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65/2383 [Theology]. "Theologia Didactica Celebirrimi Viri Campegii Vitringa (...)". Pen and ink on paper, dated 1725 on title-p., (4),1408,(4)p., in several diff. hands, contemp. vellum, sm. 4to.

- Binding w. a few stains.

= Prob. notes or transcripts of lectures by Campegius Vitringa (1659-1722), professor of theology at Franeker University.

€ (100-150) 300
65/2384 [Tiel- en Bommelerwaard]. Manuscript notebook, (80)lvs., pen and ink, dated 1680 (between 2 March - 27 August), contemp. limp vellum wallet binding, 15x10 cm.

- Quires loosening (last quire disbound); occas. sl. soiled/ stained and w. some marginal tears. Frontwrapper lacks portion; binding stained.

= Interesting notebook, dealing with the work of "Dijckgraef en Heijmraden" of the Hoogheemraadschap Tieler- en Bommelerwaard. Contains an overview of decisions, payments, expenses, investigations (i.a. the "Loosschouw" and "Aertschouw'), ordinances etc. made by the dike-wardens in i.a. Herwijnen, Tuijl, Vuren, Tiel, Lith and Hellouw.

€ (300-500)
65/2385 [Utrecht]. Lot of ±70 manuscript documents, 17th-early 20th cent., incl. 3 documents on vellum.

= Mostly notarial acts and contracts of sale. Incl. a number of documents concerning property in Jutphaas.

€ (200-300) 325
65/2386 Uyl, J. den (1919-1987). Two AUTOGRAPH LETTERS SIGNED to "Beste Jan" and "Lieve Dieuwertje", both dated "A'dam, 5/7/70", blue ballpoint, both one fold. leaf w. printed letterhead "Tweede Kamer der Statengeneraal".

- Both w. 2 punch holes.

= Letters of comfort concerning the illness of a friend (Jan). "Van Rienk Visser hoorde ik, dat je nogal flink ziek bent. (...) In het bestaan, zoals ik dat leid, maak je je elke dag druk over allerlei zaken en ontdekt dan met schrik, dat je niet eens weet, dat een goede vriend ziek is".

AND a short thank you note by the same, in orig. envelope addressed to "De Heer en Mevrouw van Muyden-van Apeldoorn". - AND 12 other (short) (typescript) letters, signed visiting cards etc. by Dutch politicians, i.a. W. Drees, A. Kuyper and A.M. Joekes.

€ (60-80) 130
65/2387  VOC and WIC   Ingekomene Brieven van den Heer D  T  Fretz en andere tot zijn zaken betrekkelijke Papieren65/2387 VOC and WIC Ingekomene Brieven van den Heer D T Fretz en andere tot zijn zaken betrekkelijke Papieren
65/2387  VOC and WIC   Ingekomene Brieven van den Heer D  T  Fretz en andere tot zijn zaken betrekkelijke Papieren65/2387 VOC and WIC Ingekomene Brieven van den Heer D T Fretz en andere tot zijn zaken betrekkelijke Papieren
65/2387 [VOC and WIC]. "Ingekomene Brieven van den Heer D: T: Fretz en andere tot zijn zaken betrekkelijke Papieren". Collection of ±40 manuscript letters and documents (in various hands) to/ from D.T. Fretz at Colombo (Ceylon/ Sri Lanka), 1790-1793, each 1-10p. length, all pen and brown ink, bound together in plain limp boards without backstrip, titled, "MS. No. 1" and "N: 50" on frontcover, folio.

= Dietrich Thomas Fretz (1743-1815) was head merchant ("opperkoopman") for the VOC in Colombo, Ceylon, and kept a trade correspondence with (i.a.) Justus Hendrik Pfeil and Frederik Wilhelm Haggemeijer, merchants, and Cornelis van Twist, first bookkeeper at the 'payment office' ("soldij komtoir") at Amsterdam, in the form of i.a. delivery orders ("Eisch van goederen") and notifications, accounting documents and invoices regarding these goods/ deliveries. One short note nicely contains a sample of embroidered cloth of which Fretz desired to have delivered more. Very interesting collection, providing a small treasure trove of information regarding the VOC trade at the end of the 18th century. SEE ILLUSTRATIONS PLATE LXVIII.

AND a similar collection, "Ingekomene Brieven van de Heer Water Fiscaal G.C.J. van Massau en andere tot Zijn Zaken betrekkelijke Papieren", to and from Gerlach Cornelis Johannes van Massau, 'trade lawyer' ("Water Fiscaal") and head merchant for the VOC in Batavia (16 ms. letters and documents, 1787-1790, bound unif. w. the above, w. title, "MS No. 1" and "N: 53").

€ (1.000-1.500) 3500
65/2388 [Weesp]. Small archive, 18th-19th cent., mostly small receipts and notarial acts, incl. a few letterpress documents.

= Partly related to/ from the archive of the reformed congregation of Weesp.

€ (50-70) 90
65/2389 [World War II]. "Dagboek. 5e vervolg van het dagboek begonnen op 7 April 1939. Van: 3 Mei 1940 tot: [13 Juni 1940]". Diary, pen and ink on paper, (30) lvs. and a large number of blank lvs., seemingly in a few different hands(?), title-p. w. stamp "Grensbataljon Jagers Commandant", contemp. hcl.

= Diary of a soldier or officer of the Dutch armed forces (prob. De Peeldivisie) at the time of the German invasion of the Netherlands. The style is rather down-to-earth, mainly concerning the movement of troops etc. Most (all?) of the action takes place in Brabant (i.a. Breda and Tilburg and surroundings). With a number of loosely inserted typescript lvs.

€ (80-100) 80
65/2390  World War II   Frank  A M   1929 194565/2390 World War II Frank A M 1929 1945
65/2390 [World War II]. Frank, A.M. (1929-1945). AUTOGRAPH POEM SIGNED "Anne Frank", dated "Amsterdam 28 Maart 1942", pen and black ink on paper, 1 leaf, 16,5x14 cm. (leaf), recto only.

- Folded twice.

= Extremely rare Anne Frank AUTOGRAPH poem. It consists of 8 lines of poetry, headed "Beste Cri-Cri", and signed "Ter herinnering aan Anne Frank" (12 lines in total). The lines were written in the "poezie album" (friendship book) of CriCri (Christiane van Maarsen, born 1927, deceased 2006). It is a typically edifying poem of the sort that was often written in "poezie albums", exhorting the owner to do her best and be diligent at work, so that anyone who reproves her is answered in an honourabe manner. The first four lines of the poem are traceable (found in the periodical Het Ros Beiaard of 10 April 1938), the next four lines not traced. PROVENANCE: Christiane van Maarsen was the older sister of Jacqueline van Maarsen, who was classmate and best friend of Anne Frank. The handwriting by Anne Frank on this leaf is in two different types: the verse is written in her cursive hand and the date above the verse is written in the printscript that she also used (both types of handwriting are illustrated in the edition of Anne Frank's diary published by the Rijksinstituut voor Oorlogsdocumentatie (Amst., 1986)). The autograph comes with a printed letter with an illustration of the autograph leaf on offer signed in pen by Jacqueline van Maarsen. Her letter is accompanied by a legalization (signed by the notary). In it Jacqueline van Maarsen writes: "(...) My sister (nicknamed Cricri) tore this page out of her poezie album and gave it to me around 1970. I know that my sister was not as attached to this verse from Anne to her as I am to the verse Anne addressed to me, and that is the reason that I am now putting it up for sale (....)". SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LXX.

€ (30.000-50.000) 140000
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