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AFRICANA, mainly from the collection of Joost Willink (including TRIBAL ART)

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67/2061 Jameson, R., Wilson, J. and Murray, H. Narrative of Discovery and Adventure in Africa, from the Earliest Ages to the Present Time: with illustrations of the Geology, Mineralogy, and Zoology. New York, J. & J. Harper, 1831, 359,(16 publ. cat.)p., woodengr. title-ill., fold. engr. map, 14 plates/ maps/ text ills., orig. cl., 12mo.

- Foxed/ yellowed (the fold. map worse); owner's entry on first free endpaper. Backstrip loose(ning).

= Harper's Family Library no. XVI.

€ (40-60) 40
67 2062 Jedina L von 67 2062 Jedina L von
67 2062 Jedina L von 67 2062 Jedina L von
67/2062 Jedina, L. von. Um Afrika. Skizzen von der Reisen Sr. Majestät Corvette "Helgoland" in den Jahren 1873-75. Vienne/ Pest/ Leipsic, A. Hartleben's Verlag, 1877, 1st ed., 380,(4)p., woodengr. frontisp., fold. lithogr. partly col. map, 12 woodengr. plates, orig. gilt and pict. cl.

- Owner's entry on title-p.; occas. trifle foxed. Spine-ends sl. worn.

= Attractive binding. Kainbacher I, p.72.

€ (120-150) 120
67/2063 Jephson, A.J.M. and Stanley, H.M. Emin Pasha and the Rebellion at the Equator. A Story of Nine Months' Experience in the Last of the Soudan Provinces. New York, Charles Scribner's Sons, 1890, XXIV,490p., frontisp. portrait, fold. col. map and facsimile in rear pocket, 21 engr. plates, ills., orig. gilt dec. cl.

- Fold. map and facs. plates w. sm. tears in fold. Spine-ends sl. worn.

= Cf. Kainbacher I, p.72 (German ed.).

Emin Pasha in Central Africa Being a collection of his letters and journals. Ed. G. Schweinfurth a.o. London, George Philip & Son, 1888, XVIII, 547p., frontisp. portrait, 1 engr. portrait, fold. col. map, sl. later giltlettered hmor.

- Ex-library copy; sm. stamps on prelim. pages. Top of spine chipped; backstrip sunned; upper joint starting; backcover stained. Contents fine.

= Cf. Kainbacher I, p.129 (German ed.).

€ (70-90) 80
67 2064 Junker W 67 2064 Junker W
67/2064 Junker, W. Reisen in Afrika 1875-1886. Ed. R. Buchta. Vienna/ Olmütz, E. Hölzel, 1889-1891, 3 vols., XVI,585,(1); XVI,560; XVI,740p., 3 photogr. portraits, 25 (col./ fold.) maps, 130 (fold./ photogr.) plates, num. (full-p.) ills., 2 fold. tables, orig. unif. pict. cl., large 8vo.

- A few scattered stamps; 1 fold. map. w. large tear affecting the image; hinge of 1 vol. weak. Spine-ends trifle chipped and corners showing; lower joint of the 2nd vol. split.

= Kainbacher I, p.74; Henze II, p.726-728.

€ (200-300) 200
67 2065 Krapf J L 67 2065 Krapf J L
67/2065 Krapf, J.L. Travels, Researches, and Missionary Labours, During an Eighteen Years' Residence in Eastern Africa. Together with Journeys to Jagga, Usambara, Ukambani, Shoa, Abessinia, and Khartum; and a Coasting Voyage from Mombaz to Cape Delgado. With an Appendix respecting the Snow-Capped Mountains of Eastern Africa (...). By E.G. Ravenstein. London, Trübner and Co.,1860, 1st Engl. ed., LI,(3),566p., steelengr. frontisp., 2 fold. (tinted) maps, 10 (of 12) col. lithogr. views/ plates, contemp. gilt hcalf w. black mor. letterpiece.

