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AFRICANA, mainly from the collection of Joost Willink (including TRIBAL ART)

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67/2001 Chaillé Long, C.C. Central Africa: Naked Truths of Naked People. An account of expeditions to the Lake Victoria Nyanza and the Makraka Niam-Niam, West of the Bahr-el-Abiad (White Nile). New York, Harper & Brothers, 1877, 1st Am. ed., XV,(1),330,6p., woodengr. frontisp. portrait, fold. col. lithogr. map, 20 (woodengr.) plates/ ills., orig. gilt cl.

- Bookblock sl. warped. Binding rubbed along extremities. = Hilmy I, p.391; not in Kainbacher.

AND 9 others, i.a. H. DRUMMOND, Tropical Africa (London, 1888, fold. col. maps, orig. cl.); F.S. ARNOT, Garenganze; or, Seven Years' Pioneer Mission Work in Central Africa (London, n.d. (±1890), 3rd ed., ills., orig. cl.); B. TAYLOR, A Journey to Central Africa (...) (New York, 1854, 10th ed., fold. map, portrait, plates, orig. cl. Waterst./ wrinkled throughout) and H. WALLER (ed.), The Last Journals of David Livingstone, in Central Africa (ibid., 1875, plates/ ills., orig. cl.).

€ (60-80) 90
67/2002 [Congo]. Annales du Musée du Congo Belge. Brussels, 1903-1939, 17 vols., num. maps, photogr./ woodengr. and lithogr. plates, all in orig. wr. (dam.), partly loose as published, folio.

= Not collated but issues apparently complete. It is partly not clear which series and volumes belong together. Comprises i.a. Ethnographie et antropologie, Series IV, Fascicule I-VI (1903-1904); Ethnographie, Serie VI, Tome 1, Fascicule I-III (1929-1933); Tome 2, Fascicule I-III (1935-1939).

AND 3 reprints of the same series and 1 other publication by Musée de Congo Belge (1935).

€ (100-150) 325
67 2003 Congo  Bastian A 67 2003 Congo Bastian A
67/2003 [Congo]. Bastian, A. Die Deutsche Expedition an der Loango-Küste, nebst älteren Nachrichten über die zu erforschenden Länder. Jena, H. Costenoble, 1874-1875, 1st ed., 2 vols., XX,374; XIII,(3),353p., 2 diff. fold. lithogr. frontisp., 1 fold. map and 1 fold. plate, contemp. unif. gilt blindst. and dec. cl.

- Owner's entry on first free endpaper both vols.; occas. trifle foxed and yellowed; hinges of vol. 1 weak. Joints of both vols. sl. dam.

= Kainbacher I, p.17; Henze I, p.192. Bastian provides the first list of kings as they were remembered in the oral tradition. His list included kings back to Njimbe who his informants named as the founder.

€ (70-90) 110
67 2004 Congo  Carvalho H A D de 67 2004 Congo Carvalho H A D de
67/2004 [Congo]. Carvalho, H.A.D. de. Ethnographia e Historia Tradicional dos Povos da Lunda. Lisbon, Imprensa Nacional, 1890, 1st ed., XV,(21),731p., 1 large lithogr. fold. partly col. map, 1 fold. plan, 26 woodengr. plates, num. ills. by D. NETTO, contemp. giltlettered hcl. w. green mor. letterpiece.

- Occas. a few foxed spots (first and last few lvs. worse); map sl. yellowed; 1 textleaf w. large repaired tear. Trifle worn along extremities.

= Comprises the concluding synthesis of Carvalho's historical and ethnological research during his Lunda expedition.

€ (100-150) 110
67 2005 Congo  Coquilhat C 67 2005 Congo Coquilhat C
67/2005 [Congo]. Coquilhat, C. Sur le Haut-Congo. Brussels, L. Lebègue et Cie, 1888, 533,(3)p., photogr. frontisp. w. portrait of the author, 5 fold. (partly col.) lithogr. maps, photogr./ woodengr. ills., orig. gilt hmor. w. black mor. letterpiece.

