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66/2409 [Meteorology]. Buisman, J. Duizend jaar weer, wind en water in de lage landen. Ed. A.F.V. van Engelen. Franeker, Van Wijnen, 1995-1998, 3 vols., (col.) plates, ills., orig. unif. boards.

= Three more vols. were published.

€ (50-70)
66 2410 Ornithology  Baldner L 66 2410 Ornithology Baldner L
66/2410 [Ornithology]. Baldner, L. Vogel-, Fisch- und Thierbuch. Stuttg., Müller & Schindler, 1973, 1 vol. (of 2), 130 facs. lvs., num. col. plates/ ills., orig. hleather, obl. 4to.

- Small crack near upper hinge; sm. stamp on upper pastedown.

€ (50-70)
66/2411 [Ornithology]. Heinroth, O. and M. Die Vögel Mitteleuropas in allen Lebens- und Entwicklungsstufen photographisch aufgenommen und in ihrem Seelenleben bei der Aufzucht vom Ei ab beobachtet. Berlin-Lichterfelde, H. Bermühler, (1926-1931), 4 vols., num. (col.) plates w. ills., orig. unif. gilt hmor., t.e.g., large 4to.

- Trifle/ sl. foxed (mainly text). Binding vol.4 rubbed. = Nissen, IVB 428.

€ (150-250)
66 2412 Ornithology  Keulemans J G 66 2412 Ornithology Keulemans J G
66/2412 [Ornithology]. Keulemans, J.G. Onze vogels in huis en tuin, beschreven en afgebeeld. Leyden, P.W.M. Trap, 1869-1876, 3 vols., no pagination, 3 large ident. lithogr. title-vignettes, 200 col. lithographs finished by hand and gommé, with accomp. text, orig. unif. gilt green mor. w. red mor. letterpiece, matching slipcase, 4to.

- Occas. sl. foxed. Otherwise fine.

= Nissen IVB, 491; Landwehr, Dutch Books Col. Plates 86. Zimmer, Ayer Orn. Libr. p.347: "(...) excellent handcoloured plates". SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE XCII.

€ (3.500-4.500) 3500
66/2413 [Ornithology]. Liese, J. Postduiven. Over de wijze om postduiven aan te kweeken en voor lange reizen af te richten. Veenendaal, Le Cosquino de Bussy, n.d. (1872), 48p., orig. tinted lithogr. wr.

- Wr. stained and frayed.

Thornburn, A. The complete Illustrated Thornburn's Birds. Ware, Wordsworth, 1989, 5 parts in 1 vol., num. ills., orig. cl. w. dustwr., large 4to.

= Facsimile reprint of the edition 1915-1918.

AND 3 others.

€ (50-70)
66 2414 Ornithology  Morris B R 66 2414 Ornithology Morris B R
66/2414 [Ornithology]. Morris, B.R. British Game Birds and Wildfowl. London, Groombridge and Sons, n.d. (±1870), 3rd(?) ed., IV,254p., 60 handcol. woodengr. plates by B. FAWCETT, orig. gilt and blindst. cl., 4to.

- Title-p. loose(ning); first plate loose; sl. foxed. Spine-ends dam.; joints sl. rubbed.

= Nissen, IVB 644; Zimmer p.442; Anker 345: "A collection of accounts of British game birds with a statement of the distribution and habits of the species and descriptions of the birds, their eggs and nests, and notes on their value as articles of food."

€ (500-700)
66/2415 [Ornithology]. Nuyens, A. De vogelwereld. Handboek van liefhebbers van kamer- en parkvogels. Gron., J.B. Wolters, 1886, 2 parts in 1 vol., (8),156; XIV,100p., 48 chromolithogr. plates, contemp. hcl., folio.

- Occas. waterstained/ frayed/ strengthened in outer blank margins (incl. a few plates); part 1 the last 6 plates w. ms. addition of bird names, numbers and pasted over plate number; hinges weak. Backstrip lacking.

= Without plate XXI as published. Nissen, IVB 686.

AND 2 others in 3 vols.: P.G. BUEKERS, Onze vogels (Zutphen, (1922), 2nd ed., 50 col. plates, orig. unif. dec. cl.) and J.H. VAN BALEN, Onze vogels of De vogels van Nederland (Gron., 1880, woodengr. ills., contemp. gilt hcalf).

