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5220 - 5568     PRINTS - GRAPHIC ART, 16th-19th CENTURY

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65/5560 Waterloo  A   1609 169065/5560 Waterloo A 1609 1690
65/5560 Waterloo, A. (1609-1690). Travellers halting at an inn. Etching from the series of 11 Landscapes, 8,7x13,8 cm., "11" engr. in upper left corner.

- Trimmed to the borderline; on 18th cent. wove paper.

= Hollstein 8, the 3rd state (of 3). With the collector's stamps of Th. Graf and H. Detmold on verso (Lugt 1092a and 760).

Idem. The entry to the wood. Etching from the series of 6 Landscapes, 12,6x14,3 cm., "AW F" in the plate.

- Good impression of the Basan edition. = Hollstein 55, 5th and final state.

€ (200-300) 200
65/5561 Waterloo  A   1609 169065/5561 Waterloo A 1609 1690
65/5561 Waterloo, A. (1609-1690). The wooden island Etching from a series of 6 Landscapes, 12,6x13,6 cm., "Antoni Waterlo in. et fe." below the image.

- Good impression on 18th cent. paper; trimmed on/ just outside the platemark; ink of collector's stamp (verso) shining through in centre.

= Hollstein 57, 3rd state (of 4). With the collector's stamp of Th. Graf on verso (Lugt 1092a).

€ (120-150) 130
65/5562  Whaling   Boydell  J   1719 180465/5562 Whaling Boydell J 1719 1804
65/5562 [Whaling]. Boydell, J. (1719-1804). "Greenland Fishery". Contemp. handcol. engr. after C. BROOKING, 26,3x40,4 cm., London, 1754, within black framing borders.

- Worn spot in top margin; sl. foxed in left margin. Title-strip cut off and mounted on verso.

= Ingalls 70: "(...) particularly fine whaling scene" SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE CX.

€ (100-150) 190
65/5563  Whaling   Laan  A  van der  1684 1755   after65/5563 Whaling Laan A van der 1684 1755 after
65/5563 [Whaling]. Laan, A. van der (1684-1755) (after). "De Visserij op Groenland". Engraving, 15,5x28 cm., "Num 107 N" engr. in the plate, 12-line letterpress caption in Latin and German and old manuscript title in pen below image.

- Sl. browned in upper blank margin; sm. brown spot near right margin.

ADDED: 2 other engravings, by P. VAN LIENDEN and P. TANJÉ.

€ (60-80) 60
65/5564 Wierix  A   ±1552 ±162465/5564 Wierix A ±1552 ±1624
65/5564 Wierix  A   ±1552 ±162465/5564 Wierix A ±1552 ±1624
65/5564 Wierix, A. (±1552-±1624). "Ordines sacri Romani imp. ab Ottone III instituti." Copperengr. on 2 loose sheets, total size 74,5x51 cm., "Anton Wierinx. fe." and "Gerard de Jode. Exc." in the plate, from C. DE JODE, Speculum orbis terrarum (in A. Ortelius, Theatrum orbis terrarum, Antwerp, 1593).

- Both lvs. w. flattened vertical middle-fold; sl. thumbed/ soiled and some vague foxing.

= Hollstein 52.1, first state (of 2); Mauquoy-Hendrickx III.1 no. 1983, first state; cf. Koeman II, p.211. The fine large print depicts 49 important church- or military leaders in costume.

€ (200-300) 200
65/5565 Wierix  J   1549 after 161565/5565 Wierix J 1549 after 1615
65/5565 Wierix, J. (1549-after 1615). Man resisting the temptation of Money, Lust and Honour. Engraving after M. HEEMSKERCK, 21x24,5 cm., engr. captions below, numb. "6" in lower right corner.

- Waterst. in upper margin (affecting image) and outer lower blank margin.

= Hollstein 1042, the second state (of 2).

Goltzius, H. (1558-1617) (after). Fantasy portrait of an old man with a hat. Engraving, 19,4x16,2 cm., monogrammed "HG Ao97" in the plate.

- Margin trimmed on/ just inside the borderline in left, upper and right margin; sl. (water)stained/ dustsoiled.

= Hollstein 731.

AND 2 engravings by W. VAN SWANENBURGH: "Iudas Iscarioth" (sharp oblique fold) and "Zachaeus".

€ (100-150) 100
65/5566 Winter  A  de  1652 after 170765/5566 Winter A de 1652 after 1707
65/5566 Winter, A. de (1652-after 1707). "Tombe van d'Heer van Gendt." Etching after a statue by R. VERHULST, 18x12,5 cm., titled and "fig:M" below the image (mounted, with manuscript text on verso). Mulder, J. (1668-1738). "Tombe d' van galen a Amsterdam". Etching, 17x12,8 cm., titled and "fig:E" below the image.
€ (60-80)
65/5567  Witt  C  and J  de   Op de Afbeelding der Heeren Gebroederen  Cornelis en Johan de Wit65/5567 Witt C and J de Op de Afbeelding der Heeren Gebroederen Cornelis en Johan de Wit
65/5567 [Witt, C. and J. de]. "Op de Afbeelding der Heeren Gebroederen, Cornelis en Johan de Wit." Two engraved portraits within contemp. handcol. oval laurel wreath and w. engr. captions on contemp. handcol. engr. scroll, 13x7,7 cm. each, 6 letterpress poems below each on contemp. handcoloured ground, SIGNED by Johan de Witt on cut off mounted lower portion of an official document (w. letterpress "Ter Ordonnantie van Hare Achtbaerheden" in top margin).

- A few old folds. w. small dam. spots and a few tiny stains. Doubled.

= F.M. Portraits 6161 and 6177 (both attrib. to B. Picart).

€ (150-250)
65/5568 Woollett  W   1735 178565/5568 Woollett W 1735 1785
65/5568 Woollett, W. (1735-1785). "The Death of General Wolfe". Engraving after B. WEST, 46,5x59 cm., engr. caption below image, publ. by Woollett, Boydell & Ryland, London, 1776, tipped onto mount. Sherwin, J.K. (1751-1790). "The Death of Lord Robert Manners". Engraving after T. STOTHARD, 48x58,5 cm., engr. caption below image, published by T. Macklin, London, 1786, tipped onto mount.

- Both sl. foxed.

AND 7 other (sm.) engravings, 18th/ 19th cent., mainly on American history.

€ (150-250) 600
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