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65/2531  Asia   Salmon  T65/2531 Asia Salmon T
65/2531 [Asia]. Salmon, T. Hedendaagsche Historie, of Tegenwoordige Staat van alle Volkeren (...). I. Deel. Behelzende de Tegenwoordige Staat der Keizerryken China en Japan, als mede van de Ladrones, Filippynsche en Molukkische Eilanden, en van Makassar. Dutch transl. and enl. ed. M. van Goch. Amst., I. Tirion, 1736, (18),645,(17)p., engr. frontisp., 3 fold. maps and 7 (fold.) plates, contemp. gilt hcalf w. mor. letterpiece.

- Occas. erratic pagination (skipping numbers but text complete); sl. yellowed; occas. foxed; a few maps w. small tears on folds; bookplate on upper pastedown and owner's entry on first free endpaper. Upper hinge weak; joints splitting; top of spine dam.

= Contains plates of i.a. Asian flora and fauna and the Dutch settlement at Deshima.

€ (400-600) 400
65/2532  Asia   Salmon  T65/2532 Asia Salmon T
65/2532 [Asia]. Salmon, T. Hedendaagsche Historie, of Tegenwoordige Staat van alle Volkeren (...). II. Deel. Behelzende de Tegenwoordige Staet der Sundasche Eilanden, en wel inzonderheid Borneo, Java, Sumatra en der Koninkryken Siam, Kochin-China en Tonkin. Dutch transl. and enl. ed. M. van Goch. Amst., I. Tirion, 1730, (18),676,(14)p., engr. frontisp., 2 fold. maps, 9 (fold.) views/ plates, contemp. gilt mottled calf w. 2 contrasting mor. letterpieces.

- Waterstained in upper inner corner around p.1, affecting the map of Indonesia; that map rebound w. use of paper strip; occas. trifle yellowed/ foxed (incl. a few plates). Upper joint split and lower joint splitting at top; binding rubbed along extremities.

= Contains maps of Borneo, Sumatra and Java and of "Malakka, Siam, Cambodia, Chiampa, Kochinchina, Laos, Pegu enz." and a nice fold. view of Batavia.

€ (200-300) 200
65 2533  Asia   Schouten  W65 2533 Asia Schouten W
65/2533 [Asia]. Schouten, W. Reys-Togten naar en door Oost-Indien; in welke de voornaamste Landen, Koningryken, Steden, Eylanden, Bergen, en Rivieren, met haare Eigenschappen, beneffens de Wetten, Godsdienst, Zeden en Dragten der Inwoonders, en wat verder zoo van Dieren, Vrugten, en Planten aanmerkelyks in die Gewesten is; naauwkeurig word beschreven. Doorgaans gemengt met veel vreemde Voorvallen, ongemeene Geschiedenissen, Bloedige Zee- en Veldslagen, zoo met de Portugyzen en Makassaren, als andere. Amst., G. Tielenburg/ J. 't Lam, 1740, 3rd ed., 2 parts in 1 vol., (6),328; 253,(22 index)p., engr. frontisp., portrait, 1 fold. map, 43 (fold.) plates/ views, partly by C. DECKER and J. KIP, 4 ills., contemp. calf, gilt spine, 4to.

- (Sl.) foxed/ yellowed; one textleaf loose. Spine sl. rubbed.

= Tiele 990 (note); cf. Rouffaer/ Muller I, p.55 (ed. 1775); Mendelssohn II, p.279; Landwehr VOC, 284 (note). Modernised edition (first published 1676) of Wouter Schouten's popular voyage to the Dutch East Indies, containing the same plates as the first edition, but some re-engraved. The map present in our copy: "Nieuwe en Nette Zee-Kaart van de Geheele Waereldt, Toonende de Afwykingen van het Kompas (...) Gemaakt onder 't opzigt van Kapt. Edm. Halley" not called for by Tiele or Landwehr (it was added to the 1775 and 1780 editions of Schouten's travels, but with "O. Lindeman in Almelo fecit 1775"). Howgego S66: "Schouten was an observant traveller who explored inland into the environs of nearly every port-of-call, sometimes by himself or with a small group of comrades. His narrative, full of anecdotes as well as information gleaned about countries he had not visited, became particularly popular with readers in the eighteenth century, when it was republished in no fewer than seven editions." SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LXXXV.

