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5220 - 5568     PRINTS - GRAPHIC ART, 16th-19th CENTURY

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65/5360 Hunt  C   1803 187765/5360 Hunt C 1803 1877
65/5360 Hunt, C. (1803-1877). "The "Age" Brighton Coach in 1852." Large handcol. etching and aquatint after W.J. SHAYER, 45,5x66 cm., engr. captions below, London, Messrs. Fores, 1867.

- Sky area and blank margins w. spots nibbled by silverfish (and two tiny spots in land area).

€ (40-60) 40
65/5361 Immenraet  P A   1627 167965/5361 Immenraet P A 1627 1679
65/5361 Immenraet, P.A. (1627-1679). (Landscape with shepherd in the foreground and a church in the background). Etching, 8,7x12,9 cm.

- Very good impression, thread margins.

= Hollstein 6, only state; Bartsch 27. With the collector's mark of L. Valentin (Lugt 2498) on verso. Very rare.

€ (300-500) 300
65/5362 [Insects]. Lot of 35 handcol. engravings, each 26,5x19 cm., from E. ALBIN, A natural history of English insects, London, 1720.

= Attractive plates.

€ (150-250)
65/5363 Irminger  K F   1813 186365/5363 Irminger K F 1813 1863
65/5363 Irminger, K.F. (1813-1863). "Ulrich Ochsenbein. Präsident des Eidgenössischen Bundes". Lithogr. portrait, 46,5x35,8 cm., lithogr. caption and printed signature below image, signed on the stone, Zürich, Grimminger, 1848.

- Blank margins yellowed/ browned.

AND a large mezzotint by P. COTTIN after C. BROCHART.

€ (40-60)
65/5364 Jacque  Ch E   1813 189465/5364 Jacque Ch E 1813 1894
65/5364 Jacque, Ch.E. (1813-1894). (A shepherd and his herd of sheep near a puddle). Etching w. remarque, 35x49,3 cm., signed "Ch. Jacque - 1888" in the plate belowe the image, signed "Ch. Jacque" in pencil (yellowed). - AND 3 other miscell. etchings.
€ (50-70) 70
65/5365 Jacque  Ch E   1813 189465/5365 Jacque Ch E 1813 1894
65/5365 Jacque, Ch.E. (1813-1894). Troupeau rentrant à la bergerie. Etching, 24,2x18,5 cm., signed "Ch. Jacque" in the plate, printed by Nys (some marginal creases/ dustsoiling). - AND 8 others, i.a. by C. MALARDOT, E. BENASSIT, E. TATTEGRAIN and A. FRÖHLICH.
€ (50-70) 50
65/5366 Jeaurat  E   1699 178965/5366 Jeaurat E 1699 1789
65/5366 Jeaurat, E. (1699-1789). "S. Jacques Le Mineu." Etching after F. BOUCHER, 1726, 36,5x22,5 cm., with the addresses of Jeaurat and Boucher and a two-line French caption engr. below the image.

- Trifle soiled; tear in lower blank margin.

AND 6 others, i.a. 3 etchings by C.L. DAKE.

€ (50-70) 50
65/5367  Judaica and hebraica   Luiken  J   1649 1712  a o65/5367 Judaica and hebraica Luiken J 1649 1712 a o
65/5367 [Judaica and hebraica]. Luiken, J. (1649-1712) a.o. Lot of 33 engr./ etched plates, plans and a map, various sizes, from 2 different editions of Alle de Werken by FLAVIUS JOSEPHUS.
€ (100-150) 100
65/5368 [Judaica and hebraica]. "Den Opstal des Tabernakels met de Arke des Verbonds (...)." Large engraving by J. LUIKEN, 56,5 cm., from P. VAN DER AA, Galerie Agréable, 1729 (sl. yellowed). "De twee groote Synagogen der Hoogduitsche Jooden (...)." Handcol. engraving by J. DE BEYER, 26,5x29,7 cm., from WAGENAAR, 1765 (fine). "Gezicht van de Hoogduitsche Jooden-kerk, op de Houtmarkt te zien, tot Amsterdam." Handcol. engraving, 26,5x34 cm., from FOUQUET, late 18th cent. (sl. browned). - AND ±80 other prints showing Jewish customs, mainly 18th cent. engravings of ±16x20 cm., a few handcol., incl. duplicates/ copies in reverse, mainly by/ after B. PICART and from several editions of his Cérémonies et coutumes religieuses de tous les peuples du monde (1723 or later), and some plates from M. OPPENHEIM/ J. HOOFIËN, Tafereelen uit het oud-joodsche familieleven (1882).
€ (150-250) 350
65/5369  Judaica and hebraica   Synagoog der Jooden65/5369 Judaica and hebraica Synagoog der Jooden
65/5369  Judaica and hebraica   Synagoog der Jooden65/5369 Judaica and hebraica Synagoog der Jooden
65/5369 [Judaica and hebraica]. "Synagoog der Jooden." Engraving by M. POOL, 30,5x42 cm., engr. captions below image, from A. CALMET, Naam- en Woord-boek van den gantschen Bybel, 1725.

- A few foxed spots.

AND 4 others, incl. 2 from the same work, being "Plechtigheden van het feest Purim" and "Hoogtens gewyd tot den dienst der afgoden, en allerhanden Grouwel" (the last print two sm. wormholes in caption).

