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65/2343 Busken Huet  C   1826 188665/2343 Busken Huet C 1826 1886
65/2343 Busken Huet, C. (1826-1886). AUTOGRAPH SIGNED QUOTATION, pen and black ink, dated "Parijs, April 1883", sm. leaf (10x16,6 cm.) tipped onto paper mount, topped by mounted woodengr. portrait of Busken Huet.

- Mount brittle and badly dam. = Quotation from the Ned. Historien by P.C. Hooft.

AND 4 similar lvs. with tipped on signed autographs by J.J.L. TEN KATE, J.N. VAN HALL, P.H. WITKAMP and JERONIMO DE VRIES, all topped by a mounted photogr. (De Vries steelengr.) portrait.

- Mounts (sl.) (dust)soiled (J.J.L. ten Kate waterstained/ mouldy in upper left corner, sl. affecting the photogr. portr.) and a few sm. defects in margins.

= All mounts w. blindstamp "Schlaraffia Toneelfonds J.L. Wertheim Amsterdam" (all quotations concerning theatre).

€ (100-150) 100
65/2344  Calligraphy   Eenige Geschriften der Schoolieren In 't Diaconie School aan 't Beneden Einde der Stad Utrecht  Door Dirk Van Der Zwan  Ondermeester65/2344 Calligraphy Eenige Geschriften der Schoolieren In 't Diaconie School aan 't Beneden Einde der Stad Utrecht Door Dirk Van Der Zwan Ondermeester
65/2344 [Calligraphy]. "Eenige Geschriften der Schoolieren In 't Diaconie School aan 't Beneden Einde der Stad Utrecht. Door Dirk Van Der Zwan, Ondermeester". Collection of 77 calligraphed oblong folio leaves, pen and ink (a few lvs. w. some watercolour), consisting of a title and 76 textleaves (all biblical/ religious texts), dated 1777, the title and 4 leaves by Dirk van der Zwan, the remaining 72 leaves by 47 different male and female pupils, between 9 and 15 years old (i.a. Jacoba Schouten, Hendrica van Nieburg, Mietje Penning, Christoffel Jansen, Rijnier Tollenaar, Hendrik Link).

- Severely moulded in lower (blank) margin, sometimes touching/ affecting the text, and partly also moulded in inner blank margin.

= A rare and typical document w. fine specimens, partly w. nice decorations. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LXVI.

€ (300-500) 300
65/2345  Calligraphy   Kermis Digt aan mijn Waarde en veel ge agte Vader en Moeder65/2345 Calligraphy Kermis Digt aan mijn Waarde en veel ge agte Vader en Moeder
65/2345 [Calligraphy]. "Kermis Digt aan mijn Waarde en veel ge-agte Vader en Moeder (...)". Calligraphed wreath and poem, pen and ink, (recto only), 40,5x32 cm., signed "U onderdaanigen en gehoorzamen Zoon, Jan Gerbrants, Westervoort 1763, 6/26", w. calligraphed bird and cat ("Dese Kat snoept niet").

- Mounted; browned; folded twice w. a few sm. holes in fold.

€ (70-90) 70
65/2346  Calligraphy   Pavert  F  van der  late 18th/ early 19th cent65/2346 Calligraphy Pavert F van der late 18th/ early 19th cent
65/2346 [Calligraphy]. Pavert, F. van der (late 18th/ early 19th cent.). "Plato Zeide (...)" . Calligraphed leaf, pen and brown and black ink, 37,2x49,5 cm., signed "Geschreven getekend en Getrokken door Frans van de Pavert, Oud 15 Jaar. heeft geen Regtehand", ±1800, framed.

- Sl. soiled and one sm. waterstain in upper margin. = Skilled calligraphy by a boy with one arm.

€ (70-90)
65/2347 [Calligraphy]. Werk, A.V.I. (18th cent.). Calligraphed album, pen and ink on paper, ±1730, 11 lvs., contemp. vellum w. gilt coat of arms of Den Bosch on both covers, obl. 4to.

