List of frequently used abbreviations / terms
acc. according
accomp. accompanying
adapt. adaptation
advert. advertisement
a.e.g. all edges gilt
annot(s). annotation(s)
artif. artificial
bibl. bibliography
blindst. blindstamped
calligr. calligraphed
cat. catalogue
cent. century
chûban 26x19 cm.
chûbon 18x12 cm.
cl. cloth
col. coloured
contemp. contemporary
corr. corrected
dam. damage(d)
dec. decorated
dedic. dedication
des. design(ed)
div. divisional
dustwr. dustwrapper
ed. edited/editor/edition
engr. engraved
enl. enlarged
ex-libr. ex-library
facs. facsimile
fold. folding
frontisp. frontispiece
gen. genealogical/ general
hanshi-bon 23x16 cm.
h.c. hors commerce
hcalf halfcalf
hcl. halfcloth
hmor. halfmorocco
hroan halfroan
h.s. hors série
hvellum halfvellum
i.a. inter alia
ill(s). illustration(s)
ident. identical
impr. impression/ improved
incl. including
introd. introduction
JAP Jahrbuch der Auktionspreise
L ex-library copy/copies
(with ensuing defects)
letterp. letterpiece
lim. limited
lithogr. lithographed
lvs. leaves
miscell. miscellaneous
monochr. monochrome
mor. morocco
n.d. no date
no(s). number(s) no place
n.publ. no publisher
num. numerous
numb. numbered
oban 38x25,5 cm.
ôbon 27x19 cm.
obl. oblong
occas. occasional
orig. original
p. page(s)
photogr. photograph(ed)
portr. portrait
pref. preface
prel. preliminary
pres. preserved
publ. published
rev. revised
sign. signed
sl. slightly
sm. small
sq. square
suppl. supplement(ary)
t.e.g. top edge gilt
thous. thousand
transl. translation
typogr. typography
unif. uniform
unnumb. unnumbered
vol(s). volume(s)
vign. vignette
w. with
w.a.f. with all faults
waterst. waterstained
wr. wrappers

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