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65/5142 Jags  V   1894 194365/5142 Jags V 1894 1943
65/5142 Jags, V. (1894-1943). (View of a bay with harbour and fortification). Drawing, pastel and watercolour, 22,4x34,5 cm., signed and ''29", on grey paper, under passepartout.

- Some foxed specks.

AND 3 other miscell. drawings.

€ (70-90) 110
65/5143  Judaica and hebraica   Anonymous  late 18th cent65/5143 Judaica and hebraica Anonymous late 18th cent
65/5143 [Judaica and hebraica]. Anonymous (late 18th cent.). (Jewish High Priest). Two almost identical drawings, one in red pencil and the other in brush and grey wash, both ±27x16 cm.

- One drawing on paper w. watermark showing a knight on horseback w. below two lines of text starting w. "Willem". Both trifle soiled/ w. a few sm. stains.

€ (100-150) 140
65/5144 Jurres  H J   1875 194665/5144 Jurres H J 1875 1946
65/5144 Jurres, H.J. (1875-1946). (The death of Jezebel). Drawing, black crayon and some black wash, 36x65,5 cm., signed "Jurres" in lower right corner.

- Washed; sl. browned/ stained.

€ (120-150) 180
65/5145 Jurres  H J   1875 194665/5145 Jurres H J 1875 1946
65/5145 Jurres, H.J. (1875-1946). (Roman soldiers and a beggar). Drawing, black crayon and watercolour, 47x68,5 cm., signed in lower right corner.

- Defects in outer (mainly blank) margins due to former framing. = SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LXXXII.

€ (200-300) 400
65/5146 Kate  H F C  ten  1822 189165/5146 Kate H F C ten 1822 1891
65/5146 Kate, H.F.C. ten (1822-1891). (A man looking from a tree at three knights or noblemen). Drawing, pen/ brush and ink and brown wash, 13,3x18 cm., signed "H. ten Kate ft."

= Verso w. a pencil sketch by the same.

AND 4 other small 19th/ early 20th cent. drawings.

€ (50-70) 80
65 5147 Koekkoek II H  1836 190965 5147 Koekkoek II H 1836 1909
65/5147 Koekkoek II, H. (1836-1909). (The Maas at Dordrecht). Watercolour, 30x40 cm., signed "L. van Staaten" (pseudonym), framed.

= This also could be a work by Norris Fowler Willett (1859-1924), who used the pseudonym Louis van Sta(a)ten as well.

€ (120-150)
65/5148 Langendijk  J A   1780 1818   ?65/5148 Langendijk J A 1780 1818 ?
65/5148 Langendijk, J.A. (1780-1818) (?). (Two ladies playing cards in a decorated room with an onlooking lady). Drawing, pen and (washed) ink, 48,5x38 cm., ±1810.

- Sm. (closed) tear in lower left and right corner; horizontal creases; browned.

= Attribution on verso in pencil. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LXXXIII.

€ (150-250) 200
65/5149 Lauwers  J J   1753 1800   attrib65/5149 Lauwers J J 1753 1800 attrib
65/5149 Lauwers, J.J. (1753-1800) (attrib.). (Still life of a copper boiling pot and a hook with chain on the wall). Drawing, brush and ink and watercolour, 19,6x12,2 cm., tipped onto mount, signed (?) "J: Lauwers" in pen and ink in lower right corner of mount.
€ (80-100) 80
65/5150 Le Clerc  S   1637 1714   attrib65/5150 Le Clerc S 1637 1714 attrib
65/5150 Le Clerc, S. (1637-1714) (attrib.). (View of a chateau with a lake and several people in the foreground). Drawing, pen and brown ink, 9,4x14,9 cm., within double framing line in pen and brown ink.

- Outer borders sl. brittle.

= See for comparable drawings the Peabody Art Collection, i.a. accession number MSA SC 4680-13-0341. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LXXXIII.

€ (200-300)
65/5151 Leickert  C H J   1816 190765/5151 Leickert C H J 1816 1907
65/5151 Leickert, C.H.J. (1816-1907). (Delft town view with the Nieuwe Kerk in the distance). Drawing, charcoal, 58,5x46 cm., signed "Ch Leickert f" in lower right corner.

- Mounted on sl. later board (formerly framed); sl. waterstained along upper and lower outer margins; upper margin of ±5 cm. sl. darkened/ dustsoiled(?); a few sm. light brown stains in sky area.

