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69 956 Gissing G 69 956 Gissing G
69/ 956 Gissing, G. Our Friend the Charlatan. London, Chapman and Hall, 1901, 1st ed., (8),424,(2)p., 5 plates by L. SPEED, orig. cl.

- Bookplate on first free endpaper. A few tiny foxed spots on binding. Fine copy. = Coustillas A22.1a.

AND 5 others by the same, i.a. The Crown of Life (London, 1899 [= 1913], orig. (sl. foxed) giltlettered cl. Variant not in Coustillas A21: this copy with 2 catalogues, one 8p. cat. dated "Spring 1913" and one 31p. cat. dated "May 1913"); The Whirlpool (ibid., 1897, 1st ed., orig. (sl. stained) giltlettered cl. Owner's entries on first free endpaper and title-p.; Coustillas A17.1a) and Veranilda (ibid., 1904, 1st ed., orig. giltlettered cl. Bookplate on upper pastedown; Coustillas A26.1a).

€ (100-150)
69 957 Gissing G 69 957 Gissing G
69/ 957 Gissing, G. The Paying Guest. London etc., Cassell and Comp., 1895, 1st ed., 158,(6)p., orig. cl., narrow 8vo.

- Fine copy. = Coustillas A16.1b (with 9.95 at the bottom of the first page of advertisements).

€ (50-70)
69 958 Gissing G 69 958 Gissing G
69/ 958 Gissing, G. Sins of the Fathers and other tales. Chicago, Pascal Covici, 1924, (22),124p., printed in 550 numb. copies (500), orig. clothbacked boards w. dustwr.

- Top of spine trifle chipped; frontcover some traces of silverfish activity. = Coustillas A30.

Idem. Brownie. With six other stories attributed to him. Introd. G.E. Hastings a.o. New York, Columbia Univ. Press, 1931, 102,(6)p., printed in 500 (numb.) copies, orig. hcl. w. dustwr.

- Unnumb. review copy. Dustwr. frayed. = Coustillas A37.1.

(Browne, W.R.) ed. Books and the Quiet Life. Being some pages from the Private Papers of Henry Ryecroft by George Gissing. Portland, Th.B. Mosher, 1914, 1st Am. ed., VI,(2),56,(3)p., printed in 950 numb. copies, orig. boards w. slipcase, sm. 8vo.

- Occas. sl. foxed. Slipcase sl. dam. and worn along extremities. = Coustillas H1.a.

€ (70-90)
69/959 Gissing G  Enitharmon Press Gissing Series Vol 1 9 69/959 Gissing G Enitharmon Press Gissing Series Vol 1 9
69/ 959 [Gissing, G.]. Enitharmon Press Gissing Series. Vol. 1-9. London, Enitharmon Press, 1968-1981, 9 vols., all but one printed in a lim. (numb.) edition, orig. unif. cl. w. dustwr./ boards w. dustwr./ orig. wr. (1x).

- Most vols. sl. foxed at top edge of bookblock. Fine set.

= 1. G. GISSING, Notes on Social Democracy (Coustillas A40); 2. P. COUSTILLAS, Gissing's Writings on Dickens; 3. IDEM (ed.), Henry Hick's Recollections of George Gissing (...) (Coustillas G10); 4. P. COUSTILLAS, George Gissing at Alderley Edge (cf. Coustillas E8); 5. S. KOIKE a.o., Gissing East and West; 6. G. GISSING, My First Rehearsal and My Clerical Rival. Ed. P. Coustillas (Coustillas A41); 7. The Letters of George Gissing to Edward Clodd. Ed. P. Coustillas (Coustillas G11); 8. P. BRIDGWATER, Gissing and Germany; 9. George Gissing on Fiction. Ed. J. and C. Korg (Cf. Coustillas E7).

AND 1 other by the same press: P. COUSTILLAS (ed.), George Gissing and Ivan Turgenev (London, 1981, printed in 250 copies, orig. wr.).

€ (80-100)
69/ 960 [Gissing, G.]. The Gissing Newsletter/ Journal. Vol. V-XLIX. La Madeleine, n.publ., 1969 (January) - 2013 (January), 183 (of 185) issues (incl. supplements), orig. unif. wr.

