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65/1272 Dante Alighieri65/1272 Dante Alighieri
65/1272 Dante Alighieri. La Divina Commedia illustrata da Sandro Botticelli. Ed. S. Battaglia, L. Donati and V. Guzzi. Rome, N. Canesi, 1965, XLVII,(1),333,(2)p., num. (full-p.) col. facs. ills. after S. BOTTICELLI, printed in 2100 numb. copies (2000), orig. giltlettered calf, calf slipcase w. dec. cloth covers, obl. folio.

- Trifle yellowed/ waterstained in upper and lower outer blank margin. Binding trifle rubbed/ scratched; spine sl. sunned; slipcase sl. worn along extremities.

€ (80-100) 100
65/1273 Darwin, B. and E. Tootleoo Two. London, The Nonesuch Press, n.d. (1927), 1st ed., no pagination, 20 col. plates and orig. pict. boards by E. DARWIN, obl. 4to.

- Corners and spine-ends sl. bumped. = Dreyfus 45.

€ (50-70) 60
65/1274 Debussy  C  and Hellé  A65/1274 Debussy C and Hellé A
65/1274 Debussy, C. and Hellé, A. La boîte à joujoux. Ballet pour enfants. Paris, A. Durand & Fils, 1919, 1st ed., (10)p. (incl. col. title-p.), col. ills. and 17 col. plates (incl. 4 divis. titles and tailpiece) by A. HELLÉ, 48p. w. scores, orig. col. pict. wr., obl. 4to.

- Annotation in pen on title-p. Wr. frayed along extremities; spine-ends dam. = Bilderwelt 2655 (later ed.).

€ (200-300)
65/1275  Dénis  M    Thomas à Kempis65/1275 Dénis M Thomas à Kempis
65/1275  Dénis  M    Thomas à Kempis65/1275 Dénis M Thomas à Kempis
65/1275 [Dénis, M.]. Thomas à Kempis. L'imitation de Jésus-Christ. Traduction anonyme du XVIIe siècle. Paris, A. Vollard, 1903, XIV,456,(1)p., large number of woodcuts by MAURICE DENIS, printed in 400 numb. copies (280), 4to.

- A very fine copy.

= Monod 6262; Carteret IV, p.214: "l'Une des meilleures productions de Maurice Denis, bien inspiré en illustrant ce livre en noir." Copy bound in full darkblue mor. by NOULHAC, w. giltlettered ribbed spine, mor. doublure margins w. multiple gilt fillet lines, blue silk doublures and flyleaves, gilt boardedges, a.e.g., orig. wr., pres. (sl. dam.) slipcase; frontcover w. an inlay pictorial engraved and handcol. wooden panel by GUSTAVE GUÉTANT. Remarkable copy in a unique binding, with the following extras: an ORIGINAL CHARCOAL DESIGN DRAWING (for the print on p.220), a PROOF of a lithograph and a COLOUR WOODCUT (monogrammed in the block; sl. foxed), all by MAURICE DENIS, all bound before the htitle, which is signed by the artist; the original prospectus (VII,(1)p.), 5 ORIGINAL DESIGN DRAWINGS (charcoal/ charcoal heightened w. white/ watercolour/ soft pencil/ soft pencil heigthened w. white) and a photogr. plate (verso w. autogr. signed dedication to Henri Vever by the artist) for/ of the pictorial wooden panel by GUSTAVE GUÉTANT, as well as the original invoice to Vever for making the panel, all bound at the end. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE XI.

€ (1.500-2.500) 3750
65/1276 Desergy, R.-M. Diana Gantée. Paris, Collection des Orties Blanches, 1932, 1st ed., 264,(3)p., 16 helio-engr. plates by L. PIERRE, orig. wr.

- Spine-ends sl. rubbed/ worn. = Pia 341.

