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65/5006  Picture postcards  Netherlands   Collection of ±325 picture postcards65/5006 Picture postcards Netherlands Collection of ±325 picture postcards
65/5006 [Picture postcards. Netherlands]. Collection of ±325 picture postcards, mainly ±1900-1940, for the greater part (town)views and landscapes from Noord-Holland and Zuid-Holland, partly undivided backs.

- Incl. a few dam./ repaired postcards.

= Nice collection, containing views in i.a. Beverwijk, Laren, Amsterdam, Haarlem, Bloemendaal, Alkmaar, Bussum, Marken, Hilversum, Zandvoort, Rotterdam, The Hague, Leyden, Delft, Dordrecht, Schiedam and Scheveningen.

€ (100-150) 110
65/5007 [Picture postcards. Netherlands]. Collection of ± 700 picture postcards. ±1900-1960, partly undivided backs, partly unused.

= Nice collection including (col. lithogr.) picture postcards of i.a. Scheveningen (dated 1898), Nijmegen (dated 1899), Haarlem (dated 1900), Amsterdam (mainly architecture w. a few dated 1903/ 1904/ 1905), The Hague, Utrecht, Alkmaar. Also scenes from WWI (one w. a partially inflated balloon), Middelburg (a few w. people in 17th century costume celebrating the liberation of Middelburg) and a series "De Oorlog in Silhouet" by Jan Wiegman.

€ (250-350) 425
65/5008  Picture postcards  World War I   Collection of 95 press photographs65/5008 Picture postcards World War I Collection of 95 press photographs
65/5008 [Picture postcards. World War I]. Collection of 95 press photographs, German, all ±1914-1918.

= Each w. stamp on verso of W. MEISSNER and clipping w. a description of the depicted scene/ view.

€ (40-50) 120
65/5009 [Picture postcards and photographs]. Collection of ±600 (col.) picture postcards and photographs. ±1900-1960, partly unused.

= Nice collection including picture postcards w. people in traditional Dutch costume (two postcards dated 1903), ships (w. one of "Zierikzee" dated 1904), architecture in Holland, landscapes (one chromolithogr. picture postcard dated 1908), flora and fauna, windmills (i.a. by H. Berssenbrugge), famous actors, actresses, muscians etc., children's picture postcards of i.a. Mecky, wishing cards (one depicting small children dated 1904), silhouettes and ±80 (early) photographs (of i.a. Tokyo and Rotterdam in the 1940's).

€ (100-150) 110
65/5010  Popular art   Anonymous  18th cent65/5010 Popular art Anonymous 18th cent
65/5010 [Popular art]. Anonymous (18th cent.). (Oriental woman). Mixed techniques, paper cuttings, brush and ink, col. silk pieces, 30,2x19 cm., 18th cent.
€ (70-90)
65/5011  Posters   Anonymous  early 20th cent65/5011 Posters Anonymous early 20th cent
65/5011 [Posters]. Anonymous (early 20th cent.). "Bains du Nouveau Cirque. 251 rue St.Honoré". Col. lithogr. poster, 76,5x54,5 cm., publ. Affiches françaises, printed by E. Lévy & Cie., Paris, framed.

- Sl. yellowed; some vague wrinkles; horizontal and vertical middle fold.

€ (50-70) 130
65/5012  Posters   Anonymous  1st half 20th cent65/5012 Posters Anonymous 1st half 20th cent
65/5012 [Posters]. Anonymous (1st half 20th cent.). "Sigarenfabriek "Slotzanger". Rookt "Meierijsche Kermis"." Col. lithogr. poster, 51x73 cm., Eindhoven, "Drukk. V.D.E.", n.d. (±1920).

- A fine copy with a few vague handling creases and foxed specks in blank margins.

= There are also copies with "M. Wijnen Sigarenfabrikant Valkenswaard" in the image; this one without. Cigar factory "Slotzanger" in Valkenswaard was owned by M. Wijnen.

€ (70-90) 70
65/5013  Posters   Anonymous  20th cent65/5013 Posters Anonymous 20th cent
65/5013 [Posters]. Anonymous (20th cent.). "De Bezige Bij. De Vrije uitgeverij". Col. offset poster, 64,5x43 cm., monogram "JVVE"[?] and "45" in the image, Utr., J. van Boekhoven.

- Previously folded; 1 sm. tear in upper margin; imperfection in lower left corner.

= Rare. Not in De Roos.

€ (50-70) 50
65/5014  Posters   Anonymous  20th cent65/5014 Posters Anonymous 20th cent
65/5014 [Posters]. Anonymous (20th cent.). "Drink Coca-Cola". Col. offset poster, 130x92 cm., Amst., Meets en Schippers, "© Coca-Cola" in lower left corner, ±1955.

- Rolled; trifle frayed and trifle foxed along blank margins.

= Nice Dutch poster showing a strong and healthy young man with his bicycle and a bottle of Coca-Cola in his hand.

€ (70-90) 210
65/5015  Posters   Anonymous  20th cent65/5015 Posters Anonymous 20th cent
65/5015 [Posters]. Anonymous (20th cent.). "De Geschiedenis der Menschheid door Hendrik v. Loon". Col. offset poster, 95x63 cm., signed "Hendrik Willem van Loon. Middelburg 4 juli xxiii" in the plate.

