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65/1132 [Avalon Pers]. Meijsing, G. De oude mens. Kerstverhaal. Woubrugge, Avalon Pers, 1995, 1st ed., 12,(3)p., printed in 60 numb. and signed copies, orig. wr. Komrij, G. Over de impuls, het ijkpunt en de horzel. Ibid., idem, 2001, 1st ed., 15,(2)p., printed in 113 copies (100), orig. wr. - AND 18 others, all by the same press, i.a. L. COUPERUS, Hartelijk dank! Louis Couperus aan dr. J.R. Bos. Ed. M. Voskuil (Woubrugge/ The Hague, 2006, printed in 100 copies, orig. wr.); DESIDERATA. Een kleine hommage aan Frédéric Bastet (Woubrugge/ The Hague, 2006, printed in 50 copies, orig. wr., obl. 8vo); K.J. NIJKERK, Met de beste wensen. Gelegenheidsgrafiek rond de jaarwisseling (Woubrugge/ Amst., 2004, printed in 100 copies, orig. wr.) and E. SANDERS, De troost van schoonheid (ibid., 2004, printed in 35 copies, orig. wr., obl. 8vo).
€ (150-250) 150
65/1133 [Avalon Pers]. Wilde, O. The Ballad of Reading Gaol/ De Ballade van de Readinger gevangenis. Dutch transl. W. Blok. Woubrugge, Avalon Pers, 1999, 61,(4)p., printed in 90 copies, orig. cl. by H. VAN DER KRUIJK. Douglas, A. Oscar Wilde. A Plea and a Reminiscence. Ibid., idem, 2002, 44,(9)p., portrait, printed in 250 copies, orig. cl. by H. VAN DER KRUIJK, 4to. Wintermans, C. (ed.). Dear Sir. Brieven van het echtpaar Couperus aan Oscar Wilde. Ibid., idem, 2003, (17)p., 2 facs. ills., printed in 250 copies, orig. wr., large 8vo. - AND 1 other printed by the same press.
€ (70-90) 80
65/1134 Backer, F. de. De witte vijand. Antw., Lumière, 1930, 61,(2)p., 4 orig. woodcut ills. by J. CANTRÉ (incl. frontwr.), printed in black and red in 146 numb. copies, orig. wr.

- Sl. foxed; bookplate on first free endpaper. Wrapper sl. foxed and browned; spine dam.


Achterberg, G. Hoonte. Amst., Capricornus (G.W. Breughel), 1949, 1st ed., 79,(1)p., printed in 520 numb. copies (500), orig. (sl. browned) wr. Idem. Eurydice., n.publ. (Utr., Het Spectrum), 1944, 1st ed., 33,(2)p., printed in 175 numb. copies, orig. wr. - AND 3 others by E. DU PERRON, G. ACHTERBERG and A. BOSMAN.

€ (80-100) 80
65/1135 [De Bange Duivel]. Een hol kinderhoofd in de leegte. Voor de wetenschappelijke waarde van het poezie album. Leyden, (De Bange Duivel), 1973, title-leaf and 21 text leaves, 21 (col.) etchings by POL JONG (6x), DAVID LUYTEN, LYDIA LUYTEN (6x), MILO LUYTEN, AB STEENVOORDEN and MARIUS VROEGINDEWEY (6x), each numb. "212/250" and signed and titled in pencil, 10 photogr. plates by POL JONG and FRANS MONTENS (i.a. portrait of B. Büch), printed in 250 numb. copies, together loose as issued in orig. wooden box (44x44,5x4 cm.), covered w. cl. w. embroidered title on cover.

- Cloth over box sl. foxed.

€ (100-150) 100
65/1136 Baudelaire  C65/1136 Baudelaire C
65/1136 Baudelaire, C. Les Fleurs du Mal. Paris, R. Kieffer, 1920, (10),363,(2)p., 26 pochoir col. plates by A. DOMIN, printed in 450 numb. copies, contemp. gilt hmor w. blindst. spine and marbled boards, orig. wr. pres., t.e.g.

- Spine w. some rubbed spots. Good/fine copy. = Monod 1075.

€ (300-500) 300
65/1137 Baudelaire  C65/1137 Baudelaire C
65/1137 Baudelaire, C. Les fleurs du mal. Paris, Gibert Jeune (Librairie d'Amateurs), 1935, (8),243,(10)p., 16 pochoir col. plates and 100 ills. by C. FARNETI, printed in 3000 numb. copies, contemp. blue hmor., orig. wr. pres., t.e.g., 4to.

