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66 2498 Bartels M 66 2498 Bartels M
66/2498 Bartels, M. Die Medicin der Naturvölker. Ethnologische Beiträge zur Urgeschichte der Medizin. Leipsc, Th. Grieben, 1893, XII,361,(3 advert.)p., 175 woodengr. ills., contemp. hcl.

- Owner's entry on first free endpaper. Upper joint and corners sl. worn.

Osiander, J.F. Volksgeneeskunde of eenvoudige middelen en raadgevingen tegen de kwalen en krankheden der menschen. Dutch transl. J.A. van Oort. Leeuw., L. Schierbeek, 1850, 3rd ed., XVI,302,(2 publ. cat.)p., contemp. hcl.

- Paper over covers worn.

= BMN I, p.195; Hirsch-H. IV, p.452f: "Populär-medicinisches Buch: Volksarzneimittel und einfache, nicht pharmaceutische Heilmittel gegen Krankheiten des Menschen."

Kneipp, S. Mijne waterkuur. Sinds 30 jaren toegepast en goed bevonden, geschreven tot genezing der ziekten en tot behoud der gezondheid. Amst., N.J. Boon, 1896, 14th thous., X,(1),329,XVIII,(3 advert.)p., 25 ills., orig. clothbacked (sl. fingersoiled) boards. - AND 5 others, i.a. B.W. RICHARDSON, Volksonderwijs over alkohol. Dutch transl. C.S. Adama van Scheltema (Amst./ The Hague, 1879, orig. cl. "Uitgegeven door de Nederlandsche Vereeniging tot afschaffing van sterken drank" (title-p.)).

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66 2499 Beverwijck J van 66 2499 Beverwijck J van
66/2499 Beverwijck, J. van. Schat der Gesontheydt./ Schat der Ongesondtheydt ofte Genees-Konste van de Sieckten. Amst., J.J. Schipper, 1656, 3rd ed., 4 parts in 1 vol., engr. title by C. VAN DAELE, ills. (3x full-p.), contemp. vellum.

- Occas. sl. waterst.; a few lvs. w. some wormholes. Covers sl. stained.

= Hirsch-H. I, p.441; cf. BMN I, p.159; Lindeboom p.130; Krivatsy 1190; Wellcome II, p.159; Baumann p.71-79. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE XCIX.

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66 2500 Beverwijck J van 66 2500 Beverwijck J van
66/2500 Beverwijck, J. van. Wercken der Genees-konste, Bestaende in den schat der gesontheyt, schat der ongesontheyt, heel-konste; Mitsgaders Eenige Tractaten (...). Amst., Wed. J.J. Schipper, 1671-1672, rev. enl. ed., 5 parts in 1 vol., engr. frontisp., 2 title-engrs., num. engr. textills., contemp. blindst. vellum, 4to.

- Upper joint starting. A fine copy.

= Wellcome II, 159; Baumann p.71-79. Popular medicinal manual by the erudite Van Beverwijck, friend of the poet J. Cats, whose poems are found throughout the book. With the title of earlier editions on the frontispiece: "Alle de wercken, zo in de medicyne als chirurgie." SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE XCIX.

€ (250-350) 250
66 2501 Blindness and braille  Javal É 66 2501 Blindness and braille Javal É
66/2501 [Blindness and braille]. Javal, É. Physiologie de la lecture et de l'écriture suivi de déductions pratiques relatives à l'hygiène, aux expertises en écriture et aux progres de la typographie, de la cartographie, de l'écriture en relief pour les aveugles, etc. Paris, F. Alcan, 1906, 2nd ed., XVI,294,34,(2)p., woodengr. ills., orig. giltlettered cl.

- Owner's entry on title-p.; sm. bookplate on lower pastedown.

= Javal was an engineer and turned to medicine and to ophthalmology when he saw his sister suffering from defects of vision. He became a renowned ophthalmologist, developing the Javal-Schiotz ophthalmometer, treating strabismus, and founding the Sorbonne's ophthalmology lab. Tragically, Javal developed glaucoma and was blind by 1900. His work investigates the 'physiology of reading and writing', undertaking historical, theoretical, and practical approaches to this subject. Javal's work examines the history behind reading and writing, theoretical considerations and practical deductions.