- Lacks 2 views (Tajurra and Mombaz); all plates dampstained in top and occas. lower margin (partly affecting images); one plate sm. tear just touching image; large fold. map outer sections reattached along fold.

= First published by the author in German in 1858, this first English edition brought Krapf the esteem that he deserved. His journals formed the basis for the famous travellers that subsequently explored East Africa, Burton and Speke. Krapf was the first to report the existence of the "snow-capped mountains" in the area that we now know as Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya. Henze III, p.70ff; Howgego III, K22. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LXXXVI.

€ (150-250)
67/2066 Le Roy, A. Au Kilima-Ndjaro (Afrique Orientale). Paris, L. de Soye et Fils, n.d. (±1890), (8),469p., woodengr. frontisp. portrait, 4 maps and 89 ills., orig. gilt mor.

- Schoolprize mounted on upper pastedown. A fine copy.

Compiègne, (V.) le Marquis de. L'Afrique Équatoriale. Okanda, Bangouens, Osyéba. Ibid., E. Plon et Cie., 1876, (4),VIII,360p., fold. lithogr. map, 8 woodengr. plates, orig. wr.

- Sl. foxed. Wrappers frayed.

AND 2 others.

€ (50-70) 60
67/2067 Lebrun, H. Voyages et Découvertes dans l'Afrique Centrale et l'Afrique Septentrionale. Tours, Mame & Cie., 1859, 6th ed., (6),283p., steelengr. title and 3 plates, orig. wr.

- Sl. foxed. Frontwr. chipped.

= Bibliothèque de la Jeunesse Chrétienne. Cf. Gay 365 (1st and 3rd ed.); Gumuchian 3679.

Chaillé-Long, C. L'Afrique Centrale. Expéditions au Lac Victoria-Nyanza et au Makraka Niam-Niam à l'Ouest du Nil Blanc. Paris, E. Plon & Cie., 1877, VII,(1),351,(1)p., 8 double-p. woodengr. plates, ills., later cl. w. mor. letterpiece.

- Lacks the map. Binding soiled; spine rubbed.

AND 6 others, i.a. T. IGONETTE, Abrégé du Voyage de Levaillant dans l'intérieur de l'Afrique (Limoges, 1852, 2 steelengr. plates, contemp. gilt blindst. mor.); V.A. MALTE-BRUN, Résumé historique de l'exploration faite dans l'Afrique Centrale de 1853 à 1856, par le docteur Édouard Vogel (Paris, n.d. (±1860), orig. wr.) and A. CUREAU, Les Sociétés Primitives de l'Afrique Équatoriale (ibid., 1912, plates, contemp. hmor., t.e.g.).

€ (50-70) 110
67 2068 Lenz O 67 2068 Lenz O
67 2068 Lenz O 67 2068 Lenz O
67/2068 Lenz, O. Skizzen aus Westafrika. Selbsterlebnisse. Berlin, A. Hofmann & Co., 1878, 1st ed., (10),346p., fold. tinted lithogr. map, orig. gilt and dec. cl.

- Sl. foxed. Otherwise fine. = Kainbacher I, p.84; Henze III, p.217.

Lenz, O. Wanderungen in Afrika. Studien und Erlebnisse. Vienna, Verlag der Literarischen Gesellschaft, 1895, 1st ed., (18),278p., orig.(?) gilt cl.

- Corners and spine-ends rubbed/ sl. worn. = Kainbacher I, p.85.

€ (100-150)
67/2069 Lichtenstein, H. Travels in Southern Africa, in the Years 1803, 1804, 1805 and 1806. Cape Town, The Van Riebeeck Society, 1928, 2 vols., XXIV,470,(28),X,(2); XXIII,(1),498,XVp., fold. map, plates, orig. unif. cl.

= First published 1812/ 1815.

