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67 1220 Devaux Mousk P 67 1220 Devaux Mousk P
67/1220 Devaux-Mousk, P. Fleurs du Persil. Paris, Ed. Monnier, 1887, (4),V,(3),250,(2)p., helio-engr. plates by various artists, bookdec. by CALICE, contemp. richly gilt hmor. w. orange mor. letterpiece, orig. pict. silk wr. pres., t.e.g.

- Sl. yellowed. Backstrip and top edge stained. = Monod 3734.

Régnier, H. de. La double maitresse. Ibid., Éds. du Trianon, 1930, 502,(2)p., num. woodengr. plates and ills. by P. DUBREUIL, printed in 1975 numb. copies (1765), contemp. giltlettered and blindst. blue calf.

- Lacks first two blanks. Spine sl. worn. = Monod 9543.

AND 1 other in 2 vols.: RESTIF DE LA BRETONNE, Mes amours à vingt ans (Paris, 1947, 2 vols., col. plates by J. TOURNEBROCHE, printed in 1640 numb.copies (800), orig. unif. wr. in chemises, slipcase. Slipcase, chemises and wrs. (sl.) yellowed/ soiled).

€ (80-100)
67 1221 Dier E A  Wieland C M 67 1221 Dier E A Wieland C M
67/1221 [Dier, E.A.]. Wieland, C.M. Aspasia oder die platonische Liebe. Vienna/ Leipsic, L. Heidrich, 1922, (22)p., 4 orig. etchings by E.A. DIER, all signed in pencil, printed in 350 numb. copies, orig. giltlettered hleather, folio.

= "Die blaue Blume" IV.

€ (50-70) 50
67 1222 Dignimont  Carco F 67 1222 Dignimont Carco F
67/1222 [Dignimont]. Carco, F. Bob et Babette s'amusent. Paris, E. Hazan, 1929, (6),210,(3)p., pochoir-col. etched frontisp., title-vignette and 6 plates by DIGNIMONT, printed in 873 numb. copies (800), contemp. giltlettered vellum, orig. wr. pres., 4to.


€ (100-150)
67 1223 Dongen K van 67 1223 Dongen K van
67/1223 Dongen, K. van. Petite histoire pour petits et grands nenfants. Paris, Schwartz, 1901, (16)p. and orig. wr. entirely lithographed in colours by K. VAN DONGEN, folio.

- Spine splitting at upper end, otherwise minor imperfections. = L'Assiette au Beurre. No. 30.

€ (40-60) 40
67 1224 Donker C 67 1224 Donker C
67/1224 Donker, C. Dagboek Rhijnauwen. Baarn, Erven Thomas Rap/ Vijverhof, 1977, 64p., ills., printed in 2000 numb. and signed copies (100), orig. cl. w. (partly sl. faded) dustwr., 4to.

= One of 100 copies w. loosely inserted etching, Dood gevonden zanglijster uit de museumtuin (16,2x11,2 cm., signed "Charles Donker" and numb. "29/100" in pencil., titled etc. in the plate. Filedt Kok CD 75-9).

ADDED: Jongh, E. de and Schatborn, P. Charles Donker etser. Amst., Hercules Segers Stichting, 2002, 1st ed., 136p., printed in 1140 copies (1000), orig. cl., obl. 4to.

€ (150-250) 150
67/1225 [Doré, G.]. Ariosto, L. Rasender Roland. German transl. H. Kurz. Breslau, S. Schottlaender, n.d. (±1880), (2),X,(2),636p., plates/ ills. by G. DORÉ, orig. richly gilt pict. hcalf, a.e.g., folio.

- (Sl.) foxed; hinges weak; a few lvs. loose(ning). Spine-ends and corners sl. worn as usual.

= Leblanc p.32-33.

€ (50-70) 90
67 1226 Doré G  Dante Alighieri 67 1226 Doré G Dante Alighieri
67/1226 [Doré, G.]. Dante Alighieri. La Divine comédie. l'Enfer. Paris, Hachette, n.d. (±1860), (4),171,(1)p., steelengr. frontisp., title-vignette, 33 plates, printed in 500 numb. copies, contemp. hcl. w. gilt boards w. mor. letterpiece on spine, 4to.

- Annot. on upper pastedown; a few lvs. trifle waterst. in lower outer corner. Lacks ties; covers sl. soiled and stained.

= Rare. Leblanc p.79.

€ (100-150) 160
67 1227 Dorgelès R 67 1227 Dorgelès R
67/1227 Dorgelès, R. Le réveil des morts. Paris, Éd. Mornay, 1924, (6),256,(3)p., 12 etched plates, 1 etched ill. and other ills. by PIERRE FALKÉ, printed in 1130 numb. copies (884), contemp. giltlettered hmor., t.e.g., orig. wr. pres., sm. 4to.

- Backstrip sl. sunned. = Monod 3859.