€ (100-150)
66 2416 Ornithology  Rickman Ph 66 2416 Ornithology Rickman Ph
66/2416 [Ornithology]. Rickman, Ph. A Selection of Bird Paintings and Sketches. (Holt), Curpotten for Fine Sporting Interests, 1979, no pagination, 32 tipped-in col. plates and num. ills. by PH. RICKMAN, mounted photogr. portrait of the artist, printed in 506 numb. and signed copies (500), orig. gilt hmor., marbled endpapers, a.e.g., orig. giltlettered cl. slipcase, folio (fine).
€ (150-250)
66 2417 Radio and television  Philips Radio 66 2417 Radio and television Philips Radio
66/2417 [Radio and television]. Philips Radio. Eindh., N.V. Philips' Radio, 1927, serial numb. "R. 306 H." and "10/12'27", 66p., num. ills. and tables and blue bookdec., loosely inserted price list, orig. dec. cordbound wr. w. see-through window.

- Fist page partly yellowed (due to window in frontwr.) and trifle foxed. Wrappers sl. frayed; spine sl. dam.; some surface dam. from silverfish.

= WITH 2 information leaflets (both 4p.) on the radio parts "L.F.-Transformator Type 4003" ("R 281 H." and "15/1127") and "hoogvacuum Gelijkrichtlamp No. 506" ("R 1001 H. - 1/230").

AND 3 others on Philips, i.a. a series of 10 tinted picture postcards showing the (construction of) the Klokgebouw, ±1930.

€ (30-50) 30
66/2418 Radio and television  Television The Official Organ of the Television Society Vol 1 no 1 3 and 4 66/2418 Radio and television Television The Official Organ of the Television Society Vol 1 no 1 3 and 4
66/2418 [Radio and television]. Television. The Official Organ of the Television Society. Vol.1, no. 1, 3 and 4. London, The Television Press, 1928, 3 vols., ills., orig. unif. wr., 4to.

- Spines rubbed; sm. annot. in pen on backwr. of issue no.3; ruststained near staples. Otherwise fine.

= "The World's first Television Journal" (frontwr. of issue no.1).

€ (200-300)
66 2419 Railways  Bugatti 66 2419 Railways Bugatti
66/2419 [Railways]. Bugatti. Grands Réseaux Français Bugatti. Exposition Internationale 1937. Molsheim, (Automobiles Bugatti), printed by I. de V. (Paris), 1937, folding brochure (8p.) w. in total 8 (photogr.) ills. of trains, printed in black and red, folded as narrow 8vo.

= Nice brochure showing three train models, "Léger", "Triple" and "Double".

ADDED: Bugatti. Naval Yards of Maisons-Laffitte. Paris, Maisons-Laffitte, printed by Curial-Archereau (Paris), 1946, twice-folding brochure richly illustrated in colour by R. GÉRI.

= Presents the motored You-You pleasure boat.

€ (80-100) 80
66/2420 [Railways]. Harterink, G.J. and Mook, M.W. De locomotief. Hare samenstelling en behandeling. Een hand- en leerboek voor machinisten en leerlingen (...). Bussum, Gaastra, 1915, 4rd rev. ed., 2 vols., text vol.: XIV,(2),667p., 1152 ills., orig. giltlettered cl.; atlas vol.: 17 fold. plates, loose as issued in orig. unif. giltlettered cl. portfolio.

- Spine portfolio dam.

€ (50-70)
66/2421 Railways  Maatschappij tot exploitatie van Staatsspoorwegen 1863 1913 66/2421 Railways Maatschappij tot exploitatie van Staatsspoorwegen 1863 1913
66/2421 [Railways]. Maatschappij tot exploitatie van Staatsspoorwegen. 1863-1913. Utr., n.publ., (1913), (124)p., num. (full-p.) photogr. plates/ ills., diagrams/ tables, contemp. gilt cl., obl. folio.

- A few lvs. loose(ning).

= Richly illustrated memorial of Dutch railway architecture of the late 19th cent./ early 20th cent.

€ (40-60) 50
66 2422 Railways  Siemens Schuckertwerke 66 2422 Railways Siemens Schuckertwerke
66/2422 [Railways]. Siemens-Schuckertwerke. Elektrische Bahnen. Berlin, Siemens-Schuckertwerke, n.d. (±1910), no pagination, num. photogr. ills., orig. cl., narrow 8vo.

= Fine trade-catalogue w. very nice Art Nouveau decoration.

€ (70-90) 80
66/2423 Seba, A. Cabinet of Natural Curiosities. Locupletissimi rerum naturalium thesauri 1734-1765. Based on the copy in the Koninklijke Bibliotheek, The Hague. Ed. I. Müsch a.o. English transl. A. Hentschel and M. Green. Cologne etc., Taschen, 2005, 587,(1)p., richly illustrated, orig. boards w. dustwr., orig. board box, large folio (fine).
€ (40-60) 60
66 2424 Velsen C 66 2424 Velsen C
66 2424 Velsen C 66 2424 Velsen C
66/2424 Velsen, C. Rivierkundige verhandeling, afgeleid uit waterwigt- en waterbeweegkundige grondbeginselen, en toepasselyk gemaakt op de rivieren, den Rhyn, de Maas, de Waal, de Merwede, en de Lek. Amst., I. Tirion, 1749, 1st ed., (16),256p., 3 fold. engr. maps and 3 fold. plates, contemp. hcalf w. gilt spine.