€ (700-900) 850
65/2534  Asia   Struys  J J65/2534 Asia Struys J J
65/2534 [Asia]. Struys, J.J. Drie aanmerkelijke en seer rampspoedige Reysen, Door Italien, Griekenlandt, Lijflandt, Moscovien, Tartarijen, Meden, Persien, Oost-Indien, Japan, en verscheyden andere Gewesten. Waar in vertoont werden, Behalven een nauwkeurige en omstandige beschrijvinge der gemelde Landen en 't geen tot haar nature gehoort, seer wonderlijke en waarachtige toevallen den Auteur overkomen (...) aangevangen anno 1647 en (...) t'huys gekomen 1673 (...). Amst., J. van Meurs/ J. van Someren, 1676, (8),34,(12),377,(1)p., engr. frontisp., fold. map, 19 double-p. plates, contemp. blindst. vellum, 4to.

- Lacks one leaf (Z3); the map w. closed tears on folds, w. sl. loss of image, added in ms.; partly (sl.) foxed/ browned and w. some marginal waterstains. Upper joint split but strong on cords; vellum soiled/ yellowed; lower corner frontcover dam.

= Tiele 1061; Howgego S185; Blackmer 1616; Blackmer Sale 317; Cat. NHSM p.117; Cordier, Japonica p.387; Alt-Japan-Katalog 1444; Graesse VI, p.513. "Struys, 'un aventurier neerlandais', produced a very interesting and lively account of his three voyages. The plates illustrate mostly sites in Persia and the East. Three plates refer to the Archipelago: Tenos (i.e. Tenedos), Pathmos and Delfos (i.e. Delos). Struys obviously had not actually seen Delos; he confuses Delos with Delphi and describes Mt. Parnassus as being on an island in the Aegean" (Blackmer Sale). "However, Struys kept no diary, so that by the time his narrative was finally published in 1676, his fanciful imagination had somewhat distorted the reality behind his journey. At sea he experienced typhoons, shipwrecks, hunger and captivity, and was several times sold as a slave, a misfortune always guaranteed to delight a seventeenth-century audience" (Howgego). SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LXXXVI.

€ (500-700) 500
65/2535  Asia   Thévenot   J  de65/2535 Asia Thévenot J de
65/2535 [Asia]. Thévenot, (J. de). Gedenkwaardige en zeer naauwkeurige Reizen Van den Heere de Thevenot. Dutch transl. G. van Broekhuizen. Amst., J. Bouman, 1681-1688, 1st ed., 3 parts in 1 vol., (8),486[=484],(4); (16),330,(6)(2 publ. advert.); (16),235,(5)p., 2 (of 3) engr. frontisp. (1x by J. LUYKEN), 40 (fold.) plates by J. LUYKEN (all signed in the plate), contemp. vellum.

- Lacks the portrait; a few textp. (sl.) browned; first part w. sm. waterstain in inner upper corner. Covers sl. soiled.

= Klaversma/ Hannema 1417-1420. Klaversma and Hannema mention a copy w. 19 plates (1417) and a plate vol. with the title-page of this edition, but with the plates of the 4th ed., Amst. 1731 (1420); Van Eeghen/ Van der Kellen no. 47, p.66; cf. Navari 1650: "(...) wichtige Reiseberichten entstanden, so vor allem diejenigen des Franzosen Jean de Thévenot (1664) (...)"; Blackmer Collection 327; Gay 133 (other ed.); Hamilton 24: "Thévenot, who is said to have introduced coffee into France, endeavoured to provide information about the vegetation he encountered on his travels as well as about the antiquities he discovered and the peoples he met. He also discusses Islam and describes Mecca on the basis of an account given him by a Muslim"; Tobler p.106: "Eine Ausgabe in Paris 1664 ist nicht gehörig verbürgt"; Biographie nouvelle XIX, p.145; Arents 397 and Cox II, p. 214-215 (and p. 278) and National Maritime Museum, Voyages & Travel, 481 listing the English translation published in 1687. Rare edition. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LXXXVI.

€ (400-600) 400
65/2536  Asperen   Beekman  M65/2536 Asperen Beekman M
65/2536 [Asperen]. Beekman, M. Beschreiving [sic] van de stad en baronnie Asperen. Vertoonende haare oudheid, gebouwen, hooge, en verdere regeering, ens. Utr., M. Visch, 1745, XVIII,406p., engr. title-vignette, armorial plate, 4 fold. views and plans, 2 other plates (1 fold.), contemp. calf w. gilt spine.

