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72/1338   Walschap, G.

72/1338 Walschap, G.

Walschap, G. (Guestbook/ diary). Volume comprising 43 handwritten pages (incl. 1 tipped-in contribution) and num. blank...

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72/2147   [Conchology]. Knorr, G.W.

72/2147 [Conchology]. Knorr, G.W.

[Conchology]. Knorr, G.W. Verlustiging der oogen en van den geest, of verzameling van allerley bekende hoorens en schulpen, die in...

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72/4279   Loeber, L.M. (1894-1983).

72/4279 Loeber, L.M. (1894-1983).

Loeber, L.M. (1894-1983). Board box with geometrical decoration, acrylic on lid, 5x25,5x6,5 cm. ...

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72/2395   Clusius, C.

72/2395 Clusius, C.

Clusius, C. Rariorum aliquot stirpium per Hispanias observatarum Historia, libris duobus expressa. Antw., C. Plantin, 1576, 529,(13)p., woodcut printer's mark on title-p., 233 full-p. botanical...

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72/6380   [Leyden and surroundings]. Lugdunum Batavorum Anno 1675.

72/6380 [Leyden and surroundings]…

[Leyden and surroundings]. "Lugdunum Batavorum Anno 1675". Engr. wallmap by C. HAGEN, 80,5x89 cm., ±1675, framed. ...

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72/4913   [China]. (The chinese foreign officials Fêng I, Chang Tê-i [Tei-

72/4913 [China]. (The chinese for…

[China]. (The chinese foreign officials Fêng I, Chang Tê-i [Tei-ming] and Yen Hui). Three cartes-de-visite, by...

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72/2931   [Medieval manuscripts]. (Book of hours).

72/2931 [Medieval manuscripts]. (…

[Medieval manuscripts]. (Book of hours). Northern Netherlands (Holland), 2nd half 15th cent., use of Utrecht, manuscript...

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72/4154   Jessurun de Mesquita, S. (1868-1944).

72/4154 Jessurun de Mesquita, S. …

Jessurun de Mesquita, S. (1868-1944). Naaktfiguur (Liggend naakt met lendendoek, de ogen gesloten). Etching, 40,1x68,7 cm...

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72/894   Ting, W.

72/894 Ting, W.

Ting, W. 1 Cent Life. Ed. S. Francis. Bern, E.W. Kornfeld, 1964, (1),165,(8)p., 62 col. lithographs...

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72/5388   Anonymous (2nd half 16th cent., northern Italian school).

72/5388 Anonymous (2nd half 16th …

Anonymous (2nd half 16th cent., northern Italian school). (Plumed Roman helmet with decorations with a large mythical animal motif). ...

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72/34   [Boom, I.]. Froment, J.-L.

72/34 [Boom, I.]. Froment, J.-L.

[Boom, I.]. Froment, J.-L. No.5 Culture Chanel. Une exposition imaginée. Paris/ (New York), Éditions de La...

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72/5302   [Posters]. Anonymous (1st half 20th cent.).

72/5302 [Posters]. Anonymous (1st…

[Posters]. Anonymous (1st half 20th cent.). "Niech żyje Rewolucja!" (Long live the Revolution!). Col. offset poster...

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72/2983   [VOC and WIC]. (Maintenance log book of VOC-ships from the Reken

72/2983 [VOC and WIC]. (Maintenan…

[VOC and WIC]. (Maintenance log book of VOC-ships from the Rekenkamer of Amsterdam). Manuscript, pen and...

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72/2268   Linnaeus, C.

72/2268 Linnaeus, C.

Linnaeus, C. Natuurlyke historie of uitvoerige beschryving der dieren, planten en mineraalen (...). Amst., F. Houttuin...

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72/2239   [Hunting]. Merula, P.

72/2239 [Hunting]. Merula, P.

[Hunting]. Merula, P. Placaten ende ordonnancien op 't stuck van de Wildernissen. Tweede Boeck inhoudende [Greek:] Kunigetika of iacht-bedryf, Dat...

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72/4604   Saura, A. (1930-1998).

72/4604 Saura, A. (1930-1998).

