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65/5102 Borsteegh  C   act  1793 183465/5102 Borsteegh C act 1793 1834
65/5102 Borsteegh  C   act  1793 183465/5102 Borsteegh C act 1793 1834
65/5102 Borsteegh, C. (act. 1793-1834). "Geslagt-lijst Metelerkamp De Rhoer." "Geslagt-lijst Metelerkamp Verloren". Two drawings, pen and (washed) ink, brush and watercolour, both ±50x68 cm., 1x signed "Cs. Borsteegh".

- Both laid down on boards; nibbled by silverfish; sl. duststained.

= Two decorative family trees set in an identical Empire-style architectural background. One with the coat of arms of the respective ancestors of Alexander Hendrik Metelerkamp (1744-1816) (mayor of Gouda in 1787, 1788, 1791 en 1792 and 1807-1810) and Anna Elisabeth de Rhoer. The second for their grandson mr. Alexander Hendrik Metelerkamp (1804-1871) and his wife Catharina Gerarda Johanna verLoren (1805-1877). Cornelis Borsteegh became the "Stadstekenmeester" of the city of Gouda in 1819 (Scheen 1981).

€ (200-300)
65/5103 Brandhoff  J B   1738 180365/5103 Brandhoff J B 1738 1803
65/5103 Brandhoff, J.B. (1738-1803). (A shepherd herding his cows on a dirt track in the woods, a ruinous castle to the right). Drawing, black ink and brush and grey wash, 28,4x49,2 cm., tipped onto blue paper mount.

= Provenance "Coll. [...] (illegible)" on verso.

€ (150-250) 1000
65/5104 Breitner  G H   1857 192365/5104 Breitner G H 1857 1923
65/5104 Breitner, G.H. (1857-1923). (Two cavalry men). Drawing on greyish blue paper, black crayon and some col. crayon, pencil, 39,5x24,5 cm. (leaf), monogrammed in black crayon.

- Vaguely waterstained; a few very sm. whitish stains; two horizontal folds.


€ (500-700)
65/5105 Buijs  C B   1808 187265/5105 Buijs C B 1808 1872
65/5105 Buijs, C.B. (1808-1872). (Hillside landscape with cattle and two wanderers). Watercolour, 30x40 cm., signed "CB Buys" in pen and ink in lower right corner.

= C.B. Buijs was i.a. pupil of E. Jelles Eelkema and tutor of Josef Israels and H. and T. Mesdag.

€ (200-300)
65/5106 Buijs  C B   1808 1872   attrib65/5106 Buijs C B 1808 1872 attrib
65/5106 Buijs  C B   1808 1872   attrib65/5106 Buijs C B 1808 1872 attrib
65/5106 Buijs, C.B. (1808-1872) (attrib.). (Herder and his cattle crossing a stream). Drawing, brush and ink, black chalk, 24x34 cm.

- Chip and tear at centre upper edge.

Buijs, G.T. (19th cent.). (Herdsman and sheep in a grove). Drawing, brush and brown ink, signed "G.T. Buijs" in pen and ink.

= G.T. Buijs was the son of the artist C.B. Buijs.

€ (100-150)
65/5107 Buren  I  van  18th cent65/5107 Buren I van 18th cent
65/5107 Buren, I. van (18th cent.). (Portrait of an old woman). Drawing after A. BLOEMAART, red crayon, 11,3x10,9 cm., monogrammed and "1764" in brown ink, brown framing line, tipped onto mount together w. the original mount w. contemp. manuscript annot. in pen: "Mr. Isaac van Buren, Bailluw van Noortwijkerhout Hillegom, Lisse, en Voorhout fecit Anno 1764".

= Verso of drawing w. contemp. annot. in pencil stating: "I. van Buren na A. Bloemaart".

€ (70-90) 80
65/5108 Calisch  M   1819 187065/5108 Calisch M 1819 1870
65/5108 Calisch, M. (1819-1870). (Portrait of a drummer). Drawing, brush and ink, 23,1x16,2 cm., signed.

- Trifle soiled in right margin.

= Calisch was a student of J.A. KRUSEMAN, he painted/ drew in the Romantic tradition.

€ (100-150)
65/5109  Caricature   Anonymous  early 20th cent65/5109 Caricature Anonymous early 20th cent
65/5109 [Caricature]. Anonymous (early 20th cent). "Taai=taai." Drawing, ink and watercolour, 48x33 cm, w. a 5-line Dutch caption below the image.

- Yellowed paper; pinholes in corners. = Caricature on the step-by-step process of becoming a notary.

AND 1 other caricatural drawing by "Hans".

€ (40-60) 40
€ (40-60)
65/5111 Cats  J   1741 1799   attrib65/5111 Cats J 1741 1799 attrib
65/5111 Cats, J. (1741-1799) (attrib.). (Couple with a dog in front of a cottage in the woods, a horseman coming down the road). Drawing, brush and grey wash and some black chalk, 35x49,2 cm., on grey washed paper, mounted on passepartout.

- Foxed.

= With the collector's mark of C.R. Rudolf (Lugt 2811B) on verso. Paper w. unidentified watermark. Perhaps a study for a later drawing.

