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AFRICANA, mainly from the collection of Joost Willink (including TRIBAL ART)

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67 2041 Fairholt F W 67 2041 Fairholt F W
67 2041 Fairholt F W 67 2041 Fairholt F W
67/2041 Fairholt, F.W. Up the Nile, and home again. London, Chapman and Hall, 1862, 1st ed., XIX,(1),448p., 20 tinted lithogr. plates, orig. gilt blindst. and dec. cl.
€ (100-150)
67/2042 Flickinger, D.K. Off Hand Sketches of Men and Things in Western Africa. Dayton, By order of the Trustees of the United Brethren Printing Establishment, 1857, 144p., mezzotint frontisp. portrait, contemp. cl.

- Hinges (nearly) broken; foxed and stained. Binding sl. worn; upper joint splitting. = Kayser 1388.

Wilson, J.L. Western Africa: Its History, Condition, and Prospects. New York, Harper & Brothers, 1856, 527p., woodengr. frontisp., double-p. map, ills., orig. giltlettered blindst. cl.

- Some foxing; one leaf w. extensive contemp. annots. Spine-ends sl. rubbed.

= Kayser 1462; cf. Kainbacher I, p.147.

AND 5 others, i.a. M.H. KINGSLEY, Travels in West Africa. Congo Français, Corisco and Cameroons (London, 1897, plates, orig. cl. Waterst. and wrinkled throughout); A.B. ELLIS, The Ewe-speaking peoples of the slave coast of West Africa (Chicago, 1965, fold. map, orig. cl. Facs. reprint of the ed. 1890) and R.E. DENNETT, At the back of the black man's mind or notes on the Kingly Office in West Africa (London, 1906, plates, orig. cl.).

€ (60-80) 60
67 2043 Guillain C 67 2043 Guillain C
67/2043 Guillain, C. Voyage à la Coté orientale d'Afrique exécuté pendant les années 1846, 1847 et 1848 par le brick Le Ducouëdic. Paris, A. Bertrand, n.d. (1856-1857), title-p., list of contents, 53 (of 54) (fold./ double-p.) lithogr. maps and tinted lithogr. plates, orig. frontwr. pres., folio.

- The atlas vol. only in loose leaves (as issued?). Lacks 1 plate; partly sl. foxed (the maps/ plans occas. sl. browned); frontwr. dam. and cut short.

= Comprises several attractive views of i.a. Zanzibar, Mombasa, Diou, Moutsamoudou and Ambavaranou. Hilmy I, p.280 and Numa Broc p.169: "(...) Pour la première fois dans un voyage scientifique, la photographie est utilisée pour fixer les paysages et les types humains (...)." SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LXXXV.

€ (1.000-1.500) 1000
67 2044 Hanoteau A 67 2044 Hanoteau A
67/2044 Hanoteau, A. Essai de grammaire de la langue Tamachek', renfermant les principes du langage parlé par les Imouchar' ou Toureg (...). Paris, Impériale, 1860, XXXI,(1),299p., large fold. partly lithogr. col. map, 5 fold. plates, contemp. gilt hcalf w. black mor. letterpiece.

- Two printed bookseller's tickets on upper pastedown; occas. sl. foxed; occas. sm. annots. and on first blank a extensive manuscript annot. in pencil. Spine and joints sl. chafed; top of spine trifle chipped.

= Comprises interesting plates w. "D'Écriture en caractères Tifinar", printed on recto and verso. Gay 1537.

€ (100-150)
67/2045 Hedendaagsche Historie of Tegenwoordige Staat van Afrika Waar in uitmunt De Beschryving van Barbarie Senegal Guinee de Kaap der Goede Hoope van de Kanarische Vlaamsche en Fransche Eilan67/2045 Hedendaagsche Historie of Tegenwoordige Staat van Afrika Waar in uitmunt De Beschryving van Barbarie Senegal Guinee de Kaap der Goede Hoope van de Kanarische Vlaamsche en Fransche Eilan
67/2045 Hedendaagsche Historie, of Tegenwoordige Staat van Afrika. Waar in uitmunt De Beschryving van Barbarie, Senegal, Guinee, de Kaap der Goede Hoope, van de Kanarische, Vlaamsche en Fransche Eilanden, van St. Helena enz. Volgens de Waarneemingen van de Heeren Shaw, Adanson, De la Caille en andere hedendaagsche Reizigers. Amst., I. Tirion, 1763, (4),810,(17)p., engr. frontisp., 4 large fold. maps (incl. a map of the entire continent) and 1 fold. view (Algiers), contemp. gilt calf w. mor. letterpiece.