= Monod 1095.

€ (100-150) 160
65/1138 Bauer, M.A.J. Histoire d'Aboulhassan Ali Ebn Becar et de Schemselnihar, favorite du calife Haroun Al-Raschid. Conte tiré des Mille et une nuits d'après la traduction de Galland. Haarlem, Erven F. Bohn, 1929, 174,(2)p., large number of col. ills. by M.A.J. BAUER, printed by J. ENSCHEDÉ EN ZONEN on handmade Van Gelder in 275 numb. and SIGNED copies (217), orig. wr., orig. giltlettered slipcase, 4to.

- Contents fine. Slipcase rubbed along extremities.

€ (150-250)
65/1139  Bauer  M A J    Fragments des mille nuits et une nuit65/1139 Bauer M A J Fragments des mille nuits et une nuit
65/1139 [Bauer, M.A.J.]. Fragments des mille nuits et une nuit. (Wassenaar), "Edition privée" (S. van Deventer), (1927), 214p., ills. by M.A.J. BAUER, typography by HENRI VAN DE VELDE, printed in 200 numb. copies, orig. gilt mor. w. gilt vignette by HENRI VAN DE VELDE, t.e.g., folio.

- Spine rubbed/ faded.

= With the (often lacking) colophon, in which the publisher explains the printing history of this work and presents it to [manuscript:] "Monsieur M.B.B. Nijkerk".

€ (200-300) 325
65/1140 Bayros  F  von  under pseud  Choisy Le Conin65/1140 Bayros F von under pseud Choisy Le Conin
65/1140 Bayros, F. von (under pseud. Choisy Le Conin). Die Bonbonnière. Galante und artige Samlung erotischer Phantasien von Choisy Le Conin mit Paraphrasen in Poesie und Prosa von Amadée de La Houlette. Vienna/ Leipsic, C.W. Stern/ Privatdruck nur für Subskribenten, n.d. (1907), 1st part (of 5), 14 textp., 6 aquatint etchings (of 12 in this part) by F. VON BAYROS (2x signed in the plate), w. accomp. texts by A. DE LA HOUETTE [= F. BLEI], printed in 530 numb. copies, loose (as issued) without wr., folio.

- One etching w. fold; sl. fingersoiled; some plates sl. (marginal) foxing.

= Stern-Szana 239; Hayn/ Gotendorf IX, p.43 ("Das Werk is jetzt sehr selten") and I, p.410/411: "'Choysy [sic] le Conin' versteht es wie kein anderer, das erotische Element im Leben des Weibes von der liebenswürdigen und amoreusen Seite zu nehmen. In dieser Auffassung weicht er stark von der Kunst des Félicien Rops ab, der in symbolistischer Weise das Weib stets als den Urgrund alles Unglücks des Mannes darstellt und das Weib nur als den Gesamtinbegriff von Leidenschaft und Tücke kennt. Auber auch von dem nicht minder grossen und genialen Aubrey Beardsley unterscheidet sich 'Choysy le Conin' auf das Beste, da er im Gegensatz zu diesem, dessen Werke stets eine krankhafte Sinnlichkeit zeigen, nur von der Idee des "Schönen, Graziösen und Ästhetischen" einzig und allein geleitet wird. Der Rausch der Sinne, wenn er schöne Menschen darstellt, ist für das Schönheitsideal genau so ein Offenbarung, wie jede andere." SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE I.

€ (300-500)
65/1141 Bayros  F  von65/1141 Bayros F von
65/1141 Bayros, F. von. Dulces umbras. Vienna, A. Wolf, 1913, XI,(1 blank),71p., title and 12 helio-engr. plates after F. VON BAYROS (one printed in sepia), printed in 1000 numb. copies (950), orig. richly gilt hmor. by F. LYSAKOWSKI (Vienna), t.e.g.

- Trifle foxed.

€ (100-150) 110
65/1142 Beardsley  A65/1142 Beardsley A
65/1142 Beardsley, A. Kresby a Verše. Přeložil jarmil krecar. Prague, Vydall/ Bradac/ Kral, 1916, 1st ed., no pagination, 4 plates and two vignettes by AUBREY BEARDSLEY, orig. giltlettered hvellum, sm 4to.

- Bookplate on upper pastedown. Covers partly discoloured.

