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5220 - 5568     PRINTS - GRAPHIC ART, 16th-19th CENTURY

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65/5280  Caricature   Cruikshank  G   1792 187865/5280 Caricature Cruikshank G 1792 1878
65/5280 [Caricature]. Cruikshank, G. (1792-1878). "A Patriot Luminary Extinguishing Noxious Gas!!!" Contemp. handcol. etching w. etched caption below, 25x33,5 cm., London, A. Beugo, 1817.

- Sl. yellowed; a few sm. marginal tears (closed on verso w. sellotape).

AND 3 others, i.a. by W. HOGARTH.

€ (70-90) 90
65/5281  Caricature   Hogarth  W   1697 1764   after65/5281 Caricature Hogarth W 1697 1764 after
65/5281 [Caricature]. Hogarth, W. (1697-1764) (after). Album containing 68 engr. plates by i.a. E. RIEPENHAUSEN after W. HOGARTH, various sizes (between ±21,5x29 and 9x12,5 cm.), contemp. gilt hcalf w. red mor. letterpiece, folio.

- Trifle foxed in blank margins; one plates damaged; one plate w. tear in image; a few plates sl. frayed. Binding worn along extremities.

= Contains i.a. the series "A Harlots Progress", "Marriage à la Mode", "Industry and Idleness", "Beer Street and Gin Lane", "The times of the day" and "The Distrest Poet".

€ (80-100) 80
65/5282  Caricature   One Mile from Gretna  Our Governor in Sight! An Arrival at Gretna   overtaken by the Guardian65/5282 Caricature One Mile from Gretna Our Governor in Sight! An Arrival at Gretna overtaken by the Guardian
65/5282  Caricature   One Mile from Gretna  Our Governor in Sight! An Arrival at Gretna   overtaken by the Guardian65/5282 Caricature One Mile from Gretna Our Governor in Sight! An Arrival at Gretna overtaken by the Guardian
65/5282 [Caricature]. "One Mile from Gretna. Our Governor in Sight!" "An Arrival at Gretna - overtaken by the Guardian." Two handcol. aquatints on grey wove paper after C.B. NEWHOUSE, heightened w. white, both ±20x28 cm., London, J. Watson, 1833.

- Both sl. browned, w. some darker brown spots and traces of former passepartouts; verso w. strips of paper and scotch tape along outer margins.

= The misadventures of an eloping couple, from the series Incidents in Travelling. This is the first edition.

€ (30-50) 30
65/5283  Caricature   De Trap van Eer65/5283 Caricature De Trap van Eer
65/5283 [Caricature]. "De Trap van Eer." Handcol. lithogr., 24x27 cm., w. lithogr. caption and "De Arke Noachs No. VII. bij Anton Cramer et Co." below, Amst., 1829.

- Folded twice; trifle frayed in top margin.

= Caricature of the military bureaucracy, orig. published in the periodical De Arke Noachs. Atlas van Stolk 6692.

ADDED: an unrelated 20th cent. print.

€ (50-70)
65/5284  Caricature   Lot of 17 lithographs and woodengravings65/5284 Caricature Lot of 17 lithographs and woodengravings
65/5284 [Caricature]. Lot of 17 lithographs and woodengravings, French, (late) 19th cent., mostly from periodicals, i.a. by CHAM and H. DAUMIER.

- Partly w. defects (folded; creased; foxed etc.).

€ (30-50) 60
65/5285 Cause  H   1648 169965/5285 Cause H 1648 1699
65/5285 Cause, H. (1648-1699). Lot of 63 small etchings, showing various scenes with people and animals, all 6,5x8 cm., mostly monogrammed "hc" or signed in the plate, all mounted in modern paper album, wr. obl. 8vo.

- Album dustsoiled; lacking backstrip.