- Sl. yellowed/ browned and fingersoiled; one textleaf lower corner torn off w. sl. loss of text. Covers sl. rubbed; upper joint splitting at top of spine.

= Mendelssohn II, p.502; not in Gay.

€ (120-150) 120
67 2046 Hodgson W B 67 2046 Hodgson W B
67 2046 Hodgson W B 67 2046 Hodgson W B
67 2046 Hodgson W B 67 2046 Hodgson W B
67/2046 Hodgson, W.B. Notes on Northern Africa, the Sahara and Soudan. New York, Wiley and Putnam, 1844, 107,(4)p., later cl., orig. wr. pres.

- Bookplate on upper pastedown. = Playfair and Brown 656; Hilmy I, p.306.

Klunzinger, C.B. Upper Egypt: its People and its Products. A descriptive account of the manners, customs, superstitions, and occupations of the people of the Nile valley, the desert, and the Red Sea coast, with sketches of the natural history and geology. Pref. G. Schweinfurth. London etc., Blackie & Son, 1878, 1st Engl. ed., XV,(1),408p., woodengr. frontisp., 3 plates and 20 ills., orig. dec. cl. w. giltlettered spine.

- Spine-ends sl. rubbed.

= Kainbacher I, p.78, listing the 2nd German edition published in 1878 (first German ed.: 1877); Hilmy I, p.345.

Low, S. Egypt in transition. Introd. by the Earl of Cromer. New York, The Macmillan Company, 1914, XXIV,(2),316,(9)p., 5 photogr. portraits, t.e.g., orig. giltlettered cl.

€ (100-150) 180
67/2047 Hoefer, M. L'Univers. Histoire et description de tous les peuples. Afrique Australe/ Orientale/ Centrale/ Empire de Maroc. Paris, Firmin Didot, 1848, (4),497,(1)p., 1 lithogr. map, 21 woondengr. plates, later boards w. orig. wr. mounted.

- Uncut and partly unopened copy. Occas. sl. foxed. Binding sl. rubbed along extremities.

Sabry, M. L'Empire Égyptien sous Mohamed-Ali et La question d'Orient 1811-1849/ sous Ismaïl et L'Ingérence Anglo-Française 1863-1879. Paris, P. Geuthner, 1930/ 1933, 2 vols., 605; 570,(6)p., 1 fold. lithogr. map, orig. unif. wr., large 8vo.

- Unopened copies. Vol. 1 lacks wrappers and backstrip dam.; vol. 2 wr. and backstrip loose. Despite defects to exterior, contents fine.

AND 4 others, all but one French language i.a. V. TISSOT and C. AMÉRO, Au Pays des Nègres, peuplades et paysages d'Afrique (Paris, 1887, num. (full-p.) woodengr. ills., orig. gilt dec. boards).

€ (100-150)
67 2048 Holub E 67 2048 Holub E
67/2048 Holub, E. Sieben Jahre in Süd-Afrika. Erlebnisse, Forschungen und Jagden auf meinen Reisen von den Diamantfeldern zum Zambesi (1872-1879). Vienna, A. Hölder, 1881, 1st ed., 2 vols., XVI,528; IX,(5),532p., engr. portrait, 4 fold. col. lithogr. maps, 235 woodengr. ills., contemp. unif. gilt hmor.

- One map torn; three maps sl. foxed. Backstrips chafed; binding sl. rubbed along extremities.

= Mendelssohn I p.730 (Engl. transl.); Henze 2, p.615-617: "H. [1847-1902] hat die Kenntis von der Natur und den Eingeborenen Süd-Afrikas erheblich bereichert, namentlich durch seine nach Umfang und Vielseitigkeit einzigartigen Sammlungen, die einer langen Reihe von Museen einverleibt wurden."

€ (100-150)
67 2049 Horn of Africa  Baker S W 67 2049 Horn of Africa Baker S W
67 2049 Horn of Africa  Baker S W 67 2049 Horn of Africa Baker S W
67/2049 [Horn of Africa]. Baker, S.W. The Nile Tributaries of Abyssinia, and the sword hunters of the Hamran Arabs. London, MacMillan and Co., 1867, 1st ed., XXII,(2),596p., steelengr. portrait, 2 (fold.) col. lithogr. maps, 22 woodengr. plates (counted as 23 in list), sl. later hcalf w. giltlettered spine.

