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66/1815 [Violins]. Holloway, J. and Watkins, J.L. (ed.). Giuseppe Guarneri del Gesù. London, P. Biddulph, 1998, 2 vols., 168; 171p., num. (full-p.) (col.) ills., orig. unif. gilt cl., slipcase, folio.

- Very fine copy.

= Standard work on Guarneri violins, with life-size photographs of the details, and essays by i.a. C. Chiesa, J. Dilworth, R.G. Hargrave and D. Rosengard.

€ (250-350) 350
66/1816 [Violins]. Jalovec, K. Enzyklopädie des Geigenbaues. German transl. C. and F. Kirschner. Prague, Artia, 1965, 2 vols., 491,(1); 423p., 24 col. plates, num. monochr. plates/ ills., orig. unif. giltlettered cl., 4to.
€ (100-150)
66/1817 [Violins]. Jalovec, K. German and Austrian Violin-makers. (London), P. Hamlyn, 1967, 439,(17)p., num. (col.) ills., orig. giltlettered cl. w. (frayed) dustwr., 4to. Geigenzettel alter Meister vom 16. bis zur Mitte des 19. Jahrhunderts. II. Teil. Ed. P. de Wit. Leipsic, P. de Wit, 1910, 1 vol. (of 2), 15,(1)p., 40 plates w. 458 ills., orig. gilt cl., 4to.

- Vol.2 only. Binding trifle rubbed along extremities.

Edler, H. Geigen-F-Modelle nach den Originalen alter Meister. Siegburg, Verlag der Instrumentenbau-Zeitschrift, 1970, 71p., num. ills. of the "F-holes" in violins, orig. giltlettered cl., 4to. - AND 15 others, incl. small publications, all German language, i.a. B. GEISER, Studien zur Frühgeschichte der Violine (Bern/ Stuttg., 1974, plates, orig. wr.); W. BACHMANN, Die Anfänge des Streichinstrumentenspiels (Leipsic, 1964, plates, orig. cl. w. (sl. frayed/ chipped) dustwr.); F. PROCHART, Der Wiener Geigenbau im 19. und 20. Jahrhundert (Tutzing, 1979, orig. giltlettered cl.) and P. KURFÜRST, Die Kurzhalsgeige (...) (Frankf. a.M., 1980, ills., orig. wr.).

€ (100-150) 100
66/1818 [Violins]. Jalovec, K. Italienische Geigenbauer. German transl. B. Wiener. Prague, Artia, (1957), 446,(1),XXXIIp., 417 ills., orig. gilt cl. w. dustwr., 4to.

- Dustwr. sl. frayed (tears partly closed w. tape). Otherwise fine.

€ (50-70)
66/1819 [Violins]. Kirschfink, W. and Holfter, U. Versteigerungen von Streichinstrumenten [Continued as:] Sales of String Instruments (Instruments/ Bows). Year 1984-1993. Stolberg, the author, 1986-1993, 5 sets in 9 vols., orig. unif. giltlettered cl., large 4to (fine set).

= Year 1987 consists of 2 parts (instruments/ bows) in 1 vol., the other years were all publ. in two separate vols.

€ (100-150)
66/1820 [Violins]. König, A.H. Die Viola da gamba. Frankf. a.M., Erwin Bochinsky, 1985, (6),175,(1)p., num. (col.) ills., orig. boards, 4to. Appian-Bennewitz, P.O. Die Geige, der Geigenbau und die Bogenverfertigung. Leipsic, B.F. Voigt, 1892, 2 vols., text vol.: 414p., orig. wr.; plate vol.: 14 (double-p.) lithogr. plates, orig. wr., 4to.

- Text vol. incomplete (lacks at least a few preliminary leaves and final textp.; contents loose). Plates partly foxed; one plate loose. Sold w.a.f.

AND 2 other sm. publications (both Dutch language).

€ (80-100) 80
66/1821 [Violins]. Kun, J. and Regh, J. The Art of Bow Making. Ottawa, the authors, 1994, XXI,(5),141,(1)p., richly illustrated, printed in 1000 numb. and signed copies (500), orig. gilt cl., matching slipcase, large 4to.

- Very fine. = One of 500 copies of the Library Edition.