- Sm. paper ticket on first leaf; pastedowns dam./ loosening. Large mouldy stain on frontcover (also affecting first leaf).

= Prize-album by the calligraphy master of the Latin School of Den Bosch to the pupil Gerard van Aken, containing a calligraphed dedication (first leaf) and 10 calligraphed specimens, mostly wise sayings by classic philosophers and two alphabets, each in a different calligraphy style.

€ (150-250)
65/2348  Chess   Euwe  M   1901 198165/2348 Chess Euwe M 1901 1981
65/2348 [Chess]. Euwe, M. (1901-1981). AUTOGRAPH LETTER SIGNED, to "Waarde Heer Orbaan", dated "Amsterdam 23/5/53", 1 leaf, recto only, w. printed letterhead "Dr. M. Euwe (...)", w. the orig. envelope w. autograph address.

- Signature traced w. ink.

= Short letter of condolence on the decease of the father of the chess player and journalist Constant Orbaan.

AND a picture postcard SIGNED "Hans Böhm" and "Jan Timman" to "Constant Orbaan 9...)" (ballpoint, poststamped "April 1978") and a letter of condolance by A.D. de Groot to Orbaan's widow.

€ (50-70) 170
65/2349 [Cinema]. Haanstra, B. TYPESCRIPT LETTER SIGNED to "Beste Wim en Margje (van Wieringen)", dated "21 October 1959", three lvs., all w. his letterhead "Bert Haanstra", recto only.

= Haanstra's elaborate critique on a scenario written by the Dutch cartoonist Wim van Wieringen.

ADDED: 15 typescripts and manuscripts signed by i.a. Pascal (Het Nederlandse rekenwonder) and Willy Walden (H.J.J. Kaldewaaij).

€ (50-70)
65/2350  De Clercq Zubli family   Archive concerning the De Clercq Zubli family65/2350 De Clercq Zubli family Archive concerning the De Clercq Zubli family
65/2350 [De Clercq-Zubli family]. Archive concerning the De Clercq-Zubli family. Several hundred pieces, mostly manuscript, also incl. a few letterpress documents, mostly 18th-19th cent.

= The Zubli family has its origins in Switzerland. In the early 18th century, Paulus Zubli (1709-1760) settled in Berbice in the former Dutch colony of Guyana. Here he married a Dutch woman, Cornelia Geertrui Verster. Their oldest son was the poet and politician Ambrosius Justus Zubli. His younger brother Abraham married his second wife Wilhelmina de Clercq in 1795 after his first wife passed away. The archive consists i.a. of notarial acts and official documents (i.a. a document signed "Willem" (King William I) on the appointment of Abraham Zubli (1800-1847) to the office of notary in the district of Amsterdam, with paper royal seal of approval), as well as pieces of personal correspondence and genealogical trees. Also incl. a manuscript map "De Plantagie Schepmoed" at the Rio Berbice, with indications of the cultivated products (cotton, coffee, cocoa), 3 vols. containing works by Ambrosius Zubli, i.a. "Nagelaten Poëzy" (The Hague, 1821, engr. title, later hcl.) and a few photographs (late 19th/ early 20th cent.) of several family members (i.a. Justine Cornelie de Clercq Zubli, 1887-1969). A rich collection of source material.

€ (1.000-1.500) 1100
65/2351  Coptic manuscripts   Coptic prayerbook65/2351 Coptic manuscripts Coptic prayerbook
65/2351 [Coptic manuscripts]. Coptic prayerbook, probably 19th cent., 28 vellum leaves, coptic script in black and red on recto and verso, contemp. wooden covers, 9x7 cm.

- Occas. browned/ soiled. = With accomp. leather purse with leather cord.

€ (100-150) 100
65/2352 Dishoeck  S C  van65/2352 Dishoeck S C van
65/2352 Dishoeck, S.C. van. "Een Bundel Gedichten Verzameld door -". Manuscript album containing ±40 poems transcribed by H. HAAGSMA, dated "Leiden April 1839", pen and brown ink on laid paper, (2)113,(2)p., contemp. hcl., 4to.