- New endpapers; hinges (partly) strengthened; one plate loose(ning). Backstrip restored w. use of contemp. cl.; binding worn along extremities.

= Cf. Gay 2578; Howgego B10; Milkias 4237; Henze I, p.149f: "Begleitet von seiner Frau, F. von Sass, einer Deutschen aus Budapest, fuhr B. am 15. April 1861 von Kairo auf dem Nil ab. Vom Korosko kreuzten sie die Nubische Wüste nach Abu Hamed und gingen am Nil aufwärts bis Berber. Hier entschloss er sich, zunächst das Gebiet der äthiopischen Nil-Zuflüsse zu bereisen, um sich, besonders durch Erlernung der arabischen Sprache, auf seine eigentliche Aufgabe vorzubereiten".

€ (100-150) 100
67 2050 Horn of Africa  Bent J T 67 2050 Horn of Africa Bent J T
67 2050 Horn of Africa  Bent J T 67 2050 Horn of Africa Bent J T
67/2050 [Horn of Africa]. Bent, J.T. The Sacred City of the Ethiopians being a record of travel and research in Abyssinia in 1893. London etc., Longmans, Green and Co., 1896, new ed., XV,(1),309,(3),32(publ. advert.)p., fold. lithogr. map., 8 fold. (4x)/ photogr. (4x) plates, num. woodengr. ills., orig. pict. and gilt cl.

= Howgego B37: "In January 1893 the Bents landed at Massawa (= Mits'iwa) on the Red Sea coast to undertake an exploration of the ancient ruins of Ethiopia, particularly those at Aksum. (...) Bent described his tour in The Sacred City of the Ethiopians which, like all his books, combines a readable and exciting travel narrative, rich in anecdotes, with an immensely scholarly appraisal of the archaeological sites."

€ (50-70) 100
67/2051 [Horn of Africa]. Bianchi, G. In Abissinia. Alla terra dei Galla, narrazione della spedizione Bianchi in Africa. Milan, Fratelli Treves, 1896, new ed., (6),640p., (full-p.) (woodengr.) ills., contemp. gilt hmor., 4to.

= Cf. Milkias 4275f.

Piaggia, C. Dell' arrivo fra i Niam-Niam e del soggiorno sul Lago Tzana in Abissinia. Lucca, Giusti, 1877, 25,(5)p., orig. wr.

- Contents and wr. loose; waterst. = Milkias 9374.

€ (50-70)
67/2052 [Horn of Africa]. Duchesne-Fournet, J. Mission en Éthiopie (1901-1903). Paris, Masson et Cie., 1908-1909, 1 text vol. (of 2): XVIII,440p., helio-engr. frontisp. portrait, 3 fold. col. lithogr. maps, 16 helio-engr./ phototype plates (1x double-p.), photogr. ills.; atlas vol.: 65 (fold.) (col./ tinted) lithogr. maps, contemp. unif. cl. w. black mor. letterpiece, all orig. wr. pres., 4to.

- Without the 2nd text vol.; one fold. map w. large tear. = Milkias 10318; not in Kainbacher.

Lejean, G. Voyage en Abyssinie executé de 1862 à 1864. Paris, Hachette, n.d. (1873), (6),110,(1)p., contemp. gilt hmor., folio.

- Without the plate vol.; sl. foxed. = Milkias 4682; Gay 2655; not in Kainbacher.

€ (100-150)
67 2053 Horn of Africa  Lejean G 67 2053 Horn of Africa Lejean G
67/2053 [Horn of Africa]. Lejean, G. Théodore II. Le nouvel empire d'Abyssinie et les intérêts français dans le sud de la Mer Rouge. Paris, Amyot, n.d. (1865), 1st ed., (4),XII,300p., steelengr. frontisp. potrait by BAUDRAN, contemp. giltlettered hmor.

- Occas. (sl.) foxed.

= Rare. Not in Milkias. Gay 2655: "La plus grande partie du volume comprend les faits et gestes de ce roi à demi-sauvauge et fanatique catholique. L'esprit de l'ouvrage est au fond écrit en faveur d'une alliance désirable entre le Négus et la France en vue de résister à l'élément musulman (...)".