€ (40-60) 40
65/5286 Chaperon  N   1612 ±165665/5286 Chaperon N 1612 ±1656
65/5286 Chaperon, N. (1612-±1656). Lot of 6 etchings after RAPHAEL, 1639, each ±23,7x27,8 cm., engr. captions below, w. the address of P. MARIETTE (partly waterst./ sl. foxed). - AND 3 other prints, i.a. M. GREUTER, "Giardino del Card. Montalto" (stained).
€ (80-100) 90
65/5287 Chasteau  G   1635 168365/5287 Chasteau G 1635 1683
65/5287 Chasteau, G. (1635-1683). "Sainct Paul enlevé jusqu'au troisième ciel". Engraving, 41x30,5 cm., "G. Chasteau Sculp.", titled in French and Latin and a 4-line caption below the image.

- A few marginal tears; 1 closed tear affecting image; sl. soiled.

Drevet, P.I. (1697-1739). "A M.le Marquis de Beringhen, Chevallier des ordres du Roy". Engraving after M. COYPEL, 58x40 cm., with the address of Drevet and the title below the image.

- Vertical fold in centre; sl. browned/ frayed along extremities.

€ (60-80) 70
65/5288  Classical antiquity   Lot of 34 engravings65/5288 Classical antiquity Lot of 34 engravings
65/5288 [Classical antiquity]. Lot of 34 engravings, from B. DE MONFAUCON, Antiquité expliquée (16x) and from C.L.F. PANCKOUCKE, Encyclopédie méthodique (18x) (all on military technique, partly also on post classical subjects).
€ (50-70)
65/5289 Coecke van Aelst I, P. (±1502-1550) (after). "Colossus Gigantaeus Antverpianus." Engraving by C. VISSCHER, 43x33,7 cm., engr. captions below, published by A. Hendricx, Antwerp, 1665.

- Some closed tears (affecting image); verso w. modern pencil annots./ drawings.

Sadeler, A. (±1570-1629). The Martyrdom of Saint Sebastian. Engraving after J. PALMA, 44x30,3 cm., engr. captions below.

- Doubled; small hole in lower margin (w. loss of image). = Hollstein 95.

AND 15 others, i.a. prints by/ after after P.P. RUBENS, C. VAN CAUKERCKEN and W. SWANENBURG.

€ (150-250) 600
65/5290 Cort  C   1533 157865/5290 Cort C 1533 1578
65/5290 Cort, C. (1533-1578). The entombment. Engraving after G. CLOVIO, 1568, 34,2x26,2 cm., engr. captions below.

- Mediocre copy. Corners dam. (w. loss of text); verso sellotope along outer margins; some closed tears.

= New Hollstein 71.

Idem. Christ driving the moneychangers from the temple. Engraving, 1568, 26x20 cm., w. the address of G. Orlandi and A. Lafreri (1602).

- Doubled; some stains. = Hollstein 47.

AND 1 other engraving by the same.

€ (100-150) 200
65/5291 Danckerts  D   1634 166665/5291 Danckerts D 1634 1666
65/5291 Danckerts, D. (1634-1666). Near a rock two cows in front of a stone./ Peasant on horseback and various animals./ Two cows in the water./ Spinning woman and a boy. Complete series of 4 landscape engravings after C. BERCHEM, each ±17x24 cm., numb. "1"-"4" in lower right corner below the image, w. "Nicolaus Visscher excudit" below the image of the first print and "CBerchem invent(or)" and "Dancker Danckerts fecit" below the image of the other prints.

- On paper w. Fleur-de-lis watermark. Tipped onto laid paper mounts w. left corners; the first print w. lacking portion of upper left corner w. sl. loss of image, repaired and w. ms. addition; the second and third print sl. yellowed/ trifle foxed; the fourth print w. vague oblique line/ fold.

= Hollstein 18-21, 3rd state of 3, with Visscher's address and the numbers.

AND 2 other engravings.

€ (150-250) 160
65/5292 Daubigny  C F   1817 187865/5292 Daubigny C F 1817 1878
65/5292 Daubigny, C.F. (1817-1878). La machine à battre le blé. Etching, 10,8x21,5 cm., signed "Daubigny" in the plate, printed by Pierron, Paris, from l'Art au XIXe Siècle.

- Washed; upper blank corners dam. = Delteil 94, the third state (of 3).