- Owner's entry stamped on first free endpaper, blank and title-p.; blank and final 2 preliminary leaves w. traces of tape; final preliminary leaf loose; lower joint weak. Lacks most of morocco letterpiece; foot of spine chipped; lower joint starting.

= Nijhoff/ Van Hattum 18; Haitsma Mulier/ Van der Lem 40a.

€ (150-250) 160
65/2537  Astronomy   Fontenelle  B  le Bovier65/2537 Astronomy Fontenelle B le Bovier
65/2537 [Astronomy]. Fontenelle, B. le Bovier. Entretiens sur la pluralité des mondes. Paris, Didot le Jeune for Veuve Defer de Maisonneuve, 1796, 213,(2)p., engr. portrait, title plate by B. PICART, contemp. boards, folio.

- Endpapers sl. foxed; hinges strengthened. Rebacked; edges binding rubbed.

= Large paper copy on velin. A popular scientific publication, aimed at female readers on astronomy. Monglond III, p.731.

€ (200-300)
65/2538  Astronomy   Knoop  J H65/2538 Astronomy Knoop J H
65/2538  Astronomy   Knoop  J H65/2538 Astronomy Knoop J H
65/2538 [Astronomy]. Knoop, J.H. Verhandeling van de sphaerische of klootsche Zonne-wysers; Namelyck, hoe men op een Sphaera Convexa, of Ronde Kloot, allerley Zonnewysers Meetkonstig beschryven kan. Leeuwarden, H.A. Chalmot, 1761, (10),244,(8)p., engr. title-vignette, 21 fold. plates, contemp. wr.

- Owner's entry on verso title-p.; partly waterstained. Uncut large paper copy.

= Bierens de Haan 2521; Houzeau & Lancaster 11656. Rare.

€ (200-300)
65/2539  Atlases   Atlas portatif pour les voyageurs en Hollande65/2539 Atlases Atlas portatif pour les voyageurs en Hollande
65/2539 [Atlases]. Atlas portatif pour les voyageurs en Hollande (...). Amst., E. Maaskamp, 1822, (4)textp., 20 fold./ double-p. engr. maps and plans by E. MAASKAMP and J.B. DE BOUGE, contemp. boards w. mounted title-piece, sm. 8vo.

- Backstrip repaired. Otherwise very fine.

= Koeman Maa 2. Rare travel atlas, the maps showing in details the route to be taken between the most important cities. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LXXXVI.

€ (400-600)
65 2540  Atlases   Bachiene  W A65 2540 Atlases Bachiene W A
65/2540 [Atlases]. Bachiene, W.A. Nieuwe kerkelyke geographische zak- en reis-atlas, der Vereenigde Nederlanden Als mede van de Landen der Generaliteit, ingericht, naar de Kerkelyke verdeeling dezer Landen, in Synoden, benevens derzelver onderhoorige Klassen. Amst., Erven D. Onder de Linden en Zoon, 1794, printed title, 13 double-p. contemp. handcol. engr. maps by J. VAN JAGEN, contemp. hcalf, narrow large 8vo.

- One map a few sm. inkspots; one map misbound. Paper over backcover lacking; corner sl. worn. Fine copy.

= Rare edition of this ecclesiastical atlas, not listed in Koeman; cf. Koeman I, Bac 1 (ed. 1780). SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LXXXVII.

€ (300-500) 300
65/2541  Atlases   Blaeu  J65/2541 Atlases Blaeu J
65/2541 [Atlases]. Blaeu, J. (Toonneel des Aerdrycx, oft Nieuwe Atlas). Vol. 2, part 1. (Amst., W. and J. Blaeu, 1642), 42 (of 48) double-p. contemp. handcol. engr. maps, contemp. gilt vellum, folio.

- The first part of this second vol. only, lacking the title-page and 6 maps (no.1, 2, 20, 37, 38 and 46 according to the list in Van der Krogt/ Koeman: general map of France, Boulogne/ Guînes, Lac Leman, islands St. Martin and Oleron, diocese Sarlat, and the folded map Imperii Calori Magni). The first 10 maps w. (small/ vague or a bit more browned) waterstain on middle fold; the maps otherwise generally in fine condition, apart from a few minor and marginal defects; some maps loose. Binding worn/ dam.