€ (70-90)
67 2054 Horn of Africa  Nachenius B 67 2054 Horn of Africa Nachenius B
67 2054 Horn of Africa  Nachenius B 67 2054 Horn of Africa Nachenius B
67/2054 [Horn of Africa]. Nachenius, B. Herinneringen uit Abyssinië en Nubië. Amst., C.F. Stemler, 1878, XI,(1),292p., lithogr. frontisp., portrait, large fold. map, 2 lithogr. plates on chine collé, orig. gilt cl., a.e.g., 4to.

- Partly sl. foxed; upper hinge broken; map sm. tear on fold. Covers waterstained; binding rubbed; spine-ends and corners sl. worn.

= AUTOGRAPH DEDICATION on recto second free endpaper: "Present Exemplaar van den Schrijver". Milkias 6663. Rare.

€ (100-150) 100
67 2055 Horn of Africa  Parkyns M 67 2055 Horn of Africa Parkyns M
67/2055 [Horn of Africa]. Parkyns, M. Life in Abyssinia, being notes collected during three years' residence and travels in that country. New York, D. Appleton and Company, 1854, 1st Am. ed., 2 vols., 350,(10 publ. advert.); 355,(1),(4 publ. advert.)p., 13 woodengr. plates, orig. unif. blindst. cl. w. gilt spine.

- Both vols. library tickets on upper pastedown. Binding trifle rubbed; spine-ends worn; vol. 1 backstrip w. library numb.

= Milkias 4787 (London ed. 1853).

€ (50-70) 60
67/2056 [Horn of Africa]. Raffray, A. Afrique Orientale. Abyssinie. Paris, E. Plon et Cie., 1876, XII,391p., fold. col. lithogr. map, 10 (fold./ double-p.) woodengr. plates, contemp. hcalf w. 2 mor. letterpieces, t.e.g.

= Milkias 6769.

AND 2 others, i.a. M. RUSSELL, Nubia and Abyssinia: comprehending their civil history, antiquities, arts, religion, literature, and natural history (Edinb., 1833, fold. engr. map, woodengr. plates, contemp. hcalf (frontcover loose)).

€ (50-70) 50
67 2057 Horn of Africa  Révoil G 67 2057 Horn of Africa Révoil G
67/2057 [Horn of Africa]. Révoil, G. Faune et Flore des pays Comalis (Afrique Orientale). Paris, Challamel ainé, 1882, 1st ed., 10 parts in 1 vol., 25 (incl. 4 handcol.) plates, contemp. gilt hmor. (ZAEHNSDORF), t.e.g.

- A few small rubbed spots on joints and corners. Very fine copy.

= Winterton copy. Broc p.278ff. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LXXXIII.

€ (200-300) 1800
67 2058 Horn of Africa  Révoil G 67 2058 Horn of Africa Révoil G
67/2058 [Horn of Africa]. Révoil, G. La vallée du Darror. Voyage aux pays Çomalis (Afrique orientale). Paris, Challamel, 1882, 1st ed., XIII,(1),388p., fold. tinted map, 36 (fold.) woodengr. plates/ views/ panoramas, 10 meteorological tables, num. ills., orig. wr.

- Frontwr. small restored spot; wrappers yellowed and sl. speckled.

= Milkias, Ethiopia 4837; Broc p.278ff.

€ (80-100) 80
67/2059 Ismail Pasha  Two cartes de visite 67/2059 Ismail Pasha Two cartes de visite
67/2059 Ismail Pasha  Two cartes de visite 67/2059 Ismail Pasha Two cartes de visite
67/2059 [Ismail Pasha]. Two cartes-de-visite, one full-length portrait by Brünnen Hof Photograph (Vienna) and an anonymous half-length photograph, both ±1867.

- Both with annot. in pen/ in pencil on verso identifying the sitter (1x dated).

€ (150-250)
67 2060 Issel A 67 2060 Issel A
67 2060 Issel A 67 2060 Issel A
67/2060 Issel, A. Varietà di storia naturale. Milano, Bibliotheca Utile, 1866, 159,(1)p., contemp. handcol. lithogr. plate, woodengr. textills, orig. wr.

= With AUTOGRAPH SIGNED DEDICATION to "la famille Hebert (?)". Rare.

€ (50-70)