- Stamps on first free endpaper, htitle and title-p.; occas. sl. foxed; sl. yellowed; lower hinge weak. Spine sunned; trifle worn along extremities.

= In Belgium Coquilhat was celebrated as one of the "pioneers" of the Congo Free State. The town Équateurville (present day Mbandaka) was in his honour renamed Coquilhatville.

€ (80-100) 80
67 2006 Congo  Delcommune A 67 2006 Congo Delcommune A
67/2006 [Congo]. Delcommune, A. Vingt années de Vie Africaine. Récits de Voyages, d'Aventures et d'Exploration au Congo Belge 1874-1893. Brussels, F. Larcier, 1922, 2 vols., (8),II,346; (4),VI,598p., 1 fold. col. map, 60 photogr. plates, orig. unif. embossed wr.

- Owner's entry on first free endpaper of both vols., contents otherwise fine. Backwr. of 1 vol. w. sm. stains.

= Henze II, p. 39f. Interesting photogr. plates of the indigenous people of Congo around 1890.

€ (100-150) 100
67/2007 [Congo]. Delcommune, A. Vingt années de Vie Africaine. Récits de Voyages, d'Aventures et d'Exploration au Congo Belge 1874-1893. Brussels, F. Larcier, 1922, 2 vols., (8),II,346; (4),VI,598p., 1 fold. col. map, 60 photogr. plates, orig. unif. embossed wr.

- Both vols. first lvs. sl. foxed and w. bookplate on first blank; vol. 1 a few quires loosening.

= Henze II, p. 39f. Interesting photogr. plates of the indigenous people of Congo around 1890.

€ (100-150) 100
67 2008 Congo  Douville J B 67 2008 Congo Douville J B
67 2008 Congo  Douville J B 67 2008 Congo Douville J B
67/2008 [Congo]. Douville, J.-B. Voyage au Congo et dans l'intérieur de l'Afrique Equinoxiale, fait dans les années 1828, 1829 et 1830. Paris, J. Renouard, 1832, 3 text vols. and atlas vol.. text vols.: (4),XXXI,(1),325,(3); (4),377,(3); (4),269,(3)p., 1 engr. frontisp., orig. wr.; atlas: (2) lithogr. leaves, 1 fold. map, 20 (13x handcol.) lithogr. plates, orig. wr., folio.

- Text vols. sl. foxed throughout, the third vol. final few leaves sl. browned. Atlas vol. title-p. and list of contents sl. foxed and yellowed, title-p. also sl. waterstained in corners; spine restored and wr. partly duststained and sl. creased; 17 plates and the map w. oval blindst. author's name and title below image (mostly stamped on caption) and all plates as well as the map w. small libr. stamp of the Univ. of Michigan in lower outer corner. Otherwise plates trifle age-toned but very fine.

= The title page of the Atlas with stamp of the "Bibliotheque du Roi Palais Royal", indicating this copy presumably was handed over to king Louis Philippe by Douville in 1832 (and subsequently, when the veracity of his travels was strongly doubted, removed from the library). Gay 3071; Broc p.118f; Howgego II, D27: "(...) According to his narrative, Douville arrived at Benguela in December 1827, then followed the coast to Luanda (...) From Luanda he ascended the River Cuanza and crossed to Kassouga, on the frontier between Angola and Congo. By descending the Cuango (Kwango) he reached the Kasai and visited the region around Lac Leopold II. He then descended the Congo (Zaire) to the coast. Douville returned to France in 1831 and in the following year published his four-volume Voyage au Congo (...). The account was first received enthousiastically (...) and Douville was awarded the gold medal of the Société. However, the obvious exaggerations of some of his statements soon aroused suspicion. (...) Subsequent discoveries proved the truth of the accusations against him, meaning that the precise extent of his travels must remain conjectural. In fact it is probable that he never went beyond the coast, and it is generally agreed that much of his narrative was based on unpublished Portuguese documents (...)." SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LXXXI.