= Koeman 2:221.2E, this first part of the second volume dealing with France. Our copy also contains some textlvs. from the second part. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LXXXVII.

€ (1.200-1.500)
65/2542  Atlases   Buy de Mornas  C65/2542 Atlases Buy de Mornas C
65/2542  Atlases   Buy de Mornas  C65/2542 Atlases Buy de Mornas C
65/2542  Atlases   Buy de Mornas  C65/2542 Atlases Buy de Mornas C
65/2542  Atlases   Buy de Mornas  C65/2542 Atlases Buy de Mornas C
65/2542  Atlases   Buy de Mornas  C65/2542 Atlases Buy de Mornas C
65/2542  Atlases   Buy de Mornas  C65/2542 Atlases Buy de Mornas C
65/2542  Atlases   Buy de Mornas  C65/2542 Atlases Buy de Mornas C
65/2542  Atlases   Buy de Mornas  C65/2542 Atlases Buy de Mornas C
65/2542  Atlases   Buy de Mornas  C65/2542 Atlases Buy de Mornas C
65/2542 [Atlases]. Buy de Mornas, C. Atlas Méthodique et Elémentaire de Géographie et d'Histoire. Vol. 1-4 (all published?). Paris, le Sr. Desnos, 1786, 4 vols., double-p. engr. title to vol. 1, 3 ident. double-p. frontisp. to vol. 2-4, 53 (of 56); 70 (of 71); 60 (of 61); 76 double-p. engr. plates w. num. maps/ ills. and w. extensive text (together 259 (of 264) plates, excl. the engr. title/ frontisp. and incl. the index-plates), most maps/ ills. in contemp. handcolouring or w. handcol. borders, contemp. (3x)/ modern (vol. 1) almost unif. gilt hcalf, folio.

- Partly printed on very light blue paper. Lacks 5 plates: plate 2 ("Epitre Dédicatoire"), 9 ("Observations sur les Point Cardinaux") and 23 ("Diversité des Ombres") to vol. 1, plate 57 ("Tactique, lois, (...) des Israélites") to vol. 2 and plate 92 ("Histoire Sainte depuis l'an 3468 jusqu'à l'an 3559") to vol. 3.; engr. title and the last few plates to vol. 1 (sl.) waterstained in upper outer corners, only sl. affecting image of title; vol. 3 a few plates waterstained in lower outer corners, trifle/ sl. affecting printed area; some plates sl. yellowed (mainly vol. 2) and a few scattered sm. burn holes. Spines vol. 2-4 worn/ repaired/ restored.

= A fifth volume containing the Géographie Moderne is announced on the engr. title, but was never published. The present copy is the variant without the decorative border around the plates (announced on the title). Despite the lacking plates a desirable set, rarely found complete. The atlas was first published 1761-1762. The first volume contains 'cosmographical' information, that is astronomical and physical (geological, hydrographical, etc.), geographical (i.a. the continents), but also cartographical and chronological information. Vols. 2-4 contain the "Géographie Ancienne", using biblical chronology for the dates. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LXXXVIII.

€ (1.000-1.500)
65/2543  Atlases   Chiquet  J65/2543 Atlases Chiquet J
65/2543  Atlases   Chiquet  J65/2543 Atlases Chiquet J
65/2543  Atlases   Chiquet  J65/2543 Atlases Chiquet J
65/2543 [Atlases]. Chiquet, J. Le nouveau et curieux atlas géographique et historique, ou le Divertissement des Empereurs, Roys, et Princes. Tant dans la Guerre que dans la Paix. Paris, Chereaneau, (1719), engr. title, (66) engr. textp., 4 double-p. plates depict. (celestial) globes and spheres, worldmap and 22 maps w. handcol. borders, contemp. calf, obl. 4to.

- Owners entry on recto and verso of first and last free endpaper; engr. title partly mounted; wormholes in fore-edge margin throughout; occas. sl. soiled/ waterst. Wormholes in front- and backcover; a few sm. worn spots.

= Nice atlas containing i.a. maps of Europe, Asia, America, Africa, Spain, France, Italy, Great Britain, The Netherlands and Poland. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LXXXVIII.

