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65/3380 Aarts, J.J. (1871-1934). "1824 - 11 november - 1924 door het bestuur der Noord- en Zuid-Hollandsche Redding-Maatschappij." Col. woodcut, 39x55 cm., printed captions below.

- Blank margins foxed/ occas. dam.; lower margin trimmed (w. loss of text?). = Rare.

AND 10 others (incl. browned/ laid down copies), i.a. by W. DE ZWART, J. VAN URK, J. VERINGA and J. VISSER.

€ (80-100) 140
65/3381 Adriaans  L   1944 200465/3381 Adriaans L 1944 2004
65/3381 Adriaans, L. (1944-2004). (A woman's legs with high-heeled shoes and dotted stockings seen from behind). Oil on simple panel, 31x41,5 cm., signed "Adriaans" and "1987" in black paint on verso.


€ (600-800)
65/3382 Alechinsky  P   b 1927  and Appel  C K   1921 200665/3382 Alechinsky P b 1927 and Appel C K 1921 2006
65/3382 Alechinsky, P. (b.1927) and Appel, C.K. (1921-2006). (Head). Etching and aquatint, printed in black and red, 13,5x9,5 cm., signed "Alechinsky" and "Appel" and "34/75" in pencil.

= Originally printed for the portfolio Suite à deux (1978, comprising in total 17 prints) in 50 numbered copies. Afterwards another 75 signed and numbered copies were printed as part of a suite Encre a deux pinceaux, comprising 3 prints, accompanying the book 'Zwart' (1979) by HUGO CLAUS with poetry inspired by these works.

€ (200-300) 375
65/3383 Aller, R.C. (20th cent.). Chute du Diable, P. Que Canada. Watercolour, 64x102 cm., signed, titled and "1951" in lower right corner, laid down on mount (large tear in right margin). - AND 1 other large drawing by ALBERTAS KRAJINKAS, "Vilnaus Sentamiestis". [Coll. ABN AMRO].
€ (100-150)
65/3384 Alma  P   1886 196965/3384 Alma P 1886 1969
65/3384 Alma, P. (1886-1969). (Birds). Col. woodcut, 53x86 cm., signed "Peter Alma" in pencil, on Japanese.

- Waterst. in lower margin; partly yellowed.

Idem. Vogels. Woodcut, 53x85 cm., signed "Peter Alma" and "94/190" in pencil, published by Prent 190 (foxed). - AND 2 other linocuts by G. LE ROY, published by Prent 190.

€ (50-70) 80
65/3385 Alons  C L   1892 196765/3385 Alons C L 1892 1967
65/3385 Alons, C.L. (1892-1967). (Ornamental design). Drawing, pencil and watercolour, 15,5x7,6 cm., signed "Alons".

- Sl. yellowed; sl. dam. in outer upper blank corners.

€ (30-50)
65/3386 Altmann  G   1877 194065/3386 Altmann G 1877 1940
65/3386 Altmann, G. (1877-1940). (Landscape with three mills). Drawing, pencil and black crayon, 28,5x42,3 cm., signed in pencil (sl. browned). - AND 17 other drawings, all but one of mills, i.a. by F. MARS, C.J. SCHELLENBACH, P. SCHMIDT and G. VAN VLIET.
€ (30-50) 50
65/3387 Altmann  N   1889 197065/3387 Altmann N 1889 1970
65/3387 Altmann, N. (1889-1970). Lot of 4 lithogr. plates from Jüdische Graphik, all but one within border printed in gold and 1x printed in black and gold, 16,5x18,5 to 27,5x35,5 (incl. border) cm., publ. Reihe, 1923.

- Two plates stained in lower outer blank corners.

= No. 3, 4, 8 and 10: Die Löwen, Phantastische Tiere, Der Leuchter, and Exlibris für M.P. Persitz.

AND 1 other: H. STEINER-PRAG, Designs for a Machzor ( (New York), 1963, (4) textp., 16 plates after drawings by the artist, loose as issued in orig. dec. wr., folio.

€ (100-150) 100
65/3388 Andréa  B   20th cent65/3388 Andréa B 20th cent
65/3388 Andréa, B. (20th cent.). (Surreal composition with human figures). Drawing, felt tip pen and pen, green, orange and black ink, 65x50 cm., signed "Ben Andréa 1968" in pen.

- Partly yellowed; sl. soiled along margins.

AND 13 others by the same (various techniques).

€ (100-150)
65/3389 Andrea  G H   b 194265/3389 Andrea G H b 1942
65/3389 Andrea, G.H. (b.1942). 8 etsen. Amst., Jurka, (1979), title and colophon leaf, 8 etchings by P. ANDREA, all numb. "XXII" and signed "Pat Andrea" in pencil, loosely inserted in orig. cl. drop back box, obl. folio.

