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5220 - 5568     PRINTS - GRAPHIC ART, 16th-19th CENTURY

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65/5400  Militaria    Peninsular War65/5400 Militaria Peninsular War
65/5400 [Militaria]. (Peninsular War). Set of 5 handcol. etched and aquatint circular views of battles, ø 6,5 cm., together in one frame with an engraved plan of the battle of Corunna.

= Small views of the battles of Ciudad Rodrigo, Vittoria, Talavera, San Sebastiano and Badajoz.

€ (200-300)
65/5401  Militaria   Simpson  W   1823 189965/5401 Militaria Simpson W 1823 1899
65/5401 [Militaria]. Simpson, W. (1823-1899). "Sebastopol from the East or Extreme Right of English Attack." Tinted lithogr. view by T. PICKEN, 28x45,2 cm., London, P. and D. Colnaghi & Co., 1855, framed.

= From W. Simpson, The Seat of War in the East (London/ Paris, 1855).

AND 5 others by the same from the same work, all showing views of the Battle of Sebastopol during the Crimean War, all but one unif. framed.

€ (100-150)
65/5402  Militaria   Stocks  L   1812 189265/5402 Militaria Stocks L 1812 1892
65/5402 [Militaria]. Stocks, L. (1812-1892). "Wellington and Blücher meeting after the Battle of Waterloo." Handcol. engraving after D. MACLISE, 41x121 cm., London, Art Union, 1875, nicely framed.

- A few foxed spots. = Skillfully handcoloured and impressive print.

€ (150-250) 425
65/5403  Militaria   View from Mont St  Jean of The Battle of Waterloo65/5403 Militaria View from Mont St Jean of The Battle of Waterloo
65/5403 [Militaria]. "View from Mont St. Jean of The Battle of Waterloo (...)". Handcol. etching and aquatint, 35x57,5 cm., London, R. Bowyer, 1816, framed.

- Two vertical folds (as published?).

= Nice contemporary panoramic view of the Battle of Waterloo, with the Duke of Wellington in centre.

€ (100-150) 100
65/5404  Militaria   Zyne Koninklyke Hoogheid Willem Prins van Oranje in den roemrijken veldslag van Waterloo        gewond op het oogenblik der overwinning65/5404 Militaria Zyne Koninklyke Hoogheid Willem Prins van Oranje in den roemrijken veldslag van Waterloo gewond op het oogenblik der overwinning
65/5404 [Militaria]. "Zyne Koninklyke Hoogheid Willem Prins van Oranje in den roemrijken veldslag van Waterloo, (...) gewond op het oogenblik der overwinning". Large etching and stipple-engraving by W. VAN SENUS after J.D. ODEVAERE, 62,5x78,5 cm., Amst., E. Maaskamp, n.d. (1817), richly gilt frame.

- Sl. browned; sm. creases near/ in upper and lower margin.


€ (300-500)
65/5405 Monogrammist 'FP'  18th cent65/5405 Monogrammist 'FP' 18th cent
65/5405 Monogrammist "FP" (18th cent.). (Jacob). Engraving after PARMIGIANINO, 12,2x6,2 cm, monogrammed "FP" in the image.

- Trimmed to/ on the border line; a few brown spots.

€ (300-500)
65/5406 Monogrammist 'H B F '  17th cent65/5406 Monogrammist 'H B F ' 17th cent
65/5406 Monogrammist "H.B.F." (17th cent.). (A god and a warrior with a bow). Drawing, pen and ink, 19,7x27,1 cm., monogrammed and dated "1665" in lower left corner.

- Doubled; a few tiny holes in lower edge and to the left; wrinkled vertical line in right part.

€ (100-150) 110
65/5407  Months of the year   Hollandsche Almanach voor 't Jaar 177365/5407 Months of the year Hollandsche Almanach voor 't Jaar 1773
65/5407 [Months of the year]. "Hollandsche Almanach voor 't Jaar 1773". Plano with 15 small anonymous engravings, all ±8x5 cm.,, n.publ., 1772.

- Folded twice; sl. creased in lower corners.

= Interesting plates, consisting of the title-p., a plate showing various gems, a plate showing the baptising of "Willem Fredrik Prince van Orange" and 12 plates to the twelve months with various amorous scenes, i.a. with a skating couple.

€ (40-60) 50
65/5408  Months of the year   Vianen  J  van  ±1660 after 172665/5408 Months of the year Vianen J van ±1660 after 1726
65/5408  Months of the year   Vianen  J  van  ±1660 after 172665/5408 Months of the year Vianen J van ±1660 after 1726
65/5408 [Months of the year]. Vianen, J. van (±1660-after 1726). Lot of 10 (of 12) handcoloured engravings, all ±29,5x16 cm., each w. engr. captions below and "I. van Vianen Fecit" in the image.

- All yellowed and occas. sl. waterst. in blank margins.

= January, February, March, April, May, June, September, October, November, December.

€ (50-70) 60
65/5409 Morghen  R   1758 183365/5409 Morghen R 1758 1833
65/5409 Morghen, R. (1758-1833). "La Peinture". "La Poesie". Two engravings after G. HAMILTON, both 41x26,3 cm., engr. captions below, w. the address of G. Hackert, Rome.

- Some foxings; defects in margins.