- Corners soiled/ repaired.

€ (70-90)
65/5016  Posters   Anonymous  20th cent65/5016 Posters Anonymous 20th cent
65/5016 [Posters]. Anonymous (20th cent.). (Head of a donkey). Col. offset poster, 100x72 cm., "Methode Bakhuizen Van den Brink en Van Leusden" below the image, Rott., Nijgh & Van Ditmar's uitgevers-maatschappij.

- A few waterst. and (repaired) tears/ folds in margins.

€ (60-80) 60
65/5017  Posters   Anonymous  20th cent65/5017 Posters Anonymous 20th cent
65/5017 [Posters]. Anonymous (20th cent.). "Stemt Arnold Meijer. Lijst 20 Zwart Front". Col. offset poster, 107,5x78 cm., n.pl., n.publ., n.d. (±1935).

- Rolled; sl. frayed.

AND 2 others on 3 leaves, all rolled, i.a. ANONYMOUS, "Nederlanders! Weest Nederlandsch. 1941 is het jaar van Nationaal Front. Leider: Arnold Meijer" (82x117 cm., Amst., Luii & Co., 1941. Sl. frayed, sl. creased and a few thin spots in top margin).

€ (50-70) 110
65/5018  Posters   Bauer  M A J   1867 193265/5018 Posters Bauer M A J 1867 1932
65/5018 [Posters]. Bauer, M.A.J. (1867-1932). "Keuzetentoonstelling van moderne Nederlandsche meesters. Arti et Amicitiae Amsterdam". Col. lithogr. poster, 198,5x88,5 cm., signed "M. Bauer" on the stone, ±1893.

- Folded; frayed; dam. spots; a few holes; paper sl. brittle.


€ (300-500) 800
65/5019  Posters   Compaan  20th cent65/5019 Posters Compaan 20th cent
65/5019 [Posters]. Compaan (20th cent.). "Bestrijdt de handlangers van de vijand. Meldt u bij Steun Wettig Gezag voor de Nationale Reserve (...)". Col. offset poster, (1950), 90x60 cm., signed "Compaan" in the plate, Utr., J. van Boekhoven.

- Folded; some small defects.

AND 5 other miscellaneous posters.

€ (50-70) 50
65/5020  Posters   Dorfi  1881 197665/5020 Posters Dorfi 1881 1976
65/5020 [Posters]. Dorfi (1881-1976). "L'Alsacienne Verft alle stoffen." Col. lithogr. poster, 160x120 cm., Brussels, Imp. J.-E. Goossens, ±1920.

- Two repaired tears in lower margin.

€ (50-70)
65/5021  Posters   Glaser  M   b 192965/5021 Posters Glaser M b 1929
65/5021 [Posters]. Glaser, M. (b.1929). "Dylan". Col. offset poster, 83,7x56 cm., "Dylan" in the image.

- Tiny tear in upper margin; folds as issued.

= Designed and printed in 1966 after Bob Dylan's heavy car crash, to generate positive publicity for his forthcoming album, Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits. Significant detail is the word Elvis, spelled out in Dylans hair.

€ (100-150) 100
65/5022  Posters   Hahn Jr   A   1894 195465/5022 Posters Hahn Jr A 1894 1954
65/5022 [Posters]. Hahn Jr., A. (1894-1954). "Zaterdag a.s. Zonnestraaldag. De sterken voor de zwakken, tegen de tuberculose!" Lithogr. poster printed in black and yellow, 49,5x35 cm., n.printer, n.d. (±1925), framed.
€ (30-50) 30
65/5023  Posters   Hassall  J   1868 194865/5023 Posters Hassall J 1868 1948
65/5023 [Posters]. Hassall, J. (1868-1948). (Henley Rowing Regatta). Col. lithogr., 42x66,5 cm., signed "Hassall" on the stone and [signed?] "John Hassall" in pencil, ""Copyright" Published by Henry Graves & Co. Ltd. (...) London, 1901. Copyright Stiefbold & Co. Berlin. The J. Hood Co. Montreal, Canada. Copyright U.S.A." in caption above.

- Laid down on board. = SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LXX.

€ (150-250) 250
65/5024  Posters   Henel  E H R   1883 195365/5024 Posters Henel E H R 1883 1953
65/5024 [Posters]. Henel, E.H.R. (1883-1953). "Internationale Wintersportwoche Garmisch-Partenkirchen 21.-29. Januar 1939". Col. offset poster, 98x62 cm., Munich, H. Sonntag, 1939.

- Rolled; sl. foxed in top margin. Otherwise fine. = SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LXX.

€ (300-500) 550
65/5025  Posters   Hierl  A   1910 195065/5025 Posters Hierl A 1910 1950
65/5025 [Posters]. Hierl, A. (1910-1950). "Int. Eiffelrennen motorrijwielen automobielen renwagens 21. Mai Nürburgring". Col. offset poster, 119,5x83 cm., signed "Hierl" in the image, ±1935.

- Dam. in upper left corner (lacks triangular portion of 6x7x8,5 cm.); folded once; rolled; margins frayed.

€ (300-500) 700