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65/1152 [Het Beschreven Blad]. Beschreven Bladen. Jaardiner 2012 ("Letters"). Haarlem, HBB, 2011, 26 publications, various shapes and sizes, loosely inserted in orig. letterpress board box. - AND 2 other boxes from the same, both with num. sm. publications from various years (2005-2013), i.a. Jaaruitgave 2006 ("Reizen").
€ (50-70) 60
65/1153 [Biblia]. Biblia Sacra Vulgatae Editionis. Amst., Biblia Illustrata, 1901, 3 vols., 259,(1); 260-670,(4); (2),675-858,17,(5)p., num. helio-engr. plates, bookdecoration and initials in black and gold, orig. unif. richly gilt dec. polished calf, large folio.

- Bindings chafed; corners showing. = Impressive bookproduction.

€ (300-500)
65/1154 [Biblia]. Les Saints Évangiles, Transl. Bossuet. Paris, Hachettte, 1873, 2 vols., (2),155,(1); (2),175,(1)p., 2 engr. frontisp., 2 title-vignettes, colophon leaf, 4 divisional titles and 128 plates by BIDA, BODMER, GILBERT, and GIRARDET after BIDA, engr. vignettes and initials by C. ROSSIGNEUX, orig.(?) unif. richly gilt panelled mor., large folio.

- Bindings w. a few scratches and sm. rubbed spots. Otherwise fine.

= Vicaire IV, p.354: "Magistrale publication".

€ (200-300) 200
65/1155 Bijwaard, P. Doorlopend. Staphorst, Hein Elferink, 2004, title and colophon leaf and 5 vols., each entirely dec. by hand by P. BIJWAARD, each signed and "11 [or 12]-2004" "or "1-2005" and "2/10" in pencil, bound as blockbooks, printed in 10 copies, together in orig. cloth box w. wraparound band, folio. Kossmann, A. Dagboek uit en thuis. Amst., C. Heeneman, 1981, (51)p., ills., printed in various colours in 40 numb. copies, signed and numbered "7F" by the printer/ illustrator C. HEENEMAN, orig. hcl., folio.
€ (50-70) 50
65/1156  Bindings   Early 20th cent  green polished calf bindings65/1156 Bindings Early 20th cent green polished calf bindings
65/1156 [Bindings]. Early 20th cent. green polished calf bindings, gilt fillet lines along sides, spines gilt w. red mor. letterpiece, gilt inside dentelles, a.e.g. by BIRDSALL (Northampton). - ON: Zola, É. (Works). Paris, Bibliothèque-Charpentier, 1906-1908, 4 vols.

- Partly (sl.) waterst./ -wrinkled. Three vols. covers (sl.) waterst.; spines discoloured.

€ (50-70) 50
65/1157  Bindings   Bergh Jr   S  van den65/1157 Bindings Bergh Jr S van den
65/1157 [Bindings]. Bergh Jr., S. van den. Het leven van het echtpaar Simon van den Bergh en Elisabeth van der Wielen, voor hun nageslacht geschetst door hun jongsten zoon -. Rott., Gedrukt ter Electrische Drukkerij van Van den Berghs Limited, n.d. (1907), 131,(1)p., ills., fold. genealogical table on lower pastedown, text printed within red border, orig. richly gilt full vellum, frontcover w. gilt title and leafy decoration within broad border around margin consisting of oak leaves and acorns, giltlettered spine, a.e.g., folio.

- One leaf w. sm. tear in fore-edge. Frontcover sl. stained. Otherwise fine.

= An interesting account on the life of the margarine manufacturer Simon van den Bergh, privately published in a very small number of copies and nicely bound.

€ (200-300)
65/1158  Bindings   Bolten  J65/1158 Bindings Bolten J
65/1158 [Bindings]. Bolten, J. Het Nederlandse bankbiljet 1814-2002. Vormgeving en ontwikkeling. Amst., De Nederlandse Bank, 1999, 2nd rev. and enl. ed., VI,398p., num. (col.) ills., folio.

= Copy bound by GEERT VAN DAAL in full purple morocco, covers and backstrip decorated. w. onlay pieces of genuine Dutch guilder banknotes (des. by R.D.E. Oxenaar and J.T.G. Drupsteen) within a pattern of onlay black mor. strips and gilt fillet lines, silk fly leaves and doublures within mor. doublure margins w. gilt fillet lines, in matching gilt moroccobacked dropback box w. circular piece of the 250 guilders 'lighthouse' note mounted on lid (lid w. vague scratch in upper corner). A unique binding, produced for the competition of the Koopman Prijs voor Boekbanden 2005. It was selected with 3 other bindings and was awarded the 'Publieksprijs' at the exhibition "Luxe, de kunst van het Franse boek". SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE III.

