen and ink on paper, 18th cent., 6p.

- Lacks the opening of the document.

= Three lvs. from a manuscript originally comprising at least four lvs., giving practical advice and instructions for the captain of a VOC ship sailing to Batavia in the East Indies via the Cape of Good Hope. It begins with advice about clothes, followed by instructions in case someone on board dies: record the date of death under the deceased's name in the ship's logbook, make an inventory of his goods and when worth enough, sell them. It continues with information on administrative procedures at the Cape of Good Hope, the making of wills, the expenses at the Cape and the expenses when one arrives in Batavia. This last includes "5 rijksdaalders" for each black boy ("Voor iedere zwarte jongen (...))", w. an additional note that one must first purchase a boy at a cost of at least 100 rijksdaalders: "Een jonge moet uEd ten eerste kopen (...)".

€ (300-500)
66/2893 Voorburg  Lot of 27 manuscript documents concerning Bartholomeus Gardijnswooninge 66/2893 Voorburg Lot of 27 manuscript documents concerning Bartholomeus Gardijnswooninge
66/2893 [Voorburg]. Lot of 27 manuscript documents concerning "Bartholomeus Gardijnswooninge", pen and ink on vellum (22x) and paper (5x), dated between "1 maert 1558" and "1 April 1785", recto and verso, w. attached wax seals (22x), all folded, various sizes.

= The history of ownership of a property in Voorburg, near The Hague. The documents range from the 16th century to the 18th century starting with a "waerbrief" (deed of purchase), dated 1558. On 21 January 1660 "heere Hendrick de Haes", a merchant from Rotterdam, purchases the residence and the accompanying property from the heirs of J. van Egmont van Nieuburch for the price of 21.000 florins. The documents include a land survey performed in 1664 by Pieter Floris van der Sallen(?). In a debenture of 1688 Maria Margrieta de Haes gives "hare wooningh ofte hofstede van outs genaemt Gardijns wooningh" as collateral for a debt of 8.000 "carolij guldens" to Clara Laarman, wife of Johan de Meij. On January 26, Johan de Meij, lord of IJselmonde, buys the residence at a public auction for 8.500 florins. The heirs of De Meij sell the property in 1732 to Pieter Quarles for 12.000 florins. The last document records the lease of the property to Geertruyd Lelyveld in 1785. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE CXX.

AND 8 similar documents, concerning property in Voorburg, pen and ink on vellum (3x) and paper (5x), dated between 1740 and 1817.

€ (600-800) 750
66/2894 Zeeland  Hulde blijk opgedragen aan den Weleerwaarde Leergeleerden Heer dr P H Klap Met het oog op  vertrek als predikant van Oosterland 66/2894 Zeeland Hulde blijk opgedragen aan den Weleerwaarde Leergeleerden Heer dr P H Klap Met het oog op vertrek als predikant van Oosterland
66/2894 [Zeeland]. "Hulde blijk opgedragen aan den Weleerwaarde Leergeleerden Heer dr. P.H. Klap. Met het oog op (...) vertrek als predikant van Oosterland". Manuscript, pen and ink and pencil on paper, "Katwijk a/d Rijn, 17 December 1890", signed "B. van Velthoven", 1 leaf, 72x53 cm., recto only, text in 2 columns, surrounded by a dec. border w. coats of arms, flowers and drawings of the rectory and the church of Oosterland, framed.

- Partly soiled/ wrinked.

€ (200-300) 220
66/2895 [Zeeland]. "Voorboden, Statuten en Ordonnantien Der Stad Veere." Nineteenth cent. transcripts of 16th and 17th cent. manuscript documents, pen and ink on paper, 101 lvs., contemp. hcalf w. mor. letterpiece.
€ (100-150) 130
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