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66 2502 Blindness and braille  Kunz M 66 2502 Blindness and braille Kunz M
66/2502 [Blindness and braille]. Kunz, M. "England von M. Kunz: Illzach". Relief-printed map on thick paper, w. braille and lithogr. text, 46x39,5 cm. (leaf), Berlin, Verein zur Förderung der Blindenbildung Steglitz, "Gedruckt in der Blindenanstalt Illzach, bei Mülhausen", 1887.

- Trifle/ sl. dogeared; sm. tear in lower margin, affecting border of map; very vague waterstain in upper margin.

= Map for use by the blind by Martin Kunz, director of the Illzach School for the blind.

€ (50-70) 110
66 2503 Bloodtransfusion  Scheel P 66 2503 Bloodtransfusion Scheel P
66/2503 [Bloodtransfusion]. Scheel, P. Die Transfusion des Blutes und Einsprützung der Arzneyen in die Adern. Historisch und in Rücksicht auf die practische Heilkunde bearbeitet. Vol. 2. Copenhagen, F. Brummer, 1803, 1st ed., XVI,288p., contemp. hcl.

- Without the 1st vol; 2 sm. stamps on title-p.; lower joint weak; trifle yellowed/ foxed. Library ticket mounted on frontcover.= Rare. Bibl. Walleriana 2445 and 8577; Hirsch-H. V, p.209f. "'During the nineteenth century several treatises on transfusion were published on the continent of Europe. The first was Die Transfusion des Blutes by Paul Scheel, two parts of which were published in Copenhagen, 1802-03. A third part by J.F. Dieffenbach was added to this in 1828, and published in Berlin". H.F. Brewer a.o., Blood Transfusion, Bristol/ London, 1949, preface: "The first major work on transfusion since the 17th century and an excellent history of the subject". Garrison/ Morton 1028.40.

Dieffenbach, J.F. Die Transfusion des Blutes und die Infusion der Arzeneien in die Blutgefässe. Vol. 1. Berlin, T.C.F. Enslin, 1828, 1st ed., XII,(2),234p., contemp. gilt marbled boards w. red mor. letterpiece.

- First endpapers w. some offsetting, otherwise in very good condition.

= Very rare. Part 1 only, probably all published. Dieffenbach's writing was based on historical research, animal experiments and observations. His discoveries created the possibility to use bloodtransfusion to treat Cholera during the epidemic in Berlin, and not without success. Bibl. Walleriana 2445; Garrison/ Morton 1028.40, both also referring to the 1st volume only; Hirsch-H. II, p.179ff.

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66/2504 Boerhaave, H. Praelectiones Academicae de Morbis Nervorum. Ed. J. van Eems. Frankf./ Leipsic, Sumptibus Societatis, 1762, 2 vols., (24),283; (1),284-702,(37 index)p., contemp. unif. calf w. gilt spine w. mor. letterpiece.

- Vol.1 lacking part of title-p.; occas. trifle foxed. Both vols. spine-ends sl. splitting.

= Lindeboom 421; BMN p.248; Hirsch I, p.508.

Marherr, P.A. Praelectiones in Hermanni Boerhaave institutiones medicas cum praefatione Cranzii. Ibid., Rudolphus Graeffer, 1772, 3 vols., (10),548,(1); (4),636; (4),730,176,(4)p., contemp. unif. calf w. gilt spine w. mor. letterpiece.

- Occas. foxed; all vols. lacking upper part first free endpaper; endpapers occas. browned. Upper joint vol.1 splitting; spine-ends occas. sl. worn.

= Hirsch IV, p.135.

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66 2505 Boerhaave H 66 2505 Boerhaave H
66/2505 Boerhaave, H. Tractatus de viribus medicamentorum. Ed. B. Boudon. Paris, G. Cavelier, 1740, new ed., LVII,564p., contemp. mottled calf w. gilt spine w. red letterpiece, sm. 8vo.