€ (2.000-3.000)
65/1159  Bindings   Daal  G  van65/1159 Bindings Daal G van
65/1159  Bindings   Daal  G  van65/1159 Bindings Daal G van
65/1159 [Bindings]. Daal, G. van. Decorated blue morocco binding, frontcover stamped "SGV 100 GLU" in dark blue and w. onlay grey mor. decoration showing a typographical ruler, backcover w. a rectangle stamped in dark blue, gilt fillet line around both covers, ribbed spine w. 2 grey mor. letterpieces and a pattern of gilt fillet lines, blue mor. doublure margins w. gilt fillet lines, w. onlay grey mor. squares in corners, inside frontcover giltlettered "100 jaar grafisch onderwijs Utrecht" and inside backcover "Honder jaar grafisch goed" (signed "G. van Daal '08"), in matching grey cl. dropback box w. blue lettering on spine. - ON: 100 jaar grafisch onderwijs in Utrecht, 100 jaar grafisch goed. Utr., X11 Schoolvoorgrafimedia, 2007, (4),244,(3)p., col. ills., 4to.
€ (300-500) 400
65/1160  Bindings   Griffin  R65/1160 Bindings Griffin R
65/1160 [Bindings]. Griffin, R. Decorated burgundy morocco binding, frontcover with lozenge-shaped and triangle onlays in green, purple and yellow mor. and a central insert of an oval piece of lapis lazuli, spine w. giltlettered green mor. letterpiece, kept in clamshell box w. marbled paper over covers and cloth edges, printed letterpieces on cover and spine. - ON: Hankel, V. Sir Thomas Phillips & Australia. An address to the Bibliographical Society of Australia and New Zealand in 1982; now expanded, and published for the first time. Adelaide, Sullivan's Cove, 1987, 48,(3)p., printed in black and blue at the Nag's Head Press in 185 numb. copies.
€ (200-300) 200
65 1161 Bindings  Kam E van der65 1161 Bindings Kam E van der
65/1161 [Bindings]. Kam, E. van der. Ons tientje. Een necrologie over het Nederlandse tientje. Dodewaard, Arethusa Pers, 2007, 116,(1)p., printed in black and red in 240 numb. copies (5), 4to.

= One of 5 copies PRINTED ON VELLUM of the 84 copies w. the Arethuse Pers imprint (156 copies have the imprint of the Geldmuseum, Utrecht), signed by the author and the publisher (binder), with 2 loosely inserted Dutch 10-guilder banknotes (designed by resp. R.D.E. Oxenaar and J.T.G. Drupsteen), bound by GEERT VAN DAAL in blue mor. w. 4 onlay pieces of the Dutch 10-guilder banknotes on frontcover and w. 8 (instead of the regular 4) golden 10-guilder coins (struck in 1875, 1876, 1812 and 1927) and 1 silver 10-guilder coin (struck in 1970) inserted in 5 windows in frontcover, dropback box, both covers w. a pattern of gilt dots and lines stamped in darkblue, ribbed plain spine, dec. blue paper flyleaf en doublure w. blue mor. doublure margins w. gilt fillet lines, w. onlay square pieces of the 10-guilder banknotes in corners, gilt boardedges, t.e.g., in matching dec. and giltlettered hmor. dropback box. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE II.

€ (2.500-3.500)
65/1162  Bindings   Menalda  E65/1162 Bindings Menalda E
65/1162 [Bindings]. Menalda, E. Full black morocco binding, frontcover w. onlay green mor. shield with broad richly gilt brown mor. onlay ornamental margins, giltlettered "MCM - MCMXXV" and "Aan Mr. H.P. Marchant lid van de Tweede Kamer der Staten Generaal", gilt doublure margins w. gilt onlay green mor. ornaments in corners, folio, orig. board slipcase. - ON: Album to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Hendrik Pieter Marchant as a member of Dutch parliament for the Vrijzinnig-Democratischen Bond, 8 June 1925, comprising 5 calligr. introd. pages and 64 lvs. w. num. mounted signatures of members of the V.D.B.

- One of the brown mor. onlay ornaments w. sm. dam.

= With calligraphed colophon at the end: "Dit album is vervaardigd in de werkplaats van Elisabeth Menalda, Kunstboekbindster te Amsterdam"; with the blindst. monogram "EM" on the frontcover (2x) .

€ (100-150) 500
65 1163  Bodenheim  N    Ansingh  L65 1163 Bodenheim N Ansingh L
65 1163  Bodenheim  N    Ansingh  L65 1163 Bodenheim N Ansingh L
65/1163 [Bodenheim, N.]. Ansingh, L. Een vruchtenmandje. Amst., De Spieghel, 1927, (47)p., title-vignette, 21 plates and ill. on upper cover, all lithographed and handcoloured by N. BODENHEIM, printed in 100 numb. copies, signed by the illustrator, orig. hvellum, 4to.

- Covers foxed; ties of binding broken.

