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65/5182 Schelfhout  A   1787 1870   attrib65/5182 Schelfhout A 1787 1870 attrib
65/5182 Schelfhout, A. (1787-1870) (attrib.). (Winter scene with a mill). Watercolour, 8,8x12,5 cm., verso w. signature "A. Schelfhout f." in pencil, tipped onto mount. Idem (attrib.). (Winter scene). Watercolour on a doily, 4,5x8,5 cm., verso w. signature "A. Schelfhout f." in pencil, tipped onto mount.
€ (100-150) 180
65/5183 Schouman  M   1770 184865/5183 Schouman M 1770 1848
65/5183 Schouman, M. (1770-1848). (Ships in front of a city (Dordrecht?)) Drawing, pen and ink and watercolour, 40,5x57,5 cm., signed "M. Schouman fec".

- Sl. yellowed and brittle; tear (12 cm.) in image and 1 professionally restored tear; a few tiny tears in outer margins.


€ (1.000-1.500) 1000
65/5184 Schouten  J   18th cent65/5184 Schouten J 18th cent
65/5184 Schouten, J. (18th cent.). (Fishermen on the beach bringing in the catch of the day, a village in the dunes). Drawing, brush and ink, 21x43,5 cm., signed "J. Schouten" in pen and brown ink,.

= Probably Scheveningen. Attribution on passepartout to Johannes Schouten (1716-1792), with collector's mark.

€ (80-100) 80
65/5185  Ships   Blijk  F J  van den  1806 187665/5185 Ships Blijk F J van den 1806 1876
65/5185 [Ships]. Blijk, F.J. van den (1806-1876). (Ships near the shore on a calm sea, two men with push-nets in the foreground, a town in the background). Drawing, brown and black ink and brush and grey wash, heightened w. some white, 15,8x26,9 cm., signed "F.J. v.d. Blijk" in lower left corner.

- Slightly yellowed.


€ (150-250) 150
65/5186 [Ships]. Rust, J.A. (1828-1915). (Beached sailing ship with several ships in the background). Drawing, black, brown and grey ink and wash, 17,2x23,3 cm., signed "J.A. Rust" on verso.

- Sm. tear in lower margin (0,7 cm.); tiny inkspot in outer right margin; sl. yellowed.

= Nice seascape.

€ (150-250)
65/5187 Spohler  J J   1811 186665/5187 Spohler J J 1811 1866
65/5187 Spohler, J.J. (1811-1866). (Dutch landscape with a barn). Drawing, watercolour, pen and ink, 16,8x20,5 cm.

- Tiny spot in upper right corner restored.

= With the collector's mark of Hans van Leeuwen (Lugt 2799a) on verso. "J.J. Spohler" in pencil supplied on verso. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LXXXIX.

€ (300-500)
65/5188 Spoor  C R H   1867 192865/5188 Spoor C R H 1867 1928
65/5188 Spoor, C.R.H. (1867-1928). (Portrait of a woman). Drawing, pencil and black chalk, 74x53,5 cm., signed "C. Spoor".

- Paper yellowed/ frayed along extremities; pinholes in corners.

AND 2 others by A. VAN ZEESEN JR.

€ (80-100)
65/5189 Stock  H S   late 19th cent65/5189 Stock H S late 19th cent
65/5189 Stock, H.S. (late 19th cent.). "Turquoise". Drawing, pencil and watercolour, 30,4x14 cm., ""Turquoise" by Albert Moore, copied by H.S. Stock, 1896" in ink in caption below.
€ (100-150) 110
65/5190  Trompe l'oeil   Anonymous  2nd half 18th/ early 19th cent65/5190 Trompe l'oeil Anonymous 2nd half 18th/ early 19th cent
65/5190 [Trompe l'oeil]. Anonymous (2nd half 18th/ early 19th cent.). (Trompe l'oeil of 7 title-pages). Drawing and calligraphy, pen and ink, 25,2x29 cm., cut out, contemp. frame.

