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65/2491  Amsterdam and surroundings   Zesen  P  von65/2491 Amsterdam and surroundings Zesen P von
65/2491 [Amsterdam and surroundings]. Zesen, P. von. Beschreibung der Stadt Amsterdam. Amst., J. Noschen, 1664, (6),398,(22)p., engr. frontisp., 73 fold./ double-p. views/ plates/ plans (1x single page), 1 engr. ill., contemp. vellum w. red mor. letterpiece, sm. 4to.

- Panorama partly split on one fold (with some browning due to former tape); occas. sl. stained; textp. foxed, plates mostly fine (one plate w. sm. hole). Backcover sl. ruststained; top of spine sl. worn.

= Nijhoff/ Van Hattum 350; Dünnhaupt 52,1: "Zesen versucht durch diese mit erstaunlicher Sachkunde verfaßte Topographie den Mitbürgern seiner Wahlheimat Amsterdam seinen Dank abzustatten."; Faber du Faur 824: "(...) a sort of 17th Century Baedeker, with excellent factual descriptions of the streets, embankments and buildings (...)". One of the nicest townbooks of Amsterdam, finely illustrated and rarely found complete. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LXVIII.

€ (700-900) 750
65/2492 [Amsterdam and surroundings]. Zweerts, P. Verhandelingen gedaan in de Maatschappy Felix Meritis te Amsteldam. Alkmaar, H. Hartemink, 1790, XV,(1),210p., engr. title-p., orig. publisher's boards.

- Occas. waterst. Boards foxed/ frayed/ worn; backcover w. large tear; backstrip almost completely worn away.

= Comprising i.a. a treatise on vegetarianism and the use of electricity to cure various diseases.

€ (50-70)
65/2493 Amsterdamsche Secretary, Bestaende in formulieren Van Schepenen- kennissen, Quijtscheldingen, Schat-brieven, en andere, die gewoonlyk daar gebruikt werden. Hier zyn bygevoegt Veelerley Formulieren van Actens, die ter Wees- Asseurantie- en Desolate Boedels-Kamer, gebruykelyk zyn. Amst., J. van Royen, 1700, 2 parts in 1 vol., (16),336,(19)p., engr. title-vignette, 2 diagrams, contemp. vellum, sm. 8vo.

- Library stamp on title-p. and on first free endpaper; later upper pastedown. Otherwise fine, w. "Secretary" neatly written in an old hand on top edge of bookblock.

= Rare, early edition of this collection of examples of legal and administrative documents for all sorts of usage.

€ (150-250) 150
65/2494  Anatomy   Albinus  B S65/2494 Anatomy Albinus B S
65/2494 [Anatomy]. Albinus, B.S. Explicatio tabularum anatomicarum Bartholomaei Eustachii, anatomici summi. Leyden, J. and H. Verbeek, 1761, (4),295,(1)p., engr. title-vignette, 89 engr. anatomical plates (counted as 47), contemp. hroan, folio.

- Most leaves small portion of both outer blank corners cut off; some sl. occas. foxing/ spotting; a few leaves trifle dampstained in outer margin; owner's entry on htitle. Spine-ends dam.; covers worn along edges.

= Choulant p.60f; Hirsch-H. I, 72; Bibl. Walleriana 337 (incompl.); BMN I, p.84; Wellcome II, p.26; cf. Garrison/ Morton 399: "Albinus was one of the greatest anatomical illustrators of the 18th century; his illustrations of the bones and muscles were noted for their beauty and accuracy and his work established a new standard in anatomical illustration". SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LXXXI.

€ (800-1.000) 800
65 2495  Anatomy   Vesalius  A65 2495 Anatomy Vesalius A
65 2495  Anatomy   Vesalius  A65 2495 Anatomy Vesalius A
65/2495 [Anatomy]. Vesalius, A. Opera omnia anatomica & chirurgica. Ed. H. Boerhaave. Leyden, J. du Vivie and J. and H. Verbeek, 1725, 2 vols., (40),572; (4),1156,(51)p., engr. frontisp. by J. WANDELAAR, 2 identical title-vignettes, portrait, 82 plates, ills., contemp. unif. blindst. vellum, folio.

- A few leaves sl. foxed/ sm. stains; a few plates trifle yellowed; 8 textleaves in vol. 2 browned. Upper joint of vol. 1 split and backstrip dam. (but complete); vol. 2 top of spine chipped; both vols. vellum duststained.