€ (1.200-1.500)
65/2544  Atlases   Composite atlas65/2544 Atlases Composite atlas
65/2544 [Atlases]. Composite atlas, 62 double-p. (fold.) engr. maps (w. handcol. coats of arms) taken from various atlases (33 maps by J.C. VISSCHER/ N. VISSCHER, 11 maps by F. DE WIT and maps by i.a. C. ALLARD, J. JANSSONIUS, G. MERCATOR and S. SANSON), ±1600-1700, contemp. vellum, large folio.

- Lacks title. Hinges broken (but holding on cords); bookplate on upper pastedown; endpapers (sl.) worn; verso maps w. sm. mounted clipping (title of map); occas. sl. foxed/ browned (in blank margins) (if worse indicated in description below). Vellum stained; foot of spine portion lacking; spine and frontcover w. dam. spots; top of spine and covers worn/ dam. along extremities.

= Contents: Novissima Totius Terrarum Orbis Tabula (double-p. worldmap by N. VISSCHER, ±1680. Repaired sm. tear on fold); Nova et Accuraté divisa in Regna et Regiones praecipuas Europae (double-p. map by F. DE WIT, Amst., ±1680. Sm. tear on fold in lower blank margin); Europa antiqua cum finitimis Africae & vtriusque Asiae regionibus (double-p. map by N. BLANKAART, Amst., ±1650); Nova Regni Portugalliae et Algarabiae Descriptio (double-p. map w. 2 handcol. coats of arms by J. DE RAM, ±1680); Exactissima Helvetiae Rhaetiae, Valesiae, Creterorumq, Confoederatorum ut et finitimorum Populorum Regionum Tabula (double-p. map by A. HOOGEBOOM, Amst., N. Visscher, ±1690); Novissima et accuratissima XVII Provinciarum Germaniae Inferioris Delineatio (double-p. map by A. DEUR, Amst., N. Visscher, ±1680); Ducatus Geldria et Zutphania Comitatus (double-p. map w. 2 handcol. coats of arms, Amst., N. Visscher, ±1700); Tabula Ducatus Brabantiae continens Marchionatum Sacri Imperii et Dominium Mechliniense (double-p. map w. handcol. coat of arms by N. VISSCHER, Amst., C.J. Visscher, ±1670); Brabantiae Batavae Pars Occidentalis sive Antverpiensis Tetrarchiae pars Septentrionalis, comprehendens Baroniam Bredanam marchionatum Bergensem ad Zoman (double-p. map by N. VISSCHER, Amst., ±1680. Loosely inserted); Brabantiae Batavae Pars Occidentalis, Comprehendens Tetrarchiam sive majoratum sylvaeducensem in ejusdem subjacentes ditiones (idem); Belgium foederatum emendatè auctum et novissimè editum (double-p. map w. handcol. coat of arms by N. Visscher, Amst., ±1680. Slightly browned and w. vague waterst.); Comitatus Hollandiae Tabula pluribus locis recens emendata (double-p. map w. handcol. coat of arms by C.J. VISSCHER, Amst., N. Visscher, ±1690. Slightly browned and w. vague waterst.); Comitatus Zelandiae Novissima Delineatio (double-p. map w. handcol. coat of arms by C.J. VISSCHER, Amst., N. Visscher, ±1700); Transisalania provincia; vulgo Over-yssel (double-p. map w. handcol. coat of arms by N. TEN HAVE, Amst., C.J. Visscher, ±1640); Dominii Groningae nec non maximae partis Drentiae novissima delineatio (double-p. map w. handcol. coat of arms by N. VISSCHER, Amst., ±1675); Dominii Frisiae Tabula, inter Flevum et Lavicam (double-p. map w. handcol. coat of arms by B. SCHOTANUS A STERRINGA, Amst., N. Visscher, ±1670); Nova et prae caeteris aliis Correcta Germaniae (double-p. map by F. DE WIT, Amst., ±1680); S. Imperium Romano-Germanicum oder Teutschland mit seinen angräntzenden Königreichen und Provincien (double-p. map w. handcol. coat of arms by A. HOOGEBOOM after J. REICHELT, Amst., N. Visscher, ±1700); Germaniae Veteris typus (double-p. map after A. ORTELIUS, 37x47 cm. Mounted); Circuli Austriaci (...) (double-p. map w. 2 handcol. coats of arms by F. DE WIT, Amst., ±1690. Small black stain in right blank margin); Austriae Archiducatus Pars Inferior in omnes ejusdem