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66/1286 Achterberg, G. Dornröschen. German transl. A. Piechorowski. Reicheneck, Aldus-Presse, 1986, (63)p., typography A. PIECHOROWSKI, printed by hand in 111 copies, signed by the translator/ printer, orig. dec. boards w. mor. letterpiece on spine, stiff paper slipcase, 4to. - AND 4 others by the same, all first eds. printed in limited (numb.) editions: Thebe (1941, printed in 300 copies, orig. boards); Reiziger "doet" Golgotha (n.pl., n.d. (The Hague, 1943', ills., C.A.B. BANTZINGER, printed in 750 copies, orig. wr., 4to. De Jong 27); Radar (1946, printed in 200 copies) and Doornroosje (1947, unspecified numb. ed.). - AND a facs. reprint of the manuscript of Radar (Amst./ The Hague, 1970, printed in 500 numb. copies, orig. wr., folio).
€ (40-60) 80
66 1287 Alde Y  Musset A de 66 1287 Alde Y Musset A de
66/1287 [Alde, Y.]. Musset, A. de. Lorenzaccio. N.pl., A. Vial, (1967), 159,(6)p., 12 ORIGINAL GOUACHES by YVETTE ALDE, all signed, printed in 105 (numb.) copies (80), loose in quires in orig. wr., board chemise and slipcase, 4to.

- Corners occas. sl. fingersoiled. Otherwise fine.


€ (200-300) 200
66 1288 Alechinsky P  Satie E 66 1288 Alechinsky P Satie E
66/1288 [Alechinsky, P.]. Satie, E. Indications de jeu. Brussels, La Pierre d'Alun, 2002, 75,(4)p., 10 full-p. ills. (on cream ground) and 11 textills. by PIERRE ALECHINSKY, printed in 600 numb. copies (519), in lvs. as issued, orig. wr.

= With SIGNED DEDICATION w. incorporated pencil drawing by the artist on prelim. page.

€ (150-250) 210
66/1289 l'Almanach des Poètes. Year 1896-1898. Paris, Mercure de France, 1895-1897, 3 vols., 97,(2); 123,(2); 147,(2)p., (woodcut) ills. printed in red, brown or green and orig. pict. wr. by A. DONNAY (1896 and 1898) and A. RASSENFOSSE, sm. 8vo.

= Text contributions by i.a. André Gide, Emile Verhaeren, Henri de Regnier, Camille Mauclair, Georges Rodenbach, Tristan Klingsor, Albert Saint-Paul and Francis Jammes.

€ (150-250) 150
66 1290 AMO  Claus H 66 1290 AMO Claus H
66/1290 [AMO]. Claus, H. Voor Charlotte. Amstelveen, 1991, (9)p., printed by Rob Cox in 21 numb. and signed copies (6), slipcase.

= One of 6 numb. copies printed in black and red on vellum and bound in vellum. This copy printed on the name of Rob Cox. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE XLV.

€ (800-1.000)
66/1291 [Andrea, P.]. Carroll, L. Alice au pays des merveilles. De l'autre côte du miroir. Paris, Diane de Selliers, 2006, 3 vols., 180,(4); 187,(5); 23p., num. (full-p.) col. ills. by PAT ANDREA, orig. unif. boards (2x)/ wr., together in slipcase, large (obl.) 4to.
€ (50-70) 50
66 1292 Apollinaire G 66 1292 Apollinaire G
66/1292 Apollinaire, G. Ombre de mon amour. Pref. A. Salmon. Paris, Les Cent Bibliophiles de France et d'Amérique, 1956, 86,(3)p, 12 full-p. drypoints (incl. frontwr.) by MARCEL VERTÉS, printed in 172 numb. copies (152), bound in modern green calf by PAU GROENENDIJK, orig. wr. pres., matching slipcase, folio.

- Slipcase sm. dam. spot on boardedge.

= Copy printed on the name of M.B.B. Nijkerk. Monod 361. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE XLV.

€ (200-300)
66/1293 (Apuleius, L.). Der Goldene Esel. Ein Roman aus dem Altertum. Nach dem antiken Quellen neubearbeitet. Ed. W. Löwinger. Vienna, A. Wolf, 1919, 60p., 8 col. plates, frontisp., title-p. and 14 head- and tailpieces printed in black and red and ill. on frontcover by A. ROTHAUG, printed in 1200 numb. copies (1100) on handmade paper, orig. leatherbacked boards, 4to.