Vergès, P. Cuisant noviciat. Ibid., idem, 1934, 1st ed., 252,(1)p., 12 helio-engr. plates by J. BLACK, orig. wr. (foot of spine sl. dam.). - AND 3 others, i.a. A. MURTYS, Esclaves malgré elles ou Les Captives Domtées (Paris, n.d. (±1930), plates by O. RIDRIK, orig. wr.) and R. HALLERER, In weiblicher Peitschensucht (Hamburg, n.d. (±1980), orig. cl. Facs. reprint).

€ (50-70)
65/1277 Deyssel  L  van65/1277 Deyssel L van
65/1277 Deyssel, L. van. Gedenkschriften. Amst., Querido, 1924, 1st ed., (4),290p.

- Remnants of bookplate on verso first free endpaper. Very fine copy.

= One of 75 numb. and signed copies, bound in orig. gilt dec. vellum des. by J.B. VAN HEUKELOM, t.e.g., 4to.

€ (100-150) 150
65/1278  Dijkstra  J    Cohen  J65/1278 Dijkstra J Cohen J
65/1278 [Dijkstra, J.]. Cohen, J. Schemer. Verzen. Gron., "De Ploeg", 1923, 1st ed., (4),64,(1)p., 8 orig. woodcuts by JOHAN DIJKSTRA, private giltlettered boards, orig. woodcut wr. by JOHAN DIJKSTRA pres.

- All lvs. w. diagonal fold in lower right corner.

= One of 25 copies SIGNED by Johan Dijkstra, this copy with all woodcuts also SIGNED by him.

€ (80-100) 250
65/1279 Dongen  K  van65/1279 Dongen K van
65/1279 Dongen, K. van. Petite histoire pour petits et grands nenfants. (Paris), 1901, (16)p. (incl. wr.), full-p. (col.) lithogr. ills. and orig. wr. by K. VAN DONGEN, 4to.

- Contents a few small tears in outer blank margins. Wr. a few chips/ sm. tears. Good copy.

= l'Assiette au Beurre no. 30.

€ (60-80) 60
65/1280  Doré  G    Dante Alighieri65/1280 Doré G Dante Alighieri
65/1280 [Doré, G.]. Dante Alighieri. De Komedie. In dichtmaat overgebracht door Dr. J.C. Hacke van Mijnden. Haarlem, A.C. Kruseman, 1867-1873, 3 vols., (20),243,(4); (16),246,(3); (16),239,(1),8,(3)p., mounted photogr. frontisp. of a bust of Dante to vol. 1 and photogravure frontisp. portrait of the translator to vol. 3, 43/ 42/ 19 woodengr. plates after G. DORÉ, Italian and Dutch verse, orig. unif. gilt blindst. cl., folio.

- Occas. foxed, mainly in blank margins. Vol. 1 and 3 rebacked w. matching cloth and w. use of (part of) orig. backstrip, and corners restored; bindings w. some (sm.) stains and sl. worn along extremities.

= 1. De Hel; 2. Het Vagevuur; 3. Het Paradijs. The Dutch translation next to the Italian original.

€ (80-100) 80
65/1281 [Doré, G.]. Tennyson, A. Elaine. Enid. London, E. Moxon and Co., n.d. (±1868), 2 (of 4) vols., (10),115-156,(6); (9),160-216,(8)p., each w. 9 steelengr. plates G. Doré, orig. unif. gilt cl., a.e.g., folio.

- Wihout vol. 1 (Guinevere) and 2 (Vivien). Partly foxed; one plate loose. One vol. backstrip loosening; both vols. covers sl. worn.

= Cf. Leblanc p.332.

€ (40-60) 40
65/1282 [Drukwerk in de Marge]. Dichter des Vaderlands. Rott./ The Hague, Stichting Drukwerk in de Marge/ Koninklijke Bibliotheek, 2005, title/ index-leaf and 31 booklets (incl. introd. booklet) printed by 31 different presses, each printed in a lim. (numb.) edition, loose as issued in orig. board box, 4to.