Andersson, C.J. Lake Ngami; or, Explorations and Discoveries, During Four Years' Wanderings in the Wilds of South Western Africa. New York/ London, Dix, Edwards & Co./ Hurst & Blackett, 1857, XXIII,(1),433,(5)p., 55 woodengr. plates/ ills., orig. blindst. cl.

- Lacks the map; one leaf reattached; library stamp on first text leaf. Backstrip crudely restored; rubbed and sl. worn along extremities.

= Cf. Mendelssohn I, p.41 (ed. London 1856): "Few, if any, books give so full and complete an account of Namaqualand, Demaraland, and the Ovampo country, and the description of the fauna of these countries is absolutely unequalled."

AND 5 others, i.a. E. CASALIS, Les Bassoutos ou vingt-trois années d'études et d'observations au Sud de l'Afrique (Paris, 1860, fold. map, plates, contemp. hmor.) and M. VON ECKENBRECHER, Was Afrika mir gab und nahm. Erlebnisse einer deutschen Ansiedlerfrau in Südwestafrika (Berlin, 1907, plates, orig. cl.).

€ (80-100) 100
67 2070 Livingstone D 67 2070 Livingstone D
67/2070 Livingstone, D. Missionary Travels and Researches in South Africa; including a sketch of sixteen years' residence in the interior of Africa, and a journey from the Cape of Good Hope to Loanda on the west coast; thence across the continent, down the river Zambesi, to the Eastern Ocean. London, J. Murray, 1857, 1st ed., IX,(1),687,(1)p., 47 plates/ ills. consisting of a steelengr. portr., 2 fold. lithogr. maps, 3 (fold.) col. lithogr. plates (incl. the view of the Victoria Falls), 1 fold. woodengr. and letterpress cross-section, 22 woodengr. plates and num. textills. (1x full-p.), contemp. gilt hcalf w. red mor. letterpiece.

- The lithographed plates (sl.) foxed; contemp. owner's entry on portrait. Otherwise a fine copy.

= Abbey Travel, 347; Mendelssohn I, p.908-910; Henze III, p.270; Gay 3034; cf. Kainbacher p.87. PMM 341: "Livingstone's services to African geography during thirty years are almost unequalled (...). He made three great expeditions; in 1853-56 (described in this book), 1858-64 and 1865-73, of which the first and third are the most important. During these years he explored vast regions of central Africa, many of which had never been seen by white men before." SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LXXXVI.

€ (400-600)
67/2071 Livingstone, D. A popular account of Dr. Livingstone's expedition to the Zambesi and its tributaries: and of the discovery of lakes Shirwa and Nyassa 1858-1864. London, J. Murray, 1894, XII,416p., fold. woodengr. frontisp., 1 fold. lithogr. col. map, 11 woodengr. plates, ills., orig. gilt dec. cl. Edwards, A.B. A thousand miles up the Nile. New York, Lovell, Coryell & Co., n.d. (±1880), 2nd ed., VI,468p., woodengr. frontisp., num. (full-p.) ills., contemp. cl. Paulitschke, P. Die Sudânländer nach dem gegenwärtigen Stande der Kenntnis. Freiburg im Breisgau, Herdersche Verlagshandlung, 1885, XII,311p., woodengr. frontisp., 1 handcol. fold. lithogr. map, 5 double-p. woodengr. plates. 6 full-p. plates, num. ills., sl. later giltlettered hcalf. - AND 6 others i.a. E.E. EVANS-PRITCHARD, Witchcraft, oracles and magic among the Azande (Oxford, (1950), fasc. reprint of the 1st ed., 34 photogr. plates, orig. cl. w. dustwr. (sl. frayed)).
€ (70-90) 100
67 2072 Livingstone D 67 2072 Livingstone D
67/2072 Livingstone, D. The last journals of David Livingstone, in Central Africa, from 1865 to his death. Continued by a narrative of his last moments and sufferings, obtained from his faithful servants Chuma and Susi, By Horace Waller. London, John Murray, 1874, 1st ed., 2 vols., XVI,360,6(advert.); VII,(1),346,20(advert.)p., 2 fold. partly col. map (1x in rear pocket), 21 woodengr. plates (incl. 2 frontisp.), num. ills., orig. unif. gilt and blindst. cl.

