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65 5220 Agostino C  1556 160265 5220 Agostino C 1556 1602
65/5220 Agostino, C. (1556-1602). Martyrdom of Santa Giustina. Engraving after P. VERONESE, lower part only, 45x58,5 cm., "Augu. Car. fe" and a 2-line Latin caption below the image.

- Lacking upper half; unobtrusive central vertical fold; a few tiny tears in left margin.

= Bartsch XVIII 78.78.

€ (80-100) 140
65 5221 Aken J van 1614 166165 5221 Aken J van 1614 1661
65/5221 Aken, J. van (1614-1661). View of the Rhine. The third etching from the set of 4 Various Views of the Rhine after H. SAFTLEVEN, 21,3x27,2 cm., numb. "3" and "H. inventer" and "I. v. Aken fecit" in the plate.

- Vaguely foxed; trimmed on the platemark w. some sm. portions missing from narrow blank margins. Professionally doubled w. thin Japanese.

= Hollstein 21, 3rd state of 6.

€ (60-80) 110
65 5222 Aliamet J  1726 178865 5222 Aliamet J 1726 1788
65/5222 Aliamet, J. (1726-1788). "Arrivée au Sabat". Engraving after D. TENIERS, 38x28 cm., engr. captions, Paris, Aliamet, ±1750. Beauvarlet, J.F. (1731-1797). "Le Joüeur de Cornemuse". Engraving after D. TENIERS, 29x35,5 cm., engr. captions, Paris, "Chés l'Auteur", ±1760.

- Both prints sl. foxed.

AND 3 others by L. SURUGUE and R. GAILLARD after D. TENIERS and LE PRINCE.

€ (70-90) 100
65 5223 Alma Tadema L  1836 191265 5223 Alma Tadema L 1836 1912
65/5223 Alma Tadema, L. (1836-1912). (Female dancer). Lithograph, 22,5x16,2 cm., w. lithogr. captions "L.A. Tadema" and "S. Lankhout & Co den Haag", on blueish wove paper. Idem. (Two warriors with shields). Lithograph, 19x27 cm., w. lithogr. captions "L.A. Tadema" and "S. Lankhout & Co den Haag", on blueish wove paper.

= Both publ. in the Kunstkroniek of 1877. Provenance: the collection of Carel Vosmaer.

€ (50-70)
65/5224 Amman, J. (1539-1591). Lot of ±70 woodcut bookillustrations, various small sizes, i.a. from Neue Biblische Figuren (1564) and the Feyerabend-Bibel (±1570), all (together) under passepartout.
€ (100-150) 160
65 5225 Animals  Lot of 15 etchings/ engravings65 5225 Animals Lot of 15 etchings/ engravings
65/5225 [Animals]. Lot of 15 etchings/ engravings, from J. JOHNSTON, Naeukeurige Beschryving van de natuur der vier-voetigen dieren, vissen en bloedlooze water-dieren, Vogelen (...) (Amst., 1660), incl. title.

= Including the plate with showing the Dodo (w. accompanying text "de gekapte Swan van Clusius").

€ (50-70) 90
65 5226 Anonymous 15th cent  Italian school65 5226 Anonymous 15th cent Italian school
65/5226 Anonymous (15th cent., Italian school). "Questo el inferno del chapo Santo di Pisa." Etching and engraving after the fresco in the Campo Santo attrib. to FRANCESCO TRAINI, 21,7x27,8 cm., titled in the plate in upper left corner.

- Fine impression w. small margins on laid paper w. unidentified [Z..?] watermark. Sl. browned; old middle-fold.

= According to Hind, no contemporary impressions are know. All extant impressions were published by Morrono for inclusion in the two editions of his Pisa Illustrata (Pisa, 1787-1793 and Livorno, 1812).

€ (200-300) 325
65 5227 Anonymous 17th/ 18th cent65 5227 Anonymous 17th/ 18th cent
65 5227 Anonymous 17th/ 18th cent65 5227 Anonymous 17th/ 18th cent
65/5227 Anonymous (17th/ 18th cent.). (An old man wearing a turban reading to a young woman). Etching, 5,9x7,5 cm.

- On 18th cent. paper. Trimmed just outside the borderline; small, very vague yellow stain in lower right corner (visible mainly on verso).

= Verso w. later "Donner fecit", "belle Epreuve" and "allemande" in pencil.