= Produced in 65 sets. Comprises poems printed by i.a. Augustijn Pers, Houtpers, Kalamos Pers, Koekanger Handpers, Lojen Deur Pers, Mikado Pers, Statenhofpers, De Uitvreter and Hester Verkruissen.

€ (300-500)
65/1283  Drukwerk in de Marge   Paaltjens  P   = F  Haverschmidt65/1283 Drukwerk in de Marge Paaltjens P = F Haverschmidt
65/1283 [Drukwerk in de Marge]. Paaltjens, P. (= F. Haverschmidt). Snikken en grimlachjes. Poëzie uit den studententijd van Piet Paaltjens. "Leiden en omstreken", 'Drukkers in de Marge', 1994, (139)p., ills., printed in various colours in 90 copies, orig. cl. w. mounted plate on frontcover.

= Published on occasion of the 100th anniversary of the author's death. Contains contributions printed by private presses from Leyden and surroundings, i.a. De Ammoniet, Avalon Pers, Clipeus Pers, Pers No.14 and De Uitvreter.

€ (70-90) 70
65/1284 Ducros  E65/1284 Ducros E
65/1284 Ducros, E. En Chemin de Fer. Triolets Dits Par M. Monnet-Sully. Paris, Ludovic Baschet, n.d. (1885), (18) leaves w. in total 17 col. ills. by CH. DAUX (incl. title-vignette), one of 25 numb. copies on Japanese, bound in contemp. giltlettered mor. w. blindstamped silk doublures by ZAEHNSDORF, gilt inside dentelles, orig. silk wrappers pres., silk ties, folio.

- Corners and spine sl. worn along extremities; silk trifle rubbed along margins; silk ties almost gone.

= Rare copy of the DELUXE edition, with nice pictorial silk wrappers. Not in the usual reference works. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE XI.

€ (250-350)
65/1285  Dulac  E    Poe  E A65/1285 Dulac E Poe E A
65/1285 [Dulac, E.]. Poe, E.A. The Bells and other Poems. London/ New York/ Toronto, Hodder and Stoughton, n.d. (1912), no pagination, 28 col. plates, tinted ills. and bookdec. by EDMUND DULAC, printed in 750 numb. copies signed by the artist, orig. richly gilt vellum, 4to.

- Apart from the following minor defects a desirable copy: bookblock splitting; ties lacking; first (and final) free endpaper browned and w. contemp. owner's entry; upper pastedown w. sm. bookshop ticket. Frontcover partly sl. discolored.

= Announcement for an exhibition in 1912 of Edmund Dulac's drawings for "The Bells and other Poems" loosely inserted. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE XII.

€ (700-900) 850
65/1286  Dulac  E    Sindbad der Seefahrer  Die geschichte der Prinzessin von Deryabar65/1286 Dulac E Sindbad der Seefahrer Die geschichte der Prinzessin von Deryabar
65/1286 [Dulac, E.]. Sindbad der Seefahrer. Die geschichte der Prinzessin von Deryabar. Potsdam, Müller & Co., n.d. (1920), 134,(1)p., 14 tipped-in col. plates by E. DULAC, printed in 150 numb. copies (70).

- Spine and sm. portion frontcover discoloured.

= One of 70 numbered copies on "deutschen Bütten", bound in full gilt decorated leather by CURT MÖLLER-FERNAU.

€ (250-350) 250
65 1287  Eekman  N    Coster  C  de65 1287 Eekman N Coster C de
65/1287 [Eekman, N.]. Coster, C. de. La légende d'Ulenspiegel. Reims, Hébé, 1947, 2 vols., 206,(3); 228,(3)p., 20 full-p. drypoints by N. EEKMAN, printed in black and red in 335 numb. copies, in lvs. as issued in orig. unif. wr., 2 unif. board chemises, board slipcase, folio.

- Chemises worn on joints; slipcase worn/ sl. dam. at extremities.