- The plates trifle foxed; text occas. sl. foxed; one map w. very sm. tear in inner margin (border). Joints splitting but strong.

= Bierens de Haan 4954; Van den Brink p.269. The fine maps: "Kaart van den Loop der Rivieren de Rhyn, de Maas, de Waal, de Merwe, en de Lek, door de Provincien van Gelderland, Holland en Utrecht", "Kaart van de beneeden rivier de Maas en de Merwede, van de Noord Zee tot Gorinchem" (after M. Bolstra) and "Kaart van het Pannerdensche en Spyksche district".

€ (150-250)
66/2425 Verhandelingen van het Koninklijk Instituut van Ingenieurs 1858 1859 66/2425 Verhandelingen van het Koninklijk Instituut van Ingenieurs 1858 1859
66/2425 Verhandelingen van het Koninklijk Instituut van Ingenieurs 1858-1859. The Hague, Gebr. J. & H. van Langenhuysen, 1859, (4),59,(1)p., 14 fold. lithogr. plates and tables, contemp. giltlettered hmor., folio.

- Library stamps on first free endpaper and title-p. Spine chafed.

= Contains plates of i.a. the railway bridge of Maastricht and a plan for a telegraph connection between Batavia and Singapore.

€ (100-150)
66 2426 Wetenschappelijke blaadjes No 1 9 11 and 12 66 2426 Wetenschappelijke blaadjes No 1 9 11 and 12
66/2426 Wetenschappelijke blaadjes. No. 1-9, 11 and 12. Haarlem, A.C. Kruseman, 1854(-1855), 11 (of 12) issues, woodengr. ills., orig. unif. wr.

- Lacks issue 10; 4 issues w. dam. wrappers; one issue contents badly dam.

= Rare popular science periodical.

€ (50-70)
66/2427 Wright, J. A Natural History of the Globe of Man, of Beasts, Birds, Fishes, Reptiles, Insects and Plants, from the Writings of Buffon, Cuvier, Lacepede and other Eminent Naturalists. Boston, Gray and Bowen, 1831, 5 vols., 5 diff. woodengr. title-ills., 500 ills., orig. unif. cl. w. paper titlepiece.

- Partly foxed; a few lvs. loosening. Spine-ends dam.; worn along extremities (top of spine of vol. 3 worse).

Rees, A.W. Creatures of the Night. A Book of Wild Life in Western Britain, London, J. Murray, 1905, XX,448p., frontisp. and 7 plates, orig. giltlettered cl, t.e.g.

- Library ticket on upper paste-down; trifle foxed, otherwise contents fine. Lower joint sl. dam; trifle worn along extremities.

Jones, T.R. The Natural History of Birds: a Popular Introduction to Ornithology, London, F. Warne and Co, 1872, XX,452p., woodengr. frontisp., 220 ills., orig. hmor.

- Clipping w. owner's entry tipped in on first free end paper; upperhinge weak; sl. soiled. Binding trifle rubbed along extremities.= With prize mounted on upper pastedown.

AND 7 others, all sl. soiled, i.a. W.J. BRODERIP, Zoological Recreations (London, 1857, col. lithogr. frontisp., num. woodengr. ills., orig. giltlettered cl., a.e.g.); E.P. WRIGHT, Cassell's Concise Natural History (London etc., 1887, woodengr. frontisp., num. (full-p.) ills., contemp. hmor); C.M. REID, The Cliff-Climber or the Lone Home in the Himalayas (New York, 1889, woodengr. frontisp., num. ills., orig. cl.) and R. MORGAN, Llyfr adar (adar cymry) - Bird Book (Welsh Birds) (n.pl, 1907, woodengr. titlep., col. full-p. plates, orig. cl.).

€ (80-100)
66 2428 Zoology  Boddaert P 66 2428 Zoology Boddaert P
66/2428 [Zoology]. Boddaert, P. Natuurkundige beschouwing der dieren, in hun inwendig zamenstel, eigenschappen, huishouding enz. Utr., J. van Driel, n.d. (1778), (2),XXXVIII,420p., title printed in black and red, 4 contemp. handcol. engr. fold. plates, contemp. marbled boards.

- Lacks first free endpaper; one plate loosening; title sl. foxed; upper hinge weakening. Corners sl. bumped. Fine copy.


€ (250-350)