AND a 19th or early 20th cent. impression of an etching by/ after REMBRANDT, showing horses near a farmstead (on thin wove paper).

€ (100-150) 160
65 5228 Anonymous 1st half 18th cent65 5228 Anonymous 1st half 18th cent
65/5228 Anonymous (1st half 18th cent.). "De gemartelde Dr. Martinus Lutherus, Door sijn Nakomelingen van d'Augsburgsche Confessie." Etching, 45x35,5 cm., without address (A. Weigman), 1739.

- Formerly folded; lower margin repaired (w. loss of publisher's address).

= F.M. 3769. "Allegorie op de twisten in de Lutherse gemeente Den Haag tussen de predikanten Mauritius Maassen en J.G. Pambo, 1739."

Anonymous (17th cent.). (Portrait of Coornhert). Engraved oval portrait within richly engr. allegorical borders, ±40x30 cm., 4 lines Dutch text in 2 columns engr. above and below the image.

- Trifle foxed in outer margins. Fine.

= Muller 1121: "(...) in ov., gevormd door wolken, met zeer veel beeldwerk en schrifts rondom." Rare and interesting portrait of Dirck Volkertsz. Coornhert (1522-1590).

€ (50-70) 50
65 5229 Anonymous late 18th cent65 5229 Anonymous late 18th cent
65/5229 Anonymous (late 18th cent.). "Den door list en geweld aangevallen leeuw." Etching, w. letterpress explanation below, totally measuring 32x40,2 cm., 1780.

= F.M. 4362. A broadside on the Anglo-Dutch dispute over free trade with America shortly before the Fourth Anglo-Dutch War.

Anonymous (late 18th cent.). "De moedige en waakzame leeuw". Etching, w letterpress explanation below, totally measuring 33x40,5 cm., 1780.

= F.M. 4364.

AND 10 others, i.a. "Verklaaring van de zinnebeeldige konstplaat" (F.M. 4379) and "De edelmoedige Hollander of de verbontbreekende Kyser" (F.M. 4590) and incl. 8 broadsides and proclamations concerning Anglo-Dutch relations, i.a. 2 variant copies of "A Proclamation For Publishing the Peace between His Majesty and the States General of the United Netherlands" (London, 1673/4 and London, 1674. Both laid down and sl. worn).

€ (50-70) 50
65/5230 Anonymous (19th cent.). (A broad river with people on a pleasure boat and on moored fishing boats, two windmills on the shore). Handcol. lithograph, 36x49,5 cm., framed.

- Trimmed to/ just within the borderline, mounted/ remargined and w. black ms. borderline; sl. yellowed.

€ (70-90)
65 5231 Appian A  1818 189865 5231 Appian A 1818 1898
65/5231 Appian, A. (1818-1898). L'Étang Neuf près de Creys (Isère). Etching, 13,8x26,8 cm., signed "Appian 1864" in the plate, on Japanese.

- Foxed and some vague folds. = Prouté 11, 2nd state of 4.

€ (70-90) 70
65/5232 Appian, A. (1818-1898). "Flottille de Barques Marchandes (Monaco)." Etching, 11,5x21,3 cm., printed by A. Salmon, from Gazette des Beaux-Arts, 1899. - AND 2 others, i.a. a nice etching and engraving after J. VAN GOYEN by H. SPILMAN (publ. by S. Cruys, Amst.).
€ (50-70) 50
65 5233 Balkema C F  1805 186065 5233 Balkema C F 1805 1860
65/5233 Balkema, C.F. (1805-1860). "Onze zaligheid ligt in de waarheid en de waarheid is hij!" Lithograph on chine collé, 24,3x14,2 cm., engr./ lithogr. (?) caption below image, signed "(...) C.F. Balkema te O. Pekela. 1849" on the stone.

- Frayed, stained/ soiled and creased in margins; lower right corner lacks portion.

= Privately published by the artist. With SIGNED manuscript warranties by the artist and the lithographic printer C.W. MIELING, both dated "s Hage 25 Oct. 1849". Rare.

€ (50-70)
65 5234 Bargas A F  act ±169265 5234 Bargas A F act ±1692
65/5234 Bargas, A.F. (act. ±1692). Das Rendezvous zur Jagd. Etching, 15,5x18 cm., w. "AF. Bargas in. et f." engr. below image. Idem. Die Tränke an der antiken Fontäne mit der Venusfigur. Etching, 14,8x18,1 cm., w. "AF. Bargas in. et f." engr. below image.