= Provenance: both vols. with 19th cent. identical annot. and owner's entry (J. Barge) on frontcover and on upper pastedown: "Stats Docter. Den Heer Doctoor A. Knipper te Hertogenbos Franco te Amsterdam". Very rare complete copy in fine condition. Bibliotheca Walleriana 9917; Hirsch-H. VI, p.97; Osler 579; Choulant p.183; BMN I, p.63; Lindeboom p.185; Norman Library 2143: "The only collected edition of Vesalius' works, issued by Boerhaave (...) and Albinus (...), with copperplate reproductions of the Vesalian woodblocks by Jan Wandelaar (...). The editors added explanations of Vesalius's sixteenth-century anatomical nomenclature for their eighteenth-century readers, and prefaced the first volume with a biography of Vesalius, which Lindeboom has tentatively attributed to Boerhaave (...)." SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LXXXII.

€ (2.500-3.500) 3000
65/2496  Anatomy   Vesalius  A65/2496 Anatomy Vesalius A
65/2496 [Anatomy]. Vesalius, A. Opera omnia anatomica & chirurgica. Ed. H. Boerhaave. Vol. 2 (of 2) Leyden, J. du Vivié and J. and H. Verbeek, 1725, 1 vol. (of 2), (8),577-1156,(50)p., 12 (of 82) (fold.) engr. anatomical plates by J. WANDELAAR, contemp. calf, folio.

- Without vol. 1, lacking 70 plates; partly sl. waterst. (affecting the plates). Backstrip loose/ dam.

= Bibl. Walleriana 9917; Choulant p.183; BMN I, p.63; Lindeboom p.185.

€ (100-150) 170
65/2497 Andala, R. Verklaaring van de Openbaringe van Johannes, met Eene Sleutel, dienstig tot 't rechte verstandt van de zelve, en Tafel, om in een opslag de overeenkomst der Gezichten te zien. Leeuw., H. Halma, 1726, (34),1162,(30)p., woodcut title-vignette, fold. letterpres table, contemp. blindst. calf w. black mor. letterpiece, 4to.

- Title-p. yellowed/ browned. Binding sl. rubbed and w. a few wormholes.

AND 4 others, i.a. C. ALARDIN, De Geluksaligheyt van den Wegh der Rechtveerdige (Amst., 1692, engr. frontisp., contemp. vellum) and R. AEMILIUS, Kort ontwerp van het Licht der Waerheit (Leyden, 1720, engr. frontisp., contemp. vellum).

€ (80-100) 120
65/2498 Anson  G65/2498 Anson G
65/2498 Anson, G. Reize rondsom de Werreld, gedaan in de Jaaren 1740 tot 1744. Ed. R. Walter. Amst., I. Tirion, 1748, 1st ed., (24),386,(2)p., 14 (of 15) (fold.) engr. maps/ charts/ plans, 20 (fold.) plates, contemp. hroan, 4to.

- Lacks the worldmap (not called for in the binder's instructions but present in many copies); occas. trifle foxed; last two lvs. loose. Backstrip worn; lacks paper over covers.

= Tiele 42; Cat. NHSM p.136 (2nd Dutch ed. 1749); Howgego A100; Henze I, p.82-83; cf. Borba de Moraes I, p.38-39 and Bosch 199 (French editions); Sabin 1641 (Dutch editions 1754 and 1765); Cox I, p.49 (ed. London, 1740): "This famous and unfortunate expedition, consisting at the start of eight ships, was sent under the command of George Anson at the beginning of the war with Spain, to harass the Spaniards on the western coast of South America. Seven ships were lost at around Cape Horn and on the coast of Chile and out of 900 men who left England on board more than 600 perished. (...) The primary object of the expedition was not attained, but by the capture of the Manila Galleon near China, Anson and the surviving members of his crew reached England much the richer. (...) Walter's account of the voyage is a model of what such literature should be."

€ (300-500) 325
65/2499   Ant arctica   Müller   G F65/2499 Ant arctica Müller G F
65/2499 [(Ant)arctica]. Müller, (G.F.). Voyages from Asia to America, for Completing the Discoveries of the North West Coast of America. To which is prefixed, a Summary of the Voyages made by the Russians on the Frozen Sea, in Search of a North East Passage. London, T. Jefferys, 1764, 2nd English ed., VIII,120p., 2 large fold. engr. maps handcol. in outline, 2 tipped-in maps, contemp. gilt calf w. 2 mor. letterpieces, 4to. - BOUND WITH: (Krascheninnikov, S.P.). The History of Kamtschatka, and the Kurilski Islands, with the Countries adjacent. English transl. J. Grieve. Glocester, idem, 1764, (8),280,(8)p., 2 fold. maps, 5 (fold.) plates (2x containing 2 views).

