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66/ 217 [Alechinsky, P.]. Derrière le Miroir, no. 247. Paris, Maeght, 1981, 10,(11)p., 3 (double-p.) col. plates, col. ornaments/ vignettes and col. wr. by PIERRE ALECHINSKY, orig. wr., folio.

= Supplied in 2 copies, 1 copy w. AUTOGRAPH SIGNED DEDICATION on p.1.

Derrière le Miroir, no. 32. Ibid., idem, 1950, 2 vols., (8)p. [incl. wr.], ills., orig. col. lithogr. wr. by P. ALECHINSKY.

€ (80-100) 140
66 218 Alechinsky P  Kenan A 66 218 Alechinsky P Kenan A
66/ 218 [Alechinsky, P.]. Kenan, A. Les tireurs de langue. French adapt. C. Rochefort. Turin/ Paris, Fratelli Pozzo/ G. le Prat, n.d. (1961), (46)p., ills., endpapers and mounted plate on frontcover by PIERRE ALECHINSKY, printed in black and orange in 2000 copies, orig. cl., 4to.

- Mounted plate on frontcover sl. yellowed; backstrip sunned and lettering sl. defective.

= With MANUSCRIPT SIGNED DEDICATION by the artist on title.

€ (150-250) 150
66/219 Apollon  Artistic Literary Journal  Year 4 7 no 2 and 9 no 1 7  Ed S Makovsky and N N Wrangel 66/219 Apollon Artistic Literary Journal Year 4 7 no 2 and 9 no 1 7 Ed S Makovsky and N N Wrangel
66/ 219 Apollon. (Artistic-Literary Journal). Year 4, 7 (no. 2) and 9 (no. 1-7). Ed. S. Makovsky (and N.N. Wrangel). St. Petersburg, S.K. Makovsky/ M.K. Ushkov, 1912-1917, 5 vols., (col.) plates, contemp. unif. cl. w. mor. letterpiece (3x)/ orig. unif. wr. (2x), 4to.

- Year 9 bookblock split(ting) and wrappers frayed/ dam.

= Important pre-revolutionary Russian artistic-literary monthly journal, w. contributions by i.a. N. Gumilyov and M. Kuzmin.

€ (400-600) 400
66/ 220 (Apostool, C.). Catalogus der schilderijen, oudheden, enz. op 's Rijks Museum te Amsterdam berustende. Amst., P. den Hengst en zoon, n.d. (1816), 2nd ed., 112p., contemp. boards

- First and last few lvs. partly browned from turn ins.

€ (50-70) 50
66 221 Appel K 66 221 Appel K
66/ 221 Appel, K. A Sunny Day with Loving Car. N.pl., Mercedez-Benz, (1986), (28) (transparent) lvs. w. (full-p.) col. ills., printed in 700 numb. copies, orig. cl., sq. folio.

= Contains facs. texts by Karel Appel and a series of col. photogr. ills. of Appel painting over a Mercedes car.

WITH an extensive AUTOGRAPH TEXT by the artist, black felt-tip writer, 14 large lvs. (mainly ±43x32 cm.), numb. 1-14, recto only.

- The last leaf formerly laid down, w. gluestains on verso and repaired tear in lower margin (penetrating the text).

= A remarkable manuscript in which Karel Appel extensively comments on his painting of the car, thus giving a detailed insight in his ideas. Only a very few lines have been used in the above bookpublication. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE IV.

€ (300-500)
66 222 Appel K  Ragon M 66 222 Appel K Ragon M
66/ 222 [Appel, K.]. Ragon, M. Karel Appel. The Early Years 1937-1957. Engl. transl. R. Miller and S. Lee. Paris, Éditions Galilée, 1988, 547,(1)p., 832 col. ills., orig. blindst. cl. w. dustwr., cl. slipcase.

- Mint.

= One of 190 numb. copies (150) of the DELUXE edition signed by the artist, with an ORIGINAL COLOUR LITHOGRAPH bound in, signed "Appel" and "32/150" in pencil. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE IV.