- Backstrip sl. dried and rubbed; frontcover w. a few sm. stains. = Hayn/ Gotendorf IX, p.20

Schidrowitz, L. Das schamlose Volkslied. Eine Sammlung erotischer Volkslieder. Ibid., Gloriette Verlag, 1921, 221p., num. (col.) woodengr. ills. by i.a. R. KRACHER and V. LEYRER, printed in a limited numb. edition, orig. hcl., obl. 8vo.

- Lower corner frontcover w. a few dents; backcover waterst.

AND 5 others, i.a. K. GIGLLEITHNER and G. LITSCHAUER, Der Spittelberg und seine Lieder (Vienna, 1924, plates, orig. boards, sm. 8vo).

€ (50-70) 50
66 1294 Ardizzone E  Lot of 7 vols illustrated by E ARDIZZONE 66 1294 Ardizzone E Lot of 7 vols illustrated by E ARDIZZONE
66/1294 [Ardizzone, E.]. Lot of 7 vols. illustrated by E. ARDIZZONE, i.a. N. LANGLEY, The Land of Green Gringer (Harmondsworth, 1966, orig. boards w. dustwr. Fine); C. DICKENS, Birthday Book (London, 1958, orig. pict. cl.) and A. MAUROIS, The Battle of France (ibid., 1940, orig. cl. w. (dam.) dustwr.).
€ (30-50) 40
66 1295 Arman  Pascal C 66 1295 Arman Pascal C
66/1295 [Arman]. Pascal, C. Miracle Smith. Coaraze, Les éditions Coaraze, 1955, 30,(2)p.

= One of 24 copies of the DELUXE edition (12). One of 12 copies on Alfa ivoire, w. 3 orig. woodcut plates by ARMAN, signed by the artist below the colophon. Bound in 1986 in calfbacked moulded black Revorim, w. red mor. circular inlay stamped in black "Revorim prototype", by JEAN DE GONET (signed and "120/200" on ticket on inside frontcover), orig. wr. pres. From 1958 onwards, Arman (1928-2005) abandoned the "d" in his name, hence the signature in our copy still reads "Armand". He and Claude Pascal (together with Yves Klein) formed an artist's group, inspired by their common interest for oriental philosophy and Rosicrucianism. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE XLVI.

€ (500-700) 1200
66 1296 Arp H 66 1296 Arp H
66/1296 Arp, H. Geh durch den Spiegel. Folge 14. Pref. W. Pferdekamp. Cologne, Der Spiegel, 1958, (44)p., 2 loosely inserted woodcuts printed in black and yellow by H. ARP, a silkscreen and orig. boards by S. TAEUBER-ARP, 2 prints by M. SEUPHOR and 7 "Arpaden" after H. ARP, printed in 180 numb. copies, folio.

- Contents loosening; sl. foxed. Covers sl. faded; sl. worn along extremities. = SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE XLVI.

€ (500-700) 550
66 1297 Arrabal F 66 1297 Arrabal F
66/1297 Arrabal, F. Le voyage est le feu. Nice, Matarasso, 1985, 1st ed., (8)p., full-p. col. aquatint and etching w. relief by BERTRAND DORNY, printed in 60 numb. copies signed by the author and artist, in loose lvs. as published in orig. wr., obl. sm. 8vo.


€ (70-90)
66/1298 [Atalanta Pers]. Berge, H.C. ten. Vreemde vondsten. Baarn, Atalanta Pers, 1991, (28)p., 5 col. linocut ills. and orig. dec. boards by R. BAKKER, printed in 60 numb. and signed copies (50), large 4to. - AND 7 others, i.a. IDEM, Rivierlandschap met blauwe fles (ibid., 1992, ills. by J.L. DE HAAS, printed in 50 numb. and signed copies (40), orig. wr., 4to. Owner's stamp on first blank); A. BRASSINGA, Wevende stilte (ibid., 2012, printed in 82 numb. and signed copies (75), orig. wr., 4to. Bookplate on first blank) and H. PLAAT, Zodoende, gesprekken met onszelf (ibid., 2004, (col.) ills. by H. PLAAT and R. BAKKER, printed in 43 numb. and signed copies (36), orig. cl., 4to. Whitish stain in lower margin of frontcover).
€ (80-100) 140
66 1299 Atalanta Pers  Plaat H 66 1299 Atalanta Pers Plaat H
66/1299 [Atalanta Pers]. Plaat, H. Plaat. Baarn, Atalanta Pers, 1986, title leaf, colophon leaf, publisher's prospectus, collage with gouache (signed in pencil on verso), 6 "plates" (1. An orig. C-print; 2. Two (col.) offset plates; 3. Col. offset plate; 4. Three C-prints; 5. Five letterpress leaves titled "Henri Plaat", printed in various colours and signed "((Henri))" in grey ink; 6. H. SCHWEBEN, Kriegsdroom (gramophone record, 33 1/3 rpm, orig. sleeve. SIGNED in pen by the artist on verso of sleeve), printed in 50 numb. and signed copies, loosely inserted in orig. perspex box w. sliding lid and extra sliding cover, square folio.