- Title-p. sl. foxed. Corners worn, otherwise fine.

= Lindeboom 319. "One of Boerhaave's pupils published an adaptation of his "Libellus de materie medica", greatly amplified from the lectures of his master. The succes of this spurious edition, followed by many reprints, shows clearly how much Boerhaave's teaching on the medical treatment of diseases was valued" (Lindeboom).

BOUND WITH: Abercromby, D. Nova medicinae, tum speculativae, tum practicae, clavis; sive Ars explorandi Medicas Plantarum, ac Corporum quorumcumque, Facultates ex solo Sapore. Ibid., idem, 1740, 43,(5)p., new enl. ed.

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66 2506 Boerhaave H  Boerhaave M H 66 2506 Boerhaave H Boerhaave M H
66/2506 [Boerhaave, H.]. Boerhaave, M.H. Des Maladies des Yeux, à quoi l'on joint son introduction à la pratique clinique; les leçons sur la pierre; quelques descriptions des maladies et quelques consultations du même auteur. Paris, Huart & Moreau, 1749, 1st ed., (8),371,(5)p., 4 fold. engr. plates, contemp. gilt calf w. mor. letterpiece.

- Sl. mouldy and w. (purple) waterstains throughout. Calf worn away at boardedges; top of spine chipped; corners showing.= Source Book of Ophthalmology 255; Lindeboom 411.

€ (50-70) 50
66 2507 Boerhaave H  Swieten G van 66 2507 Boerhaave H Swieten G van
66/2507 [Boerhaave, H.]. Swieten, G. van. Commentaria in Hermanni Boerhaave Aphorismos de Cognoscendis et Curandis Morbis. Paris, G. Cavelier, 1769-1773, 3rd ed., 5 vols., contemp. unif. gilt calf w. 2 mor. letterpieces, 4to.

- Lacks the portrait; all vols. w. new endpapers; a few foxed spots; vol. 2 sl. waterstained. Top of spine of vol. 2, 3 and 4 chipped. = G. van Swieten was a medical student of H. Boerhaave. During Boerhaave's lectures, van Swieten adapted an existing shorthand system to medical language, so his lecture notes reflect Boerhaave's prestentation closely. Their mutual respect led Boerhaave to show his most interesting private cases to van Swieten. At various times Boerhaave stated that van Swieten would be the most suitable person to succeed him as a professor. Due to their very close relation, van Swieten considered it his life-work as a medical writer to commentate on Boerhaave's Aphorisms. "The Commentaria, which greatly contributed to the dissemination of Boerhaave's ideas beyond the circles of his pupils, was reprinted many times and was translated into four languages." (DSB XIII, p.181f). Bibl. Walleriana 9393; Wellcome V, p.219; Hirsch-H. V, p.590f; Lindeboom p.48.

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66 2508 Bordier H 66 2508 Bordier H
66/2508 Bordier, H. Précis d'Électrothérapie. Galvanisation, Voltaïsation, Sinusoïdale, Faradisation, Franklinisation, Haute Frequence, Électrophysiologie, Électrodiagnostic, et Électrothérapie Proprement dite. Paris, J.B. Bailière et fils, 1897, IX,599p., num. (partly col., full-p.) ills., orig. cl.

- Sl. foxed/ browned.

Graaf, R. de. L'Instrument de Molière. Traduction du Traité de Clysteribus de Regnier de Graaf. Paris, D. Morgand et C. Fatout, 1878, 1st ed., (4),125,(2)p., engr. portrait of REGNERUS DE GRAEF, orig. wr.

- Owner's entry on first free endpaper. Library ticket on frontcover; wr. trifle worn.

= First edition of a new translation. "De G. hat sich ausserordentlich grosse Verdienste erworben, um die Anatomie der Geschlechtsorgane des Menschen, die er besser und genauer wie Keiner vor ihm kennen gelehrt hat und in deren Beschreibung sein Name auch noch stets fortlebt (Folliculi Graafiani ovarrii)" (Hirsch-H. II, p.616). Cf. DSB 5, p.484f.