€ (600-800)
66/ 223 Aragon, L. Henri Matisse. Paris, Gallimard, 1971, 2 vols., (6),353,(6); (4),365,(5)p., 79 (fold.) col. plates, 228 ills., orig. unif. cl., slipcase, 4to. - AND 11 others, i.a. J. JUFFERMANS and N. BAKKER, Jan Sluijters. Schilder (Amst., 1981, richly illustrated, orig. giltlettered cl. w. dustwr., 4to); A. BARSKAYA and A. IZERGHINA, The Hermitage Collection of French Painting from mid 19th to early 20th Century (New York, 1975, num. col. plates/ ills., orig. cl. w. dustwr., folio) and A. HOPMANS, De onbekende Van Dongen. Vroege en Fauvistische tekeningen 1895-1912 (Rott., 1996, (col.) ills., orig. wr., 4to).
€ (70-90)
66 224 Archaeology  Barnett R D 66 224 Archaeology Barnett R D
66/ 224 [Archaeology]. Barnett, R.D. Sculptures from the north palace of Ashurbanipal at Niniveh. London, British Museum, 1976, XV,(1),75,(1)textp., 9 plates in text, ills. and 78 (fold.) plates, orig. gilt cl., large folio.

- Owner's entry on first free endpaper. A few trifle rubbed spot along extremities. Otherwise fine.

€ (150-250)
66/ 225 [Archaeology]. Blanchard-Lemée, M. a.o. Mosaics of Roman Africa. Floor Mosaics from Tunisia. London, British Museum Press, 1996, 296,(1)p., num. col. ills., orig. cl. w. dustwr., folio. Yacoub, M. Splendeurs des Mosaïques de Tunisie. N.pl., n.publ., 1995, 421,(2)p., (col.) ills., orig. wr., 4to. - AND 3 others, i.a. J. BOUZEK and I. ONDŘEJOVÁ, Roman Portraits. Artistic and Literary (Mainz, 1997, plates, orig. boards, 4to) and G.P. CARRATELLI (ed.), The Greek World. Art and Civilization in Magna Graecia and Sicily (New York, 1996, num. (col.) ills., orig. cl. w. dustwr., 4to).
€ (50-70) 70
66/ 226 [Archaeology]. Freyberger, K.S. Die frühkaiserzeitlichen Heiligtümer der Karawanenstationen im hellenisierten Osten. Zeugnisse eines kulturellen Konflikts im Spannungsfeld zweier politischer Formationen. Mainz, Ph. von Zabern, 1998, XV,(1),138,(2)p., (fold.) plans, plates, orig. giltlettered cl., 4to. Grassinger, D. a.o. Die Rückkehr der Götter. Berlins verborger Olymp. Berlin, Staatliche Museen, 2008, 424p., num. (col.) ills., orig. boards w. dustwr., folio. - AND 6 others, i.a. F. HAVÉ-NIKOLAUS, Untersuchungen zu den kaiserzeitlichen Togastatuen griechischer Provenienz (Mainz, 1998, plates, orig. boards); H. HELLENKEMPER, Die neue Welt der Griechen. Antike Kunst aus Unteritalien und Sizilien (Cologne, 1998, num. (col.) ills., orig. cl. w. dustwr., folio) and V. BRINKMANN, Zurück zur Klassik. Ein neuer Blick auf das alte Griechenland (Munich, 2013, num. (col.) ills., orig. boards, 4to).
€ (50-70) 60
66 227 Archaeology  Loud G and Altman C B 66 227 Archaeology Loud G and Altman C B
66/ 227 [Archaeology]. Loud, G. and Altman, C.B. Khorsabad. Vol. II. The Citadel and the Town. Chicago, Univ. of Chicago Press, 1938, XXI,(1),115p., 91 (col. lithogr.) plates, orig. giltlettered cl., large folio.

- Covers sl. duststained/ fingersoiled. Contents fine.

= The University of Chicago Oriental Institute Publications, Vol. XL. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE II.