- Lacks 2 issues (April 1982 and January 2012).

AND a small archive on George Gissing (from the library of the late H.G. van Otterloo), incl. several bookseller's catalogues, newspaper clippings, manuscript/ typescript letters by fellow collectors, scholars and booksellers (i.a. P. Coustillas, B.P. Postmus and W.G. van Nouhuys) and photocopies of articles.

€ (70-90)
69 961 Gissing G  Gissing A  ed  69 961 Gissing G Gissing A ed
69/ 961 [Gissing, G.]. Gissing, A. (ed.). Selections Autobiographical and Imaginative From the Works of George Gissing. Introd. V. Woolf. London, Jonathan Cape, 1929, 1st ed., 318p., orig. cl. w. dustwr.

- Dustwr. price-clipped and trifle rubbed along top margin. Otherwise fine.

= Coustillas H2a.

€ (80-100) 80
69/ 962 [Gissing, G.]. Lot of 18 works on/ by George Gissing, i.a. P. COUSTILLAS and P. BRIDGWATER, George Gissing at Work: A Study of His Notebook Extracts from My Reading (Greensboro, 1988, 1 full-p. ill., orig. cl. w. dustwr. Coustillas A48); P. COUSTILLAS and C. PARTRIDGE (ed.), Gissing. The Critical Heritage (London/ Boston, 1972, orig. cl. w. dustwr.); R.A. GETTMANN (ed.), George Gissing and H.G. Wells. Their Friendship and Correpsondence (London, 1961, frontisp., plate, orig. cl. w. dustwr. Coustillas G7a); M. COLLIE, George Gissing A Bibliography (Toronto/ Buffalo, 1975, orig. boards w. (sl. stained) dustwr.); G. GISSING, The Poetry. Ed. B. Postmus (Lewiston etc., 1995, orig. cl. With autograph dedication on first free endpaper. Coustillas A54); C. HUGUET (ed.), Spellbound, George Gissing. I. The Storyteller; II. A twenty-first century reappraisal (n.pl., 2008, 2 parts in 1 vol., ills., orig. boards, large 8vo); G. TINDALL, The Born Exile. George Gissing (London, 1974, plates, orig. boards) and J. KORG, George Gissing, A Critical Biography (Seattle, 1963, orig. cl. w. dustwr.).
€ (100-150)
69/ 963 Goldoni, C. Tutte le opere. Ed. G. Ortolani. Verona, A. Mondadori, 1954-1956, various editions, 14 vols., india-paper, orig. unif. gilt blue calf, sm. 8vo.

- All vols. w. bookplate. Two vols. sm. tears at spine-end(s). Otherwise fine.

€ (80-100)
69/ 964 Grimmelshausen, H.J.C. De avonturen van Simplicissimus. Dutch transl. and ed. A. de Loecker. Baarn, Ambo, 1991, 551p., orig. cl. w. dustwr. Quevedo, F. de. Dromen. Dutch transl. and ed. B. van de Pol. Ibid., idem, 1992, 164p., orig. cl. w. dustwr. Montaigne, M. de. Essays. Dutch transl. F. de Graaff. Amst., Boom, 1993, 1321p., orig. cl. w. dustwr. - AND 13 others, all fine copies in orig. cl. w. dustwr., i.a. R. SAFRANSKI, E.T.A. Hoffmann (Munich/ Vienna, 1984); IDEM, Friedrich Schiller of de uitvinding van het Duitse idealisme (Amst./ Antw., 2005); T. FONTANE, Stechlin (ibid., 2007); U. SABA, Voor de vogels en een vriend. Poëzie, proza en brieven (ibid., 2006) and F. SCHILLER, De Opstand der Nederlanden (Amst., 2005, ills.).
€ (80-100) 90
69 965 Gumilyov N 69 965 Gumilyov N
69/ 965 Gumilyov, N. Kolchan (The Quiver). St. Petersburg, Petropolis, 1923, 2nd ed., 108,(2)p., orig. wr., sm. 8vo.