quadrantes ditiones accuratissime et distincte delineata (triple-p. fold. map w. handcol. coat of arms by G. GOUWEN, Amst., N. Visscher, ±1690. Small black stain in upper right margin); Karstia, Carniola, Histria et Windorvm Marchia (double-p. map by G. MERCATOR, ±1600); Comitatus Tirolensis (double-p. map, 17th cent.); Circulus Bavaricus in quo sunt ducatus (...) (double-p. map w. 7 handcol. coat of arms by F. DE WIT, Amst., ±1680); Bavariae circulus atque electoratus (...) (double-p. map w. handcol. coat of arms by N. VISSCHER, Amst., ±1690); Bavariae pars Superior (...) (idem); Bavariae pars Inferior (...) (idem); Bavariae Palatinatus vulgo die Ober-Pfaltz (...) (idem); Vera totius Marchionatus Badensis et Hochbergensis (...) (triple-p. fold. map w. handcol. coat of arms by J. WAESBERGE, M. PITT and S. SWART, ±1680); Circuli Saxoniae Superiori pars Meridionalis (...) (double-p. map w. 5 handcol. coats of arms by F. DE WIT, ±1670); Totius Italiae Tabula (double-p. map by N. VISSCHER, ±1700); Italiae Antiquae Novissima Tabula (double-p. map by P. CLUVERUS, Amst., N. Visscher); Les Estats de Savoye, Piemont et le Comte de Nice (double-p. map w. handcol. coat of arms by S. SANSON); Regiae Celsitudinis Sabaudicae Status (double-p. map by N. VISSCHER, Amst., ±1690); Reipublicae Genuensis et Ducatus Mediolanensis Parmensis et Montisferrati (double-p. map w. 2 handcol. coats of arms by F. DE WIT, Amst., F. de Wit, ±1700. Tear on fold); Dominii Veneti in Italia (...) (double-p. map by F. DE WIT, Amst., ±1700); Status Ecclesiasticus et Magnus Ducatus Thoscanae (double-p. map by F. DE WIT, ±1700. Tear on fold); Regnum Neapolis in quo sunt Aprutium Ulterius et Citerius (...) (double-p. map F. DE WIT, Amst., ±1700); Itala nam tellus Graecia maior (...) (double-p. map by J. JANSSONIUS, Amst., ±1650); Exactissima totius Scandinaviae tabula (...) (double-p. map by N. VISSCHER, Amst., ±1700); Tavrica Chersonesvs, Hodie Przecopsca, et Gazara dicitur (double-p. map); Exactissima Tabula qua tam Danubii Fluvii Pars Superior (...) (double-p. map by N. VISSCHER, Amst., ±1690); Exactissima Tabula qua tam Danubii Fluvii Pars Media (...) (idem); Exactissima Tabula qua tam Danubii Fluvii Pars Inferior (idem); Totius Regni Hungariae, Maximaeque Partis Danubii Fluminis (...) (triple-p. fold. map by N. VISSCHER, Amst., ±1700. Small tear on fold in lower blank margin); Nova et Accurata Transylvaniae Descriptio (double-p. map, ±1700); Veteris Pannoniae Utriusqve Nec non Illyrici Descriptio Geographica (double-p. map., ±1650); Vetvs Descriptio Daciarvm Nec non Moesiarvm (double-p. map, Amst., ±1690) Opakh. Thraciae Veteris Typvs (double-p. map after A. ORTELIUS); Exactissima totius Archipelagi nec non Graeciae Tabula (double-p. map by N. VISSCHER, Amst., ±1680); Hellas Seu Graecia Universa (double-p. map by C. ALLARD after I. LAURENBERGIUS); Hellas Seu Graecia Sophianii (double-p. map, ±1650. Small tear on fold in blank margin); Epirus hodie vulgo Albania (double-p. map by I. LAURENBERGIUS, ±1650); Macedonia Alexander M. Patria Illustris (double-p. map by I. LAURENBERGIUS, ±1650); Pelopennesus hodie Morea (...) (double-p. map by N. VISSCHER, Amst., ±1660); Regnum Siciliae cum circumjacentibus Regnis et Insulis (...) (double-p. map w. handcol. coat of arms by N. VISSCHER, Amst., ±1700); Cretae feu Candiae Insula et Regnum (...) (double-p. map by N. VISSCHER, Amst., ±1700); Natolia, quae olim Asia Minor (double-p. map, ±1650); Nova Persiae Armeniae Natoliae et Arabiae (double-p. mab by F. DE WIT, Amst., ±1700); Indiae Orientalis, nec non Insularum adiacentium nova descriptio (double-p. map by N.VISSCHER, Amst., ±1700);