Idem. AUTOGRAPH LETTER SIGNED "J.B. Douville" and addressed to "Monsier de la Menais", dated "Paris le 27. Sepbre 1831", pen and ink, 1 leaf, recto only.

- Sl. foxed.

= A letter addressed to La Menais, then editor of the journal l'Avenir. "J'ai le honneur de vous adresser l'aperçu d'un voyage que je viens de faire dans le centre de l'Afrique au sud de l'Equateur. Je vous prie d'en annoncer la prochaine publication." He finishes off his letter by politely mentioning the high esteem in which he has held La Menais since his college days at St.Malo where they first met.

€ (2.000-3.000)
67/2009 [Congo]. Kerken, G. van der. L'Ethnie Mongo. Brussels, L'Institut Royal Colonial Belge, 1944, 3 parts in 2 vols., XII,504,(6); X,505-1143,(6)p., 8 fold. lithogr. maps (1x col.), 64 photogr. plates, orig. unif. wr., large 8vo.

= Unopened copy. Vol. 1 wr. sl. frayed along edges and backstrip torn.

€ (100-150) 100
67/2010 [Congo]. Overbergh, C. van. and Jonghe, E. de. Les Mangbetu. (Congo Belge). Brussels, A. de Wit/ Institut International de Bibliographie, 1909, XVI,594p., fold. map, 4 photogr. plates, orig. wr.

- Yellowed; a few quires loose. Spine cracked; wr. frayed.

Lotar, R.P.L. La Grande Chronique de l'Uele. Ibid., Inst. Royal Colonial Belge, 1946, 363p., 4 photogr. plates, without wr. - AND 8 others, i.a. G. HULSTAERT, Carte Linguistique du Congo Belge (ibid., 1950, 2 large fold. col. lithogr. maps, orig. wr.); R.F. BURTON, Two trips to gorilla land and the catarcts of the Congo (London, 2004, 2 vols., orig. unif. wr.) and A. BURSSENS, Tonologische schets van het Tshiluba (Kasayi, Belgisch Kongo) (Antw., 1989, orig. (sl. worn) wr.).

€ (50-70)
67/2011 [Congo]. Trilles, R.P. Deux ans de voyages dans le Congo Nord. Bruges, Desclée, de Brouwer & Cie., (1909), 189,(1)p., photogr. frontisp., 7 plates, (full-p.) woodengr. ills., sl. later cl.

- Sl. frayed along edges.

Wildeman, É. de. Notices sur des plantes utiles ou intéressantes de la flore du Congo. Brussels, Veuve Monnom, 1903/ 1906, 2 parts in 1 vol., 221,(1),57,(1),223-662,(2); 268,(2)p., 32/ 23 (fold.) photogr. plates, later hcl. - AND 8 others i.a. E. DE MANDAT-GRANCEY, Au Congo: impressions d'un touriste (Paris, 1900, 1 fold. col. lithogr. map and 11 photogr. plates, sl. later hmor. w. mor. letterpiece).

€ (70-90)
67 2012 Congo  Ward H 67 2012 Congo Ward H
67 2012 Congo  Ward H 67 2012 Congo Ward H
67/2012 [Congo]. Ward, H. Five Years with the Congo Cannibals. New York, Robert Bonner's Sons, 1890, (10),308p., num. (full-p.) woodengr. ills., orig. pict. cl., t.e.g., 4to.

- Upper hinge broken. Rebacked and backstrip faded; binding sl. worn; backcover stained.

= Cf. Kainbacher I, p.144 (German ed. 1891).