- Fine, unopened copy.

€ (120-150)
69/ 966 Hartleben, O.E. Der Halkyonier. Ein Buch Schlussreime. Berlin, S. Fischer, 1904, (4),103,(1)p., bookdecoration by P. BEHRENS, orig. limp. mor., t.e.g., sm. 8vo.

- Lacks backstrip; covers sl. worn along extremities.

= With AUTOGRAPH SIGNED DEDICATION on first free endpaper.

Jacobsen, J.P. Gesammelte Werke. German transl. M. Herzfeld. Jena, E. Diederichs, 1905-1908, various eds. (6th-15th thous.), 3 vols., XLVIII,393,(1); 347,(4); 301,(2)p., ills./ vignettes and orig. unif. pict. gilt vellum by H. VOGELER, t.e.g.

- Occas. sl. foxed.

€ (50-70)
69/ 967 Hesse, H. Sämtliche Werke. Vol. 1-5. Ed. V. Michels. Frankf. a.M., Suhrkamp, 2001, 1st ed., 5 (of 21) vols., orig. unif. cl. w. dustwr., board slipcases. Brecht, B. Ausgewählte Werke in sechs Bänden. Ibid., idem, 1997, 1st ed., 6 vols., unif. cl., together in board slipcase. Kafka, F. Das Schloß. Ibid., Fischer Verlag, 2004, 4th ed., 2 vols., 487,(4); 495,(2)p., orig. unif. cl. w. dustwr., together in board slipcase. - ADDED: I. BACHMANN, "Todesarten"-projekt. Kritische Ausgabe. Ed. R. Pichl, M. Albrecht and D. Göttsche (Munich/ Zurich, 1995, 4 parts in 5 vols., facs. ills., orig. unif. cl. w. (diff.) portraits mounted on frontcover, in matching cl./ board slipcase).
€ (70-90)
69 968 Higgins D 69 968 Higgins D
69/ 968 Higgins, D. Selected Early Works 1955-64. Berlin, Ars Viva!, (1982), (12),228,(1)p., orig. wr. (fine). Idem. Modular Poems. Barton, Unpublished Editions, 1974, XII,158p., photogr. ills. by E. WILLIAMS, orig. wr., 4to. Idem. Die fabelhafte Geträume von Taifun Willi. Sommerville, Abyss, 1970, (2),38,(4)p., photomontage ills. by B. PORTER, orig. wr. - AND 4 others by the same: City With All the Angles. A radio play. (West Glover), Unpublished Editions, 1974, photogr. ills. by B. PORTER, orig. wr.); Cat Alley (a long short novel) (Willits, Tuumba Press, 1976, orig. wr.); Everyone Has Sher Favorite (His or Hers) (New York/ Barton, Unpublished Editions, 1977, orig. wr.); Some Recent Snowflakes (and Other Things) (New York/ West Glover, Printed Editions, 1979, orig. wr.).
€ (60-80)
69 969 Higgins D 69 969 Higgins D
69/ 969 Higgins, D. Towards the 1970's. Sommerville, Abyss Publications, 1969, 1st ed., 7,(1)p., orig. wr. Idem. For Eugene in Germany/ Cream Dreams. Barton, Unpublished Editions, 1973, 2 parts in 1 vol. (as published); (8),35,(1); (6),9p., orig. wr. Idem. A Book About Love & War & Death. Barton, Something Else Press, 1972, XIV,239,(2)p., orig. cl. w. dustwr. - AND 5 other by the same: The Ladder to the Moon (Barton, Unpublished Editions, 1973, orig. wr.); Legends & Fishnets (ibid./ New York, idem, 1976, ills., orig. wr.); Classic Plays (ibid., idem, 1976, orig. wr.); The Epickall Quest of the Brothers Dichtung and Other Outrages (New York, Printed Editions, 1978, ills. by K. FRIEDMAN, orig. wr.); R. JANSSEN, Mail-interview with Dick Higgins (Tilburg, 1996, orig. wr.).
€ (70-90)
69/ 970 Hölderlin, F. Sämtliche Werke. Ed. F. Beissner. Stuttg., W. Kohlhammer, 1965, 6 vols., (fold.) facs. plates, orig. unif. gilt cl. Schiller, F. Historische Schriften und Erzählungen. Ed. O. Dann. Frankf. a.M., Deutscher Klassiker Verlag, 2000, 2 vols., 1006,(2); 1092,(3)p., plates, india-paper, orig. unif. cl. w. dustwr., sm. 8vo. - AND 1 other: B. VON ARNIM, Clemens Brentano's Frühlingskranz. Die Günderode. Ed. W. Schmitz (ibid., 1986, india-paper, orig. cl., sm. 8vo).
€ (50-70)
69 971 Huxley A 69 971 Huxley A
69/ 971 Huxley, A. Brave New World. London, Chatto & Windus, 1932, 1st ed., (6),306,(2)p., orig. giltlettered blue cl.