- Box with mounted plastic pocket on frontcover (without contents).

= Although each print is numb. "XXII", this edition is one of 20 Roman numb. copies of the "Edition B", with paper size 39x53 cm.

€ (120-150) 220
65/3390 Ang  T   b 1961  a o65/3390 Ang T b 1961 a o
65/3390 Ang  T   b 1961  a o65/3390 Ang T b 1961 a o
65/3390 Ang, T. (b.1961) a.o. 4 lithographies and 6 silkscreens, 1991, each ±39x29 cm., printed in 80 numb. and signed/ monogrammed copies, loosely inserted in orig. board box.


AND 3 others, i.a. a drawing in ink by H.P. KIPPENBROEK.

€ (50-70) 50
65/3391 Anonymous  20th cent65/3391 Anonymous 20th cent
65/3391 Anonymous (20th cent.). (Sparrow on a branch). Drawing, gouache on glass, 12x16,2 cm.
€ (40-60) 40
65/3392 Anonymous  early 20th cent65/3392 Anonymous early 20th cent
65/3392 Anonymous (early 20th cent.). (A boy and a goat in front of a farm). Oil on board, 23,5x32 cm.

- Dam. spot in lower part and near left edge; in need of some cleaning.

€ (50-70) 100
65/3393 Anonymous  early 20th cent65/3393 Anonymous early 20th cent
65/3393 Anonymous (early 20th cent.). Sketchbook with 47 leaves, w. num. small drawings, pencil, partly dated (1907-1908), orig. cl., sm. 8vo.

= Perhaps from the circle or student of J. Hoynck van Papendrecht. I.a. figure studies and small landscapes (partly identified by the artist, i.a. views at Leidschendam, Sliedrecht, Kralingsche Vecht and Oude Leede). Including a sketch of a man in uniform with the annotation "Model by Hoynck [van Papendrecht?]".

€ (70-90) 80
65/3394 Anonymous  1st half 20th cent65/3394 Anonymous 1st half 20th cent
65/3394 Anonymous (1st half 20th cent.). (Portrait of an elegant young woman). Oil on canvas, ±1915, 55x45 cm., without frame.


€ (150-250)
65/3395 Anonymous  1st half 20th cent65/3395 Anonymous 1st half 20th cent
65/3395 Anonymous  1st half 20th cent65/3395 Anonymous 1st half 20th cent
65/3395 Anonymous (1st half 20th cent.). (Rabbi). Drawing, black crayon, black wash, heightened w. white, 43x31 cm., monogrammed "E.S. 15"(?) in white crayon. - AND ±10 others: a drawing of a reading Jewish man (pen and ink and brown wash, 31x24 cm., signed "Kitay". Sl. yellowed), a drawing by I. MOSKOWITZ of a native American man (pen and brown ink, 17x11,5 cm., signed "Ira Moskowitz '88" and tipped onto card w. autograph dedic.), and a small stack of i.a. small lithographs and one drawing by M.B. GOTTLIEB, many signed and all w. autograph dedic.
€ (100-150) 110
65/3396 Anonymous (20th cent.). (Composition). Acrylic paint on paper, 63x48,5 cm., tipped onto mount. - AND 1 other anonymous drawing and collage, 99,5x70 cm., verso w. "Aquoy Leerdam" in pencil.
€ (100-150)
65/3397 Anonymous  20th cent65/3397 Anonymous 20th cent
65/3397 Anonymous (20th cent.). (David Bowie). Gouache on paper, 46x30 cm., signed "Jan", under passepartout. [Coll. ABN AMRO].
€ (50-70) 50
65/3398 Anonymous (20th cent.). (Female dancer). Drawing, black and some col. crayon, 33x21 cm., signed "Joh.R", on grey paper.

- Vague fold in lower margin; pinholes and traces of tape in corners.

AND 2 others by the same (1x unsigned), of a male dancer (black crayon) and a female dancer (black and col. crayon), both on pink paper (both w. vague fold in lower margin).

€ (80-100)
65/3399 Anonymous  2nd half 20th cent65/3399 Anonymous 2nd half 20th cent
65/3399 Anonymous (2nd half 20th cent.). "De Warme Bakker". Drawing, pen and ink and watercolour, 24x32,5 cm., monogrammed (unread; "PMdK"?) and "1982".

= Very nice bird's eye view of the interior of a very Dutch bakery. Note the mouse under the shelf.

€ (50-70) 50
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