- Photograph of S.C. van Dishoeck on upper pastedown. Sl. fingersoiled. Spine-ends sl. dam.

= Many of the poems by this blind poet (on who nothing could be traced) are dedicated to family members of the author, i.a. "Bij geledenheid der 40ste verjaardag van mijne Zustr D.M. de Jonge Lughten geb.: van Dishoeck.", "Ter Gelegenheid van het Huwelijk van Mr. A.E. van Dishoeck en Mej. S.I.V. Dillé.". One striking poem about her unability to see and the privileges she enjoys because of it: "Het gemis mijner oogen met de Voorregten die ik thans geniet.".

€ (100-150) 100
65/2353  Dordrecht   Register van verpleegde Persoonen in het cholera Ziekenhuis te Dordrecht65/2353 Dordrecht Register van verpleegde Persoonen in het cholera Ziekenhuis te Dordrecht
65/2353 [Dordrecht]. "Register van verpleegde Persoonen in het cholera Ziekenhuis te Dordrecht". Manuscript register w. 15p., dated 1832-1833, listing all the cholera patients, contemp. stiff paper wr., folio. - With loosely inserted related documents and publications, i.a. C.L. BLUME, Vruchten mijner ondervinding inhet afweren en genezen der cholera (Amst., 1832. A gift from the mayor to the hospital), and a manuscript weather report of the months June July, August and September 1832 and 1833.

= Small interesting archive on the cholera outbreak of 1832 in the city of Dordrecht. Register lists the names of the patients, their age, address, date of entry and when applicable, time of death.

€ (150-250) 190
65/2354 [Economics]. Lot of over a hundred checks, receipts, bills and documents concerning financial matters, 18th cent., partly bound together, incl. 2 register books concerning the legacy, properties and debts of Johannes van Twist.
€ (50-70) 90
65/2355  Enkhuizen   Archive of the family van Heemskerck and related families Duker  De Wit  Van de Velde and Van Walsem/ Walsum65/2355 Enkhuizen Archive of the family van Heemskerck and related families Duker De Wit Van de Velde and Van Walsem/ Walsum
65/2355 [Enkhuizen]. Archive of the family van Heemskerck and related families Duker, De Wit, Van de Velde and Van Walsem/ Walsum, containing numerous letters, official documents, local (Enkhuizen) publications, notary deeds, photographs, 17th-20th cent. (for the greater part from the 19th century).

= Very interesting and large archive, mostly bearing upon to the city of Enkhuizen. Centered around the intermarried families Duker, van Heemskerck, De Wit and Van Walsem in the 19th century, especially Petrus Gerardus Duker (1806-1869, notary and tax collector) and his children. The Duker / de Wit family-members were i.a. notaries, doctors, apothecaries, military men and shippers. The archive contains hundreds of letters, obituaries, condolances, (legal) documents (i.a. deeds, company registrations, marriage contracts), but also commemorative publications for i.a. marriages and marriage anniversaries (i.a. of Jacobus de Wit Pz. and Anna Duker, i.a. few movable cards) and jubilees (i.a. of the city of Enkhuizen and the famous wintering on Nova Zembla). Including many identified photographic portraits, i.a. on cartes-de-visite, but also an ambrotype family portrait in contemporary frame, dated 1856, showing P.G. Duker (1806-1869) (notary in Enkhuizen), his wife A.J. Duker-van Heemskerck, his daughter Cornelia Duker (later principal of the Industrieschool in Rotterdam) and his son W.F. Duker (later apothecary in Hilversum). Also a family portrait (glass positive within metal frame) of said W.F. Duker (from 1890 onwards named van Heemskerck Duker), his wife and children.

Petrus Gerardus Duker voluntarily enlisted to participate in the Tiendaagse Veldtocht against the Belgian revolutionaries (1830-1831). This part of the archive contains, besides several official military documents i.a. a small manuscript battle plan of the hostilities near Houthalen, August 6th 1831 and a diary by Duker as "flankeur bij de 1e Comp. 1 Veld. Batt. 1 afdeeling NoordHollandsche Schutterij". Duker describes the daily activities of himself and of his miltary company in Brabant in 1832 from June to October, i.a. paying attention to the celebrations by him and his fellow soldiers of the first anniversary of the Battle of Houthalen, various marches through Brabant (i.a. Lieshout and Helmond) and small trips with the 'trekschuit'. He left the army in february 1833.