- Fine copy.

= Published as the 5th vol. in the series "Zelfportretten". Each copy contains one fiftieth of an original collage.

€ (100-150) 150
66 1300 Augsbourg G 66 1300 Augsbourg G
66/1300 Augsbourg, G. La vie de Darius Milhaud en images. (...) Accompagnées d'un poême de Jean Cocteau. Paris, R.-A. Correa, 1935, 12 loose quires, ills. by GÉA AUGSBOURG, printed in 155 numb. copies (150), orig. wr., folio.

- This copy unnumb.

€ (70-90) 80
66/1301 Auriol, G. Le Premier (...)/ Le Seconde (...)/ Le Troisième Livre des monogrammes, cachets, marques et ex-libris. Paris, Henry Floury, 1901-1924, 1st ed., 3 vols., (2),VI,70,(1); (2),IV,88,(1); (5),88,(1) leaves, printed in black and brown, frontisp., num. monograms, other designs and orig. unif. wr. by G. AURIOL.

- Some offsetting from turn-ins. Sl. worn along extremities. Vol. 1 frontwr. w. waterst. Otherwise fine copies.

= Leroy-Crevecoeur 342.

€ (150-250)
66 1302 Avalun Press  Stendhal 66 1302 Avalun Press Stendhal
66/1302 [Avalun-Press]. Stendhal. Vanina Vanini. Vienna/ Hellerau, Avalun, 1922, 86,(3)p., etched titled and 11 (full-p.) ills. by K.M. SCHULTHEISS, printed in 450 numb. copies (250).

= One of 250 copies (numb. 1-250) bound in full gilt red mor., t.e.g., w. title and each full-p. ill. signed by the artist. (Copies 1-10 with an extra suite of the etchings. This copy numb. "10" but without the etchings).

€ (100-150) 180
66 1303 Baj E  Caprile L 66 1303 Baj E Caprile L
66 1303 Baj E  Caprile L 66 1303 Baj E Caprile L
66/1303 [Baj, E.]. Caprile, L. La dama e il generale. Padova, Mastrogiacomo Editore, 1987,14,(3)p., 2 etchings and aquatint by ENRICO BAJ, one printed in pink and one in green, both signed in pencil, printed in 130 numb. copies (3), folio.

= One of 30 Roman numb. copies, bound in (grey) calfbacked moulded black Revorim by JEAN DE GONET, both covers w. red mor. strip along fore-edge. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE XLVII.

€ (500-700) 500
66 1304 Baj E  Jarry A 66 1304 Baj E Jarry A
66 1304 Baj E  Jarry A 66 1304 Baj E Jarry A
66/1304 [Baj, E.]. Jarry, A. Ubu coloniale. Milan, Edizioni Do-Soul, 1983, 45,(2)p., ills. after PIERRE BONNARD, w. loosely inserted numb. and signed original col. lithogr. by ENRICO BAJ, printed in 250 numb. copies, in lvs. as issued between wooden covers, upper cover w. silkscreen title, sm. folio.

= With SIGNED DEDICATION by the artist on blank prel. page.

€ (200-300)
66 1305 Baj E  Manzoni U 66 1305 Baj E Manzoni U
66/1305 [Baj, E.]. Manzoni, U. Garage. Milano, Crocetti Editore, 1989, 68,(4)p., 1 original etching by ENRICO BAJ, printed in 250 numb. copies (10), orig. wr., large 4to.

= One of 10 copies marked "H.C.", signed by the artist, with the etching signed, "e.a" and "H.C." in pencil.

€ (70-90) 70
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