€ (300-500) 425
65/5112 Court  A A  de la  early 19th cent65/5112 Court A A de la early 19th cent
65/5112 Court, A.A. de la (early 19th cent.). (Winetasting in warehouse 'Bierhaven'). Drawing, watercolour and pencil, 11,7x7,8 cm., framed.

= With accomp. note: "Dit is het Wijn Pakhuis Bierhaven, zoo als ik het nog gekend heb in 1816 - in 1818 bij de invoering van het Entrepotstelsel, heb ik de koers verhuisd en gedeeltelijk verkogt - de proevers zijn mijn vader zittende en zijn associé E.J.J. Martin - geteekend den 29 July 1811 door Alexander Allart de la Court, boezemvriend van mijn vader toen gevestigt te Berbice - Zonder schets in t herinnering gedaan den Ink Oct 1880."

€ (100-150)
65/5113 Craeyvanger  R   1812 188065/5113 Craeyvanger R 1812 1880
65/5113 Craeyvanger  R   1812 188065/5113 Craeyvanger R 1812 1880
65/5113 Craeyvanger, R. (1812-1880). Het afscheid; een jong echtpaar wordt door vier personen uitgeleide gedaan in een loggia. Watercolour, 21,2x26,8 cm., signed and dated "1843".

- Yellowed.

= Nice. Provenance: collector's mark of J.A.M. Byvoet on verso (Lugt 2841b) and Christie's Amst., 1994. Title supplied on passepartout.

Idem. De ontmoeting van een grijsaard en een edelman. Watercolour, 23x34 cm., signed and dated "1870" in lower right corner.

- Tiny closed tear in lower left corner and tiny portion chipped off in lower margin.

= Provenance: collector's mark of J.A.M. Byvoet on verso (Lugt 2841b) and auction Van Marle & Bignell, The Hague 1964. Title supplied on passepartout.

€ (200-300)
65/5114 Crawford  W   1825 186965/5114 Crawford W 1825 1869
65/5114 Crawford, W. (1825-1869). (Theatre scene with an old gentleman bowing for a young gentleman). Drawing, pencil and brown wash, 17,4x13,3 cm., signed, numb. and dated in pencil "37 Crawford 1859[?]" in lower right corner.
€ (30-50) 40
65 5115 Darjou A H  1832 187465 5115 Darjou A H 1832 1874
65/5115 Darjou, A.H. (1832-1874). (Caricatural drawing of a man tightening up the dress of an old male looking woman). Drawing, pencil and grey wash, 20,7x16 cm., laid down on mount, signed (in later handwriting) "Darjou" on mount in pen and ink.

- Some vague foxing.

€ (100-150)
65/5116 Decker the Elder  P   1677 1713   attrib65/5116 Decker the Elder P 1677 1713 attrib
65/5116 Decker the Elder, P. (1677-1713) (attrib.). (Pedestal with garlands on middle section and an allegorical representation of the liberal arts on top section). Drawing, pen and ink and grey wash, 20,3x11,7 cm.

= Attribution in pencil on verso.

€ (150-250) 150
65/5117 Dijsselhof  G W   1866 192465/5117 Dijsselhof G W 1866 1924
65/5117 Dijsselhof, G.W. (1866-1924). "Paradijsvischjes". Oil on panel, 13,5x14,5 cm., monogrammed in lower left corner, framed.

- Two tiny chips.

= Verso w. orig. printed E.J. van Wisselingh label w. typescript entries providing title etc. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LXXIX.

€ (400-600) 1500
65/5118 Dirckx  A B   1878 192765/5118 Dirckx A B 1878 1927
65/5118 Dirckx, A.B. (1878-1927). (View of a ship in a Dutch harbour). Watercolour, 33x25 cm., signed in lower left corner.

- Trifle stained.

€ (60-80)
65/5119 Dyck  A  van  1599 1641   surroundings of65/5119 Dyck A van 1599 1641 surroundings of
65/5119 Dyck, A. van (1599-1641) (surroundings of). (Woman holding a child). Drawing, pen and brown ink, 13,2x12,4 cm., tipped onto mount.
€ (200-300) 200
65/5120 Eelkema  E J   1788 183965/5120 Eelkema E J 1788 1839
65/5120 Eelkema, E.J. (1788-1839). (Flowering peony, lavatera and delphinium). Drawing, watercolour, 25,7x21 cm., signed "E. Jelles Eelkema" in pencil.

- Leaf sl. yellowed and finger-/ dustsoiled.

= Manuscript collector's mark; "G.T. Buijs CBzn. eigenaar" in pen and ink. Son of C.B. Buys (1808-1872). C.B. Buys was a pupil of Eelkema. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LXXX.

AND 2 other botanical drawings.

€ (300-500) 300
65/5121 Eversen  A   1818 1897   attrib65/5121 Eversen A 1818 1897 attrib
65/5121 Eversen, A. (1818-1897) (attrib.). "Wijk bij Duurstede". Drawing, watercolour and pencil, 25x23 cm.

- A few foxed spots. = Title supplied in pencil on verso.

€ (120-150) 130