€ (80-100) 150
66/1822 [Violins]. Le Canu, L. and V. Les Luthiers Français. Introd. B. Millant. Paris, the authors, 1993-1996, 4 vols., num. col. ills., text in French, English and German, orig. unif. cl. w. dustwr., large 4to.
€ (200-300) 200
66/1823 [Violins]. Liutai in Brescia. 1520-1724. N.pl., Eric Blot, 2008, 367,(1)p., sumptuously illustrated, English language, orig. cl. w. dustwr., folio.

- Very fine copy.

= Discusses in detail over 40 violins made by the major Brescian violin makers (Pellegrino de Micheli, Gasparo Bertolotti da Salò, Francesco Bertolotti da Salò, Gio Paolo Maggini, Giovanni Battista Rogeri, Pietro Giacomo Rogeri). Contributions by i.a. C. Beare, M. Bizzarini and Ugo Orlandi, C. Chiesa and D. Rosengard.

€ (100-150) 120
66/1824 [Violins]. Liuteria in Toscana. Violin-making in Tuscany. Violin-makers of the 20th century/ Contemporary Violin-makers. Cremona, Cremonabooks, 2003/ 2004, 2 vols., 134,(2); 231,(1)p., richly illustrated, English and Italian language, orig. unif. giltlettered cl., together in matching slipcase, sm. folio.
€ (100-150)
66/1825 [Violins]. Lütgendorff, W.L. von. Die Geigen- und Lautenmacher vom Mittelalter bis zur Gegenwart. Vol. I, II and Ergänzungsband. Frankf. a.M., Frankfurter Verlags-Anstalt, 1922/ Tützung, H. Schneider, 1990, 5th/6th enl. ed./ 1st ed., 3 vols., 422,(3); 670; XXXI,(1),948p., 98 plates, 149 ills., 853+1438 "Brandmarken und Geigenzettel", orig. unif. gilt cl. (vol.I and II)/ orig. giltlettered cl., 4to.

- A few leaves in first vol. repaired w. tape. First two vols. hinges weak and bindings sl. rubbed along extremities. Third vol. fine.

€ (80-100)
66 1826 Violins  Millant B  Raffin J F  Gaudfroy B and Le Canu L 66 1826 Violins Millant B Raffin J F Gaudfroy B and Le Canu L
66/1826 [Violins]. Millant, B., Raffin, J.-F., Gaudfroy, B. and Le Canu, L. l'Archet. Paris, l'Archet Éditions, 2000, 4 parts in 3 vols., richly illustrated, text in French, English and German, orig. unif. giltlettered rexine, in 3 unif. slipcases, folio.

= Very fine set of this standard work on French bows and bow makers between 1750-1950. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LXXII.

€ (500-700) 1100
66/1827 [Violins]. Milliot, S. Les luthiers parisiens aux XIXe et XXe siècles. Parisian violin makers in the XIXth and XXth Centuries./ Histoire de la lutherie parisienne du XVIIIe siècle à 1960. History of Parisian violin-making from the XVIIIth century to 1960. Spa, Les Amis de la Musique, 1994-2006, 3 parts in 4 vols., richly illustrated, text in French and English, orig. unif. cl. w. dustwr., final 2 vols. together in one slipcase, large 4to.

- First vol. title-p. loose(ning).

= I. La famille Chanot-Chardon; II. Histoire de la lutherie parisienne du XVIIIe siècle à 1960; III. Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume et sa famille: Nicolas, Nicolas-François et Sébastien Vuillaume. Livre 1: Vies et oeuvres; Livre 2: Facture instrumentale.

€ (300-500) 300
66/1828 [Violins]. Milnes, J. a.o. The British Violin. The Catalogue of the 1998 Exhibition '400 Years of Violin & Bow Making in the British Isles'. Oxf., British Violin Making Association, 2000, 416p., hundreds of (col.) ills., orig. cl. w. dustwr., folio (very fine).
€ (150-250) 160
66/1829 [Violins]. Milnes, J. (ed.). Musical Instruments in the Ashmolean Museum. The Complete Collection. Berkhamstead, Oxford Musical Instrument Publishing, 2011, 384p., sumptuously illustrated (partly w. life-sized photographs), orig. cl. w. dustwr., folio (fine).
€ (150-250)
66/1830 [Violins]. Möckel, O. Die Kunst des Geigenbaues. Ed. F. Winckel. Berlin, B.F. Voigt, 1930, 1st ed., (8),389,(9)p., 71 plates, 128 ills., contemp. giltlettered peau de suède, 4to.

- Traces of tickets on htitle; occas. (sl.) foxed.