€ (70-90) 150
65/5370 Ker  H B   19th cent65/5370 Ker H B 19th cent
65/5370 Ker, H.B. (19th cent.). Lot of 14 etchings, ±1812, all small sizes, all but one landscapes, i.a. "Wimbledon Park" and "Hampton Wick", together tipped onto 8 mounts.
€ (100-150) 100
65/5371 Kickius  G   early 17th cent65/5371 Kickius G early 17th cent
65/5371 Kickius, G. (early 17th cent.). (The Ten Commandments). Large engraving, 59x41 cm., "Guillelmus Kickius Sculptor & Excud." and "Adr. Schoonebeek Exc." in the plate.

- Formerly folded in eight; trifle/ sl. yellowed/ soiled/ foxed and w. some sm. tears in ample blank margins.

= Impressive and skillfully engraved print showing Moses with the two stone tablets under an arch, surrounded by allegorical figures and (scrollwork) cartouches with engr./ letterpress biblical text in French and Latin. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE XCVII.

€ (200-300) 200
65/5372 Kockers  G   act  1787 181065/5372 Kockers G act 1787 1810
65/5372 Kockers, G. (act. 1787-1810). "Nauwkeurige afbeelding van de nationale vergadering in Den Haag". Stipple-engraving, 66x60,4 cm., with the address "Middelburg 1797".

- Browned; some small marginal tears; old middle-fold.

= F.M. 5455a; Atlas van Stolk 5373. Rare and remarkable print.

AND 1 other.

€ (100-150) 130
65/5373 Küsell  M   1626 ±168365/5373 Küsell M 1626 ±1683
65/5373 Küsell, M. (1626-±1683). Lot of 21 engravings after J.W. BAUR, all approx. 15,5x20 cm., all tipped onto mount.

- Good/ fine impressions on thin paper; occas. sl. creased/ gluestained in corner(s).

= Various series, mostly w. engr. number below image, i.a. biblical scenes (10x), scenes on the waterfront (7x) and a walking man in a mountainous landscape.

€ (150-250)
65/5374 Le Pautre  J   1618 168265/5374 Le Pautre J 1618 1682
65/5374 Le Pautre, J. (1618-1682). (Mythological scenes). Thirty etchings, 2nd half 17th cent., ±22x32 cm., all w. the addresses of "le Potre" and "le Blond", a few with French caption below image, mounted in modern hleather album, folio.

- Sl. dustsoiled (mainly in margins) and occas. sl. soiled/ foxed; a few lvs. loosening. Binding trifle bumped.

= Scenes are i.a. the rape of Proserpina; a landscape with Venus and Adonis, embraced, surrounded by cupids and Actaeon finding Diana and her nymphs bathing in the woods.

€ (250-350) 250
65/5375 Lebrun  C   1619 1690   after65/5375 Lebrun C 1619 1690 after
65/5375 Lebrun, C. (1619-1690) (after). (Mary Magdalene repentant). Colour etching and aquatint by RIDÉ, 53x39,4 cm., publ. by Gamble & Coipel, Paris, ±1800.

- Yellowed/ soiled and creased; sm. marginal tear; strengthened on verso.

AND 1 other.

€ (80-100) 90
65/5376 Lemire Ainé  C   ±1800   after65/5376 Lemire Ainé C ±1800 after
65/5376 Lemire Ainé, C. (±1800) (after). "l'Amabilité". Handcol. stipple-engraving by ZECCHINO, 39x25,5 cm., engr. caption and address of Batelli e Fanfari, Milan, below. Idem. "l'Amabilité". Handcol. stipple-engraving by SCHENKER, 35x26 cm., engr. caption and address of Jean, Paris below.

- First print sl. foxed; second print sl. foxed and vaguely stained.

= Two sl. different stipple-engraved renderings of the same painting by Charles Lemire Ainé.

Rambert, C. (1867-1932). "l'Hiver". "l'Été". "l'Automne". Three (of 4) lithographs, 51,7x37,4 cm., publ. in l'Ornementation au XIXeme Siècle, Paris, Blandin, ±1880.

- l'Été and l'Hiver trifle/ sl. dampstained.

AND 4 others, incl. two sets of twelve (wood)engr. ills. to the months, tipped onto 3 mounts.

€ (50-70) 50
65/5377 Lepère  A L   1849 191865/5377 Lepère A L 1849 1918
65/5377 Lepère, A.L. (1849-1918). "A Rovins". Etching, 14,2x20,7 cm., signed and titled in the plate (yellowed and some vague foxing). - AND 2 other etchings by the same: "L'Église de Jouy le Moutier" and "Le quartier des Gobelins".
€ (60-80) 60
65/5378 Lewis  C G   1808 188065/5378 Lewis C G 1808 1880
65/5378 Lewis, C.G. (1808-1880). "The Waterloo Heroes assembled at Apsley House". Mezzotint after J.P. KNIGHT, 56,7x90 cm., engr. caption below image, publ. by H. Graves & Co., London, 1845.

- Top section waterst.; sm. tear in lower margin.

Bromley, F. (act. 1832-1870). "The Peninsular Heroes assembled at the United Service Club". Mezzotint after J.P. KNIGHT, 56,7x90 cm., engr. caption below image, publ. by H. Graves & Co., London, 1847.

- Top section waterst.; a few marginal tears.

AND 1 other similar historical print ("The Presentation of Magna Charta, A.D. 1215").

€ (80-100) 80
65/5379 Leyden  L  van  1489 or 1494 153365/5379 Leyden L van 1489 or 1494 1533
65/5379 Leyden, L. van (1489 or 1494-1533). Christ and the Apostles. Thirteen (of 14) engravings, each ±11,3x7 cm., each monogrammed "L" and numb. "2"-"14" in the plate, tipped onto 2 lvs. w. old manuscript captions.

- The apostles only, without Christ.

= Hollstein 87-99. Copies in reverse, with the names of the apostles added.

€ (50-70) 160