€ (70-90)
67 2013 Congo  Wildeman É de 67 2013 Congo Wildeman É de
67/2013 [Congo]. Wildeman, É. de. Mission Émile Laurent (1903-1904). Brussels, F. Vanbuggenhoudt, 1902-1905, 2 vols., text vol.: CCXXV,(3 blank),617p., 1 fold. col. map, 42 photogr. plates; plate vol.: VIIIp., 185 double-p. (photogr./ lithogr.) plates, contemp. unif. gilt hmor.

- Occas. sl. foxed. Spine and joints sl. chafed.

= Text and plate volume showing studies on systematics and phytogeography of the lower and middle Congo.

€ (100-150)
67 2014 Cooley W D 67 2014 Cooley W D
67/2014 Cooley, W.D. Inner Africa laid open, in an attempt to trace the chief lines of communication across that continent south of the Equator: with the routes to the Murope and the Cazembe, Moenemoezi and Lake Nyasse (...). London, Longman, Brown, Green, and Longmans, 1852, VIII,149,((3),32 advert.)p., fold. partly handcol. engr. map, modern boards.

- Map trifle foxed, otherwise fine.

= Mendelssohn I, p.625: "(...) Cooley examines the accounts of travellers in Eastern, Central, and Southern Africa, with special reference to the elucidation of the mystery that surrounded the central regions of the Continent and the Lake District. (...) A great part of the ground covered is now included in Rhodesia."

€ (250-350)
67/2015 Cooper, J. The Lost Continent; or, Slavery and the Slave-trade in Africa, 1875. London, Longmans, Green & Co., 1875, 1st ed., VIII,130,(2 advert.)p., fold. col. lithogr. map, orig. gilt cl.

- Closed tear in inner hinge of fold. map; library ticket on upper pastedown. Traces of ticket on spine.

AND 16 other on slavery, 19th and 20th publications, various languages, i.a. R. SEGAL, Islam's black slaves. The HIstory of Africa's other Black Diaspora (London, 2001, map, orig. boards w. dustwr.) and R. COUPLAND, The Exploitation of East Africa 1856-1890. The Slave Trade and the Scramble (London, 1968, fold. map, orig. cl. w. dustwr.).

€ (80-100) 80
67 2016 Cunha Moraes J A da 67 2016 Cunha Moraes J A da
67 2016 Cunha Moraes J A da 67 2016 Cunha Moraes J A da
67/2016 Cunha Moraes, J.A. da. Africa Occidental. Album photographico e discriptivo. (Mossanedes, Huilla e Humpata). N.pl. (Lisbon), D. Corazzi, n.d. (±1888), 1st ed., 1 vol. (of a series of 4 independent publications), no pagination, 40 full-p. photogr. ills. by J.A. DA CUNHA MORAES, orig. silver giltlettered wr., obl. 8vo.

- Two sm. worn spots in lower margin of frontwr.

- Fine copy.

= Very rare collection of photographic views of 19th century Eastern Africa, by J.A. da Cunha Moraes, one of the most important photographers in Angola in the 1870s/1880s. "J.A. da Cunha Moraes was one of several Portuguese photographers established in the Portuguese African colonies in the late nineteenth century. Based in Luanda, Moraes was perhaps one of the outstanding early photographers and is remembered for his four-volume photographic album Africa Occidental." (Jill R. Dias, Photographic sources for the history of Portuguese-speaking Africa 1870-1914. In: Photographs as sources of African history. Ed. A. Roberts). SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LXXXI.

AND 7 picture postcards using photographs by Da Cunha Moraes (±1890, all unused. Two postcards sl. waterstained). - AND 1 other on Da Cunha Moraes: N. MONTI and A.P. VICENTE, Viagens em Angola, 1877-1897 (Coimbra, 1991, ills. by DA CUNHA MORAES, orig. cl. w. dustwr., obl. 8vo).

€ (200-300)
67 2017 Dandolo E 67 2017 Dandolo E
67/2017 Dandolo, E. Viaggio in Egitto, nel Sudan, in Siria ed in Palestina (1850-1851). Milan, C. Turati, 1854, 502p., 2 fold. lithogr. maps, orig. wr.