€ (60-80)
65/1143  Beardsley  A    Wilde  O65/1143 Beardsley A Wilde O
65/1143 [Beardsley, A.]. Wilde, O. Salomé. A tragedy in one act. Introd. R. Ross. London/ New York, The Bodley Head/ John Lane Company, 1907, XVIII,(6),65,(1),(2 sm. advert.)p., 16 plates (incl. title and plate-index) and orig. richly gilt cl. by AUBREY BEARDSLEY, t.e.g.

- Owner's entry on first free endpaper; bookplate on upper pastedown; plates trifle yellowed; slight offsetting of plates; second and last but one leaf browned. Spine w. a few (sl.) worn spots; corners rubbed/ sl. worn.

= Lasner 59D; Taylor p.96f: "(...) the illustrations for Salomé probably represent the peak of Beardsley's career (...)"; Mason 355. English translation by Alfred Douglas; the first French ed. was published in Paris, 1893. Ray, The illustrator and the book in England 1790-1914, 315: "If Le Morte Darthur made Beardsley known, his designs for the first edition in English of Wilde's Salomé made him notorious, and it remains the book of which most people think when his name is mentioned. (...) When Salomé was published, the critics made their expected protest, though Wilde was their primary target, and relations between writer and artist became strained. But even if Beardsley offers amiable caricatures of Wilde in "Enter Herodias" and two other designs, it is mistaken to think that he was contemptuous of the text he was illustrating. It moved his imagination as did few other subjects." In the first Beardsley illustrated edition of 1894 two drawings and the cover design were cancelled and several plates were bowdlerized. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE I.

€ (200-300)
65/1144  Bébert   Henderikse  J65/1144 Bébert Henderikse J
65/1144 [Bébert]. Henderikse, J. Broadway. New York/ Rott., the author/ Bébert, n.d. (1983), large fold. leporello, title-p. and 79 (of 83?) lvs. (11x35,5 cm. each) w. 3 photogr. ills. each, fold. Manhattan bus map loose in rear-pocket, printed in approx. 200 copies, loose in orig. cardboard wr. w. ties, signed and "2/4 83 no 5" in pencil on frontcover, obl. narrow 4to.

- Probably lacks 4 leaves w. 12 ills. (but no traces of disruption visible on any of the plates).

= With the orig. prospectus composed by the author for the work in the orig. publisher's envelope loosely inserted; the author describes the contents of the work and the number of plates as follows: "En nu dus BROADWAY. Zo'n 250 straten lang. Dat houdt in zo'n 250 foto's. 3 op een pagina. Fijn uitgevoerd in Harmonica stijl (...)." This rather general indication of the number of plates may indicate that the number of plates per copy can vary.

€ (250-350)
65/1145  Bébert   Henderikse  J65/1145 Bébert Henderikse J
65/1145 [Bébert]. Henderikse, J. That's Life, That's What All The People Say. (Rott.), Bébert, (1985), (12) text lvs. (htitle, title, contents, divisional titles and colophon), mounted col. photogr. frontisp. plate (of Ronald and Nancy Reagan) SIGNED by the artist, 8 mounted monochr. and 46 mounted col. photographs, 20 mounted "Bakkieskaarten", published in 36 numb. copies (26), signed by J. HENDERIKSE on loose final leaf, together loose as issued in yellow cl. slipcase, kept in matching box, 4to.

= WITH a loosely inserted invitation to the presentation of the book. The book is divided into seven series of photographs (New York Architecture (8x), Bar Mitswa (2x), Looking Down (2x), Miss World 1965-'70 (4x), Shattered Dreams (8x), The Handshaking Captain (18x) and Portrait Gallery (12x)) and one series of 18 "Bakkieskaarten" (mounted flyers for amateur radio stations). SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE II.

€ (150-250) 220
65/1146  Bébert   Henderikse  J65/1146 Bébert Henderikse J
65/1146 [Bébert]. Henderikse, J. Unwrapped and Unveiled. Rott./ New York, Bébert, 1983, 4 lvs. (htitle, title, content and colophon), mounted colour polaroid, 2 col. xeroxed lvs., a mounted cheque (filled out to J.L. van de Lande) and 5 xeroxed photocollages, typography by H. DUBOURCQ, published in 36 copies (26), together loose as issued in orig. stiff paper portfolio w. mounted xeroxed photocollage on frontcover, 4to.

= One of 26 lettered copies, signed by the artist and the typographer. The mounted col. polaroid was taken during the presentation of Jan Henderikse's book I found a picture of you, those were the happiest days in my life.

