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65/5162 Monogrammist 'J H H '  19th cent65/5162 Monogrammist 'J H H ' 19th cent
65/5162 Monogrammist "J.H.H." (19th cent.). (Rose). Watercolour, black framing line, 28,7x22,4 cm., tipped onto mount.

- Tiny tear in upper left corner; trifle dustsoiled. = Attractive watercolour.

AND 2 other drawings of flowers by the same: a watercolour and black/ grey ink and wash drawing (monogrammed and "Bignogne ou Jasmin de Virginie" in pen and ink).

€ (100-150) 100
65/5163 Monogrammist 'J H M T '  late 19th cent65/5163 Monogrammist 'J H M T ' late 19th cent
65/5163 Monogrammist "J.H.M.T." (late 19th cent.). Pinkstervreugde. Drawing, pencil and watercolour, 13,2x20 cm., monogrammed in lower left corner, titled in different hand on verso. - IN: a sketchbook for "Bud", containing 24 other drawings and sketches by various unidentified persons, and two loosely inserted short notes to "Bud", orig. leather w. cloth wrapper w. emboidered "Bud" embroidered in silver thread on frontcover and silver thread embroidered borders around sides.

= Incl. several other attractive drawings, partly anonymous and partly monogrammed, i.a. by "S.S. v.d. O.", "E.L.K.O.", "R.N." and "M. v. Dedem. Den Berg". The recipient of the sketches could not be identified, but see the commonplace book below. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LXXXV.

AND 2 others, i.a. a commonplace book for "Bud" (orig. gilt cl., a.e.g.; most entries dated between 1891-1898, many with reference to "Institution Duchesse Marie Gotha" or "Clarenbeek"; some names: Margarethe von Arnim, Cato Repelaer van Driel, Jacoba van der Feltz, Antonia Laman Trip, Miesje van Benthem van den Bergh and Mieke van Harinxma thoe Slooten).

€ (100-150) 100
65/5164 Monogrammist 'J R '  early 19th cent65/5164 Monogrammist 'J R ' early 19th cent
65/5164 Monogrammist "J.R." (early 19th cent.). (Ships maneuvering on a Dutch waterway). Drawing, pen, brush and ink, 16,5x25,7 cm. (image), monogrammed "J.R. Jr. fecit 1801" in pen and ink on verso.

- Sm. closed tear-chip in left margin.

€ (70-90) 120
65/5165 Monogrammist 'm v g '  19th cent65/5165 Monogrammist 'm v g ' 19th cent
65/5165 Monogrammist "m.v.g." (19th cent). (People in front of boats against an evening sky). Drawing, watercolour and pen and ink, 29,3x40,5 cm., monogrammed and "58" in lower right corner. Idem. (A group of people with a town in the background). Drawing, watercolour and pen and ink, 27,2x42,3 cm.

= Both nice and fine drawings.

€ (120-150) 130
65/5166 Oosterhuis  H P   1784 185465/5166 Oosterhuis H P 1784 1854
65/5166 Oosterhuis, H.P. (1784-1854). "Gedenkstuk voor het derde eeuwfeest der overlevering der Augsburgsche Geloofsbelijdenis Gev: den 27sten Jun. 1830". Drawing, brush and grey wash, 47,8x34,7 cm., within border in black ink.

- Sl. creased in top margin.

= Possibly Oosterhuis reused his original design for the "Gedenkstuk voor het derde eeuwfeest der kerkhervorming gevierd 2 november 1817" for a design of the print below. Cf. F.M. 6114.

WITH: Idem (after). "Gedenkstuk voor het derde eeuwfeest der kerkhervorming gevierd 2 november 1817". Engraving by D. SLUYTER, 48,2x34,7 cm., Amst., J.C. Hagedoorn, ±1817 (fine).

= F.M. 6119.

€ (100-150) 100
65/5167 Os  G J J  van  1782 186165/5167 Os G J J van 1782 1861
65/5167 Os, G.J.J. van (1782-1861). (Still life with a variety of flowers). Watercolour, 31,5x24,9 cm., black framing line, signed "G.J.J. Van Os f." in pen and ink in lower left corner, framed.


€ (2.000-3.000)
65 5168 Os J van 1744 1808  after65 5168 Os J van 1744 1808 after
65/5168 Os, J. van (1744-1808) (after). (Moored sailing vessels, a city with a church and windmills in the background). Drawing, pen/ brush and brown and grey ink and wash, heightened w. some white, 15x22,3 cm., signed "J.V. Os" in lower right corner.

- Professionally doubled.

= Provenance: Christie's London, Important Old Master Drawings, 25th/26th June 1974 (catalogue clipping on verso of a preserved part of the orig. back of the frame). SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LXXXVI.

€ (200-300)
65/5169 Poest Clement  A J  van de  1815 ?65/5169 Poest Clement A J van de 1815 ?
65/5169 Poest Clement, A.J. van de (1815-?) "De voorstraat te Sommelsdijk, westelijke zijde/ oostelijke zijde. 7 oct.r 1849". Two drawings, pen and ink, 4,6x37,6 and 4,2x35,5 cm., both signed "A:J: vdpc".

- Both lvs. browned; the first drawing sl. stained and w. a few sm. holes (by silverfish).

= Nice profile drawings showing the facades of all the houses in the Voorstraat in Sommelsdijk.