- Loose fold. map yellowed on verso on one section; first few leaves of vol.1 trifle foxed. Top of spine vol. 1 sl. dam.; upper joint vol. 2 splitting; backcover vol.1 sl. stained; frontcover and spine vol. 2 partly faded. Otherwise fine.

= Mendelssohn III, p.912: "(...). The objects of the expedition were the suppression of slavery, and the exploration of the South Central Lake system of South Africa, and, with regard to the former, Dr. Livingstone appears to have been greatly distressed at the fearful cruelties of the slave dealers, and the sufferings of the helpless captives are stated to have been of the most awful character. (...) At last Livingstone escaped from the scene of these atrocities, and succeeded in starting for Ujiji, where he arrived on October 23, 1871. Five days later he gained new life and courage by the welcome and unexpected arrival of H.M. Stanley with supplies and letters, and the latest news from Europe. He soon regained his energy (...) [Stanley] tried to persuade him to return to England and recuperate and then come back and finish his work, but the undaunted decided to go on, and Stanley left on March 14, 1872, taking Livingstone's despatches and journals to Europe. The last explorations were done in the vicinity of Lake Bangwelo, where, thoroughly broken down and worn out, the greatest traveller of modern times died on April 1, 1873, at Chitamb (...)". SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LXXXVII.

€ (300-500)
67/2073 Livingstone D  Two cartes de visite 67/2073 Livingstone D Two cartes de visite
67/2073 [Livingstone, D.]. Two cartes-de-visite, a portrait looking to the right by MAYALL (London) and a portrait of a seated Livinstone by ? (probably a photographed copy after another carte-de-visite).

= The first photograph with "Dr. Livingstone" in pencil on verso. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LXXXVII.

€ (80-100) 80
67 2074 Livingstone D and C 67 2074 Livingstone D and C
67/2074 Livingstone, D. and C. Explorations du Zambèse et de ses affluents et découverte des lacs Chiroua et Nyassa. French transl. by H. Loreau. Paris, Hachette et Cie, 1866, (8),567p., 4 fold. engr. maps, 26 woodengr. plates, num. text-ills., contemp. green hmor. w. gilt spine, a.e.g., large 8vo.

- One map stained in inner margin. Binding sl. worn along extremities.

= Cf. Howgego L34, the first edition in English (1865). This is the first French edition.

€ (100-150)
67 2075 Livingstone D and C 67 2075 Livingstone D and C
67/2075 Livingstone, D. and C. Narrative of an expedition to the Zambesi and its tributaries; and of the discovery of the lakes Shirwa and Nyassa. 1858-1864. New York, Harper & Brother, 1866, XXII,638,6[publ. cat.], woodengr. double-p. frontisp., large fold. map w. col. borders, 12 woodengr. plates, title-vignette and ills., contemp. cl.

- Map w. sm. tear repaired w. tape; lower hinge weak; upper hinge repaired. Spine-ends sl. dam.; spine sunned. = "In the course of the exploration of the Shiré River, Lake Shirwa was discovered, on April 18 1859, and on September 16 he [David Livingstone] arrived at lake Nyassa about two months before Dr. Roscher reached it. The Portuguese asserted, however, that Livingstone had not discovered the lake, and endeavoured to prove that they had known of its existence previously, but it appears that their object in making this statement was to make good their claim to the country". (Mendelssohn I, p.915). Gay 3034; Henze III, p.270; Howgego III, L34; cf. Kainbacher I, p.87.