- Ad 1: trifle foxed in upper left corner. Ad 2: sl. agetoned. Both with broad margins. Both tipped on one mount.

= Wurzbach 8 and 3.

€ (300-500) 300
65 5235 Batavian revolution and patriots  De Afgedankte Pedagoog65 5235 Batavian revolution and patriots De Afgedankte Pedagoog
65/5235 [Batavian revolution and patriots]. "De Afgedankte Pedagoog". Engraving by "J. Drukvry", 16x20,3 cm., w. engr. caption below image, and w. mounted below the separate letterpress "Verklaaring der Kunstprent (...)", 1784.

= F.M. 4603.

"Zie hier het Dikste Beest, de Bron van Nêerlandsplaagen (...)". Engraving, 23,5x24,5 cm., with letterpress verses in 2 columns below, 1784.

= F.M. 4605.

"Begravenis en Lijkstaatsie van den Hartog, Louis van Bronswyk Wolffenbuttel." Etching, 16,5x27 cm., with separate textleaf in 3 columns, ±25x34 cm., Rott., J. Hofhout, in 't Pourtrait van P.W.D.V., (1784).

- Both tipped onto mount.

= F.M. 4607: "De uitlegging van deze plaat is curieus, wegens de vele namen van Oranjeklanten, daarin voorkomende."

AND 16 others, i.a. 7 on the same (incl. 4 duplicates), i.a. "Gedenkwaardige uitzetting van Louis van Brunswyk" (engraving w. letterpress verses in 2 columns below. F.M. 4604) and "Ecce Proditor" (engraving w. engr. caption below. F.M. 4598).

€ (80-100) 80
65 5236 Batavian revolution and patriots  Beeld spraakig treurtafereel der dwingelandy en plundering65 5236 Batavian revolution and patriots Beeld spraakig treurtafereel der dwingelandy en plundering
65/5236 [Batavian revolution and patriots]. "Beeld-spraakig treurtafereel der dwingelandy en plundering." Circular engraving, Ø 27,8 cm., engr. captions in Dutch and French below image, 1787.

= F.M. 4918: "Voorstelling in medaillon van het welgelijkende portret van den Stadhouder, die een hoop gedrochten met overvloed van goud aanstookt, om het reeds verbroken beeld der Vrijheid geheel te vernielen; in het midden een man met een juk om de schouders, knielende voor het beeld der Eigenbaat; op den voorgrond enige roovende en moordende Pruissische soldaten."

"De Zégenpraal der Vrijheid & Gelijkheid over de Onbepaalde Heerszugt opgedraagen aan 't Bataavsche Volk". Engraving by G. KITSEN after W.H. VAN BORK, 39,5x30 cm., w. engr. captions in French and Dutch below image, 1795 (F.M. 5381). - AND 23 letterpress broadsides and documents, partly filled out in manuscript, mostly related, publ. between ±1790-1807.

€ (50-70) 100
65 5237 Batavian revolution and patriots  Ecce proditor65 5237 Batavian revolution and patriots Ecce proditor
65/5237 [Batavian revolution and patriots]. "Ecce proditor". Etching, 15,3x8,2 cm., ±1784. - WITH: Verklaaring van het plaatje Ecce Proditor! Dat is : Ziet den verrader! Letterpress bifolium, n.pl., n.publ., n.d.

= F.M. 4598.

AND 15 other prints on the Batavian revolution. - AND ±30 other caricatural and historical prints.

€ (150-250) 160
65 5238 Batavian revolution and patriots 't Gered Gemeenebest gezeten op haar Troon stelt door Gerechtigheid Vorst Willem Frizo's zoon65 5238 Batavian revolution and patriots 't Gered Gemeenebest gezeten op haar Troon stelt door Gerechtigheid Vorst Willem Frizo's zoon
65/5238 [Batavian revolution and patriots]."'t Gered Gemeenebest, gezeten op haar Troon, stelt, door Gerechtigheid, Vorst Willem, Frizo's zoon (...)". Etching and aquatint by M. DE SALLIETH after B. BOLOMEIJ, 28,3x23 cm., w. engr. Dutch verses by J. VAN HOOGSTATEN in 2 columns and engr. explanation in French below, 1787.

= F.M. 4990a.