- Sl. yellowed. Binding sl. dried; joints splitting. A fine copy.

= Ad 1. Cox II, p.23; Sabin 51258; Howgego M177. Ad. 2. Cox I, p.351; Howgego K37; Cat. (...) des Russica 1161. Contains an account of captain V.J. Bering's expedition through Siberia known as the Great Northern Expedition, of which both Müller and Krascheninnikov took part and which resulted in the mapping of large parts of the arctic coastlines of Siberia, the North Western part of America and the discovery of the Bering strait. "(...) Indispensable for the history of discovery and exploration in the Northern Pacific" (Sabin). SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LXXXII.

€ (3.000-5.000) 3250
65/2500 Antonides van der Goes  J65/2500 Antonides van der Goes J
65/2500 Antonides van der Goes, J. Gedichten. Amst., J. Rieuwertsz./ P. Arentsz./ A. Magnus, 1685, 2 parts in 1 vol., (60),138,(4); (2),307,(4)p., contemp. blindst. vellum, 4to.

- Owner's entry (L.A.J. Burgersdijk) on the first free endpaper. Backcover partly ruststained; sm. tear top of spine.

= The first part contains "De Ystroom. Begreepen in vier boeken" (etched frontisp. and 4 plates by ROMEYN DE HOOGHE (Landwehr, R. de Hooghe as bookill. 9. (listing the first ed. 1671)), the second part consists of various works.

BOUND WITH: 2 others by/ on the same: Trazil, of overrompelt Sina (ibid., 1685) and Het leven van Joannes Antonides vander Goes (, n.d.).

€ (80-100) 120
65/2501  Arabia   Niebuhr  C65/2501 Arabia Niebuhr C
65/2501 [Arabia]. Niebuhr, C. Beschryving van Arabie, uit eigene waarnemingen en in 't land zelf verzamelde narigten. Uit het hoogduits vertaald, en Vermeerderd met een volledig register van 't geheele werk. Amst./ Utr., S.J. Baalde/ J. van Schoonhoven & Comp., 1774, (6),XXXXI,(1),408,(14)p., engr. title-p. w. vignette, 7 (large fold.) maps, 19 (fold.) (partly handcol.) plates by C.J. DE HUYSER a.o., 1 fold. table, contemp. stiff plain wr., 4to.

- Occas. waterstained in blank margins; some quires/ lvs. loosening. Spine worn.

= Tiele 795; Howgego N24; cf. Graesse IV, p.674 and Cox I, p.237; Aboussouan 682-683 and Lipperheide Lc6. Carsten Niebuhr (1733-1815) travelled extensively in Arabia, Persia, Palestine and Asia Minor, and became by his descriptions and maps and the richness of his observations the pioneer of a more profound knowledge of the Orient. Henze III, p.610: "Als erste literarische Hauptfrucht der langen Reise veröffentlichte er in 1772 die Beschreibung von Arabie, ein Werk klassischen Gepräges, das mehr Stoff darbrachte als alle früheren europäischen Werke zusammengenommen; hinzu kam, daß es großenteils auf Autopsie basierte. N. hielt sich fern von jeder Kompilation nach anderen Autoren und trug nur vor, was er selbst beobachtet und gesammelt hatte". "His accounts are probably the best and most authentic of their day" (Cox). On Niebuhr see also Europa und die Orient, cat. 1/190.

€ (300-500) 325
65/2502  Arabia   Salmon  T65/2502 Arabia Salmon T
65/2502 [Arabia]. Salmon, T. Hedendaagsche Historie, of Tegenwoordige Staat van alle Volkeren (...). IV. Deel, Behelzende den Tegenwoordigen Staat van Persia, Arabia, en het Asiatisch Tartaryen. Dutch transl. and enl. ed. M. van Goch. Amst., I. Tirion, 1732, (8),638,(16)p., engr. frontisp., 3 fold. maps, 9 (fold./ double-p.) plates, contemp. calf, richly gilt spine w. mor. letterpiece, all edges marbled.

- Textlvs. occas. yellowed/ trifle foxed/ sl. browned; the map of Arabia w. partly closed tear along one fold; the coffee plant plate sl. yellowed; two quires misbound. Upper joint splitting.

= Contains plates depicting i.a. the Kaaba and a coffee-plant.

