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65/2548 Atlases Homann J B
65/2548 [Atlases]. Homann, J.B. Atlas Novus: Grosser Atlas uber die gantze Welt (...). Nürnberg, Homännische Erben, 1737, (4),40p., 103 double-p. (fold.) partly handcol. engr. maps (1x 2 sheet map), 4 handcol. engr. battle-plans (counted as 2) and 2 double-p. plates and 1 table, handcol. engr. title, title-p. ill., contemp. gilt hcalf w. letterpiece, large folio. - BOUND WITH (as called for in index): Idem. Atlas Methodicus (...). Idem, n. publ., 1719, (15)p., 18 handcol. engr. maps and 1 ill. (frontisp.), woodcut printer's mark.

- All maps fine. Lacking the textleaf "Extractum Privilegii" as called for in the index. Bookplate on upper pastedown; final 20 lvs. (sl.) wormholed in right blank margin; occas. sl. foxed/ browned; title-p. w. sm. tear; first lvs. (sl.) frayed. Covers (heavily) worn/ chafed and dam. along edges.

= Rare extended copy with beautifully decorated maps. Including: 3 worldmaps (double hemisphere with celestial spheres and/or additional hemispheric maps); 4 maps of the continents Europe, Asia, Africa and North and South America together, and 4 almost identical maps but with different colouring highlighting the religious diversity around the contintents; maps of various countries/ regions around the world, incl. 3 maps of America (''Virginia Marylandia et Carolina", "Nova Anglia" and "Mississipi"), 2 maps of Russia ("Russiae Magnae" and "Imperii Russici"), several maps w. detailed cityviews/ landscapes/ plans, most notably of Aggerhus (view of a mountain mine), London and Stockholm (cityviews) and maps of i.a. Spain, Great-Brittain, Italy, France, The Netherlands, Finland, Hungary, Greece, Romania, Denmark, Mexico, Chili, Peru, Lithuania (2 sheet map), the Po river area (fold. map) and 4 extra maps of France (not called for in the index): "Gallia Postarvm", "Gubernatio Generalis Langvedociae", "Normannia" and "Govvernement General de Picardie". Philips 586; Tooley p. 308; Philips (America) p.982. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE XC.

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