= Nice view, similar to some of Leickert's paintings.

€ (200-300) 200
65 5152 Maris W  1844 191065 5152 Maris W 1844 1910
65/5152 Maris, W. (1844-1910). (Milking a cow). Drawing, col. crayon on brownish paper, 16x22,5 cm., signed in pencil.


€ (300-400)
65/5153 Melbye  A   1818 187565/5153 Melbye A 1818 1875
65/5153 Melbye, A. (1818-1875). (Landscape view with mills near a lake with sailing vessels). Drawing, pencil, finished w. white, 9,2x16,3 cm., signed "Anton Melbye 1849" and "Til min kjiere sóster Caroline".


€ (150-250) 160
65/5154  Militaria   Bijleveld  A M R   1884 ?65/5154 Militaria Bijleveld A M R 1884 ?
65/5154 [Militaria]. Bijleveld, A.M.R. (1884-?). "Koninklijke Mil. Academie. Teekeningen". Calligraphed title leaf and 5 drawings with calligraphy, pen and ink and watercolour, 1904-1905.

= Military technical drawings.

€ (50-70) 60
65/5155 Moeyaert  C N C   ±1592 1655   attrib65/5155 Moeyaert C N C ±1592 1655 attrib
65/5155 Moeyaert, C.N.C. (±1592-1655) (attrib.). (Arcadian (biblical?) scene of shepherds near their resting flock, speaking with a man on a mule and woman standing beside him). Drawing, brush and ink and brown wash and pencil, 14,6x28,7 cm., tipped onto mount.

- Tiny chip in left margin.

= With the (sl. worn) collector's stamp of Pieter Langerhuizen Lzn on verso (Lugt 2095).

€ (700-900) 700
65/5156 Molenaar Sr   N   1850 193065/5156 Molenaar Sr N 1850 1930
65/5156 Molenaar Sr., N. (1850-1930). "Ontwerp voor een raadhuis ten dienste der Gemeente Noordwijk". Drawing on linen, pen and ink, signed "Nic Molenaar".

- Sl. foxed; folded twice.

AND 7 other architectural drawings, all by Dutch architects, mostly Frisian houses.

€ (40-60) 100
65/5157 Monogrammist 'A S '  18th cent65/5157 Monogrammist 'A S ' 18th cent
65/5157 Monogrammist "A.S." (18th cent.). (Famhouse). Oval drawing, pen and black ink, grey wash, 9x11,5 cm., monogrammed in lower margin, laid down on later mount.

- Small tear in sky area. = With attribution on mount to A. Schouman (1710-1792).

€ (100-150)
65/5158 Monogrammist 'ADR'  late 16th cent65/5158 Monogrammist 'ADR' late 16th cent
65/5158 Monogrammist "ADR" (late 16th cent.). (Mountainous landscape with a solitary rider). Drawing, pen and brown ink, 20,5x29,8 cm., monogrammed "ADR" in centre lower margin and "1585" in lower right corner, black framing line, on 16th cent. paper w. crescent moon and clover watermark w. scroll "CDenise(?)" below.

= Paper probably French or Southern Low Countries. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LXXXV.

€ (400-600) 8500
65/5159 Monogrammist 'D W '  17th cent65/5159 Monogrammist 'D W ' 17th cent
65/5159 Monogrammist "D.W." (17th cent.). (Portrait of a nobleman). Drawing ON VELLUM, black and red chalk, 14,3x11,9 cm., partly w. framing line in brown ink, monogrammed and "1635" in pencil.

- Laid down on board; some narrow brown stains in outer margins.


€ (150-250) 325
65/5160 Monogrammist 'J G B '  late 19th cent65/5160 Monogrammist 'J G B ' late 19th cent
65/5160 Monogrammist "J.G.B." (late 19th cent.). (A farm in the woods). Drawing, black crayon, 51,8x35 cm., monogrammed "J.G.B" in lower right corner, framed.
€ (80-100) 90
65/5161 Monogrammist 'J H H '  19th cent65/5161 Monogrammist 'J H H ' 19th cent
65/5161 Monogrammist "J.H.H." (19th cent.). (Chrysanthemum). Watercolour, black framing line, 44x33,2 cm. (trifle dustsoiled; sm. folds in blank corners). Idem. (Rose). Watercolour, 26,5x21 cm., monogrammed "J.H.H. fct." tipped onto mount. - AND 1 similar watercolour by the same.
€ (100-150)