- Some foxing. Spine-ends sl. worn. = Hilmy I, p.154. Rare.

€ (50-70) 50
67/2018 Delaporte, l'Abbé. Le voyageur françois, ou la connoissance de l'ancien et du nouveau monde. Vol. XIII and XIV. Paris, L. Cellot, 1771/ 1775, 1st(?)/ 4th ed., 2 vols., 478,2; 480p., contemp. almost unif. gilt calf w. 2 mor. letterpieces.

- Trifle yellowed. Bindings w. some minor imperfections.

= Contains i.a. the chapters Isles d'Afrique, l'Abissinie, Le Cap de Bonne-Espérance, Royaume d'Angola, Le Royaume de Loango and La Côte d'Or.

Simond, C. Les Français en Afrique au XIXe Siècle. Ibid., H.-E. Martin, n.d. (1901), (4),IV,306p., num. (full-p.) maps and ills., contemp. hcl. w. mor. letterpiece, t.e.g., large 4to. Laffitte, l'Abbé. Le Dahomé. Souvenirs de voyage et de mission. Tours, A. Mame et Fils, 1873, XXVII,(1),227p., woodengr. frontisp., contemp. gilt mor.

- Lacks the map. Large stain on backcover.

AND 11 others in 12 vols., i.a. (J.L.) DE MARLÈS, Merveilles de la nature et de l'art (...) Afrique (Paris, 1830, 2 vols., engr. plates, contemp. unif. gilt calf w. 2 mor. letterpieces); A. MONTÉMONT, Voyages nouveaux par mer et par terre (...) II. Voyages en Afrique (ibid., 1847, contemp. gilt hmor.); CHARMETANT, Études et souvenirs d'Afrique. II. d'Alger à Zanzibar (ibid., 1884, fold. map, orig. wr.) and RABOISSON, Étude sur les colonies et la colonisation au regard de la France (ibid., 1877, contemp. hmor.).

€ (80-100) 80
67 2019 Denham D  Clapperton H and Doctor Oudney 67 2019 Denham D Clapperton H and Doctor Oudney
67/2019 Denham, D., Clapperton, H. and Doctor Oudney. Narrative of Travels and Discoveries in Northern and Central Africa, in the Years 1822, 1823, and 1824 (...) extending across Great Desert to the Tenth Degree of Northern Latitude, and from Kouka in Bornou, to Sackatoo, the Capital of the Felatah Empire. London, J. Murray, 1826, 2nd ed., 2 vols., LXXXVIII,321,(1); IV,467,(1)p., 12 steelengr. plates (1x col.) by E. FINDEN, 3 fold. maps, woodengr. ills., contemp. unif. gilt and blindst. purple calf w. 2 black mor. letterpieces, gilt inside dentelles, marbled edges.

- Sl. foxed throughout (also affecting the maps and the plates); large fold. map tear in inner margin and sl. creased. Letterpieces partly defective. Attractively bound copy: prize binding of Trinity College, Dublin (with the prize laid down on upper pastedown of both volumes)..

= Gay 337; Howgego C33 and D18: "(...) Drawn on an impulse to African exploration, in 1821 he was appointed by Earl Bathurst to command an expedition across the Sahara to Bornu in association with Hugh Clapperton and Walter Oudney (...). Published in 1826, the Narrative of travels and other discoveries (...) co-authored with Clapperton and Oudney, provided a wealth of new material on the African interior but so belittled Clapperton's contribution that it almost reads as though Denham was travelling alone (...)." (Howgego D18). SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LXXXII.

€ (200-300) 220
67 2020 Didier C 67 2020 Didier C
67/2020 Didier, C. 500 lieues sur le Nil. Paris, L. Hachette et Cie., 1858, 1st ed., VII,(1),378,(2)p., contemp. gilt hmor.

- Partly waterst. in upper margin; trifle foxed; htitle and title-p. inner margin strengthened. = Rare.

€ (50-70)