= I.a the titles Trap der Jeugd (...), De Europise staatssecretaris (1748), Groot A/B/C Boek (...).

€ (60-80) 90
65/5191  Trompe l'oeil   Anonymous  early 19th cent65/5191 Trompe l'oeil Anonymous early 19th cent
65/5191 [Trompe l'oeil]. Anonymous (early 19th cent.). (Still life of approx. 30 letters, notes and other documents). Drawing, watercolour, pen/ brush and black ink, ±1817, 50x56 cm.

- A few closed tears; partly yellowed.

= Shows overlapping French notes, letters and drawings of i.a. Napoleon(?), French soldiers and a map of Europe. Also shows a document titled "Ordre de la Girouette" and several German documents. At the bottom the fictional letter is signed "Antwerpen 30 April 1817. T.S." (possible date and monogram by the artist).

€ (150-250) 210
65/5192 Uytterschaut  V   1847 191765/5192 Uytterschaut V 1847 1917
65/5192 Uytterschaut, V. (1847-1917). (The Lion's Mound at Waterloo). Watercolour, 33,5x48 cm., signed and "Mont St. Jean 1872" in lower right corner, framed.

- Sl. foxed.

€ (250-350) 250
65/5193 Velde  W  van de  1633 1707   after?65/5193 Velde W van de 1633 1707 after?
65/5193 Velde, W. van de (1633-1707) (after?). (Sailing ships at anchor, two people ashore in the foreground). Drawing, pencil ON VELLUM, 19,2x28 cm., w. monogram "W.V.V."

- Verso w. brown stains in outer margins from former attachment to passepartout.

€ (200-300) 230
65/5194 Verburgh  C G   1802 187965/5194 Verburgh C G 1802 1879
65/5194 Verburgh, C.G. (1802-1879). (Two shepherds with their flock on a road through a valley at sunset). Drawing, pencil and brush and brown ink, 22,2x28,3 cm., signed and dated in lower right corner "C.G. Verburgh 40".

- Vague oblique fold in left margin. = SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LXXXIX.

AND 1 other by B.G. TEN BERGE, "Gezicht van de Duinen op het Dorp Bergen en de stad Alkmaar" (drawing, pencil and watercolour, signed and dated "1848" in lower right corner, titled on verso. Sl. dam. in upper left corner).

€ (150-250) 150
65/5195 Verspuy  G J   1823 186265/5195 Verspuy G J 1823 1862
65/5195 Verspuy, G.J. (1823-1862). (View of the Grote Kerk of Haarlem from Het Spaarne). Oil on wooden panel, 20x24 cm., signed "G.J. Verspuy 1852" in lower left corner, framed.

- Small rubbed/ flaked spot in right corners. = SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE XC.

€ (300-500)
65/5196 Wicart  N   1748 181565/5196 Wicart N 1748 1815
65/5196 Wicart, N. (1748-1815). "'t Dorp Langerak aan de Lek." Watercolour, 29,1x42,1 cm., mounted under passepartout.

- Foxed (mainly in upper part). = Labels former frame with signature included.

€ (400-600)
65/5197 Zip  H   19th cent65/5197 Zip H 19th cent
65/5197 Zip, H. (19th cent.). "Raamgracht en de molen "de Hoop" te Haarlem". Behind-glass painting, 28,5x28 cm., signed "H Zip" and "1853", framed.
€ (50-70)
65/5198 Zürcher  F W   1835 189465/5198 Zürcher F W 1835 1894
65/5198 Zürcher, F.W. (1835-1894). (Bearded man pulling at a jumping jack in front of a child in a stool). Watercolour, 18,5x27,8 cm., signed in lower left, framed.
€ (150-250) 150
65/5199 Zürcher  F W   1835 189465/5199 Zürcher F W 1835 1894
65/5199 Zürcher, F.W. (1835-1894). (Café scene with three drunks slumbering while a little boy is drinking). Watercolour, 26,8x33 cm., signed "F.W. Zürcher" in lower right, framed.
€ (150-250)
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