€ (100-150) 120
67 2076 Löhr J A C 67 2076 Löhr J A C
67/2076 Löhr, J.A.C. Die Länder und Völker der Erde oder vollständige Beschreibung aller Erdtheile. Vol. III. Afrika. Leipsic, G. Fleischer der Jüngere, 1815, 2nd ed., VIII,332p., 13 handcol. and 7 uncol. engr. plates, fold. map of Africa with handcol. borders, contemp. gilt hcalf w. 2 contrasting mor. letterpieces.

- Foxed throughout (sl. affecting the plates); contemp. owner's entry on first free endpaper. Corners and paper over covers sl. worn/ rubbed.

= Lipperheide Ad 10; Wegehaupt III, 2233. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LXXXVIII.

€ (100-150) 110
67/2077 Marche, A. Trois Voyages dans l'Afrique Occidentale. Sénégal, Gambie, Casamance, Gabon, Ogooué. Paris, Hachette & Cie., 1879, (4),III,(1),376p., fold. lithogr. map, 24 woodengr. plates, contemp. gilt hmor. Roche, J.-B. Au Pays des Pahouins (Du Rio Mouny au Cameroun). Ibid., H. Charles-La Vauzelle, 1905, 198p., ills., orig. giltlettered cl. - AND 9 others in 10 vols., i.a. T. BAINES, Voyage dans le Sud-Ouest de l'Afrique (Paris, 1868, fold. map, plates, orig. gilt cl. (worn copy)); I. FALKENSTEIN, Afrikas Westküste. Vom Ogowe bis zum Damara-Land (Leipsic/ Prague, 1885, ills., orig. blindst. cl.); LADY HODGSON, The Siege of Kumassi (New York, 1901, fold. map, plates, contemp. gilt hmor., t.e.g.); A.M. SCOTT, Glimpses of Life in Africa (New York, n.d. (±1870), woodengr. plates, orig. cl.) and A.B. ELLIS, The Tshi-speaking Peoples of the Gold Coast of West Africa (Chicago, 1964, map, orig. cl.).
€ (70-90) 80
67/2078 Mecklenburg, A.F. zu. Ins innerste Afrika. Bericht über den Verlauf der deutschen wissenschaftlichen Zentral-Afrika-Expedition 1907-1908. Leipsic, Klinkhardt & Biermann, 1909, XI,(1),476p., frontisp. portrait, 2 fold. col. lithogr. maps (1x loosely inserted), num. (col.) plates/ ills., orig. dec. cl., 4to.

- A few annots. in col. pen; partly sl. waterwrinkled. Joints splitting.

Schynse, A. Zwei Jahre am Congo. Erlebnisse und Schilderungen. Cologne, J.P. Bachem, 1889, XI,(1),92p., photogr. portrait and ills., contemp. hcl.

- Some foxing. = Kainbacher I, p.129.

AND 3 others, i.a. C.F. DAMBERGER, Landreise in das Innere von Afrika (...) (Hamb., n.d., plates, orig. gilt cl.).

€ (50-70) 50
67 2079 Morocco  Rohlfs G 67 2079 Morocco Rohlfs G
67/2079 [Morocco]. Rohlfs, G. Mein erster Aufenthalt in Marokko und Reise südlich vom Atlas durch die Oasen Draa und Tafilet. Bremen, J. Kühtmann, 1873, (4),468p., later hcalf w. gilt spine.

- Two sm. stamps on prelim. lvs. Top of spine repaired; foot of spine worn.

= Playfair/ Brown 1142. From the library of F.C. Koch. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LXXXVII.

€ (600-800)
67 2080 Neufeld K 67 2080 Neufeld K
67/2080 Neufeld, K. In Ketten des Kalifen. Zwölf Jahre Gefangenschaft in Omdurman. Berlin/ Stuttg., W. Spemann, n.d. (1899), 1st ed., (2),316p., plates, orig. giltlettered pict. cl.

- Fine copy. Owner's entry on verso frontisp. (dated 1899). Binding trifle rubbed.

= Kainbacher I, p.99.

€ (100-150)