= DELUXE edition, printed on Hollands paper, with the manuscript text of the title-p., colophon and the calligraphed captions to the illustrations (on opposite page) in (col.) pencil, crayon and watercolour ENTIRELY in the exuberant hand of Bodenheim. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE IV.

€ (400-500) 425
65/1164 Bogaerts  T65/1164 Bogaerts T
65/1164 Bogaerts, T. Het oog op den heuvel. Amst., De Spieghel, 1928, 187,(2)p., 6 woodcuts by A. DROESBEKE, all signed in pencil, printed in 56 numb. copies (6), contemp. giltlettered green mor., t.e.g., in custom made giltlettered cl. dropback box.

= EXTRA DELUXE COPY: one of 6 roman numbered copies with an extra suite of the woodcuts printed on "Keizerlijk Japansch", each signed in pencil by the artist, the colophon signed by the author and the artist and with two extra original drawings in pen: one (bound-with) drawing of a town-view seen from an aeroplane (14,5x10,3 cm. (signed in pencil)) and an unsigned small drawing of a boat at sea (7x11,5 cm.) (loosely inserted). Also contains a loosely inserted signed typescript presentation letter by the author to Mr M.B.B. Nijkerk ((1)p.). SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE IV.

€ (150-250) 300
65/1165 Bordewijk  F65/1165 Bordewijk F
65/1165 Bordewijk, F. Bloesemtak. Dodewaard, Distelkamp & Arethusa Pers, 2001, 263,(3)p., 5 etchings by W. VAN DER MEIJ, all signed/ monogrammed in pencil, printed in black and green in 125 numb. copies (115), bound by L. VAN DAAL in gilt hmor., limp board slipcase.
€ (80-100) 90
65/1166 Bordewijk, F. Blokken. (The Hague), BZZTôH, 1980, 32,(3)p., typography and 8 (full-p.) col. ills. by F. DE JONG, printed in 350 numb. copies signed by the illustrator, orig. cl. w. dustwr., square 8vo. Kelk, F. Flarden en raapsels. Zaltbommel, Van der Garde, 1978, (1),55,(4)p., num. plates by i.a. CONSTANT, R. LUCASSEN and J. SIERHUIS, printed by F. DE JONG for Jan Keijser in 250 numb. and signed copies, orig. cl. w. plastic dustwr., 4to.

- Tear in backwr.

€ (60-80)
65/1167 Bosschère  J  de65/1167 Bosschère J de
65/1167 Bosschère, J. de. Dolorine et les Ombres. Des poèmes, des arguments et des images. Paris, Bibliothèque de "l'Occident", 1911, 213p., 1 tinted portr. by R. LECLERQ, 32 col. plates, ills. by J. DE BOSSCHÈRE, printed in black and ochre in 300 numb. copies (250), contemp. gilt halfmor., orig. wr. pres., t.e.g., 4to.

- Bookplate on upper pastedown; some lvs. foxed. Spine sl. rubbed.

= One of 250 copies h.c. on papier anglaís. Warmoes 72.

€ (80-100) 80
65/1168 Boutens, P.C. Achttien verzen bij werk van W.A. van Konijnenburg. Amst., Marnix-Pers, 1933, 1st ed., 24,(4)p., printed in 40 numb. copies (25), orig. wr. pres., contemp. orange hmor.

- Erased owner's entry on first free endpaper (w. tiny hole).

= SIGNED by the author on first free endpaper. One of 25 copies on "Hollandsch".

€ (70-90) 130
65/1169 Boutens, P.C. Alianora. Spel van het huwelijk van Reynalt van Nassaw hertog van Gelre en Alianora van Engeland. Bussum, C.J. van Dishoeck, 1924, 2nd ed., 47,(1)p., later mor. w. vertical black and turquoise stripes.

- Spine discol.

= One of 8 numbered DE LUXE copies (this is copy no. 7) on Keizerlijk-Japansch papier, signed by the publisher C.A.J. van Dishoeck.

Idem. The same work. Leyden, S.C. van Doesburgh, 1910, 1st ed., 33,(2)p., orig. wr.

- Skilfully recased. Wr. browned/ sl. waterst.

€ (80-100) 120
65/1170 Boutens, P.C. Beatrijs. Rott., C.A.J. van Dishoeck, 1908, 1st ed., 52p., frontisp. by R. CRAMER, contemp. hmor., orig. (repeated) wr. by R. CRAMER pres.

- Sl. foxed. Spine faded.

AND 1 other.

€ (60-80) 60
65/1171 Boutens, P.C. Honderd Hollandsche kwatrijnen. Haarlem, J. Enschedé en Zonen, 1932, 1st ed., 109,(2)p., printed in 30 copies on Japanese, contemp. full black mor. by L. MALCORPS, t.e.g.

- Spine sl. faded and sl. rubbed along extremities.

€ (100-150) 100