AND 5 others, i.a. G. HOHMANN, Fuß und Bein, ihre Erkrankungen und deren Behandlung (Munich, 1934, 2nd ed., (photogr.) ills., orig. cl.); L. CASPER, Handbuch der Cystokopie (Leipsic, 1911, 3rd ed., ills., orig. cl., w. separate atlas vol. (col. lithogr. plates) loosely inserted in rear pocket) and H. NEUMANN, Der otitische Kleinhirnabszess (Leipsic/ Vienna, 1907, 1st ed., contemp. giltlettered hcalf).

€ (60-80)
66 2509 Broussais F J V 66 2509 Broussais F J V
66/2509 Broussais, F.J.V. Histoire des Phlegmasies ou Inflammations Chroniques, fondée sur de Nouvelles Observations de Clinique et d'Anatomie Pathologique. Paris, Méquignon-Marvis Père et Fils, 1838, 5th ed., 3 vols., XCIX,318; (4),649; (4),491p., contemp. unif. giltlettered cl.

- Sl. foxed. Backstrips rubbed. = Cf. Bibl. Walleriana 1497.

€ (100-150)
66/2510 Burger, H. Tijdschriftartikelen enz./ Overdrukken. Amst. etc., various publ.,1890-1920, ± 120 parts in 2 vols., contemp. unif. giltlettered cl.

- Bookplate on first free endpaper.

= Collection of ±120 articles by H. Burger published in various periodicals between 1890 and 1920, i.a. "Het Schoolonderzoek der Adenoïde Vegetaties" (Amst., 1904); "De Keel-Neus-Oorheelkunde als studievak voor den aanstaanden arts" (Amst., 1905); "Schoolartsen" (Amst., 1906) and "Klassiek en modern opgeleiden voor de poort der Hoogeschool" (Amst., 1910).

AND 4 others in 6 vols.: E. BUCHNER, Leerboek der Gerechtelijke Geneeskunde voor Artsen en Rechtsgeleerden. Dutch transl. W. Koster (Tiel, 1870, 1st. Dutch ed., contemp. giltlettered hcalf); J. SPRINGER, De vrouw als dokter thuis. Een boek ter opheldering en leering voor gezonden en zieken over de gewichtigste vraagstukken der gezondheidsleer en geneeskunde (Bussum, n.d. (1923), 10th ed., 2 vols., col. plates, ills., orig. unif. gilt cl. w. plate mounted on frontcover); H. HAESER, Leerboek van de Geschiedenis der Geneeskunde. Dutch transl. by A.H. Israëls (Utr./ Amst., 1859, 1st Dutch ed., 2 vols., contemp. unif. giltlettered hcl.) and H. TREUB, Feestbundel opgedragen aan Hector Treub bij de Feestelijke Herdenking van zijn vijfentwintig-jarig professoraat door vrienden en vereerders (Leyden, 1912, ills., orig. calf, 4to. With author's dedication on htitle).

€ (50-70) 110
66 2511 Cardano G 66 2511 Cardano G
66/2511 Cardano, G. Contradicentium Medicorum. Lyon, S. Gryphius, 1548, 2 parts in 1 vol., 284,(2,2(blank)); 8,(4 index),9-486,(2)p., repeated woodcut printer's mark on title-pages, woodcut vignette on verso of final leaf of first part, a few sm. woodcut diagrams/ ills. in (margin of) text, contemp. boards w. use of 15th cent. manuscript leaves on recto and verso of both covers and (from a different manuscript) on spine, 4to.

- Occas. sl. yellowed. Binding rubbed at corners and spine-ends.

= Girolamo Cardano (1501-1596), close friend of Leonardo da Vinci, and chiefly known for his achievements in algebra, was in fact an interesting scientist of many talents and of a fiery disposition. As a result of his difficult character he found it hard to earn enough money, and resorted i.a. to gambling. In one of his (posthumously published) works, Liber de Ludo aleae (a book on games of chance), he also dwells on cheating methods. Adams C-655; Durling 836; Hirsch-H. I, p.663. Remarkable binding. Rare. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE C.