AND 16 other engravings by the same, i.a. of (Carlos IV and his wife Aloisya - King of Spain) (1789), (The Funeral of Charles II of Spain) and 6 plates from In Honor of Livia della Roccella (1784).

€ (100-150) 170
65/5410 Morland  G   1763 180465/5410 Morland G 1763 1804
65/5410 Morland, G. (1763-1804). "The Cowherd and Milkmaid". Col. mezzotint, 43x54,5 cm., engr. caption w. title, framed.


€ (100-150)
65/5411 Muller  H J   ±1538 161765/5411 Muller H J ±1538 1617
65/5411 Muller, H.J. (±1538-1617). The eight beatitudes. Series of 5 (of 8) engravings after M. VAN HEEMSKERCK, ±1566, ±21x24,5 cm.

- Plate 6 (Annunciation) is mounted and lacks the engr. captions and lower right corner.

= Hollstein 37, 39, 41, 43 and 44 (Muller), w. the address of C.J. Visscher.

AND 12 others, i.a. from the series Acts of the Apostles by PH. GALLE after M. VAN HEEMSKERCK (w. defects).

€ (150-250) 500
65/5412 Muller  H J   ±1538 161765/5412 Muller H J ±1538 1617
65/5412 Muller, H.J. (±1538-1617). The Sanguine Temperament. Engraving from the series of 4 Temperaments, after M. VAN HEEMSKERCK, 1566, 21,4x23,4 cm.

- Restored middle-fold. = Hollstein 438.

AND 2 engravings by C. CORT, both from the series Circulus vicissitudines rerum humanarum (1564): "Pax (...)" and "Auriga Torpo" (both restored copies).

€ (100-150) 150
65/5413 Muller  H J   ±1538 161765/5413 Muller H J ±1538 1617
65/5413 Muller, H.J. (±1538-1617). The ten commandments. Series of 5 (of 10) engravings after M. VAN HEEMSKERCK, ±1566, each 21x24,5 cm., engr. captions below, published by H. Cock.

- Sl. grey impressions, partly w. old folds and defects in blank margins.

= New Hollstein 9, 10, 12, 16, 18 (The Muller Dynasty).

€ (100-150) 250
65/5414  Munting  A    Lot of 7 handcol  engravings65/5414 Munting A Lot of 7 handcol engravings
65/5414 [Munting, A.]. Lot of 7 handcol. engravings, each ±30x21,5 cm., from A. MUNTING, Naauwkeurige beschryving van der aardgewassen (...) (1696) (occas. sl. waterstained in blank margins). - AND 3 others similar, incl. 2 handcol. woodcuts from L. FUCHS, New Kreüterbuch (1543).
€ (50-70) 70
65/5415  Napoléon   Anonymous  early 19th cent65/5415 Napoléon Anonymous early 19th cent
65/5415 [Napoléon]. Anonymous (early 19th cent.). "Diesen Bock habe ich in Russland geschossen, aber in Deutschland bleibe ich mit ihn im Dreck stecken." Contemp. handcol. engraving, w. engr. caption below, 17,2x13 cm.


AND 2 others: "Der Rheinischer Courier verliehrt auf der Heimreise von der Leipziger Messe alles" (small handcol engr. w. engr. caption below) and "De Geest van Napoleon beschouwt zijn Graf" (small lithograph, Amst., E. Maaskamp).

€ (80-100) 150
65/5416  Napoléon   Guérin  J U   1761 1836   after65/5416 Napoléon Guérin J U 1761 1836 after
65/5416 [Napoléon]. Guérin, J.U. (1761-1836) (after). "Buonaparte". Handcol. stipple-engr. portrait of Napoléon Bonaparte by G. FIESINGER, 26,5x19 cm., 1798, framed.

- Sl. fingersoiled. = Probably later edition with the address of the artist removed.

€ (70-90)
65/5417  Napoléon   Voltz  J M   1784 185865/5417 Napoléon Voltz J M 1784 1858
65/5417 [Napoléon]. Voltz, J.M. (1784-1858). (Napoleonic caricatures). Series of 5 engr. caricatural prints on Napoléon, each 17x17 cm.

- Blank margins sl. foxed/ soiled.

= Captions as follows: "Der neue Universalmonarch auf dem, zum Wohl der Menschheit errichteten Throne"; "Diesen Bock habe ich geschossen"; "Die neue Europaeische Barbierstube"; "Ach, Papa, welche schöne Seifenblasen hast Du gemacht!" and "Spanier: Befehlen Sie Spanische-Bitter? (...)". Rare (complete?) series. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE XCIX.

€ (150-250) 150
65/5418 Newhouse  C B   act 1830 184065/5418 Newhouse C B act 1830 1840
65/5418 Newhouse, C.B. (act.1830-1840). (Scenes with travelling mail coaches). Lot of 10 handcol. etchings and aquatints, ±20x35 cm., London, J. Watson, 1833-1836, framed.

- All (sl.) browned; occas. a foxed/ mouldy spots. = From various series.

€ (100-150) 100
65/5419 Nittis  G  de  1846 188465/5419 Nittis G de 1846 1884
65/5419 Nittis, G. de (1846-1884). Derrière l'éventail. Etching, 1875, 23,5x18 cm., signed "De Nittis" in the plate, on thin paper.

- Upper blank margin a few tears; handling creases; some sl. foxing (mainly in outer margins).

€ (70-90) 150