Ruet, N. Muses, mon beau souci. Brussels, La Revue Sincère, n.d. (1925), 55,(2)p., 2 facs. lvs., 5 etchings by J. DONNAY, printed in 275 numb. copies (179), orig. wr., sm. 4to. - AND 4 others similar.

€ (70-90)
67 1228 Dostojewski F 67 1228 Dostojewski F
67/1228 Dostojewski, F. Die Geschichte des Starez Sossima. Hannover, Banas & Dette, 1922, 136,(2)p., 22 (full-p.) ills. by W. MASJUTIN, one of 150 numb. and signed copies, orig. giltlettered hcalf, t.e.g.

- Joints, backstrip and corners sl. worn/ rubbed.

€ (100-150) 100
67/1229 Drukwerk in de Marge  Dichter des Vaderlands 67/1229 Drukwerk in de Marge Dichter des Vaderlands
67/1229 Drukwerk in de Marge  Dichter des Vaderlands 67/1229 Drukwerk in de Marge Dichter des Vaderlands
67/1229 [Drukwerk in de Marge]. Dichter des Vaderlands. Rott./ The Hague, Stichting Drukwerk in de Marge/ Koninklijke Bibliotheek, 2005, title/ index-leaf and 31 booklets (incl. introd. booklet) printed by 31 different presses, each printed in a lim. (numb.) edition, loose as issued in orig. board box, 4to.

= Produced in 65 sets. Comprises poems printed by i.a. Augustijn Pers, Houtpers, Kalamos Pers, Koekanger Handpers, Lojen Deur Pers, Mikado Pers, Statenhofpers, De Uitvreter and Hester Verkruissen.

€ (200-300) 200
67 1230 Dubouchet A 67 1230 Dubouchet A
67/1230 Dubouchet, A. Le Mont Saint-Michel. Paris, E. Plon, Nourrit et Cie, 1888, XX,75,(1)p., helio-engr. frontisp. and 11 plates by A. DUBOUCHET, woodengr. ills., contemp. hmor. w. richly gilt spine, t.e.g., orig. pict. wr. pres., 4to.

- Partly waterst. and sl. warped. Spine-ends trifle rubbed.

= Monod 3946.; Vicaire III, p.304. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE XLIII.

Fabre, F. Xavière. Ibid., Boussod, Valadon et Cie, 1890, 184[=182],(1)p., 28 plates by M. BOUTET DE MONVEL, printed in 1100 numb. copies (750), orig. wr. pres., contemp. gilt blue hmor., 4to.

- Occas. sl. foxed; sm. stamp on orig. last free endpaper. Spine sl. discoloured, top of spine trifle chipped.

= Monod 4422; Vicaire III, p.638f.

AND 2 others: J-B. P. DE MOLIÈRE, Oeuvres de Moliere. L'école des femme/ Les fascheux (ibid., 1882, engr. plates by J. LEMAN, printed in 1000 numb. copies (600), contemp. giltlettered hcalf, orig. wr. pres. Dam. at top of spine) and GOETHE, Faust (ibid., 1880, helio-engr. plates, contemp. gilt calf, folio, a.e.g. Bookblock broken; binding worn along extremities).

€ (100-150)
67 1231 Duhamel G 67 1231 Duhamel G
67/1231 Duhamel, G. Suite Hollandaise. Paris, Du Sablier, 1925, 90,(2)p., bookdecoration by G. PINTA, printed in blue and black in 842 numb. copies (8), orig. wr., custom made clothbacked board drop-back box w. mor. letterpiece, folio.

- Spine-ends worn; wrappers w. diagonal folds.

= One of 8 large paper copies on Japanese. With AUTOGRAPH SIGNED quotation on prel. leaf.

€ (60-80)
67 1232 Dulac E  Rosenthal L 67 1232 Dulac E Rosenthal L
67/1232 [Dulac, E.]. Rosenthal, L. Au Royaume de la Perle. Paris, H. Piazza, (1920), 143p., col. bookdec. and 10 mounted col. plates by E. DULAC, printed in 1500 copies, contemp. red giltlettered hmor., orig. frontcover pres., folio.

- Upper joint splitting near top edge.

= This copy "Exemplaire offert par Léonard Rosenthal "à Madame Marcel Block"" (the final 4 words in manuscript). Frontcover bound in rear. From the library of Rudolf Heilbrunn. Monod 9936.

€ (200-300)
67 1233 Dumas A 67 1233 Dumas A
67/1233 Dumas, A. La dame de Monsoreau. Paris, C. Levy, 1903, 2 vols., (4),499; (4);488,(2)p., 4 plates by M. LELOIR, num. ills., contemp. unif. richly gilt hmor., orig. wr. pres., t.e.g., 4to.

- A few lvs. w. some foxing. Spine-ends and corners sl. worn.

= Attractive binding. Edition "Grand Luxe". Carteret I, p.238.