"Vervloekte Tweedracht! Helsch gedrocht, van elk gedoemd; Zolang 't Gemeenebest op Willem's bijstand roemt (...)." Engraving, 27,5x20,5 cm., with engr. explanatory verse in 2 columns below, ±1787.

= F.M. 4993a (chapter "Zinneprenten op het herstel des Stadhouders", 1787): "Zinneprent, waar de prins op een hoeksteen naast de Nederl. Maagd staat. De Tweedracht tracht de hoeksteen door een hefboom te verplaatsen, doch wordt door den Pruissischen adelaar belaagd enz. (...)."

"Vervloekte tweedracht! Helsch gedrocht door elk gedoemd; Zo lang 't Gemeenebest op 's Hemels bijstand roemt (...)." Etching, 27x20,5 cm., with engr. verse in 2 columns below, tipped onto mount, ±1787.

= With the separate letterpress explanation in Dutch and French tipped onto the same mount. F.M. 4994: "Zinneprent, waar de Vrijheid met de Nederlandsche Leeuw op een altaar staat (...), beschermd door Godsdienst en Burgertrouw (...). Links de Prinses, wier mantelslip door den Prins gedragen wordt; op den voorgrond de Tweedracht die met den luipaard (Engeland) het altaar der Vrijheid tracht omver te wroeten. In de lucht de Pruissische adelaar die den Prins en de Prinses te hulp wil komen."

"De Gelukkige dag". Engraving by M. DE SALLIETH after D.P.G. HUMBERT DE SUPERVILLE, 33x34,5 cm., "Proefdruk" engr. below image, ±1787.

- Fine. = F.M. 4985a. Allegory on the restoration of Willem V as stadholder.

"Aan de Verlossers der Vereenigde Nederlanden, Koning Frederik Willem II, van Pruissen, keurvorst van Brandenburg (...)." Engraving by J.G. VISSER after J. LE FRANCQ VAN BERKHEY, 55,5x67,5 cm., 1787.

- Frayed (tears into image, a few tears closed on verso); sl. duststained in blank margins; old vertical fold.

= Atlas van Stolk 4995; F.M. 5004a: "Groote Zinneprent ter eere van den Koning v. Pruissen, enz. voor zijne herstelling van het Erfstadhouderschap".

€ (80-100) 80
65 5239 Batavian revolution and patriots  Hy leeft!65 5239 Batavian revolution and patriots Hy leeft!
65/5239 [Batavian revolution and patriots]. "Hy leeft!" Oval handcol. stipple-etching by L.A. CLAESSENS after J. KUYPER, 45,1x36,6 cm., publ. Amst., C.J. Roos, 1794.

= Allegory on the deceased Henrik Hooft. F.M. 5266a; Atlas van Stolk 5196. Signed in pencil by the publisher on verso.

"Willem de V. Prins van Orange en Nassau: Komt waarde vrind, en blïft stil. Hendrik Hooft Burgtr. der stad Amst.: Lieve prins, ik verzoek pardonneer." Col. stipple-engraving, w. engr. caption below, 19,7x13 cm.

= F.M. 5007: "Spotprent op Burgemeester H. Hooft, den 27sten Nov. [1787] als Burgemeester ontslagen." Rarely found coloured.

AND 23 others, partly on H. Hooft, partly in Frederik Muller (i.a. F.M. 4772a; F.M. 5027), partly not in F.M., i.a. an anonymous engr. of a commemorative monument for the deceased H. Hooft (Atlas van Stolk 5202); "Op de afbeelding van den weledelen groot achtbaaren Heere Henrik Hooft Danielsz." (broadside with letterpress poem by P. 't Hoen); "Henrik Hooft. Danielsz. Burgemeester der stad Amsterdam" (mezzotint by R. JELGERSHUIS, w. engr. poem by J. VOORMAN below mezzotint, publ. J. Verlem, 1787); three engr. celebratory birthday cards, partly w. letterpress (for Hooft's 75th, 76th and 77th birthday) and "Ter nagedachtenis van den Burgervader Henrik Hooft, Danielsz. (...)" (letterpress poem by ?, w. engr. vignette, 1794); "Tafel-sieraed ter gouden bruiloft van (...) Mr. Gerrit Hooft (...)" (engr. by S. FOKKE after D. KOCK, Amst., F. Houttuyn, 1757).

€ (80-100) 140
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