The archive also holds the "Eereprys" (a mid 19th cent. silver medallion, Ø 5 cm., kept in a velvet lined small wooden box with lid) of the Enkhuizen society "Oeconomia Enchusana" (erected 1779). This society awarded labourers, factory owners and others who promoted trade and the economy in general in Enkhuizen. With 3 letterpress publications on/ by the same society: Wet van (...)/ Overzicht omtrent den aard en bedoeling van (...)/ Naamlijst der leden van het genootschap OECONOMIA ENCHUSANA (±1850, plain wrs.). Some other interesting publications and manuscripts: WET van de reederij De Herstelling opgerigt te Enkhuizen den 5den Junij 1840 (the creation of a new herring fishing fleet in Enkhuizen); a share in REEDERIJ DE HOOP (dated 1848, w. a manuscript "Reglement"); C.E. VAILLANT, Geschiedkundige redevoering op het tweede eeuwgetyde van den overgang der stadt Enkhuizen van de zyde des Hertogs van Alba, tot die van Willem I. Prince van Orange, voorgevallen op den 21 May 1572 (Amst., 1772, contemp. wr., 4to); some letters concerning a chine de commande porcelain set with the coat of arms of admiral Jacob van Heemskerck; two ALBA AMICORUM: one for Huberta Johanna van Walsum (14 manuscript lvs., i.a. with 'prikkunst' and small drawings, 1826-1831, num. blank lvs., loosely inserted in chemise in contemp. board box w. sliding lid, 12mo. I.a. with a contribution by P.G. Duker) and one for a member of the families Van Diest or Van de Chijs (31 manuscript lvs., w. small drawings and needle art, 1798-1801, loosely inserted in contemp. richly dec. and blindstamp. calf chemise, contemp. slipcase, obl. 12mo) and finally the archive contains a copy of GESLACHT-REGISTER DER FAMILIE VAN WALSEM VAN 1688 AF (Leyden, privately printed, 1904, chromolithogr. title, orig. giltlettered morocco backed boards w. painted coat of arms on frontcover, folio). The present owner has organized the majority of letters, official documents and photographic portraits according to this genealogy. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LXVI.

€ (2.000-3.000) 2100
65/2356 [Gastronomy]. Small recipe booklet, pen and ink on paper, (13)p. and a numb. of blank lvs., first half 19th cent., without binding, sm. 8vo.

- Sl. foxed and fingersoiled.

= Contains ±15 recipes for i.a. Limonade, Rijst-Vla, Frambozen-Azijn, Hoofdkaas and Rolpens. Also incl. medical recipes (i.a. "Tegen de koorts" and "Tegen de kinkhoest") and a recipe for ink.

€ (30-50) 200
65/2357  Germany   Brandenburg  Georg Wilhelm  Elector of Brandenburg  1595 164065/2357 Germany Brandenburg Georg Wilhelm Elector of Brandenburg 1595 1640
65/2357 [Germany]. Brandenburg, Georg Wilhelm, Elector of Brandenburg (1595-1640). Manuscript letter SIGNED "George-Guillaume Prince Electeur de Brandenburg", to François van Aerssen of Sommelsdijk, dated "De Coulogne sur le Spri ce 28. de Decembr. A. v. 1619", pen and ink on paper, 1 folded leaf, 2p. (incl. address), w. paper wrapping strip of letter preserved w. traces of wax still attached.

- Trifle frayed and sl. foxed. Otherwise fine.