€ (1.000-1.500) 1000
66 2512 Cardiovascular diseases  Corvisart J N 66 2512 Cardiovascular diseases Corvisart J N
66/2512 [Cardiovascular diseases]. Corvisart, J.N. Essai sur les maladies et les lésions organiques du coeur et des gros vaisseaux. Paris, H. Nicolle, 1811, 2nd rev. ed., XLVI,478p., contemp. marbled calf w. gilt spine and red mor. letterpiece.

- Sl. mouldy spot in outer margin almost throughout; htitle trimmed in outer margin; contemp. owner's entry on htitle. Covers chafed; foot of spine dam. and worn spot on backstrip.

= Hirsch-H. II, p.86f; Bibl. Walleriana 2151; cf. Garrison/ Morton 2737; Norman Library (on the first ed., Paris, 1806): "The first edition of Corvisart's treatise on heart diseases was written by C.E. Horeau from notes based upon Corvisart's course of clinical lectures given at Charité Hospital in Paris; later editions were written by Corvisart himself. Corvisart differentiated between cardiac and pulmonary diseases, provided the first adequate classification of the symptoms of heart disease, distinguished between functional and organic disturbances of the heart, and was the first to divide the course of heart failure into three stages (...)."

€ (100-150)
66/2513 Carmichael, A.G. and Ratzan, R.M Medicine. A Treasure of Art and Literature. New York, H.L. Levin Associates, 1991, 376p., (col.) ills., orig. giltlettered cl. w. dustwr. folio. Emmerik, P., Hijden, P. van der and Mulder, W.J. Utrechtse Krop. Amst., Uitgeverij Basalt, 1999, 120p., 106 (col.) photogr. plates by P. KOOIKER, orig. cl. w. photogr. plate mounted on front and back cover, 4to. - AND 4 others, i.a. M.L. KOELKEBECK, C. DETJEN and D.R. CALVERT, Historic Devices for Hearing. The CID-Goldstein Collection (Saint Louis, 1984, num. (photogr.) ills., orig. wr.); E. HOLLÄNDER, Die Medizin in der Klassischen Malerei (Stuttg., 1913, 272 ills., orig. giltlettered hcl., 4to. Endpapers foxed); W. SCHREIBER and F.K. MATHYS, Infectio. Infectious Diseases in the History of Medicine (Basle, 1987, 2nd ed., num. (col. full-p.) ills., orig. cl. w. dustwr., 4to).
€ (50-70)
66/2514 Cowpox  Ordonnantie Additionneel Aen de gene van den 28 September 1768 sic  raekende de Inentinge van Kinder poekskens 66/2514 Cowpox Ordonnantie Additionneel Aen de gene van den 28 September 1768 sic raekende de Inentinge van Kinder poekskens
66/2514 [Cowpox]. Ordonnantie Additionneel. Aen de gene van den 28 September 1768 [sic], raekende de Inentinge van Kinder-poekskens. Ordinance, Brussel, Pauwels, (1788), 1 fold. leaf (1p.), woodengr. headpiece.

- Sl. frayed/ foxed.

= Rare. One copie in STCV. Published before the (offical) invention of the cowpox vaccine in 1796 by E. Jenner. On the other hand at least six other people used the principle of vaccinating by cowpox already years earlier, but Jenner was the first to publish evidence that it was effective and to provide advice on its production. (Garrison/ Morton 2529.3 and 5423)ADDED: a sm. stack of sm. publications, (col. engr./ lithogr.) plates, photographs, broadsides etc. all on medical subjects (not on cowpox).

€ (50-70) 110
66 2515 Cowpox  Osiander F B 66 2515 Cowpox Osiander F B
66/2515 [Cowpox]. Osiander, F.B. Ausführliche Abhandlung über die Kuhpocken, ihre Ursachen, Zufälle, Einimpfung, Behandlung, Verhältnisse zu andern Hautausschlägen der Menschen und Thiere u.s.w. nach eigenen und anderer Beobachtungen. Göttingen, C.F. Thomas, 1801, 1st ed., XIV,238p., fold. handcol. lithogr. plate, contemp. gilt boards w. mor. letterpiece.

