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65/5062 Anonymous  late 17th/ early 18th cent65/5062 Anonymous late 17th/ early 18th cent
65/5062 Anonymous (late 17th/ early 18th cent.). (Sophonisba). Drawing, pen and black ink, sepia wash, 40,3x33,5 cm.

- Some foxing.

= With collector's stamp "J.T" on paper w. I Villedary watermark. With annots. on verso "G. Lairesse". SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LXXVI.

€ (200-300) 210
65/5063 Anonymous  1st half 18th cent   Dutch school65/5063 Anonymous 1st half 18th cent Dutch school
65/5063 Anonymous (1st half 18th cent., Dutch school). (Portrait of a man holding a sealed letter). Oil on panel, 10,5x10 cm., framed.

= Provenance: the collection Van Beeck Calkoen. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LXXVI.

€ (1.000-1.500)
65/5064 Anonymous  18th cent65/5064 Anonymous 18th cent
65/5064 Anonymous (18th cent.). (D'Arminiaensche dreckwagen). Drawing, pen and black and some brown ink and grey wash, 26,8x41,6 cm., tipped onto mount.

= After F.M. 1352, w. manuscript key tipped onto the same mount. With attribution on mount to J. Stolker (1724-1785).

€ (200-300)
65/5065 Anonymous  18th cent65/5065 Anonymous 18th cent
65/5065 Anonymous (18th cent.). (Banquet). Drawing, pen and brown ink, brown wash, 13,2x33 cm.

- Upper, left and right margin trimmed (w. loss of image); some repairs.

€ (100-150) 700
65 5066 Anonymous 18th cent65 5066 Anonymous 18th cent
65/5066 Anonymous (18th cent.). "Belonging to the Kowncel of Ware. Ho. Bapt. Henry Bouttats Decb. 1728." Two drawings, brush and grey wash, both 15x28,5 cm.

- Neatly restored copies with new margins.

= Nice allegorical cartouches after two etchings by H. Quellinus after A. Quellinus, depicting sculpture in the Amsterdam town hall (±1660). SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LXXVII.

WITH the two etchings, both "AQ HQ" and numb. "LXXXVI" and "LXXXVII" (both supplied in 2 copies, 1x with and 1x without Roman numb.).

€ (400-500)
65/5067 Anonymous  18th cent65/5067 Anonymous 18th cent
65/5067 Anonymous (18th cent.). (Riverlandscape with hills). Drawing, pencil, 19,3x30 cm. (irregularly browned).
€ (100-150)
65/5068 Anonymous  18th cent65/5068 Anonymous 18th cent
65/5068 Anonymous (18th cent.). (Seated couple). Drawing, brush and brown ink, 18x11,2 cm., corners tipped onto mount.

= With attrib. on mount to N. BERCHEM.

€ (60-80) 80
65 5069 Anonymous 2nd half 18th cent65 5069 Anonymous 2nd half 18th cent
65/5069 Anonymous (2nd half 18th cent.). (Portrait of an anonymous Dutch gentleman). Drawing, pencil, 46x32 cm., ±1780.

= On 18th cent. paper with Elephant watermark w. R (Churchill 189). With modern attribution to Roeland van Eynden on verso frame.

€ (100-150) 325
65/5070 Anonymous  2nd half 18th cent65/5070 Anonymous 2nd half 18th cent
65/5070 Anonymous (2nd half 18th cent.). (A washerwoman with her child). Drawing, red pencil, 15x13 cm. - AND 3 other drawings/ sketches of the same dimensions: portrait of an old bearded man (red and black pencil), portrait of a young woman wearing a Dutch traditional headdress (red pencil), and a woman seen from behind (pencil, monogrammed "PL"(?), dated "67" and "Zandvoort").
€ (50-70) 160
65/5071 Anonymous  late 18th/ early 19th cent65/5071 Anonymous late 18th/ early 19th cent
65/5071 Anonymous (late 18th/ early 19th cent.). (Dutch riverscape). Drawing, pen/ brush and ink, 11,5x23,7 cm., laid down on modern paper.
€ (100-150) 100
65/5072 Anonymous  late 18th/ early 19th cent65/5072 Anonymous late 18th/ early 19th cent
65/5072 Anonymous (late 18th/ early 19th cent.). (Study of three horses). Drawing, 12,2x30 cm., on blue paper, under passepartout.

- Paperflaws, repaired tear in upper right corner and left margin.