Saura, A. (1930-1998). "Portrait imaginaire de Goya". Drawing, gouache, 70x50 cm., signed "Saura" and "79" in...

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72/1408   Kafka, F.

72/1408 Kafka, F.

Kafka, F. Das Schloss. Postscript M. Brod. Munich, Kurt Wolff, 1926, 1st ed., (6),503,(1)p., orig. wr...

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72/5570   Bloemaert, A. (1564-1651).

72/5570 Bloemaert, A. (1564-1651)…

Bloemaert, A. (1564-1651). A mountain stream in a hilly region; to the left old trees on a rock. ...

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72/2308   [Ornithology]. Nozeman, C. and Houttuyn, M.

72/2308 [Ornithology]. Nozeman, C…

[Ornithology]. Nozeman, C. and Houttuyn, M. Nederlandsche Vogelen 1770-1829. Amst., J.C. Sepp, 1770-1829, 4 (of 5)...

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72/6456   [Zaandam]. Het Scheep- en koop-ryk Zardam aen de Oost- en West-z

72/6456 [Zaandam]. Het Scheep- en…

[Zaandam]. "Het Scheep- en koop-ryk Zardam aen de Oost- en West-zyde van den Stroom de Zaen in Noort Kennemerlandt, uit...

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72/5075   Saudek, J. (b.1935).

72/5075 Saudek, J. (b.1935).

Saudek, J. (b.1935). "The Make-Up of Ilaria". Series of 6 partly handtinted gelatin silver prints, each...

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72/3928   Escher, M.C. (1898-1972).

72/3928 Escher, M.C. (1898-1972).

Escher, M.C. (1898-1972). Ontmoeting (Encounter). Lithograph, 34,2x46,9 cm., signed and "110/200" in pencil, monogrammed and "V-'44...

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72/3022   [Asia]. Valentyn, F.

72/3022 [Asia]. Valentyn, F.

[Asia]. Valentyn, F. Oud en Nieuw Oost-Indiën, vervattende een naaukeurige en uitvoerige verhandelinge van Nederlands mogentheyd in die gewesten, benevens eene wydlustige beschryvinge der Moluccos, Amboina, Banda...

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72/2928   [Mathematics]. Kinckhuysen, G. (1625-1666).

72/2928 [Mathematics]. Kinckhuyse…

[Mathematics]. Kinckhuysen, G. (1625-1666). (Collection of mathematical texts). Haarlem, 1634-?, pen and black ink, occas. w...

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72/439   Reichenauer Perikopenbuch.

72/439 Reichenauer Perikopenbuch.

Reichenauer Perikopenbuch. Graz, Akademische Druck u. Verlagsanstalt, 2009, (109) facs. leaves printed in colours and gold...

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72/5784   Bruegel the Elder, P. (1526-1569) (after).

72/5784 Bruegel the Elder, P. (15…

Bruegel the Elder, P. (1526-1569) (after). The seven deadly sins. Complete series of the Seven Deadly...

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72/3453   Prevost d'Exiles, A.F.

72/3453 Prevost d'Exiles, A.F.

Prevost d'Exiles, A.F. Historische beschryving der reizen. Of nieuwe en volkome verzameling van de allerwaardigste en zeldzaamste zee- en land-togten...

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72/3958   Francis, S. (1923-1994).

72/3958 Francis, S. (1923-1994).

Francis, S. (1923-1994). (Untitled composition). Drawing, black ink, watercolour and gouache, 30,5x40 cm., signed "Sam Francis...

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72/1866   [Prints and drawings]. Gabriëlse, J. (1881-1945).

72/1866 [Prints and drawings]. Ga…

[Prints and drawings]. Gabriëlse, J. (1881-1945). (Seated young Balinese girl). Drawing, black crayon on cream col...

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72/3104   [Caricature]. Het Groote Tafereel der Dwaasheid, vertoonende de

72/3104 [Caricature]. Het Groote …

[Caricature]. Het Groote Tafereel der Dwaasheid, vertoonende de opkomst, voortgang en ondergang der Actie, Bubbel en Windnegotie, in Vrankryk, Engeland...

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