WITH loosely inserted: 2 mounted col. photographs by same (one on verso of the invitation to the opening of the exhibition "Trapgevels van Delft") and an invitation to the exhibition "Jan Henderikse Ein Künstler arbeitet mit Fotos".

€ (100-150) 110
65/1147  Bébert   Uyl  B  den and DeJong  P65/1147 Bébert Uyl B den and DeJong P
65/1147 [Bébert]. Uyl, B. den and DeJong, P. Een afscheid in Bayreuth. Rott., Bébert, (1985), (7) lvs. [incl. (4)p. w. facs. text] and 4 col. silkscreens by P. DEJONG, printed in 26 numb. copies (15), signed by the author and the artist, orig. cl., folio.

- Frontcover some sm. paint specks.

= One of 15 copies not for sale. With loosely inserted drawing by P. DeJong (pencil and pen and ink, signed and "Juni '85") and an AUTOGRAPH poem by B. den Uyl (signed and dated "3 juni 1985").

€ (250-350) 250
65/1148  Bébert   Uyl  B  den and DeJong  P65/1148 Bébert Uyl B den and DeJong P
65/1148 [Bébert]. Uyl, B. den and DeJong, P. Een afscheid in Bayreuth. Rott., Bébert, (1985), (7) lvs. [incl. (4)p. w. facs. text] and 4 col. silkscreens by P. DEJONG, printed in 26 numb. copies (11), signed in the colophon by the author and the artist, folio.

- Portfolio sl. (dust)stained.

= One of 11 copies for sale. With loosely inserted drawing by P. DEJONG and a loosely inserted autograph poem "Verloren" by B. DEN UYL, loosely inserted col. offset card (not called for but with the same number on verso as stated in the colophon). SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE II.

€ (250-350) 250
65/1149  Bellmer  H    Hugnet  G65/1149 Bellmer H Hugnet G
65/1149 [Bellmer, H.]. Hugnet, G. Oeillades ciselées en branche. Paris, Jeanne Bucher, 1939, 1st ed., (47)p., 25 (full-p.) col. ills. by HANS BELLMER, printed in 231 numb. copies (200), orig. limp boards w. mounted paper lace decoration, 12mo.

- Trifle yellowed; endpapers foxed; hinges occas. weak. Bookblock loosening; backstrip and (along spine) wr. sl. yellowed.

= Monod 6137; Hans Bellmer, Oeuvre gravé (1969), p.(134); Bolliger VI, 350: "Eine der schönsten und bedeutendsten surrealistische Buchpublikationen. Die prachtvollen farbigen Zeichnungen, meist in den Tönen violett, blau, grün, gelb wurden auf das meisterhafteste, wie auch das Manuskript des Dichters, auf der Presse van J.J. Taneur in Paris gedruckt." SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE III.

€ (2.500-3.500)
65/1150 Béranger, P.-J. de. Oeuvres complètes. Paris, Perrotin, 1847, 2 vols., new rev. ed., (4),XL,411,(1); (4),401,(1)p., engr. portr., engr. title, 2 fold. facs., 52 steelengr. plates, contemp. unif. gilt red hmor., large 8vo. - WITH: Idem. Musique des chansons. Ed. F. Bérat. Ibid., idem, 1858, 7th ed., (4),292,(8 advert)p., orig. wr. pres. (from the 5th ed.), bound unif. w. the above - WITH: Idem. Dernières chansons (...) de 1834 à 1851. Ibid., idem, 1857, (4),III,(1),374,8,(4)p., 14 steelengr. plates, bound unif. w. the above. - WITH: Idem. Chansons de Béranger. Supplement. Ibid., Le marchands de nouveautés, 1861, 158,(1)p., bound unif. w. the above.

- Last vol. sl. foxed in margins; all other vols. trifle foxed or only a very few foxed spots. Rubbed spots along extremities binding; some corners showing. Attractively bound set.

= The supplement volume contains the erotic songs by De Béranger. Vicaire I, 412-414.

€ (100-150) 120
65/1151  Berg  S  van den   Winkler  K65/1151 Berg S van den Winkler K
65/1151 [Berg, S. van den]. Winkler, K. Silent Spring., printed by C. Lücker for K. Winkler and the artist, 1984, broadside, 40x26 cm., letterpress text w. collage by SIEP VAN DEN BERG (20x20 cm.), printed in 25 copies, monogrammed by the artist and author and "17" in pencil by the artist, framed.

= "(...) onder vrienden van dichter en kunstenaar verspreid omstreeks de jaarwisseling van 1984-1985" [colophon].

€ (100-150) 130