- Owner's stamp on first free endpaper; sl. browned. Spine-ends trifle dam.

= Bibl. Walleriana 7019; cf. Hirsch-H. IV, p.443f. First edition of one of the earliest German publications on cowpox and vaccination by one of the finest doctors in Germany in favour of Jenner's invention of vaccination. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE C.

Carro, J. de. Beobachtungen und Erfahrungen über die Impfung der Kuhpocke. German transl. by J. von Portenschlag. Vienna, n.publ., 1801, (10),220p., col. lithogr. plate, contemp. boards w. letterpiece.

- Last few lvs. trifle waterstained in upper margin; one leaf w. sm. tear.

= Cf. Bibl. Walleriana 1788; cf. Hirsch-H. 671.

€ (150-250) 150
66 2516 Dehaitre F 66 2516 Dehaitre F
66/2516 Dehaitre, F. Matériel des Établissements Hospitaliers. Religieux, Militaires, Maritimes, Pénitentiaires, Établissements d'Instruction, Lycées, Collèges, etc. Paris, V. Jamati, 1894, 2nd ed., (10),551p., woodengr. (full-p.) ills., contemp. clothbacked boards w. orig. frontwr. laid down.- Hinges strengthened; library ticket on title-p.; sm. stamp on first free endpaper; last few lvs. sl. waterstained in upper margin. Library ticket on backstrip; frontcover sl. soiled.

Littré, E. Dictionnaire de Médecine, de Chirurgie, de Pharmacie et des Science qui s'y rapportent. Ibid., J.B. Baillière et Fils, 1908, 21th ed., VI,(2),1842,(4)p., ills., orig. giltlettered rexine, 4to.

- Upper hinge weak; sl. yellowed. Joints rubbed.

AND 5 diff. eds. of LAROUSSE MÉDICAL ILLUSTRÉ (1922-1925) w. maps, num. (col. lithogr./ photogr./ multi-layered anatomical) plates, ills., all in orig. almost unif. embossed giltlettered cl.

€ (70-90)
66 2517 Diphtheria  Parker R W 66 2517 Diphtheria Parker R W
66/2517 [Diphtheria]. Parker, R.W. The Nature and Treatment of Diphtheria. With Special Reference to the Operation, After-Treatment, and Complications of Tracheotomy. London, H.K. Lewis, 1891, 3rd ed., X,184p, woodengr. ills., orig. gilt blindst. cl.

- Owner's entry on htitle; a few lvs. sl. foxed. Spine-ends sl. rubbed; backstrip sunned. = Rare.

Mackenzie, M. Diphtheria: its Nature and Treatment, Varieties and Local Expressions. Philadelphia, Lindsay & Blakiston, 1879, 1st ed., VI,104p., contemp. giltlettered cl.

- Frontcover sl. stained. = Hirsch-H. IV, p.84.

AND 4 others: X. FRANCOTTE, Die Diphtherie. Ihre Ursachen, ihre Natur und Behandlung (Leipsic, 1886, 2nd ed., col. schematic plates, ills., contemp. giltlettered cl.); R.H. SEMPLE, Memoirs on Diphtheria. From the Writings of Bretonneau, Guersant, Throusseau, Bouchut, Empis and Daviot (London, 1859, 1st ed., orig. gilt blindst. cl. Spine-ends dam.); M. DEGUY and B. WEILL, Manual Pratique du Traitement de la Diphtérie. Sérothérapie, Tubage. Trachéotomie (Paris, 1902, (photogr.) ills., contemp. giltlettered hcalf) and C.A. PEKELHARING, Over den Aard der Corynebacteriën die op de conjuctiva van den mensch voorkomen (Utr., 1896, orig. giltlettered cl., a.e.g., thesis).

€ (80-100)