- Sm. owner's entry on first free endpaper, dated "8 Maart 1932". A few sm. stains/ foxed spots on covers. Otherwise fine.

€ (150-250) 160
69/ 972 Jean Paul (= J.P.F. Richter). Werke. Ed. N. Miller. Munich, C. Hanser, 1986, 4th ed., 3 vols., 1005; 797; 866p., india-paper, orig. unif. cl. w. dustwr. Lenz, J.M.R. Werke und Briefe. Ed. S. Damm. Ibid., idem, 1987, 3 vols., 786; 958; 994p., india-paper, orig. unif. cl. w. dustwr. - AND 2 others in 4 vols.: K.P. MORITZ, Werke. Ed. H. Günther (Frankf. a.M., 1993, 2nd ed., 3 vols., india-paper, orig. unif. cl. w. dustwr.) and A.V. THELEN, Die Insel des zweiten Gesichts (Amst., 1953, india-paper, orig. cl.).
€ (70-90) 70
69 973 Joyce J 69 973 Joyce J
69 973 Joyce J 69 973 Joyce J
69 973 Joyce J 69 973 Joyce J
69/ 973 Joyce, J. Ulysses. Paris, Shakespeare and Company, August 1925, 6th printing, (6),736p., orig. wr.

- Frontwr. and first ±25 leaves (incl. preliminary pages) sl. dogeared; wrappers trifle foxed; foot of spine sl. chipped; spine sl. yellowed.

= Slocum & Cahoon 17, note.

ADDED: Idem. Ulysses. New York, Random House, 1934, 1st Am. ed., XVII,(1),767,(1)p., orig. cl. w. dustwr. by REICHL.

- Mediocre copy of the first American edition: upper hinge almost split. Frontcover soiled/ stained and mouldy; backcover sl. foxed; wrappers split in two along spine; frontwr. sl. stained and chipped; spine of dustwr. dam., browned and waterstained; backwr. chipped and w. several tears. Sold w.a.f.

= First authorized American edition. Slocum & Cahoon A21.

€ (250-350) 550
69/ 974 Kafka, F. Gesammelte Werke. Ed. M. Brod. New York/ Frankf. a.M., S. Fischer etc., 1935-1967, various eds., 11 vols. of the series, orig. unif. cl., 1x w. dustwr.

= Comprises: Hochzeitsvorbereitungen auf dem Lande; Amerika; Das Schloss; Erzählungen; Briefe an Felice; Tagebücher 1910-1923; Briefe 1902-1924; Der Prozess (3 diff. eds., incl. the 2nd and 3rd ed.); Beschreibung eines Kampfes (2nd ed., orig. cl. w. dustwr.).

€ (50-70) 120
69 975 Kafka F 69 975 Kafka F
69/ 975 Kafka, F. Das Schloss. Postscript M. Brod. Munich, Kurt Wolff, 1926, 1st ed., (6),503,(1)p., orig. cl. w. printed paper title-piece on frontcover and on spine.

- Page 90-99 w. sm. stain in inner corner. Spine-ends and corners trifle worn; spine sl. sunned.

= Hemmerle p.30; Lame Duck 38. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE XXXIV.

€ (200-300) 375