€ (150-250)
65/2503  Architecture   Bosboom  S65/2503 Architecture Bosboom S
65/2503 [Architecture]. Bosboom, S. De vyf colom-orden, met derzelver deuren en poorten. Amst., J.B. Elwe, 1784, 110p., engr. title, 48 plates, ills., contemp. hroan, folio.

- Yellowed; one plate frayed and waterst. in margins. Binding worn and dam.

€ (150-250)
65/2504  Architecture   Sturm  L C65/2504 Architecture Sturm L C
65/2504  Architecture   Sturm  L C65/2504 Architecture Sturm L C
65/2504  Architecture   Sturm  L C65/2504 Architecture Sturm L C
65/2504 [Architecture]. Sturm, L.C. Der auserlessneste und nach den Regeln der antiquen Bau-Kunst sowohl, als nach dem heutigen Gusto verneuerte Goldmann, als der rechtschaffenste Bau-Meister, oder die gantze Civil-Bau-Kunst, in unterschiedlichen vollständigen Anweisungen dergestalt abgehandelt (...). Augsb., P. Detleffsen (occas. M. Schönigk) for J. Wolff (occas. J.G. Hertel), 1721 (general title)/ 1720 (2x)/ n.d./ 1740, 4 parts in 1 vol., resp. 4, 8, 51 and 19 (large) fold. engr. plates, contemp. vellum, folio.

- Up to and including plates of part 2 waterstained in upper inner corner/ inner blank margin, occas. sl. affecting text and in the last plate the printed area; two plates in part 2 w. stain; a few plates w. false folds; two owner's entries on first blank. Recased w. new vellum and new endpapers.

= Contains: (20)p. glossary; 1. Auffrichtige Entdeckung, des zu Auffnahm der Länder und Commercien höchst-nutzlichen Nivellirens oder Wasserwägens, Finantzien-Räthen, Beambten, Ingenieurn, Mechanicis, Landtwirthen, Müllern &c. sehr nöthig zu wissen. Worinnen die auserlesenste bekandte Instrumenta (...) (1720, (18)p.); 2. Gründliche und Practische Unterweisung, wie man Fang-Schläussen und Roll-Brücken, nach der besten heutigen Art, von Holz und Stein, starck, beständig und bequem bauen solle, same einigen neuen Erfindungen von den Bedoppelten Schlag-Brücken, und einem gründlichen Beweis, daß es an den meisten Orten in Teutschland zu der Schiffahrt besser sey Roll-Brücken zu gebrauchen (1720, 28)p.; 3. Vollständige Mühlen Baukunst darinnen werden I. Alle Grundreguln so zu der Praxi nöthig (...) angewiesen; II. Die Vortheile, die man bey Anlegung der Wasserräder alle Sorten von Machinen zutreiben in acht nehmen muß (...); III. Was insonderheit an Korn- Gräupen- Papier- (...) und Dreschmühlen zuverbessern (...) (, J.G. Hertl, n.d. (1718), (6),35p.); 4. Freundlicher Wett-Streit der Französischen Holländischen und Teutschen Krieges-Bau-Kunst, worinnen die Befestigungs-Manier der Hrn. von Vauban an Neu-Breisach, die beste Manier des Hrn. von Coehoorn, und zweyerley Vorstellungen der von L.C. Sturm publicirten, und nach des weit-berühmten Hrn. George Rimplers Maximen eingerichteten Manier (...) gantz unpratheylich gegen einander in Vergleichung gestellet werden (1740, (6),66p.). Millard, Northern European Books 129; Kat. Orn. Berlin 1993. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LXXXII.

€ (500-700)
65/2505  Architecture   Thomassin  S65/2505 Architecture Thomassin S
65/2505  Architecture   Thomassin  S65/2505 Architecture Thomassin S
65/2505  Architecture   Thomassin  S65/2505 Architecture Thomassin S
65/2505 [Architecture]. Thomassin, S. Recueil des figures, groupes, thermes, fontaines, vases, statues, et autres ornemens de Versailles. Tels qu'ils se voyent à present dans le chateau & parc. Amst., P. Mortier, 1695, 4 parts in 1 vol., 59 textp., French, Latin, Italian and Dutch, engr. frontisp. by J. VAN VIANEN, fold. plan of Versailles incl. the gardens, 218 (fold.) engr. plates by S. THOMASSIN, contemp. hcalf, 4to.

- Occas. sm. stains/ trifle foxed. Spine worn; corners covers showing.

= Kat. Orn. Berl. 4212 (ed. Mortier, 1695).