€ (70-90) 170
65/5073 Anonymous  late 18th/ early 19th cent65/5073 Anonymous late 18th/ early 19th cent
65/5073 Anonymous (late 18th/ early 19th cent.). (Tavern, one man looking at his beer, another man filling his pipe). Drawing, black crayon and soft pencil, 31,7x26,5 cm., monogrammed illegibly, laid down on mount.
€ (100-150) 100
65/5074 Anonymous  early 19th cent65/5074 Anonymous early 19th cent
65/5074 Anonymous (early 19th cent.) "Gezicht van West Cappelle". Drawing, pencil, brush and ink, 24x30,5 cm., "J. Bulthuis ft" in later pencil.

- Folded twice; sl. soiled.

€ (50-70) 190
65/5075 Anonymous  early 19th cent65/5075 Anonymous early 19th cent
65/5075 Anonymous (early 19th cent.). (A group of boys, one of them drawing in the sand). Drawing, pencil and watercolour, 21x31,5 cm. (nice). - AND 33 other drawings, mainly anonymous, late 18th-early 19th cent., various sizes, incl. several studies, i.a. a nice anonymous drawing of a blind man and his wife begging (pencil, brown and grey wash, 31x22,2 cm.); an anonymous drawing on vellum of a sculptor holding a small statue in his hands (black crayon on vellum, 15,7x12,2 cm.) and an anonymous drawing of a man on a moonlit courtyard near a castle (pen and brown ink and grey wash, 36,5x53 cm. Margins frayed/ chipped).
€ (150-250) 210
65/5076 Anonymous  early 19th cent65/5076 Anonymous early 19th cent
65/5076 Anonymous  early 19th cent65/5076 Anonymous early 19th cent
65/5076 Anonymous (early 19th cent.). (Landscape with resting hunters near a monumental well). Drawing, pencil and watercolour on wove paper, black framing line, 7,5x11,3 cm., tipped along left margin onto contemp. laid paper mount w. border in black ink and grey wash.

- Mount trifle soiled/ stained. = Charming small drawing.

AND an early 19th cent.(?) anonymous pen and black ink drawing showing two men seated near the ruins of a classical building in an Italianate landscape (±20x15 cm. Small marginal tears; lower left corner dam.).

€ (70-90) 70
65/5077 Anonymous  early 19th cent65/5077 Anonymous early 19th cent
65/5077 Anonymous (early 19th cent.). (Travellers in a landscape, a village in the background). Drawing, pen and ink, 16,5x20,5 cm.

- Strengthened on verso in lower left corner. = Nice drawing, w. attribution on verso to J.G. von Dillis.

€ (100-150) 220
65/5078 Anonymous  early 19th cent65/5078 Anonymous early 19th cent
65/5078 Anonymous (early 19th cent.). (Two soldiers and an officer looking at the Prussian memorial at Plancenoit, Belgium). Drawing, brush and watercolour, 27x41,7 cm., ±1830, annot. in pen and ink on verso.

- Browned and dustsoiled.

= In 1818 at Plancenoit, the Prussian king Friederich Wilhelm III erected a memorial for the Prussian fallen soldiers during the battle of Waterloo, also known as the Schinkel-Tabernakel von Belle-Alliance.

€ (100-150) 130
65/5079 Anonymous  early 19th cent65/5079 Anonymous early 19th cent
65/5079 Anonymous (early 19th cent.). (Two wanderers resting near a farm). Drawing, brush/ pen and ink, black chalk, 28x36 cm.

= Probably by C.B. Buijs or his circle.

€ (100-150) 250
65/5080 Anonymous  early 19th cent65/5080 Anonymous early 19th cent
65/5080 Anonymous (early 19th cent.). (View of the Zuiderkerk and the Montelbaanstoren in Amsterdam). Drawing, pencil, 12x16,5 cm.

- Lower left corner restored and w. vague purple annot.

= With the collector's mark of Hans van Leeuwen (Lugt 2799a) on verso.

AND 2 other similar drawings by the same, from the same collection.

€ (120-150) 120
65/5081 Anonymous  19th cent65/5081 Anonymous 19th cent
65/5081 Anonymous (19th cent.). (Landscape with a horseman and mother and child, a village in the background). Drawing, pen and bistre, some brown wash, 7,2x13,8 cm., monogrammed "G. v. A."[?] and "1842", tipped onto mount.

- Small foxed spots; 2 thin folds (paper flaw).

€ (100-150)