= Letter written just 7 months after Prince Maurits of Orange had executed Johan van Oldenbarnevelt. In the letter the Elector notes that he is instructing Sticke (either Dirck Sticke (ca. 1550-1619, mayor of Deventer) or his son Christoph (ca.1585-1651, the Elector's agent in the Netherlands)) to renew the esteem in which they held Van Aerssen and asking Van Aerssen to continue to accept their good will. In writing this letter in these tumultuous times to François van Aerssen who had first been closely associated with Van Oldenbarnevelt, but whose sympathies had later veered towards Prince Maurits, the Elector appears to be indicating that he accepts the new order of things.

€ (150-250) 150
65/2358  Great Britain   Indenture between Gawen Brathwaite and James Couthard65/2358 Great Britain Indenture between Gawen Brathwaite and James Couthard
65/2358 [Great Britain]. Indenture between "Gawen Brathwaite" and "James Couthard", manuscript on vellum w. black and red ink, concerning "Yorkshire Gawen Brathwaite in his proper person demandeth against James Couthard gentleman one messuage twenty acres of land five acres of meadow ten acres of pasture.", dated "28th of November in the seventh year of our Reign" (King George the Third, 1767), 84x70 cm., w. 1 wax seal, calligraphed initial w. elaborate decorated borders.

= Witnessed by Sir John Eardley Wilmot, Chief Justice of the Common Pleas (1766-1771).

€ (50-70) 50
65/2359  Groningen   Tjarda van Starkenborgh Stachouwer  E   1895 193665/2359 Groningen Tjarda van Starkenborgh Stachouwer E 1895 1936
65/2359 [Groningen]. Tjarda van Starkenborgh Stachouwer, E. (1895-1936). Album to celebrate the reappointment of Tjarda van Starkenborgh Stachouwer as mayor of Groningen, 1 April 1912, comprising a richly dec. calligraphed stiff paper title-leaf in black, colours and gold (signed "Alex. Wijngaard, Calligr. Gron.") and (47) stiff paper lvs. w. calligraphed names in black, red, blue and gold (the first monogrammed "Alex. W. Calligr."), loose in orig. richly blindst. burgundy mor. portfolio, silk-lined, folio, in modern custom made giltlettered burgundy dropback box.

- Silk lining sl. foxed.

= "Op den eersten April van het jaar [1912] is aan Jonkheer Meester Edzard Tjarda van Starkenborgh Stachouwer, toen hij voor de derde maal aanvaardde het ambt van Burgemeester van Groningen namens de Burgers van die stad, wier namen hierachter gevonden worden, een zilveren ambtsketen aangeboden terwijl hem met muziek en fakkellicht hulde gebracht werd (...)". With the ms. letter inviting the mayor to attend the serenade.

€ (200-300) 475
65/2360 Haas, A.J.J.Ph. (1862-19?). Small archive of correspondence, consisting of ±40 letters (partly in orig. envelope) and a few (picture) postcards etc., ±1895-1942.

= Alexander Haas was (second) secretary of the Koninklijk Oudheidkundig Genootschap. This archive contains correspondence with some prominent figures from the world of art, politics and science, incl. letters adressed to him as well as letters written by him, both on private and professional matters. Some names: Antonie Röell (mayor of Amsterdam and commissary of Noord-Holland), the artist Johan Gebhard, H. Teding van Berkhout, Frederik Schmidt Degener (director of Mus. Boijmans and the Rijksmuseum), the artist Egbert Schaap, professor I.Q. van Regteren Altena, art historian Jozef Muls, politician Jan Schokking and musicologist S. Botterheim.

€ (100-150) 110
65/2361  Indulgences    Letter of indulgence65/2361 Indulgences Letter of indulgence
65/2361 [Indulgences]. (Letter of indulgence). Pen and ink on vellum, 16th cent., one leaf, recto only.

- Folded; a few sm. holes caused by seal cord; lower margin rubbed (ink sl. faded); trifle foxed.

€ (50-70) 350
65/2362 [Italy]. Manuscript document on vellum signed "Petrus Antonius Brunalescus" and "Joannis Dominicus Bithunii", dated "millesimo quingentesimo quinquagesime nono, Indictione Secunda. die uevo martis septima Novembris. [7/8-11-1559]", written for Ludovicus Thealdus in Udine, concerning property.
€ (50-70)