€ (60-80) 80
65/5293 Daubigny  C F   1817 187865/5293 Daubigny C F 1817 1878
65/5293 Daubigny, C.F. (1817-1878). Plage de Villerville. Etching, 9,4x20,2 cm., from Gazette des Beaux-Arts, w. letterpress title below image.

= Delteil 88, 5th and final state.

Rajon, P.A. (1843-1888). (Portrait of the violinist Sarasate). Lithograph on grey paper, signed "Rajon" and "London 1885" on the stone (some foxed spots). - AND 3 others, all etchings and aquatint by A.L. BRUNET-DEBAINES.

€ (50-70)
65/5294 Daubigny  C F   1817 187865/5294 Daubigny C F 1817 1878
65/5294 Daubigny, C.F. (1817-1878). Les ruines du chateau de Cremieux. Etching, 9,4x17,5 cm., signed "Daubigny" in the plate, w. the address of A. Delâtre, Paris.

- Foxed in blank margins. = Delteil 77, the second state (of 2).

€ (60-80) 100
65/5295 Daubigny  C F   1817 187865/5295 Daubigny C F 1817 1878
65/5295 Daubigny, C.F. (1817-1878). Les Vaches au Marais. Etching, 12,5x22,5 cm., signed "Daubigne inv. sculp." in the plate (washed and sl. yellowed).

= With the collector's mark of Van Eekelen on verso. = Delteil 83.

€ (60-80) 60
65/5296 Davent  L   act  ±1540 155665/5296 Davent L act ±1540 1556
65/5296 Davent, L. (act. ±1540-1556). (Jupiter pressing the stormclouds). Engraving after FRANCESCO PRIMATICCIO, 23,5x40,5 cm., monogrammed in the plate.

- Poor copy. Cut inside the image; worn/ dam. spots; old middle-fold. = Bartsch XVI p. 326, 54.

AND 14 other prints, mainy 17th cent., incl. poor copies and bookillustrations, i.a. 2 oval engravings by PH. GALLE after A. BLOELANT of St. Marc and St. Matthew (both laid down and irregularly trimmed inside the platemark).

€ (100-150) 240
65/5297 Denon  D V   1747 182565/5297 Denon D V 1747 1825
65/5297 Denon  D V   1747 182565/5297 Denon D V 1747 1825
65/5297 Denon, D.V. (1747-1825). St Catherine ('The little Jewish bride'). Etching after REMBRANDT VAN RIJN, 11,3x7,8 cm., signed "Rembrandt" and "1638" in reverse in the plate, on thin 19th cent. laid paper.

- Good impression; cut on the platemark.

= New Hollstein 169, copy c: "Etching in the same direction by Dominique Vivant Denon. Inscribed in upper right: Rembrandt f 1638 (in reverse)."

AND 1 other etching after REMBRANDT VAN RIJN on late 19th cent. paper.

€ (200-300)
65/5298 Doetecum  J  van  ? 160565/5298 Doetecum J van ? 1605
65/5298 Doetecum, J. van (?-1605). De Blauwe Huyck. Engraving, 37x28,4 cm.

- Fine impression with small margins. Old flattened folds.

= New Hollstein 790-C. The third leaf from the series with 23 proverbs, i.a. "dat Bier is voer de ganzen niet ghebrouwen", "dese siet doer de vingeren", "dat sluijt gelijck ee[n] tanghe op een verrken", "dese scheert den geck", "wacht u voer de catzen, die voer lecken, en achter kratzen". SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE XCII.

€ (800-1.000)
65/5299 Doussyan  A   1740 1817   after65/5299 Doussyan A 1740 1817 after
65/5299 Doussyan, A. (1740-1817) (after). "Liefde en Eendragt". Calligraphic engraving after A. DOUSSYAN, 27,5x42 cm., publ. by C. Focking, 1788.

- (Dust)stained in both right corners and partly in blank margins. = F.M. 4983A (b).

AND 2 others after the same: "De Lente" and "De Winter" (both pub. by C. Focking, 1790. Both duststained in margins).

€ (50-70)