€ (200-300) 200
66/ 228 [Archaeology]. Marzahn, J. and Schauerte, G. (ed.). Babylon. Mythos & Wahrheit. Munich, Hirmer, 2008, 2 vols., 279,(1); 647,(1)p., richly illustrated, orig. unif. boards, 4to. Demandt, A. and Engemann, J. Konstantin der Grosse. Imperator Caesar Flavius Constantinus. Mainz a.Rh., Ph. von Zabern/ Trier, Rheinisches Landesmuseum, 2006/ 2007, 2 vols., 519,(1); 299,(1)p., num. (col.) ills., orig. unif. boards, 4to. - AND 8 others, i.a. G. LAHUSEN, Römische Bildnisse (Mainz a.Rh., 2010, (col.) ills., orig. boards w. dustwr., 4to); L. SCHUMACHER, Sklaverei in der Antike. Alltag und Schicksal der Unfreien (Munich, 2001, num. ills., orig. cl. w. dustwr.) and A. KOLB and J. FUGMANN, Tod in Rom. Grabinschriften als Spiegel Römischen Lebens (Mainz a.Rh., 2008, num. (col.) ills., orig. boards w. dustwr., 4to).
€ (50-70) 60
66/ 229 [Archaeology]. Mazzoleni, D. and Pappalardo, U. Pompejanische Wandmalerei. Archiktektur und illusionistische Dekoration. Munich, Hirmer, 2005, 415p., richly illustrated, orig. cl. w. dustwr., folio. Vallet, G. a.o. La peinture de Pompéi. Témoignages de l'art romain dans la zone ensevelie par Vésuve en 79 ap. J.-C. Paris, Hazan, 1999, 371p., num. (full-p. col.) ills., orig. cl. w. dustwr., slipcase, folio.
€ (100-150) 100
66/ 230 [Archaeology]. Naumann, F. Die Ikonographie der Kybele in der phrygischen und der griechischen Kunst. Tübingen, E. Wasmuth, 1983, 394p., plates, orig. wr., sm. 4to.

= Istanbuler Mitteilungen, Beiheft 28.

Faust, W. Die Grabstelen des 2. und 3. Jahrhunderts im Rheingebiet. Cologne, Rheinland-Verlag, 1998, (8),213p., 9 plates, orig. giltlettered cl., 4to. Mildenberger, G. Römerzeitliche Siedlungen in Nordhessen. Marburg, N.G. Elwert, 1972, 111p., 7 (fold.) maps, 27 plates, orig. giltlettered cl., 4to.

= Kasseler Beiträge zur Vor- und Frühgeschichte, Band 3.

AND 4 others, i.a. A. KOLB, Transport und Nachrichtentransfer im Römischen Reich (Berlin, 2000, orig. boards) and D. NÖRR, Aspekte des römischen Völkerrechts. Die Bronzetafel von Alcántara (Munich, 1989, orig. wr., 4to).

€ (70-90)
66/ 231 [Architecture]. De 8 en Opbouw 1932-1943. Tijdschrift van het Nieuwe Bouwen. Periodical of New Architecture. Volledige heruitgave met een nawoord van M. Bock. Amst., Van Gennep, 1985-1989, 6 vols., num. ills., adverts etc., orig. unif. dec. cl., 4to.

= The leading periodical of the thirties on functional architecture and related subjects, published between 1932 and 1943. Contains contributions by i.a. J. Duiker, B. Merkelbach, M. Stam, C. van Eesteren and also the in memoriam number devoted to Th. van Doesburg. Partly with striking photo-montage wrappers, nice adverts and typography. Fanelli 231. The complete reprint with index, translations and appendices.

€ (70-90) 70
66/232 Architecture  The Berlage institute Amsterdam Postgraduate School of Architecture 66/232 Architecture The Berlage institute Amsterdam Postgraduate School of Architecture
66/ 232 [Architecture]. The Berlage institute Amsterdam. Postgraduate School of Architecture. Five silkscreens by A. VAN EYCK, H. HERTZBERGER, H.E. CIRIANI, T. ANDO and W.J. NEUTELINGS/ F. ROODBEEN, each ±31x42 cm., signed/ monogrammed and numb. "13/100" in pencil, in orig. board portfolio, large folio.

= Rare, complete set.