400 jaar vioolbouwkunst in Nederland. 400 years of violin making in The Netherlands. The Hague, NGV, 1999, 269,(1)p., richly illustrated, orig. boards w. dustwr., 4to (fine). - AND 11 others similar, incl. sm. vols., various languages, mostly on violin making, i.a. K.LEONHARDT, Geigenbau und Klangfrage (Frankf. a.M., 1981, (col.) (fold.) plates, orig. cl. w. dustwr., 4to); G. GREGORI (introd.), l'Esposizione di Liuteria antica a Cremona nel 1937 (Cremona, 1987, ills., orig. wr., 4to) and the atlas vol. only of P.O. APIAN-BENNEWITZ, Die Geige, der Geigenbau und die Bogenverfertigung (n.pl., n.d. (±1890), 14 (double-p.) lithogr. plates, orig. wr., 4to. Partly sl. frayed; foxed; wrappers soiled and dogeared; scattered stamps on wrappers and verso of a few plates).

€ (100-150) 100
66/1831 [Violins]. Möller, M. The violin-makers of the Low Countries (Belgium and Holland). Amst., M. Möller N.V., 1955, 165p., monochr. plates, printed in 1500 numb. copies, orig. gilt cl., 4to.

- Fine copy. = Rare.

€ (150-250)
66/1832 [Violins]. Möller, M. and M. Italiaansche vioolbouw van Gaspar da Salo tot Pressenda. Beknopt overzicht van ontstaan en ontwikkeling der vioolbouwkunst in Italië. Amst., M. Möller, 1938, VIII,61,(1) textp., 39 plates (w. ills. on both sides), printed in 1000 numb. copies, orig. hcl., large 8vo (free endpapers browned as usual). Balfoort, D.J. De Hollandsche vioolmakers. Ibid., H.J. Paris, 1931, XIV,48p., fold. table, 99 ills. on plates, orig. hcl. (sl. foxed in margins). - AND 3 others, i.a. H. STARCKE, Die Geige. Ihre Entstehung (...) und die Meister der Geigen- und Lautenbaukunst (Dresden, 1884, later cl. w. orig. frontwr. laid down) and G. FRY, The varnishes of the Italian Violin Makers of the sixteenth, seventeenth and eighteenth centuries and their influence on tone (London, 1904, fold. table, orig. cl.).
€ (100-150)
66/1833 [Violins]. Mondino, A. and Avalle, M. Manual of dendrochronology applied to the dating of musical instruments. A simplified method of investigation. Cremona, Cremonabooks, 2005, text vol. and 2 CD-roms, 291,(1)p., num. (col.) ills. and diagrams, orig. ringbound wr., 4to, CD-roms in 2 jewel cases, together in orig. board box (fine). Richter, H.G. Holz als Rohstoff für den Musikinstrumentenbau. Celle, Moeck Verlag, 1988, 44p., ills., orig. boards, large 4to. - AND 20 others on practical and scientific matters concerning violin/ instrument making, i.a. W.A. LINCOLN, The Marquetry Manual/ The Complete Manual of Wood Veneering (London, 1989/ 1991, 2 vols., (col.) ills., orig. (not unif.) wr.); M. DOERNER, Malmaterial und seine Verwendung im Bilde. Ed. Th. Hoppe (Stuttg., 1994, num. (col.) plates/ ills., orig. boards, 4to) and R.B. HOADLEY, Identifying Wood. Accurate results with simple tools (Newtown, 1995, num. (col.) ills., orig. cl. w. dustwr., 4to).
€ (70-90) 70
66 1834 Violins  Piamonte G  pref  66 1834 Violins Piamonte G pref
66/1834 [Violins]. Piamonte, G. (pref.). Mostra di Antonio Stradivari. Isola Bella, Palazzo Borromeo, printed by La Tipografia Varese (Varese), 1963, 77,(3)p., num. ills., printed in 1000 numb. copies, orig. gilt artif. leather, 4to.

= With signed dedication to the 'magnificent violinist THEO OLOF' by Enrico Costa, president of the organizing committee (and violinist), dated 5 October 1971 and thanking Olof for a performance(?) in Genoa.

AND 1 other: P. MOLENAAR, Stradivari-Cremona Mystery Disclosed (Toronto, 1985, 1st (private?) ed., full-p. col. ill., orig. giltlettered cl. w. mounted col. plate, 4to).

€ (60-80) 60