= Monod 3189. Copy marked "H.C.", printed on the name of "Docteur Henriëtte Eekman", the colophon of vol. 1 signed "Eekman" in pencil and w. the artist's monogram stamp in red, the colophon of vol. 2 signed "E", with all drypoints signed "Eekman" in pencil (6x monogrammed "E"). With signed dedication "Pour ma chère Henriette avec toute mon affection. Niko Eekman, 20 Octobre 1948 Paris" and ORIGINAL DRAWING in pen and brown ink and 6 other small original pen and ink drawings on half- and divisional titles. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE XII.

€ (300-500) 300
65/1288 Eichendorff  J  von65/1288 Eichendorff J von
65/1288 Eichendorff  J  von65/1288 Eichendorff J von
65/1288 Eichendorff, J. von. Aus dem Leben eines Taugenichts. Stuttgart, W. Hädecke, 1920, 167p., 10 tinted lithogr. and 4 tipped-in col. plates by K. SIGRIST, printed in black and green in 100 numb. and signed copies, calf w. gilt spine and central gilt ornament.

- Sl. rubbed along extremities.

€ (50-70) 50
65/1289 [Eikeldoorpers]. Waard, E. de. Ballade. Apeldoorn, Eikeldoorpers, 1988, (6)p., bound as a leporello, etching by D. DE VRIES, printed in 60 copies signed by the author and illustrator, orig. wr. Idem. Als ik de wind zie vlagen. Ibid., idem, 1994, (4)p., bound as a leporello, col. 'druksel' by D. DE VRIES, printed in 66 numb. copies signed by the author and illustrator, orig. wr., 4to. Eckhardt, K. Kleine Kretenzische Mythologie. Ibid., idem, 1992, 2 parts in 1 vol., (2),3; (2),3p., bound as a leporello, Dutch/ German text, col. 'druksel' by D. DE VRIES (signed), printed in 60 numb. copies, loose as issued in orig. folder, obl. 4to. - AND 15 others, all printed by the same, i.a. M. DE CERVANTES, Vrouwenportret (ibid., 1996, 'druksel' by D. DE VRIES, printed in 50 numb. copies, orig. wr.); I. GERHARDT, Psyche (ibid., 2000, col. 'druksel' by D. DE VRIES, printed in 75 numb. copies, loose as issued in orig. folder) and J. WAAGMEESTER, Nu Deventer (ibid., 1988, num. 'druksels' by D. DE VRIES, printed in 125 numb. copies, orig. wr.).
€ (100-150) 140
65/1290 [Elferink, Hein]. Romijn Meijer, H. Help will come to you! Assen, Hein Elferink, n.d. (1991), 49,(4)p., printed in 70 numb. and signed copies (50), bound in boards by the Phoenix bindery w. a map of the state of Connecticut on both covers, large 8vo. Toorn, W. van. Een dichteres van Malta. Wijhe, idem, 1987, 43,(4)p., printed in 100 numb. copies (80), orig. wr. Brakman, W. Met een klein handje. Ibid., idem, 1990, (13)p., frontisp. by the author, printed in 65 numb. copies (50), orig. wr. - AND 5 others by the same press, i.a. P. VAN OSTAIJEN, De overtuiging van Notaris Telleke (ibid., 1984, printed in 71 numb. copies (21), orig. wr. One of 21 lettered copies).
€ (50-70) 50
65/1291 Erens  F65/1291 Erens F
65/1291 Erens, F. Berbke. Arnhem, Hijman, Stenfert Kroese & Van der Zande, 1923, 1st separate ed., 39,(1)p., printed in black and red in 155 copies by J. VAN KRIMPEN (5).

- With the bookplate of M.B.B. Nijkerk on verso first free endpaper.

= One of 5 copies entirely PRINTED ON VELLUM, bound in gilt panelled brown mor., gilt ribbed spine, mor. doublure margins w. multiple gilt fillet lines, gilt boardedges, t.e.g. Kept in matching custom made gilt mor. dropback box. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE XII.

€ (1.000-1.500) 1500