€ (200-300) 200
66/ 233 [Architecture]. Berlage, H.P., Keppler, A., Kromhout, W. and Wils, J. Arbeiderswoningen in Nederland. Rott., W.L. & J. Brusse, 1921, XXIII,156,(2)p., num. ills., orig. dec. cl.

- First lvs. sl. foxed and w. a few stamps ("Openbare werken Curaçao"). Traces of ticket on spine; spine-ends worn; stamp on frontcover; bookblock sl. warped.

Brugmans, H. and Peters, C.H. Oud-Nederlandsche steden. Leyden, A.W. Sijthoff, n.d. (1909-1911), 3 vols., (4),443; (8),327; (2),496p., num. (fold./ double-p.) maps/ plates/ ills., orig. unif. giltlettered hmor., t.e.g., 4to.

- Bindings sl. worn along extremities.

€ (40-60)
66/ 234 [Architecture]. Blaauw, S. Cultus et decor. Liturgie en architectuur in laatantiek en middeleeuws Rome. Basilica Salvatoris Sanctae Mariae Sancti Petri. Delft, Eburon, 1987, 671,(1)p., orig. wr., thesis. Fockema Andreae, S.J., Kuile, E.H. ter and Hekker, R.C. Duizend jaar bouwen in Nederland. Amst., A. de Lange, 1948/ 1957, 2 vols., 386; 335p., 195/ 207 ills. on plates, orig. unif. cl. w. (trifle frayed) dustwr., slipcase, 4to. Boschma-Aarnoudse, C. Edam, behouden stad. Houten en stenen huizen 1500-1800. Utr., Matrijs, 2007, 327p., num. (col.) ills., orig. boards w. dustwr., 4to. Moes, C.D.H. De architectuurtekeningen uit het archief van J.D. Zocher jr. (1791-1870) en L.P. Zocher (1820-1915). Rott., NAI, 1991, 195,(1)p., num. (col.) ills., orig. (sl. faded) wr., 4to. - AND 7 others, various languages, i.a. G.L. BURKE, The Making of Dutch Towns (London, 1956, col. frontisp., num. ills., orig. cl. w. (sl. frayed) dustwr., 4to); J. CHAPELOT and R. FOSSIER, Le village et la maison au Moyen Age (Paris, 1980, ills., orig. cl. w. dustwr.) and C. HEITZ, l'Architecture religieuse carolingienne (...) (Paris, 1980, ills., orig. cl. w. dustwr. Rare).
€ (70-90)
66/ 235 [Architecture]. Bock, M., Rossem, V. van, K. Somer and Hemel, Z. (ed.). Cornelis van Eesteren. Architect Urbanist. Rott./ The Hague, NAi/ EFL, 1994-2001, 3 (of 4) vols., 404; 344; 322p., num. (col.) ills., orig. unif. cl. w. dustwr., large 4to (fine).

= I. Bouwkunst, stijl, stedebouw. Van Eesteren en de avant-garde; II. Het algemeen uitbreidingsplan van Amsterdam. Geschiedenis en ontwerp; IV. Het landschap van de IJsselmeerpolders.

Fanelli, G. Stijl-Architektur. Die niederländische Beitrag zur frühen Moderne. Stuttg., Deutsche Verlags-Anstalt, 1985, 213,(1)p., num. ills., orig. boards w. dustwr., obl. 8vo. - AND 7 others, i.a. E. VAN STRAATEN, Theo van Doesburg Painter and Architect (The Hague, 1988, num. (col.) ills., orig. boards, 4to. Frontcover sl. waterstained) and W. VAN MOORSEL, Nelly van Doesburg 1899-1975 (Nijm., 2000, num. (col.) ills., orig. wr.).

€ (50-70) 60
66 236 Architecture  Cuypers P J H 66 236 Architecture Cuypers P J H
66/ 236 [Architecture]. Cuypers, P.J.H. Het Rijksmuseum te Amsterdam. Amst., Holkema & Warendorf, (1897), 49p. (in 12 orig. wr.), 60 loose col. plates, together in orig. pict. cl. portfolio, folio.

- Plates occas. trifle foxed. Portfolio foxed on the inside; sl. browned on the ouside.

AND the French ed. of the work.

€ (120-150) 120
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