€ (200-300)
65/2506  Architecture   Tieleman van der Horst65/2506 Architecture Tieleman van der Horst
65/2506 [Architecture]. Tieleman van der Horst. Theatrum machinarum universale; of nieuwe algemeene bouwkunde, waar in (...) werd voorgestelt en geleerdt, het maaken van veelerley soorten van Trappen (...) Quartier-boomen, Slaapers, Leuningen, Cieraaden en Lofwercken; en ook het maaken van vierkanten, agtkanten, ronde en ovale Lantaarens en wat er meer tot dit soort van Bouwkunde behoord. Amst., P. Schenk, 1739, engr. halftitle, title-page w. vignette, dedic. page and 30 double-page plates by J. SCHENK, contemp. gilt hcalf w. orange mor. letterpiece, large folio.

- As usual without the small 4to textbooklet. Binding sl. worn along extremities.

= Bierens de Haan 4839A; Kat. Orn. Berlin 2253. Fine plates of staircases, including highly decorated banisters and skylights. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LXXXIII.

€ (200-300)
65/2507 [Architecture]. Vignola, G.B. de. Regel van de Vijf Ordens der Architecture. Oversien, vermeerdert, ende uyt het groot in 't kleyn gebracht. Door Mr. Muet. Amst., Dancker Danckersz., 1664, 16 textp., engr. frontisp., 50 plates, contemp. vellum, sm. 8vo.

- Pastedowns loose/ (partly) lacking; bookblock loosening.

= Very rare Dutch pocket-adaptation by Le Muet of Vignola's famous Regola d.Cinque Ordini.

€ (250-350)
65/2508  Architecture  Scamozzi  V    Vermaarsch  J65/2508 Architecture Scamozzi V Vermaarsch J
65/2508  Architecture  Scamozzi  V    Vermaarsch  J65/2508 Architecture Scamozzi V Vermaarsch J
65/2508 [Architecture. Scamozzi, V.]. Vermaarsch. J. Grondige bewys-redenen der Bouw-Kunst, over den sin en Practijk van den autheur Vincent Scamozzi. Amst., T. Dankerts, 1721, 68p., engr. title-p., 31 (fold.) engr. plates, contemp. vellum.

- A few lvs./ plates loose(ning); occas. trifle foxed. Covers partly trifle worn. = Not in Fowler.

€ (300-500) 425
65/2509 Ariosto  L65/2509 Ariosto L
65/2509 Ariosto  L65/2509 Ariosto L
65/2509 Ariosto  L65/2509 Ariosto L
65/2509 Ariosto, L. Orlando Furioso. Lyon, "Appresso Bastiano di Bartholomeo Honorati" (= S. Honorat), "Stampato per Iacopo Fabro" (= J. Faure), 1556, 3 parts in 1 vol. partly w. continuous pagination, 508,(2); (39)p., title within elborate woodcut border incorporating printer's mark, 52 woodcut ills. by/ after G. GIOLITO DE FERRARI, 57 historiated initials, 2 divis. titles w. printer's mark and printer's mark on last page, contemp. calf w. mor. letterpiece.

- Woodcut title trifle stained, pasted to first free endpaper along inner margin of woodcut area, and w. owner's entry in upper blank margin; (vaguely) waterstained in lower outer corner throughout and partly in outer blank margin; 4 lvs. w. old repaired hole in waterstain, w. (neat) ms. addition of lost text/ image in pen and brown ink; sl. cut short, visible by affected old ms. glosses/ annots.; occas. yellowed. Recased in the 19th cent. w. use of contemp. covers; joints splitting; covers scratched; letterpiece erroneously dated "1566".

= Adams A 1666; STC 23; BM Italian 16th p.40. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LXXXIII.

€ (300-500) 300
65/2510 Ariosto  L65/2510 Ariosto L
65/2510 Ariosto, L. Orlando Furioso. Ed. I. Ruscelli. Lyon, G. Rovilius (= G. Rouille), 1570, rev. enl. ed., 1148,(26)p., woodcut printer's mark on title-p., 51 woodcut ills. and num. initials, 19th cent. sl. gilt red mor., gilt "Wogan Browne" on frontcover, gilt inside dentelles, marbled endpapers, a.e.g., 12mo.

- Trifle yellowed/ foxed; sl. cut short in upper margin, occas. sl. affecting page-number; 19th cent. (heraldic) bookplate on upper pastedown (of Geoffrey Browne). Binding rubbed along spine and extremities; spine sl. sunned.

= BM Italian 16th cent. p.40; Adams A 1672; Brunet I, p.435.

€ (300-500) 300