€ (80-100)
67 1234 Dunoyer de Segonzac A  Gignoux R 67 1234 Dunoyer de Segonzac A Gignoux R
67/1234 [Dunoyer de Segonzac, A.]. Gignoux, R. L'appel du clown. N.pl., the artist (printed Paris, Aimé Jourde (text)/ Vernant (etchings)), 1930, 93,(8)p., 25 (full-p.) etchings (incl. ill. on title-p.) by A. DUNOYER DE SEGONZAC, printed in 135 numb. copies (30), orig. paper wr., orig. vellum wr. w. sm. etching on spine, slipcase, folio.

- A few plates from the extra suite sl. yellowed along outer margins. Paper wr. yellowed/ foxed on spine and part of covers; vellum wr. foxed on part of covers; text and ill. on spine sl. rubbed; slipcase lacking top side.

= One of 30 copies of the 100 copies on vélin de Hollande, with an extra suite of the illustrations. Monod 5373. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE XLIV.

€ (1.000-1.500)
67 1235 Dyakonov M 67 1235 Dyakonov M
67/1235 Dyakonov, M. Chetyre tysyachi mil' na "Sibiryakove" (Four thousand miles on the "Sibiryakov"). Leningrad, Izd. Pisateley, n.d. (1934), 62p., 36 plates by L. KANTOROVITCH, orig. cl., folio.

- Covers vaguely (water)stained. Otherwise fine.

= Tells the story of the 1932 Soviet Arctic expedition from Arkhangelsk to Petropavlovsk (Kamchatka). Nice plates. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE XLIV.

€ (80-100) 120
67 1236 Eeden F van 67 1236 Eeden F van
67/1236 Eeden, F. van. De kleine Johannes. The Hague, Mouton & Co., n.d. (1898), 5th ed., 190,(2)p., 9 lithogr. plates, tinted bookdecoration, endpapers and binding design by EDZARD KONING, printed on handmade paper, richly gilt hvellum w. green cloth covers, t.e.g., 4to.

- Free endpapers browned as usual. Gilding trifle rubbed at places; covers w. foxing in cloth section.

= Braches 661.

€ (100-150) 100
67 1237 Eekman N  Coster C de 67 1237 Eekman N Coster C de
67/1237 [Eekman, N.]. Coster, C. de. La légende d'Ulenspiegel. Reims, Hébé, 1947, 2 parts in 1 vol., 206,(3); 228,(3)p., 20 full-p. drypoint plates by N. EEKMAN, printed in 335 numb. copies (290), bound in contemp. hvellum w. handpainted lettering on spine, folio.

= Monod 3189.

€ (150-250)
67 1238 Eenhoornpers  Rozendaal W J 67 1238 Eenhoornpers Rozendaal W J
67/1238 [Eenhoornpers]. Rozendaal, W.J. Nieuw grafisch ABC. Breda, Eenhoornpers (C.J. Asselbergs), 1944, title-p. and colophonleaf, 26 woodcut/ linocut plates by W.J. ROZENDAAL, printed in 150 copies, loose as issued in orig. blindst. hcl. portfolio.

- First textleaf partly discoloured. = De Jong 726.

Maerlant, J. van. De eenhoorn. Uit Jacob van Maerlant's Der nature bloeme, geschreven omstreeks 1266. With transl. by D.Th. Enklaar. Ibid., idem, 1954, (12)p., woodengr. vignette by J.B. SLEPER, typogr. by S.H. DE ROOS, printed in 300 copies, orig. wr. (fine).

€ (80-100) 80
67 1239 Engelman J 67 1239 Engelman J
67/1239 Engelman, J. Arne Borg. Haarlem, Carlinapers, 1974, (2),14,(2)p., col. linocut ills. by C. BELLAERT, printed in blue, red, green, purple and orange on "Zaans papier" in 68 numb. copies, orig. col. linocut wr. Wetselaar, P. Acht Exlibris. Baarn, Arethusa Pers Herber Blokland, 1981, (5) textlvs., 8 plates, printed in 110 numb. copies by the CARLINAPERS, orig. wr. w. stiff paper dustwr., 4to. Leopold, J.H. Om mijn oud woonhuis peppels staan. Een gedicht gevolgd door een variant en vier vertolkingen. Ed. M. Stapert Eggen. Haarlem, Carlinapers, 1981, 12p., printed in blue, red and black in 18 numb. copies, orig. stiff paper wr., obl., sm. folio. - AND 4 others in good/ fine condition: J.H.W. VEENSTRA, Haikoes te geef (ibid., 1978, printed in 70 numb. copies, loose as issued in orig. stiff paper portfolio, narrow folio); C.O. JELLEMA, Drijfjacht (The Hague, 2003, woodengr. plate by P. LAZAROV, printed in 75 numb. copies, signed by the author, orig. wr. w. gilt brown thin paper dustwr., 4to. With an extra suite signed on the plates and numb. by the artist) and S. VINKENOOG, Cogito ergo sum. Samenspraak der eenwording (n.pl. (Bedum), 1986, col. linocut ills. by M. WIELINGA, printed in lilac in 115 numb. copies (15), folio).
€ (70-90) 110