€ (7.000-9.000)
65/2545  Atlases   Du Val  P65/2545 Atlases Du Val P
65/2545 [Atlases]. Du Val, P. Cartes et Tables de Geographie, des Provinces eschûës a la Reine Tres-Chrétienne (...). Paris, the author, 1667, engr. title, 14 (of 17?) engr. maps and 9 (of 11?) engr. textp., contemp. vellum wr., obl. 8vo.

- Possibly lacking 3 maps and 2 (or 4?) textlvs., but the 7 copies listed in JAP do not give consistent information (and contain themselves max. 14 maps, never actually 17). Partly waterstained in upper right corner, affecting only one map and one textleaf substantially, the other lvs. only sl./ vaguely; sl. fingersoiled; first and last free endpaper and first blank torn; first and last blank, title-p. and verso of some maps/ textlvs. w. contemp. annots./ scribblings (writing exercises). Vellum darkened and wrinkled/ creased; frontwr. lacking portion of outer margin (cut out or never present?).

= Contains the following maps: "Provinces eschûës a la Reine Tres-chrétienne" (w. 2 accomp. textlvs.), "Duché de Brabant" (1 textleaf), "Seigneurie de Malines", "Anvers dit Marquisat du S. Empire", "Comté d'Alost ou Flandre Imperiale", "Haute Gueldre" (1 textleaf accomp. Alost and Gueldre), "Comté de Namur", "Duché de Limbourg" (1 textleaf accomp. Namur and Limbourg), "Comté de Hainaut" (1 textleaf), "Comté d'Artois" (1 textleaf), "Duché de Cambray, Comté de Cambresis et Marquisat du Chau de Cambray", "Comté de Bourgogne" (1 textleaf), "Duché de Luxembourg" (1 textleaf), "Comté de Flandres".

€ (200-300) 210
65/2546  Atlases   Franz  J M65/2546 Atlases Franz J M
65/2546 [Atlases]. Franz, J.M. Abriß des Reichsatlas, oder Einleitungskarten zur deutschen Staatserdbeschreibung, zum Gebrauche der göttingischen geographischen Vorlesungen eingerichtet. Ersten Theil (all published). Leipsic, J.G.E. Breitkopf, 1758, 78p., engr. title in Latin, 21 handcol. engr. maps and 3 engr. index lvs., woodcut head- and tailpiece, contemp. limp boards, sq. 8vo.

- Waterstain in upper outer corner towards the end, sl. affecting text but not the maps; one map w. vague waterstain; a few maps w. sl. foxing (mainly outside image); textlvs. partly sl. browned/ foxed. Binding worn along extremities.

= Latin title: "Iohannis Michaelis Franzii Atlas Imperii seu systema introductorium mapparum Geographiae absolutae Germanicae (...)", with the address of the Homann heirs, Göttingen, 1758.

€ (200-300)
65 2547  Atlases   Gibson  J65 2547 Atlases Gibson J
65 2547  Atlases   Gibson  J65 2547 Atlases Gibson J
65/2547 [Atlases]. Gibson, J. Atlas Minimus, or a New Set of Pocket Maps Of the several Empires, Kingdoms and States of the known World, With Historical Extracts relative to each. Ed. E. Bowen. London, J. Newberry, 1758, entirely engraved, w. frontisp., title, preface, index, and 52 maps, contemp. calf, sm. 8vo.

- Frontisp. and title trifle yellowed/ foxed; upper hinge sl. weakening. Binding worn along extremities; top of spine dam./ repaired. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LXXXIX.