€ (50-70) 50
65/5170  Portraits   Monogrammist 'A A S '  19th cent65/5170 Portraits Monogrammist 'A A S ' 19th cent
65/5170  Portraits   Monogrammist 'A A S '  19th cent65/5170 Portraits Monogrammist 'A A S ' 19th cent
65/5170 [Portraits]. Monogrammist "A.A.S." (19th cent.). Lot of 45 portrait drawings of Dutch historical persons, pencil, each 16,5x12 cm., all monogrammed (a few dated "1840" to "1849) and all w. the depicted person identified in caption, each tipped onto stiff paper mount, together kept in contemp. richly gilt red mor. bookshaped box w. gilt marbled and embossed edges.

= Skilful drawings, based on the portraits published in J. Wagenaar's Vaderlandsche historie, kept in a very attractive box.

€ (200-300) 210
65/5171 Pringot  J L   2nd half 18th cent65/5171 Pringot J L 2nd half 18th cent
65/5171 Pringot, J.L. (2nd half 18th cent.). (Two putti, one holding a shield, the other holding a quiver of arrows). Drawing, pen and ink and grey wash, 11x18,9 cm., signed "Pingot. ft." and "P.f.", tipped onto mount.

= Cf. Thieme/ Becker XXVII, p.405.

€ (50-70) 70
65/5172 Pronk  C   1691 1759   surroundings of65/5172 Pronk C 1691 1759 surroundings of
65/5172 Pronk, C. (1691-1759) (surroundings of). (Castle with two men on horseback nearing the entrance gate). Drawing, pen and ink and brush and grey wash, framing lines in black ink, 16,2x26,1 cm.

- Tipped onto mount at left margin (glue vaguely visible on recto).

= Attractive view of an unidentified castle. Attribution to C. Pronk on mount and attribution to [C.?] de Haan on verso of drawing.

€ (300-500)
65/5173 Prunier  G   1863 192765/5173 Prunier G 1863 1927
65/5173 Prunier, G. (1863-1927). (Charing Cross Bridge, London). Drawing, watercolour, 24x22 cm., signed "Gaston Prunier" in pencil, framed.
€ (100-150) 220
65 5174 Ramsay  G   1770 183865 5174 Ramsay G 1770 1838
65/5174 Ramsay, G. (1770-1838). "Jupiter going into Luth (?)" (War ship at sea). Drawing, watercolour, pen and ink, 17,5x21,4 cm., framed.

- Browned along passepartout.

= Drawing by (?) George Ramsay, 9th Earl and 1st Baron Dalhousie, as stated in the provenance ticket on verso (sold at Sotheby's, 1976).

€ (100-150) 100
65/5175 Renard  F T   1778 1820   attrib65/5175 Renard F T 1778 1820 attrib
65/5175 Renard, F.T. (1778-1820) (attrib.). (The inn Rustenburg in the Haarlemmerhout). (The inn Oud Roomen near Haarlem, Overveen). Two paintings, oil on panel, each 21,5x29 cm., unif. framed.

- First panel professionally cleaned; second panel with restorations around central horizontal line; both panels w. minor craquelure.

= Interesting views. A large part of the composition of the first panel is copied after an earlier etching ("de Herreberg Rustenburg") by Jan Vincentszoon van der Vinne from a series, called Gesigten buijten Haarlem (±1700). The second is largely a copy after a view ("Out Roomen", ±1775) by Hendrik Schouten, published by P. Fouquet. This 'copying' method, in which the artist copies the scenery and adds contemporary figures and dogs, is not uncommon for Renard.

€ (700-900) 700
65/5176 Retzsch  M   1779 185765/5176 Retzsch M 1779 1857
65/5176 Retzsch, M. (1779-1857). (Young boy presenting a sealed letter and pouch with money through a window). Drawing, pencil, ±11x14,5 cm., signed in lower left corner.

= Nice and delicate drawing. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LXXXVI.

€ (100-150)
65/5177 Richardson II  T M   1813 1890   attrib65/5177 Richardson II T M 1813 1890 attrib
65/5177 Richardson II, T.M. (1813-1890) (attrib.). (Evening at the French coast). Watercolour, 21,2x32,2 cm.

- Foxed.

€ (100-150) 100
65/5178 Robart  J B   1776 182965/5178 Robart J B 1776 1829
65/5178 Robart, J.B. (1776-1829). (Coats of arms of Antonia Petronella Elsevier and Willem Cornelis Van Heemskerck and their ancestors). Drawing, gouache and pen and ink, signed "J.B. Robart fct a Delft 1820".

- Laid down and browned.

= Antonia Petronella Elsevier (1730-1799) and Willem van Heemskerck (1723-1782) were married in 1751.

€ (100-150)
65/5179 Rochussen, C. (1814-1894). (Historical scene). Drawing, brush and bistre and sepia, 27,5x21,5 cm., monogrammed in lower left corner.

- Fold in left corner.

€ (70-90)
65/5180 Rottenhammer  J   1564 1623   surroundings of65/5180 Rottenhammer J 1564 1623 surroundings of
65/5180 Rottenhammer, J. (1564-1623) (surroundings of). (Bathing nymphs). Drawing, pen and sepia ink, grey wash, 20,3x34,5 cm., upper margin laid down on mount.

- Central section (±2,5x2 cm.) rubbed away.

= With the collector's mark of W.A. Freund (Lugt 954) on verso: ''Il réunit une collection de dessins plus importante par le nombre des feuilles que par leur qualité." SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LXXXVII.

€ (400-500) 425
65/5181 Rowlandson  Th   1756 1827   style of65/5181 Rowlandson Th 1756 1827 style of
65/5181 Rowlandson, Th. (1756-1827) (style of). The cockpit. Drawing, pencil, brush and ink and watercolour, 14,5x21,8 cm., tipped onto mount.

- Yellowed; a few vague pencil annots. in upper part, i.a. "Minds[?] the Cockpit".

€ (150-250) 150