€ (800-1.000) 1300
65/2548  Atlases   Homann  J B65/2548 Atlases Homann J B
65/2548 [Atlases]. Homann, J.B. Atlas Novus: Grosser Atlas uber die gantze Welt (...). Nürnberg, Homännische Erben, 1737, (4),40p., 103 double-p. (fold.) partly handcol. engr. maps (1x 2 sheet map), 4 handcol. engr. battle-plans (counted as 2) and 2 double-p. plates and 1 table, handcol. engr. title, title-p. ill., contemp. gilt hcalf w. letterpiece, large folio. - BOUND WITH (as called for in index): Idem. Atlas Methodicus (...). Idem, n. publ., 1719, (15)p., 18 handcol. engr. maps and 1 ill. (frontisp.), woodcut printer's mark.

- All maps fine. Lacking the textleaf "Extractum Privilegii" as called for in the index. Bookplate on upper pastedown; final 20 lvs. (sl.) wormholed in right blank margin; occas. sl. foxed/ browned; title-p. w. sm. tear; first lvs. (sl.) frayed. Covers (heavily) worn/ chafed and dam. along edges.

= Rare extended copy with beautifully decorated maps. Including: 3 worldmaps (double hemisphere with celestial spheres and/or additional hemispheric maps); 4 maps of the continents Europe, Asia, Africa and North and South America together, and 4 almost identical maps but with different colouring highlighting the religious diversity around the contintents; maps of various countries/ regions around the world, incl. 3 maps of America (''Virginia Marylandia et Carolina", "Nova Anglia" and "Mississipi"), 2 maps of Russia ("Russiae Magnae" and "Imperii Russici"), several maps w. detailed cityviews/ landscapes/ plans, most notably of Aggerhus (view of a mountain mine), London and Stockholm (cityviews) and maps of i.a. Spain, Great-Brittain, Italy, France, The Netherlands, Finland, Hungary, Greece, Romania, Denmark, Mexico, Chili, Peru, Lithuania (2 sheet map), the Po river area (fold. map) and 4 extra maps of France (not called for in the index): "Gallia Postarvm", "Gubernatio Generalis Langvedociae", "Normannia" and "Govvernement General de Picardie". Philips 586; Tooley p. 308; Philips (America) p.982. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE XC.

€ (12.000-15.000) 13000
65 2549  Atlases   Kitchin  Th65 2549 Atlases Kitchin Th
65 2549  Atlases   Kitchin  Th65 2549 Atlases Kitchin Th
65/2549 [Atlases]. Kitchin, Th. A General Atlas Describing the Whole Universe. Being a Complete and New Collection of the Most Approved Maps Extant. London, R. Sayer and J. Bennett, 1782, letterpress title-p. and 22 (of 23) large engr. maps on 33 (of 35) fold./ double-p. sheets, almost all w. contemp. handcol. borders (1x partly handcol.), contemp. boards, folio.

- Lacks the map of Scotland (on sheets 8 and 9) and the upper left part of Ireland (the left third of sheet 10, with the title-cartouche); the two worldmap sheets loose, trifle/ sl. frayed/ soiled and w. some false folds; sheet 5 loose; sheet 6 and 7 w. repaired tears on folds; sheet 32 w. two repaired lacking small portions in lower margin/ corner (incl. Quebec); some other fold. maps/ sheets w. fraying/ sm. marginal damages/ closed tears and (marginal) soiling (occas. affecting image); title-p. frayed and soiled. Binding worn/ dam. and lacking backstrip repaired w. strap of cloth.

= Impressive maps, many with fine and large cartouches and/ or inset maps and measuring up to ±104x123 cm./ ±107x99 cm., most with the address London, R. Sayer, and dated 1772. Cf. Phillips 653 (ed. 1780). SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE XC.

€ (3.500-4.500) 3500
65 2550 Atlases  Leth H de65 2550 Atlases Leth H de
65 2550 Atlases  Leth H de65 2550 Atlases Leth H de
65/2550 [Atlases]. Leth, H. de. Nieuwe Geographische en Historische Atlas, van de Zeven Vereengde [sic] Nederlandsche Provintien. Amst., H. de Leth, n.d. (±1740), 156,(2)textp., fold. engr. title-p., 49 fold. maps and plans (the maps contemp. handcol./ w. contemp. handcol. borders, the plans uncoloured), handcol. engr. "Steede-wyzer" in 2 fold. leaves, 1 fold. plate w. flags, contemp. gilt hcalf w. mor. letterpiece.

- Bookplate on upper pastedown; waterstained throughout in lower margin, affecting the maps etc. Top of spine chipped; joints creased; rubbed along extremities.


€ (1.000-1.500)